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May the American poets, at Hello Poetry enjoy reading the following lyrical poem.  

The Ragged Old Flag
Written by Johnny Cash

I walked through a county courthouse square
On a park bench, an old man was sittin' there.
I said, "Your old court house is kinda run down,
He said, "Naw, it'll do for our little town".
I said, "Your old flag pole is leaned a little bit,
And that's a ragged old flag you got hangin' on it".
He said, "Have a seat", and I sat down,
"Is this the first time you've been to our little town"
I said, "I think it is"
He said "I don't like to brag, but we're kinda proud of that ragged old flag"

You see, we got a little hole in that flag there
When Washington took it across the Delaware.
And It got powder burned the night Francis Scott Key sat watching it
Writing "Say Can You See"
It got a bad rip in New Orleans, with Packingham & Jackson
Tugging at it's seams.
And it almost fell at the Alamo
Beside the Texas flag,
But she waved on though.
She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville,
And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill.
There was Robert E. Lee and Beauregard and Bragg,
And the south wind blew ******* that ragged old flag

On Flanders Field in World War I
She got a big hole from a Bertha Gun
She turned blood red in World War II
She hung limp, and low, a time or two
She was in Korea, Vietnam, she went where she was sent
By her Uncle Sam
She waved from our ships upon the briny foam
And now they've about quit wavin' back here at home
In her own good land here She's been abused
She's been burned, dishonored, denied an' refused
And the government for which she stands
Has scandalized throughout out the land
And she's getting thread bare, and she's wearin' thin
But she's in good shape, for the shape she's in
Cause she's been through the fire before
And I believe she can take a whole lot more

So we raise her up every morning
And we take her down every night,
We don't let her touch the ground,
And we fold her up right.
On a second thought
I do like to brag
'Cause I'm mighty proud of that ragged old flag
it is patently obvious that the HP site's server
isn't functioning
as the 502 Bad Gateway notification
does regularly

the webmaster hasn't yet repaired
the faulty connection at his
and in not doing so he's losing many
a poetry writing

with the ongoing problem
being left
how can his ill attention to the matter
ever be

sooner rather than later the poets
will desert the
for they'll grow tired of the message
constantly hitting them in the
should I be worried
about what I've just seen
this number has appeared
on my computer screen

666 the number of the beast
is on my inbox email
as yet he hasn't revealed
his lizard tail

to be on the safe side
I'll check my PC out
and if an ungodly animal
is hanging about
I'll promptly
show him the exit route

the sign of 666
has me a little rattled
so I'll close my poem
without further prattle
an aging APE developed arthritis in his ankles

several BATS tasted the nectar from the plum trees

Jessica's  CAT played with the ball of wool

DINGOS were seen skulking around the camp site

there are two types of ELEPHANTS the Asian and African

FERRETS are sent down rabbit warrens to flush them out

Helen saw a GIRAFFE at the wildlife reserve

I wrote a poem titled Hilary The HIPPOPOTAMUS

Who has a pet IGUANA?

Some people say my uncle is a *******

KANGAROOS  have muscular tails

Obama rhymes with LLAMA

in parts of Canada MOOSE roam on the loose

a NEWT likes being in a warm environment

some OCTOPI have black dye

baby PANDAS are cute and cuddly

in Australia we have a native bush QUAIL

RACCOONS live in rocky dens

a TAPIR has a very long nose

UAKARI monkeys hang out in the Amazon jungle

if you're looking for a VOLE you'll find him in a hole

WOMBATS move in a very slow manner

an XERUS is a mighty big species of squirrel

the Nepalese have domesticated YAKS

Doctor Dolittle has spoken to a ZEBRA
Andy loved a girl named Sandy

Bill saw a horse standing on the hill

Cory told his mother a made up story

Dave dug many a grave

Eddy loaned his teddy to Neddy

Frank bought a Sherman tank

Greg had a wooden leg

Hilton was related to Mrs Wilton

Ivan strolled in the park with Jan

Jack scratched his own back

Kyle's hair style also suited Lyle

Lance couldn't obtain a bed valance

Max paid a hefty lot of tax

Neal earned a reputation for his *** appeal

Oscar drank at the Crown and Stag bar

Paul gave ten shillings to Saul

Quentin found a silver tin

Roger was a work dodger

Sam enjoyed a portion of Virginia ham

Timmy sure knew how to shimmy

Umberto listened to the concerto

Vlad priced an inner city pad

Wing put his arm in a sling

Xain often rode on the express train

Yule took a picture of the farmer's mule

Zeal looked forward to his evening meal
ARTICHOKES are very nice roasted with pine nuts

Who likes BANANA cream pie?

