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30.8k · Mar 2013
the sunflowers gleamed
in the noon day sun
their flourish of color
couldn't be out done

the sparrows flitted
above their ravishing visages
they were enchanted
by their dazzling mirages
27.9k · Oct 2013
the sunflowers gleamed
in the noon day sun
their flourish of colour
couldn't be out done

the sparrows flitted
above their ravishing visages
they were enchanted
by their dazzling mirages
13.3k · Apr 2013
Climate Change (Acrostic Poem)
C-Currently the subject of much conversation
L-Learning of its effects through information
I-Internationally scientists are using education
M-Mankind's pollution is causes this situation
A-Altering our ways may stop the devastation
T-Time isn't on the side of the world's population
E-Ever we should be aware of its manifestation

C-Cycles of weather becoming stranger by the day
H-Heat is building up in the earth's rocks and clay
A-Averting further damage cannot be put on delay
N-Neglecting our response to the planet wont pay
G-Globally hotter and wetter conditions will parlay
E-Everyone needs to heed the message of this day
10.7k · Sep 2013
Cow Choreography
is taking off
in rural areas
cows are moving
and grooving

on hillsides
and in creek paddocks
you can see cows
their four legged frames




those cows can dance
their hypnotic steps
put one in a trance
I'm in love with drugs
I'm in love with drugs

they lift me into the stratosphere
with their aid and bolstering qualities
I can sprint faster than a frightened deer

I'm in love with drugs
I'm in love with drugs

they enhance my every muscle
they've got the effectiveness
of an express train in full bustle

I'm in love with drugs
I'm in love with drugs

I'm the new breed
of sports star
and my daily dose
of illegals helps me well beyond par

I'm in love with drugs
I'm in love with drugs
8.9k · Nov 2013
eating watermelon
is a dripping thing
as the liquid in it
runs down your chin
8.6k · Oct 2014
words fail to describe
the beauty and peace
found in the mountains sublime

the scenic panorama of the place
is captured so well
by those who live in
the mountain's veld

of trees towering to skies of indigo blue
of squirrels owls and fireflies
of streams pristine and pure  

within the province
of mountain kin's hearts  
there is an intrinsic
soulful yoke
of the mountain's
7.0k · Jan 2017
Seductive Flute
in every note
the music
of the seductive flute
to love's ear
all embracing
the beauty
is to hear
with a chord
a tone
6.9k · Jun 2014
Kangaroos (Tyburn Poem)
kangaroos are jumping and hopping high
their bounding springing touches the sky
6.4k · Oct 2013
Wild Horses (Ballad Poem)
up in the high country the wild horses run free
they've done so for nigh on a century
not a saddle upon their backs
enabling them to gallop unchecked around its tract

in the Guy Fawkes National park there is a harass of them
trotting through its blue hued wends
their days are numbered in the park
park authorities want end to their spirited lark

up in the high country the wild horses run free
they've done so for nigh on a century
not a saddle upon their backs
enabling them to gallop unchecked around its tract

to sight the wild horses in full cantering step
is exhilarating and fills one's heart with miles of pep
their hooves thundering and pelting along
to the wind's strong liberating throng

up in the high country the wild horses run free
they've done so for nigh on a century
not a saddle upon their backs
enabling them to gallop unchecked around its tract

down the steep ravines and o'er the hills they stride
without the reins of a man holding their ranging pride
the wild horses have need of open lands to caper and pace
they are a breed which must be allowed to freely race

up in the high country the wild horses run free
they've done so for nigh on a century
not a saddle upon their backs
enabling them to gallop unchecked around its tract
6.1k · Aug 2013
ABC Poem (Animals)
an aging APE developed arthritis in his ankles

several BATS tasted the nectar from the plum trees

Jessica's  CAT played with the ball of wool

DINGOS were seen skulking around the camp site

there are two types of ELEPHANTS the Asian and African

FERRETS are sent down rabbit warrens to flush them out

Helen saw a GIRAFFE at the wildlife reserve

I wrote a poem titled Hilary The HIPPOPOTAMUS

Who has a pet IGUANA?

