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Haruharu Nov 2019
Words with you, are overrated.

Your light green eyes, smooth honey to my soul.

Through my spiritual reflection I see your face.

I hear my thoughts narrated, with your voice.

A shivering, and I know it's you.

Our bodies calling for each other.

We connect through silence.

We just know.

It's happening.

Haruharu Aug 2019
Billy from Belfast.

Oh, I wish I could explain what you did to me..

I close my eyes and I can still see us there,
on your tiny balcony.

The silence of our dreams covered by a voice that sings about an unknown future.

The sun dancing on the rooftops.

You are me and I am you, a soul connection out of this world..

A silent minute for our fallen hero, Chester Bennington.
A cheer with Stella.

Tired legs running, empty streets.

Our laughter echoes, a dead bar street.

A lost phone, a search for an open supermarket.

An empty beach, no life guards on duty.

My head on your chest, shared chemistry.

Your lips on my forehead..

Oh, how the morning sun hit your face.

I wish you'd realise how beautiful you are..

I take a sip of your ****** drink, I smile and take your hand.

Sticky salty skin, the heat of the rising sun.


Sand in my cup, I see you watching the horizon.

I look at you and I wonder..
Can I have you?

...Billy from Belfast.
Haruharu Jul 2019
Looking back, I miss it.
Life before you.

When not every song was about you.
The days I still believed in foolish love.

The times I thought I knew loneliness,
I thought I knew heartache.

I knew nothing before you...

I've wasted years, trying to numb the pain.

But in the end the same truth hits me.

I'll never feel that type of love again.

And honestly, I don't want to.

You took and I gave, oh I gave too much.

Loving you killed me.
Haruharu Jun 2019
The summer air still smells like you.
Gentle breezes touch my skin with memories of you.

Empty passenger seat,
I wonder how you are.

Your old workplace.
Red light.

Like clockwork you appear..

In the peryphery I see you laughing with a cigarette in your hand.
I hear the voice I used to love, and I smile.

You're the same, yet different.
Thinner than I remember, more handsome than I wished to..

Light turns green.

Nostalgic with an aching heart, I have to leave you behind.

Shadows from the sun cast reflections of us.

Open wide road.

Through an open window I breathe our memories.

I whisper to the gentle breeze, hoping you'll hear it.

"Dias de luta, dias de gloria."
Haruharu Jun 2019
Food line, the air smelled of grilled halloumi.

A pair of light blue jeans and a grey hoodie broke the line.

The bluest eyes I'd ever seen met mine.

Starry sky, subdued bass.

His smile stopped time.

Seconds felt like minutes,
hours felt like years.

Tangled bodies, exploring.

Messy bed, a head on my chest.

Sheets of memories.

A morning of fake promises.

My heart, exposed.

"Left on read.."
Haruharu Jun 2019
"Need help with that?", followed by a laughter.

I look up and I see him, the one who got away.

I put down the sun screen as he reaches for my hand.

Nissi beach is even more magical than before..

Tanned legs, clear water.

We run into the shimmering ocean.

Hand in hand with an undeniable attraction.

The bass from club music along with our vibrating bodies.

A magical dream.

We dance away the smell of sea salt and sun.

Our bodies covered fake rain.

His skin against mine.

I'll forever stay in this moment.
Haruharu Apr 2019
I'm back where I started..
..his laughter, a voice I can't ignore.

My heart is pounding.

A feeling in my chest, impossible to deny.
I want him close.

Breathe. Focus.

.. and there he is..

With a smile he touches my neck.
A brief moment of closeness.

He looks into my eyes and I know.

The vibrations in the air shake the ground.

I want it to last, I want more..

But I need it to stop, we both do.

He is fire and I am water.
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