They say that eating CARROTS improves your eye sight

Along the river Nile there are many DATE palms

ELDERBERRIES make a flavorsome wine

Piths from a FIG can easily get stuck between your teeth

Nape tape and shape all rhyme with GRAPE

HORSERADISH has a hot tangy taste

ICE-PLANT is a much used vegetable in Chinese cookery

The oil extract from JUNIPER BERRIES produces quine

My sister likes KALE steamed with lemon rind

It is so nice to munch on a LETTUCE leaf

MANDARINS are presently plentiful at the green grocer's

NEEPS can be mashed or left whole

On a hot summer day chilled ORANGE juice goes down well

Has anyone got a good PUMPKIN scone recipe?

Lashings of QUINCE jam were spread on my toast

The lady next door grows RHUBARB

SPINACH gave Popeye much strength

Smothering sausages in TOMATO sauce is sensational

UGLI is a member of the citrus family

In New Orleans you'll find fresh VELVET BEANS

WATERCRESS salad is so easy to prepare


YAMS are a staple of the New Guinean diet

ZUCCHINI bread is delicious fair
Abbie hailed a yellow top cabbie

Brenda had a sister in-law named Glenda

Cate ran late on her first date

Delly ate seven bowls of lemon jelly

Edwina drove to the town of Catalina

Fran burnt her finger on the very hot frying pan

Gwen had a strong yen to go and see her aunty Jen

Hope bought her husband a towing rope

Isobel fell under the magician's spell

Joann took her mother on a holiday in a caravan

Kylie went to the dentist with her brother Wylie

Lesley liked listening to Elvis Presley

Marcia enjoyed eating a freshly baked focaccia

Nell saw a turtle coming out of his shell

Olga lived at the top end of the river Volga

Primrose had a Pinocchio nose

Queenie knitted a multicolored beanie

Ruth could never tell the whole truth

Stacey loved playing dress ups with her friend Tracey

Tilly behavior was always rather silly

Una bought a house in the suburb of Yagonna

Verity wanted to be a well known celebrity

Winifred never stopped taking about Alfred

Xena was presented with a court subpoena

Yale told her teacher a tall tale

Zealand ventured out into the bushland
Albert had an ARTHRITIC knee
which gave him curry

The core of a BOIL is oft hard
to extract

Yesterday June experienced
a server stomach CRAMP

Too much dry weather
can cause the outer DERMAL layer to peel

Never read in a poorly lit room
for you'll have EYE strain

After eating spicy pickles
dad had bad FLATULENCE

Some twenty eight years ago
my friend Helen had her GALLBLADDER removed

They say that a glass of water
will stop HICCUPS

From end to end
our INTESTINAL tract is thirty foot long

On Sunday afternoon John
broke his JAW playing football

Some people have
very boney KNUCKLES

One of my work colleagues
is prone to getting LARYNGITIS

Colin suffers terribly
with MIGRAINE headaches

Sometimes people tend
to endlessly NAVAL gaze

A woman's OVARIES need to be checked
on a regular basis for any abnormalities

The PANCREAS secrets a hormone
known as insulin

QUININE once was extensively used
in the treatment of Malaria

Since my sister has put on weight
she cannot find her RIBS

The STIRRUP bone lies
within one's ear

Dan Aykroyd the famous comic star
has webbed TOES

Should you bump your ULNA bone
it may give you reason to groan

The VARICOSE VEINS is great aunt Ruby's legs
were very pronounced

Does anyone know of a good remedy
for unsightly WARTS

At our local hospital
we have an antiquated X-RAY machine

As tiredness and weariness sets in
one YAWNS quite a lot

****** ZOSTER can make
a person constantly itch
she couldn't be satiated
she had a huge appetite
she went out and got herself
a bit on the side