Some people say my uncle is a *******

KANGAROOS  have muscular tails

Obama rhymes with LLAMA

in parts of Canada MOOSE roam on the loose

a NEWT likes being in a warm environment

some OCTOPI have black dye

baby PANDAS are cute and cuddly

in Australia we have a native bush QUAIL

RACCOONS live in rocky dens

a TAPIR has a very long nose

UAKARI monkeys hang out in the Amazon jungle

if you're looking for a VOLE you'll find him in a hole

WOMBATS move in a very slow manner

an XERUS is a mighty big species of squirrel

the Nepalese have domesticated YAKS

Doctor Dolittle has spoken to a ZEBRA
6.1k · Sep 2014
Ozone Layer
us humans haven't quite cleaned up
everyday we send nasty chemicals spiraling up
which invariably stuffs the ozone layer up

our polluting of this rim of protection
continually goes on we're not holding the pollutants in retention
which shows we're damaging its convention

there needs to be more
innovative ideas developed
to subdue the ***** air
                                     which we humans
                                     keep overly producing
                                     here and everywhere

so as the ultra violet streams
don't not become too extreme
they do irreparable harm
and give cause for alarm  

we humans have an obligation
to our planet's ozone cover
by not sullying its protective sheath  
with tons of polluting smother
16/09/2014 is International Day of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
5.8k · Jun 2014
Masturbating The Ego
******* the ego
tis seen as a trifle banal
the odd big cranial bloke
belongs to this cabal

tirelessly they stroke
the head to a maximal size
as the inflated phallus
doth give them such a rise

******* shall always be
their pastime of infatuation
as they are so in love
with the ego's glorification
5.7k · Apr 2014
Stalker Label
labels have been placed
on my personage
but the one label
I'll not wear
is that of a stalker
the person who placed
the stalker sticker
on me
can take that label
and place it
on other livery
5.6k · Apr 2013
Truck Convoy
there was no way I could sleep last night
traffic kept me awake all throughout the night
trucks trundled down my street in an endless convoy
they had no consideration for the noise they did employ

I finally got to sleep at ten past four
as the trucks ceased rolling past my door
this afternoon I shall catch a few winks of sleep
I shall curl up on the lounge and count sheep
5.4k · Nov 2013
love grows under the Mistletoe
there you'll find it growing very nicely
as Santa and Mrs Claus
share a kiss neath the pine tree

now that's what I'd like to be
of wreath of Mistletoe
atop the beautifully lit
Christmas tree

how lovely it would be
to see Santa and Mrs Claus
enjoying a kiss or two
in a loving cause

yes! that's what I'd like to be
the wreath of Mistletoe
smiling so happily
5.3k · Aug 2013
Divided Loyalties
it is
an impossibility
to have a foot
in two camps
for those who choose
to have divided loyalties
there is
no bridging ramp
either they are friend or foe
they cannot have
a toe
in both boroughs
5.1k · Dec 2014
They Cried Rape
across the Liverpool plains
the gas exploration
goes on without
being contained

drilling is never ending
holes sunk
which invariable
cause in the farming community
a disquieting funk

cares little
for the environment's
well being
its pipeline
must garner
all the gas
in the stream

landholders and those in the green party
have banded together
to protect the agricultural lands
from the rabid abuse
which the company
will wrought on
the water table

they cry ****
as the company
the countryside
making of it
a harlot to be pillaged
and misused

the state government
is at sixes and sevens
so many competing
must be listened to
should it give
**** and plunder
broad acres
without sunder
5.1k · Nov 2013
Naughty Girl
she is
a very naughty girl
she never follows
policy to the letter
she always
does the wrong thing
she needs some discipline
she's proficient
at defying the law
she knows not how
to get the message
she doesn't
listen intently enough
she fills many charge sheets
with her misconduct
she is a girl
with a streak of wickedness
she has all the hallmarks
of someone who is naughty

