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You drew her in
Like the last breath you'd ever take
Drowning in her eyes
Hitting the blue and silver wakes

She reached for your hand
Shaking you from your slow descent
Her touch like a velvet rose
A warmth without an end

She laughs and you close your eyes
Hanging her smile in your mind
A gallery of your favorite pieces
Her portrait a one of a kind
I sit here every evening
every night
Nothing comes to mind
No muse in sight
I have an ache inside
I can't describe
I type a few lines
Words won't rhyme
Failing each time
The sting inside
A low lit flame
Dwindling down to nothing
Why can't I find
What's burning inside
And type it all out
Confusing doubt
Not even sure what it's about
The words pour down the sink
Draining to never be seen
I'm stuck in between
The chaos unheard
And losing myself
Placing my unfinished words
Back on their shelf
Recently I've felt my passion dwindle.
I love writing, and maybe criticism is too much to ask for. I shouldn't need it. One single word can extinguish the flame I hold. Sadly.
My head is heavy
Broken shards in the sides
Stiffened vines creeping
Taking over my insides
A booming weight of chaos
Buries me alive
Left with the fear of survival
And only a pinhole of light
Your eyes are an inferno
I cant help but look away
Slow burning in my chest
It's not your gaze, but what you say

Your words set me on fire
Slowly hushing the embers
Charring what left inside
Pacing your slanders

Every tomorrow will rain
To wash away the ashes
But your words left a stain
And you still hold the matches
I took the words that dove from your lips
And let them drown inside me
Hoping that they would sink forever
Suffocating your washed up memory

Your name on the tip of my tongue
Your voice at the edge of my brain
Like jumping off a cliff to end it all
Forgetting you is hard to explain
Suspended in time
Weightless and unworried
We hang on to the moment
Sedated magic unhurried

His scent is captivating and wild
Forever embedded in my brain
Masculine and crisp
A few hints of the earth after a rain

Insecurities held at bay
I live inside your sanctuary
Your embrace keeps me safe
My senses relaxed and unwary
We are uncontrollable whirlwinds
Spinning faster and faster
We can't hang on to the world anymore
Everything is lost
A sad and pathetic disaster

We dance in the cancer
To the most sorrowful song
Destroying all that is in our path
Never acknowledging what went wrong

We walk past the scorched ruins
Ignore the slow burn of humanity
We feed the flames of our ego
To satisfy our own personal vanity

Everything crumbles underneath us
Nothing left to console
When this world is over and done with
It will cry so much harder
Than any human soul .
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