the pickings at home
didn't quite measure up
she wanted more
to fill her cup

a bit on the side
she went out and got
cause what she had
didn't hit the spot

she wasn't going to do without
that's why she flaunted
her wares about

she painted her lips
she put on a little black dress
those finishing touches
made a big difference

out on the town
she did her cruising
like a prowling
kitty cat

in another saddle
she rode high
cause this guy
could make her
moan and sigh

she wasn't going to settle
for no lean deal
she wanted to taste
a more beneficial meal

a bit on the side
a bit on the side
a blaze of stars*
decorate the bush sky's darkness
a blaze of stars
their lighting is like glitter bars
twinkling in arraying brightness
exhibiting beautifulness  
*a blaze of stars
sticks and bones
remnants of an ancient
their song's spirit
traces over the land
indigenous man
your culture inlaid
in hand painting on caves
and dot paintings
painted on bark
tools of stone
fire stick
by creek waters  
the midden mounds
bear testament
to your occupation
of these grounds
sing em
sing em
your heritage
stored perpetually
in this place
your foot treading
its vast expanse
on generation
celebrating the corroboree dance
in the enveloping wings
of kookaburras
and in the bounding
of the ochre kangaroo
this land is the realm
of the original man
sing em
sing em
the history
of aboriginal clan
daily fluff
insubstantial in content
not a scintilla of body
the feeble
weak frame
all within lacking
the compartments
resembling hollowed out logs
meat on the bones
and a bit of solid muscle
the concrete metaphor
one which holds mass
ever seeking
this holy grail
though we're in theses darkest days
let's not lose the morrow's light  
when it arrives we will see
a bright horizon
The poem is based on the Coronavirus.
the poetry community
hereby declares
this day as the absent
poet day
they who've disappeared
without a trace
and we so miss
their penning grace
listing them all
would take many hours
to do
but we're sure you'll
all know
the ones we're fondly
referring to
they've gone from
the poet fraternity's fold
and haven't returned
in their garments of gold

why did they vanish
why did they fade
our fantastic brothers and sisters
of the poetry parade
they are bound
they are kept in
they are never allowed
to be free
under containment
what do I speak of
they are my words
at a past location
they'd been
were too free in their expression
for a strict code
and far too often
so much for saying
what one
at my previous location
the straight jacket
had been placed
to me
where shall one begin with an unknown task
as there's not a manual of instruction
to follow in the exact construction
yet one cannot be phased by its ask
ad-libbing may get knitted on the bask
so why allow any type of obstruction
it'll mean one is certain for destruction
on-ward till there's a near finished cask
Milton supplied the writing assignment
hence one took a huge risk attempting it
his format came without apt document
the sonnet improvised every bit
a plan not seen anywhere to complement
the novice didst garner abundant wit
twill ever sing
as they join together
in a nectar dripping pairing
they've sought the treasure that closeness doth bring
their union aligns with the stars
love's sweet bounty trilling
in their profound
pollens are drifting on the air
they've tormented my delicate nose
I spend my days
with tissues in hand
dabbing the wetness that flows
at intervals
floating pollen
is something
that I really
do rue
thirteen men came together, who shared a common goal
each one persisted on the field, to bring glory to their footy team

employing skills they'd been taught, on the oval they put in their best
struggling against the other side, to win for the team

they'd not be disgraced, their competitive spirit rode high
the lads unified in a battle, they played as a solid team

each man skilled and trained, none had defeat on their minds
positional play twas all important, they'd not be a routed team

their football side had a draw on Sunday, the thirteen strove to win
as a cohesive unit they tried well, but the time clock disfavored their team
he is the guy who plants the rice corn and wheat
so each one of us has something to eat
at break of day he tills the many acres of land
for his harvest of food there is a great demand

he is the guy who milks the cows twice a day
to make the butter and cream for afternoon tea trays
shop sell these goods to people everywhere
his milking shed produces such fine fair

he is the guy who grows peaches and marrows
collecting them on tractors and in wheel barrows
he is dedicated to the pursuit of growing staples
which grace our kitchen and dining room tables

he is the guy that rarely gets much recognition
hard work he does and in all weather conditions
the man on the land provides our mouths with a feed
his vocation serves a community of need
a complement of three legs
kept the realm in a wobbly
to have had a fourth one
would give an upright