I speak of Ursula
in the above list of bad deeds
and there is a hope
that her bad deeds
can be quickly remedied

the hand of an authority figure
will bring her back into line
as she has too often
strayed from that line

whence appropriate corrections
are implemented
all her behavioral problems
shall be circumvented

then and only then
a change will eventuate
and she'll no longer
be showing her bad traits

really naughty girls
such as Ursula
can become more like
a pleasant seaside peninsula

watching her radical transformation
shall be a sight to see
so we'll keep our eyes focused
on what Ursula shall soon be
4.9k · Oct 2013
they shun
they eschew
they forget about me
they only want me
when they wish
to do
a pooh pooh
or wee ***
in me
P-Postponing all those things until another time
R-Rostering them for attention down the track
O-Offering all sorts of excuses stalls one's climb
C-Constantly one defers the mounting job stack
R-Repeatedly ignoring their pealing bell chimes
A-Acting upon them requires an assertive knack
S-Still one avers in responding to their rhymes
T-Taking not a step forward nor any back
I-Initiative and get in and do it isn't one's paradigm
N-Never does one heed their ever tolling clacks
A-Always sitting in an idle non moving show time
T-The day shall arrive with a great waking whack
I-Into motion one shall soon be called to climb
O-On one's toes the chores are waiting in the rack
N-No more disregarding the many sounding chimes
4.8k · Oct 2013
ABC Poem (Medical Stuff )
Albert had an ARTHRITIC knee
which gave him curry

The core of a BOIL is oft hard
to extract

Yesterday June experienced
a server stomach CRAMP

Too much dry weather
can cause the outer DERMAL layer to peel

Never read in a poorly lit room
for you'll have EYE strain

After eating spicy pickles
dad had bad FLATULENCE

Some twenty eight years ago
my friend Helen had her GALLBLADDER removed

They say that a glass of water
will stop HICCUPS

From end to end
our INTESTINAL tract is thirty foot long

On Sunday afternoon John
broke his JAW playing football

Some people have
very boney KNUCKLES

One of my work colleagues
is prone to getting LARYNGITIS

Colin suffers terribly
with MIGRAINE headaches

Sometimes people tend
to endlessly NAVAL gaze

A woman's OVARIES need to be checked
on a regular basis for any abnormalities

The PANCREAS secrets a hormone
known as insulin

QUININE once was extensively used
in the treatment of Malaria

Since my sister has put on weight
she cannot find her RIBS

The STIRRUP bone lies
within one's ear

Dan Aykroyd the famous comic star
has webbed TOES

Should you bump your ULNA bone
it may give you reason to groan

The VARICOSE VEINS is great aunt Ruby's legs
were very pronounced

Does anyone know of a good remedy
for unsightly WARTS

At our local hospital
we have an antiquated X-RAY machine

As tiredness and weariness sets in
one YAWNS quite a lot

****** ZOSTER can make
a person constantly itch
4.8k · Jan 2014
written on his face
the story of adversity
the trials he'd met
through his life's journey

nothing came on a silver salver
he did it tough
all his times were
rougher than rough

his boozing mother
sold her wares on the streets
she liked nothing better
than to be between the sheets

his daddy died in the winter
of nineteen fifty two
he had fallen victim
to an awful dose of flu

that boy had seen
so much sadness in his days
he struggled and battled
through those darkest of days

nothing was easy
it never was meant to be
his journey through life
was one of adversity
4.4k · May 2014
Poo Poo
one is slightly bound
a congestion of sorts
nothing is evacuating
from a certain passage
proves to be hard
sufficient amounts of roughage
have not passed
through one's entrails
one cannot excrete
by one
hence the number two
sits unmoved
in one's tail
a feed of grains and fruit
in the morn
shall clear the obstruction
before dusk
There once was a fellow  from Nantucket
Who blew an excellent trumpet tucket
His toot ***** sounded so grand
As he lead the college band
Grand trumpet tuckets tooted in Nantucket
4.4k · Nov 2013
Gruesome Was The Crime
twas a most disturbing scene
in a kitchen at Aberdeen
the details are too horrific
to disclose
let's say this
and this alone
the forensic team
had to ladle some bone
bits of dermis
were scattered around
the kitchen compound

the wife had done the deed
she'd disposed of her husband
who was a bad seed

he'd been thumping and slapping
her around
knocking her with force
to the ground
she'd contended
with his rough house treatment
for far too long
so she decided
to right his wrong

she's in prison
doing time
but it is her husband
who now tows the line

domestic violence
did him no favors

a woman was pushed
one too many times
in a kitchen at Aberdeen
gruesome was the crime
This poem is based on a true story.
4.4k · Oct 2014
Ballerina (Dodoitsu)
a blue winged butterfly
pirouetted in the garden
like a pretty ballerina
twirling on the stage
4.4k · Sep 2013
Baking Mishap
the cake I made this morning
was a disaster
the ingredient to get it to rise
I left out of the cake batter