as this important limb
was missing in a forgotten
the locale disintegrated  
like a pan of moving

the domain being beset by
ills too many to
hence the citizens cried out
for another pole's

a trio of pegs weren't
stable nor
they did violently
shake minus the quads firm

sometime in the future
the whole thing might just
if a solid pin is attached
onto the
the membership weren't aware
of this particular disclosure
but the due time has come
for an open exposure

poet Stephan is poet Jack
in his alternate gown
the probity of the facts
so precisely noted down

a revelation shocking
is herein told
of the twin persona's
acting too bold
to-day I had an acute attack
of the dreaded writer's block
whereby no writing would
surge into my pen's dock
this very event came as
a tremendous quaking shock
it clobbered me with some
power packing knock

in a few days my block
might duly subside
which will allow
a free flow to ride
but until then you'll
not see my penning side
that will be somewhere
on a becalmed tide

I've jotted down this verse
to tell of my brick wall
that is not answering with
an overly positive call
on getting my mojo back
into the ink well's stall
there will be a grand canyon
opening of my mall
in a serene pose she lay, on her passing day
life's brow creases did fade, on her passing day

all of her suffering went away, to death's tranquil bay
sleep eternal being made, when she drifted on the day

her hands clasp as if to pray, repose's psalm did so say
departing for heaven's glade, peaceful was her day

rest perpetual in array, a quietude still of stay
the face beautifully bade, with an expiring day*

a body hushed of May, her forever allay
*profound the slumber's lade, Ada's final day
the odium of the thing not forgotten
all about it twas dead set rotten
the nose did well recall the stench
enough to make the gut wrench
the fresh air did smell neat
it twas a great treat
begone gross stink
that rat fink
bad its
the Republican Party
have the best candidate
to run for President
on that November date

patriotic and loyal
are her glowing attributes
she'll competently lead America
with great repute

her grasp on foreign policy
is second to none
she's got a domestic agenda
which is number one

Americans will be served well
under her stewardship
they'll have an excellent person
steering the ship

the White House needs
a woman of her grace
she'll bring fresh air
to the legislative space

ballots will not be wasted
on this lady's latitude
all fifty states must vote
for her rectitude

she'll uphold the constitution
of the USA
as the forefathers meant it
to be this way

Condoleezza Rice has all
the credentials that are required
and she'll be a President
who will be admired
Loss lingers in the souls of the living
Sorrow's travails endless and unceasing
The sad anguished heart needing easement
From the pain that is so unkind of feel  
Time's hand of comforting shall start to heal
Our beloved quickly taken away
In our worlds they leave the dimmest of ray
Their existence lies in our bereavement
Yet they'd wish for us to not keep stinging  
So we'll recover from our suffering
Cherished memories of them shall stay
As we look to the heavens up above
They'll be smiling down upon us with love
Though our thoughts will be adrift in the grey
Loss lingers in the souls of the living
Sorrow's travails endless and unceasing
The sad anguished heart needing easement
From the pain that is so unkind of feel  
Time's hand of comforting shall start to heal
Our beloved quickly taken away
In our worlds they leave the dimmest of ray
Their existence lies in our bereavement
Yet they'd wish for us to not keep stinging  
So we'll recover from our suffering
Cherished memories of them shall stay
As we look to the heavens up above
They'll be smiling down upon us with love
Though our hearts will be adrift in the grey
a drover rolled a smoke
under a shady gum tree
while the herd of Angus cattle
supped at the creek
a dull grey cloth*
slung over the blue sky's brightness
a dull grey cloth
so drab in its glum tinctures sloth  
hiding the day's mood to lightness
clouds dreary of unsightliness
*a dull grey cloth
written on his face
the story of adversity
the trials he'd met
through his life's journey

nothing came on a silver salver
he did it tough
all his times were
rougher than rough

his boozing mother
sold her wares on the streets
she liked nothing better
than to be between the sheets

his daddy died in the winter
of nineteen fifty two
he had fallen victim
to an awful dose of flu

that boy had seen
so much sadness in his days
he struggled and battled
through those darkest of days

nothing was easy
it never was meant to be
his journey through life
was one of adversity
advertising pays
very well
if you've an excellent
product to sell

you won't believe
the turn over you'll obtain
when posting an ad
on your pages plain

advertising is where its at
on letting the public know
about a bowler hat
Marks and Spencer
have the latest range
on their London stores
display mat

were it not for free to air television
and billboards on the street
we'd be unaware of an Aspire brand
of cotton sheet

advertising reaches
potential customers
looking for wares
who'll be wanting
to purchase
a variety of hares
as the Indian pitches
are always spin prepared
few batsmen ever
get well spared

the bowler's turn
of the ball does the trick
there is that out sound
in the bat's snick