when the timer rang
to say the cake was cooked
I looked in the oven
and the cake was as flat as the cook

it is vital to have baking powder
in this cake recipe
and to omit it from the ingredients list
has made a fool out of me

this afternoon I'll be without a fine cake
for afternoon tea
and I'll have to settle
for some bread and honey
4.3k · Jun 2013
Budding Nipples (Tanka Poem)
her budding *******
begged his lips attention
he kissed each one
she felt a pleasant tingling
go through her excited body
the lads are in tandem, biking well together
the lads are in tandem, biking well together
such is their dedication, on spec 24/7
such is their dedication, on spec 24/7
such is their dedication, biking well together
on spec 24/7, the lads are in tandem

they've a task to do, preserving their allotment
they've a task to do, preserving their allotment
strength and resources they expend, their energies focused
strength and resources they expend, their energies focused
preserving their allotment, strength and resources they expend
they've a task to do, their energies focused

the territory they range, both seeking thoroughness
the territory they range, both seeking thoroughness
again to-day they're in unison, their labors may yet pay off
again to-day they're in unison, their labors may yet pay off
again to-day they're in unison, both seeking thoroughness
the territory they range, their labors may yet pay off

both seeking thoroughness, they've a task to do
again to-day they're in unison, preserving their allotment
biking well together, they're labors may yet pay off
strength and resources they expend, the territory they range  
on spec 24/7, the lads in tandem
such is their dedication, their energies focused
ARTICHOKES are very nice roasted with pine nuts

Who likes BANANA cream pie?

They say that eating CARROTS improves your eye sight

Along the river Nile there are many DATE palms

ELDERBERRIES make a flavorsome wine

Piths from a FIG can easily get stuck between your teeth

Nape tape and shape all rhyme with GRAPE

HORSERADISH has a hot tangy taste

ICE-PLANT is a much used vegetable in Chinese cookery

The oil extract from JUNIPER BERRIES produces quine

My sister likes KALE steamed with lemon rind

It is so nice to munch on a LETTUCE leaf

MANDARINS are presently plentiful at the green grocer's

NEEPS can be mashed or left whole

On a hot summer day chilled ORANGE juice goes down well

Has anyone got a good PUMPKIN scone recipe?

Lashings of QUINCE jam were spread on my toast

The lady next door grows RHUBARB

SPINACH gave Popeye much strength

Smothering sausages in TOMATO sauce is sensational

UGLI is a member of the citrus family

In New Orleans you'll find fresh VELVET BEANS

WATERCRESS salad is so easy to prepare


YAMS are a staple of the New Guinean diet

ZUCCHINI bread is delicious fair
4.2k · Dec 2014
the fountain of poetry
e'er threatens to dry up
yet the inspirational words of Beryl Dov Lew
re-supplied my dwindling cup

with his advice duly given
my expression's reservoir fills to capacity
in a most generous
flow of endless verbosity

had he of not encouraged me
to keep the pen's ink spilling
my Hello Poetry pages
would be empty of shilling

with a mentor of Beryl's calibre
positively re-invigorating my oft dry fountain  
I am ever assured of a verse
brimming unto the highest mountain
#inspiration  #mentor  #fountain
4.1k · Aug 2014
Love Seed
give it to me baby
give it to me baby

give it to me now
I'm waiting
for your love seed
to be endowed

give it
give it
to me
that's all
that's all
this girl needs
is your sweet sweet
love seed

give it to me baby
give it to me baby

don't string me out
that love seed of yours
has so much to sprout
it's the seed
I can't be without

give it
give it
to me
your love seed
that's all
that's all
this girl needs
is your sweet sweet
love seed

love seed
love seed
love seed
love seed
I'm waiting for your
love seed
to be endowed
4.0k · Jan 2014
A Community Of Need
he is the guy who plants the rice corn and wheat
so each one of us has something to eat
at break of day he tills the many acres of land
for his harvest of food there is a great demand

he is the guy who milks the cows twice a day
to make the butter and cream for afternoon tea trays
shop sell these goods to people everywhere
his milking shed produces such fine fair

he is the guy who grows peaches and marrows
collecting them on tractors and in wheel barrows
he is dedicated to the pursuit of growing staples
which grace our kitchen and dining room tables

he is the guy that rarely gets much recognition
hard work he does and in all weather conditions
the man on the land provides our mouths with a feed
his vocation serves a community of need
4.0k · Jun 2014
The Cock Crowed
before the break of dawn
the **** did crow
his clarion call
went out
to a hen
who twas a ***
the **** crowed
and crowed
and crowed
for within
the *** hen
he wanted
to blow
timber habitats are vanishing, on the Earth's mass
timber habitats are vanishing, on the Earth's mass
bulldozers and axes, lethal their mix
bulldozers and axes, lethal their mix
on the Earth's mass, bulldozers and axes
vanishing timber habitats, lethal their mix

the number one priority, where is the preserving and conserving
the number one priority, where is the preserving and conserving
tree dwelling creatures, served eviction from their homes
tree dwelling creatures, served eviction from their homes
preserving and conserving, tree dwelling creatures homes
from eviction, the number one priority

tree felling goes on unabated, wooded residencies destroyed
tree feeling goes on unabated, wooded residencies destroyed
profits to be ever reaped, satiating the logger's greed
profits to be ever reaped, satiating the logger's greed
unabated the logger's tree felling goes on
satiating greed destroyed, wooded residencies reaped

wood residencies destroyed, on the Earth's mass
served eviction from their homes, tree dwelling creatures
timbered habitats are vanishing, the number one priority
profits to be ever reaped ,bulldozers and axes lethal their mix
tree felling goes on unabated, satiating the logger's greed
where is the preserving and conserving?
3.9k · Sep 2016
Take Me To The Mountains
take me to the mountains
where my spirit can roam
take me to mountains
so I can walk on their welcoming loam*

in the mountains the birds sing
such a sweetness of song
this is the rightful place
for my heart to belong

deeply seeded within the soul
the mountain's beautiful hues stay
when I'm amid the fall colours
my joys happily parlay

take me to the mountains
where my spirit can roam
take me to the mountains
so I can walk on their welcoming loam

the mountains call me
with a returning refrain
oh how wonderful being
back home in this domain

for too long I've been absent
from the mountains I treasure
everything about them
has a sheerness of pleasure

take me to the mountains
where my spirit can roam
take me to the mountains
*so I can walk on their welcoming loam
3.8k · Sep 2013
Dear Fairy Godmother
there is something suspicious about you
every time I channel a wish through you
it all goes rather askew

last year when I sent you a special SOS
to tell you I wanted a nice red dress
instead of making good on my request
you supplied me with a green vest
that would have been okay for Jill
but it didn't quite fit my bill

Fair Godmother
if you don't get my wishes
we'll be parting company
and there will be no debate

may this short note
be read and properly understood
make sure all my future wishes
are by you made good
3.8k · Oct 2013
grandma did steer the family ship
she always liked to be in command
those who questioned her stewardship
were quickly given a reprimand

her seven children always paid heed
to the orders she'd issue out
they were under her unbending reed
her edicts to them ever so stout

throughout her life she got her way
her dictates were well known to all
nothing but nothing was like her sway
everyone heard what she'd call

though she was a woman of authority
family members respected her stewardship
she had a steady hand like the admiralty
who so effectively steered the ship
3.6k · Mar 2013
Mother Nature
Mother nature we're killing you
Pumping your air with a toxic brew

****** is the path we're taking
And it's you we're forsaking

Our need for industry and tree clearing
Is for you not so endearing

To our peril we do you a misdeed
Humanity doesn't hear nor does it heed
service failure the ***** will offer
there's something medically askew with it
the usual role is proving so unfit
a second chance in a transplant's proffer
another dies to bring life back again
wellness being redeemed by precious gift
the recipient receives a big lift
living's joy restored out of the rain
someone's kind donation affording breath
so that the period of existence stays
a healthy liver performing its job
for not to have this giving there'd be death
the bestowment allows those future days
gratitude felt within a person's cob
3.5k · Jun 2013
Cousin Jim (Clerihew Poem)
cousin Jim
was an inept crim
he deployed a Sherman tank
to raid the Federal bank
Crim is an abbreviated form of the word criminal.
3.5k · Aug 2014
Forefather's Rail Proposal
Our town was to have a rail-line
Circa the mid eighteen nineties
This story has surprised my ears
A local amateur historian apprised me just recently
Documents to support this claim are archived in Sydney