Aussie selectors must be
aware of a slow delivery
when they name the team
who'll carry the livery

quicks are a dead loss
on the subcontinent
time and again this
has been so consistent

if we want to win
a test series on Indian soil
we can't let our eleven
be sent there to boil

the wicket has constantly
favored wrists and fingers
so we don't require
fast stinging zingers
of suicidal disposition
                  twas the depressed soul
                          his mind thoughts
                                          were out of control

a step too far
                 he took
                      contacting a euthanasia advocate
the doctor of this bent
                             gave advice
as to how his depressive state
                                                 could be transformed
into a non event

he explained
in detail
how to exit
all earthly woes
                                  the depressed man had
not a terminal illness
                                  all he sought twas
a vestige of mental wellness

                                                                                     his parents left to grieve
                                                                         their son's decision
                                                     though the fault lies
                                                                                                 in the advocate's
                                                                           poor judgement
                                                          of the young man's
                                                                                               mental state
Thy love shall never waver or deviate
A harmonic union we'll always keep
Our hearts and souls to ever correlate
Dearest thy pool of love for you so deep
Our garden shall be full of loveliness
Thy dreams coming true we'll be entwining
No sweeter day for sublime happiness
Together our future full of shining
We'll sail on beautiful clouds endlessly
Thy is manifold with delight this day
In paradise we'll reside eternally
Our cup of love overflowing, so say
With our sacred marriage vows enshrined
We'll be affectionately combined
Thy love shall never waver or deviate
A harmonic union we'll always keep
Our hearts and souls to ever correlate
Dearest thy pool of love for you is deep
Our garden shall be full with loveliness
Thy dreams have come true we'll be entwining
No sweeter day has come for happiness
Together our future full of shining
We'll sail on beautiful clouds endlessly
Thy is manifold with delight this day
In a paradise we'll be eternally
Our cup of love doth overflow so say
With our sacred marriage vows enshrined
We'll be affectionately combined
fellows of the world poet writer's cohort
didst so receive a poseur's chiding note
the tenor of it, of know it all dote
many were not verily happy with his report
figures of speech and tone the main drift
to swallow them down became really hard
insolent he in rubbishing their yard
of one who owns not the poetic word's gift
few saw any credence to his provoking
they took exception and didst do a flip
none of what was opined hit the mark
as if he had felt like some fire stoking
this type of character we'll give a slip
how dare he light such an affronting spark
a fire spiteful
raced across lands clad in trees
a fire spiteful
burning with a vengeance dreadful
boughs weren't spared from high degrees
flaming the rule to its decrees
a fire spiteful
desert degraded and diminished
your soil
lacking and wanting
of minerals
a bloom graces
inhospitable landscape

standing tall
and upright
marvels found
in your delicate might
the seed that held you
had inborn perseverance
harshness not deterring
the flowering
will of your bloom
struggle is your exhibit

in the sky minimal rain forms
falling upon you
it caresses your delicate bloom
enfolding your petals
exuding life upon you
yesterday's afternoon tea party was a hit
there were some rather tasty tid bits
cream cakes chocolate slice and ginger biscuits
they were well received in my stomach's pit

my tea was served in a large crockery mug
in which a little sugar cube did sit so snug
I sipped on it slowly with a grin rather smug
twas such a delight partaking of an Earl Gray slug

afternoon tea parties are my cup of tea
and I so enjoy their wonderful spree
I'm planning another one with much glee
for my cousin Fay and her friend Mrs Bentley
parades and fun times
the carnival of lights
spectacular the festivities
everyone engrossed by the sights and sounds
the rowdy crowd
lapping up the atmosphere
a celebration