Not far out of our town
On a well know property in the district
Two surveyor pegs are still in existence
Marking the route the rail-line was to track
Though the Forefather's rail-line was never bedded down

The powers that be government leaders of the day
Shelved these impressive plans
They never saw the light of day
Ribbons of steel not coming to fruition
Leading to our town

Other town went ahead rail-lines were established to them
Out town alas and alack missed out
Look where Tamworth and Armidale are to-day
Rail being in their favor
Our town was left to languish and to be dispirited
Going no-where no-where to go

Our Forefather's now lay in their graves
Not quite resting in peace
Their rail proposal for our town unrealized
Good ideas die along with good intentions
Hence their unsettled repose

Our town could have been a regional town
Industry and population dotting the landscape
Rail would have assured our place
The Forefather's rail proposal long since shelved
Consigned into the passing vapor of time
3.4k · Oct 2013
Mona Lisa (Sonnet Poem)
A mystery to solve in a famous frame
Smiling from canvas a story to tell
Oh lady of the portrait oh lady of fame
The painter captured your face so well
Those who study art ponder and ruminate
The enigmatic pose that doth beguile
No brush strokes convey your mind state
All angels inspected of daubed smile
Yet the secret stays ever concealed
Baffling them all lady you assuredly do
Nothing of the puzzle is revealed
So well hidden and never in view
Leonardo da Vinci yielded not a clue
When he masterfully conceived of you
3.4k · Mar 2013
Cheering Chirping
merrily the birds chirped
at the dawn of day
their songs of happiness
drifted in the wind's splay
out on the porch
at first light
listening to them
brings one much delight
their choral sounds
fill the air
with a tune
ever so fair
they make one's heart
lift and sing
as they impart
their cheering chirping
3.3k · Oct 2014
She Was A Wild Wild Woman
she was wilder
than a storm on a summer eve
she was wilder
than a choppy southern sea

she was a wild wild woman
wild was she

he could never tame her
no matter how hard he tried
she wasn't going to be
no placid glide

she was a wild wild woman
wild was she

his life was never bland
with her around
she was the wildest woman
on the north side of town

she was wilder
than a surging river's flow
she was wilder
than a Texas rodeo

she was a wild wild woman
wild was she
she was a wild wild woman
wild was she
3.3k · Jan 2014
Wretched Affair
to-day I sat in a slim line chair
in which I was made aware
of the size of my posterior's pear

it drooped over the sides of the seat
and it didn't look orderly or neat

a not so subtle message
my buns have relayed to me
they've said that they are
a little too hefty

I'm making a belated
New Years resolution
which is to seek an answer
to my tails expansive evolution

being unable to place
my posterior in a chair
is truly a most
wretched affair
A fun write...
seeking surgery
the cost is cheaper
in those destinations
yet medical tourist
can acquire those many unforeseen
infections after operations
the theaters of surgery lacking hygiene
our health services need to act quickly
surgery should be made affordable
then folks from here wouldn't require
cost saving operations
in countries overseas
those staph infections
would cease pronto
our jets not
3.2k · Sep 2013
Menopause Blues
at a certain juncture
in a females life
the menopause
makes for a deal of strife

those of us who are
in our middle years
have days when we perspire
and shed the odd tear

ladies have not the best of it
at this particular time
the hormone levels dive
and are in decline

ladies schedule a visit
to your family GP
and obtain a prescription
for some hormone therapy

the turn around in your
well being will be a welcome sight
as you kiss the menopause blues
a fond goodnight
3.2k · Apr 2013
Ring Ring Ring
yesterday the telephone rang non stop
and the dashed thing had me on the hop
all my time was spent saying hello and goodbye
I had to tell the person on the other end I must fly

those telephone marketers are an insistent lot
they are more pesky than a horse fly bot
not for one minute did they leave me alone
ring ring ring went the overbearing telephone

to get some peace from the telephone's hassling
I unplugged the ruddy rampant thing
one is fearful of reconnecting it to the socket
as it may well send one right off one's rocket
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