the day after
besmirched in tones of dolefulness
the people
heavy of shoulder
the weight appropriated
in tears manifold
and event can turn
into sad seas
of sorrow

television stations
radio air waves
the horrific news
a terrorist cell had struck
in a city locale
fragments of body parts spread on the sidewalk
smoke and the smell of wickedness
did pervade
the street scape

after yesterday's festival
New York's collective psychology
did alter suddenly
the change did come
in terrors
A prompt from a fellow poet inspired this write.
in their formative years*
these stars burnt bright
movie theatres took them
on a stratospheric flight

they became famous
for being kids of talented nerve
the rolling camera's
showing their dynamic verve

yet the tinsel clad images
weren't portraying the true self
child actors were a studio's
road to greedy pelf

when reaching the teenage
period of their existence
drugs and alcohol plagued them
with much persistence

something was absent
as they grew to adulthood
little or no care given by
pushy parents in their childhood

tiny stars that once twinkled
did fall ******* the ground
their careers in dream flicks
bought them all unbound

Hollywood's picture factory
wasn't substantive in its part
which left many juveniles
*to feel so aggrieved of heart
a ghostly boat
sailed over the sky's dark sea
a ghostly boat
in manner so slow it did float
ambling the universe's lea
drifting like a lunar lit pea
a ghostly boat
the getting old
is a year by year

we're all inching along that
as the minutes of the day

our clocks are set for a certain
and the timer has an inborn

aging happens to us
it's something we cannot

we'll be ancient in the course of
that's when we'll reach our

life's well trodden path being
our wrinkling moments all
not one person knew who lit the fire
at the old pub in the town's main drag
it will remain an unsolved piece of inquire
who on that night used a burner's tag

back in the year of nineteen fifty three
the watering-hole went up in flames
from the locale an arsonist did so flee
after playing his match striking games

a shadow some of the locals have seen
where the timbered hotel once stood
hovering around like a ghostly screen
this figure is an omen not of the good

if it could speak what would it ever tell
in regards to the starting of the inferno
which was like a flammable torching hell
one but surmises about events long ago
a gradual erosion
is taking place
within culture's  

the medieval mob
are on the lookout
and they're roaming
the street's rout
finding and burning anyone who
has a view point to spout

the cancel movement
won't tolerate
hearing a wide diversity
of debate

even monuments of past  
figures in history
seem to have come under
their critical scrutiny

a society stands to gain
so much more
when the tongues of free
speech can explore
a gypsy wind
don't ever stay
a gypsy wind
roams his own way

to one scene
he'll not be bound
cause his spirit yearns
for freedom's ground

the route to leave
loose of grail
the highway calls
liberty's trail

a drifter lives
in his soul's core
venturing every
tor and sandy shore

roads open
he'll always travel
seeking out
unlimited gravel

a gypsy wind
don't ever stay
a gypsy wind
roams his own way
a heavy mist cover
hung over the river's flow
earlier this morning
as the sun rose the vapor
lifted and disappeared
the grim reaper adverts
show on television sets
told of a disease which
was not sparing of upsets

the virus spread quickly
among the gay community
so too within the *** worker
and blood donor's fraternity

famed people contracted
its most awful lade
they weren't excused
from its dark *****

their faces became
very hollow of look
not like those seen
in a healthy picture book

Rock Hudson
Arthur Ashe
Freddie Mercury

medical researchers
joined in a global fight
to contain the splay
of this dreaded blight

International Aids Day
is marked on the calendar to- day
a day to remember the many folks
who won't be here this day
1/12/2014  is International AIDS day.
Joe still can't get
the senate chamber to agree
that he has a well thought out
budget strategy

parts of his budget bill wont get passed
this calendar year  
which will cause
the Libs and Nats to all jeer

must be well reined in
the stack of treasury notes
are rather thin

none of the belt tightening
measures getting in
the impasse means the government
wont have savings in the tin

the country needs to have
the books in the black
if they don't pass the bills
we'll always looking back

Clive Palmer, The Greens and Labor
wont give ground
so the budget papers
will just keep hanging around

parliament will soon
be on a summer break
with our current fiscal balance
being at stake

we're all hoping
that common sense will prevail
as our nation's economy
shall continue to ail
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