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Oct 2019 · 740
The Trees
the trees
the trees
what ever happened
to the trees
once our scenery
had acres and acres
of trees
but over the years
we've purged
far too many trees

yet the trees are so vital
in the natural world's ecology
for their leaves perspiring assists
the rain cycle's hydrology

we've not replaced
the trees we've taken down
hence why we've now few of them
in our environment's crown

and our countryside
suffers prolonged dry spells
the trees were such
precious fillers of rives and wells

the trees
the trees
what ever happened
to the trees
once our scenery
had acres and acres
of trees
but over the years
we've purged
far too many trees
#trees  #deforestation  #drought  #precipitation  #ecology #nature
Aug 2019 · 364
small flights of sparrows
landed on the river's edge
to take refreshment
Aug 2019 · 225
an inquisitive bird did narrate
his tale of a tryst
regarding Mrs Jean Jameson
and Mr Laurie List

in the forest some four miles
out of Thomas Town
they'd covertly meet on Tuesday
to play hands down

the bird always had his
eye trained on suspect activity
that was happening in
his immediate proximity
a profusion of colors
unfurled from small buds
to bring forth their splendid
spring flower gala
Aug 2019 · 257
Naked In Foliage (Dodoitsu)
silhouetted form were painted
on the sky's azure backdrop
of leafless winter branches
naked in foliage
copious stories
are told about it
and it is of a floating
figure's fit

on one of them
coming into your view
it may give you a
shivering chill's preview

it can be loitering
on a dark stairway
waiting to unnerve
your very clay

dare you walk into
the old mason's yard
for there's a phantom
inside the said yard

Vincent Price can readily
evoke a scream
as his voice lends its self
to such a deem
Jul 2019 · 534
from the western sky
drifted in promising clouds
yet they held no rain
Jul 2019 · 216
Our Weather Patterns
our weather patterns
aren't as they used to be
I have a feeling that someone
or something has altered their tee

twenty five years ago
I knew what to expect
in the delivery of the
weather's prospect

but these days I'm never
too sure
as to the attire I must wear
on leaving my front door

the variance in the weather
does vex me so
yet I cannot return to
the climes of the ago

I'm of the belief that the weather
will become more drastically out of whack
for there are forces unbalancing
its inconsistent back
Jul 2019 · 596
Wandering Dictionary
due to my dictionary
wandering about
there will be no words
for me to spout

the dash thing took
a hike out of here
where it ventured
to isn't too clear

should I not locate it
within the week
the outlook for writing
shall be bleak

I can't understand
why it left me
there was no logical
reason for it to flee

if anyone sees
a Collins Dictionary
wandering in a field
near your locality

let it know that its
owner wants it back
all will be forgiven if it gets
on the homeward  track

it will be full steam
ahead at this place
when my word reference
shows its face
there was a lot of love
in this decade
the people joined
a peace parade

the air was filled
with an upbeat atmosphere  
the flower children
were on a higher sphere

tunes started to sound
like they'd been set free
the musicians weren't
bound by a formalized key

fashion underwent
a considerable change
whereupon the beaded
look wasn't so strange

may these scant clues
aid all of you
in finding what decade
I'm taking you to
the military industrial complex
likes to make a buck
the production of bombs
boosts its bottom line's luck

the piles of cash go into
a brimming till
as the munitions take aim
and strike to ****

armaments yield a profitable
return at the exchange
while the bodies mount up
on a foreign range

the hawkish men in power are
itching to start a skirmish
so their pals in business can
positively flourish
this sport is played
at a leisurely pace
no-one playing it ever
seems to be in a race

some are good
at the short game
whilst others are better
at the long

during the tournament
strokes will be calculated
to make sure the score
isn't deflated or overrated

what stick shall
you employ
on the course's
tricky ploy

oh the ball has just landed
in the thick vegetation
it scattered the birdies
which were sitting on its plantation
Jul 2019 · 221
Imitating Swans (Dodoitsu)
glimmers of bright lambent light
flitted over the vast lake
they were like ballerinas
imitating swans
he's in the news
practically every day
for the things he'll
unthinkingly say

often he's seen signing
a managerial piece of paper
which is very important
in its draper

the heads of other
aren't fond of his

the word great tumbles
out of his gob
within every sentence
that word he'll lob

when he finally
moves off the stage
will it be filled by
another of his gauge
sometimes it will be
seen with others of its
and sometimes it
is seen without any of its

the American Indians
have befriended
as they've felt an
affinity with

you might get a shiver
down your
if you hear the sound
that it will

it is an animal of great
and it also has a watchful

from the prairies
to the snow
it will tread a path
on their
Jul 2019 · 302
Mankind Came Together
and mankind came together
on that July day

as they watched the historic
landing on the moon's lay

it was an event every corner
of the earth shall recall

the scientific endeavor
did so marvelously enthrall
Jul 2019 · 196
a rattling tremor
coursed beneath the landscape
quaking all above
Jul 2019 · 120
Gladdened Him So
dawn's radiant light
fell upon the wooded glade
on realizing its call
to rise
a chorus of robins
began their singing
for the day
the tuneful sounds
bought such joy
to the ear
wandering beneath
the overhanging boughs
was a lumbering hedgehog
he ceased his travels
to take a closer listen
on hearing the birds
bright twittering
it gladdened
him so
Jul 2019 · 199
Life Giving Grace
a river bed lies profoundly dry

out in the remote west

showing no visible signs

of any trickle's zest

each day bringing the same

emptiness of refrain

thirsty river banks are feeling

such a sustained pain

the wanted gift of moisture

being absent far too long

a river's course slowly dying

to feel a dampness of song

soon the summer's scorch shall

be again upon the river's trace

in its despairing hour it will beg

for rain's life giving grace
Jul 2019 · 154
as night did approach
rapid moving south winds drove
through our township's streets
Jul 2019 · 1000
money bought him
the young flowers to
money bought him

yet his money
bought him trouble
for his victims were
well below the age of

his money will need
to buy good legal
as the New York prosecutors
so desire his

money never purchased
him an ounce of
on his money he'll be
left to endlessly
the competitors
shall be mounted on something high
and that something
stands on four speeding legs of ply

this particular sport
is presently staging a revival
as there are enthusiasts  
who want to see its survival

the outfits the rivals
wear are really heavy of weight
they must feel like
they're carrying a large freight

let us now hark back
to those days of yore
when the knights would
make a galore score

if you guess the
name of the sport
Sir Lancelot will be
your tournament escort
Jul 2019 · 135
Oleander blooms
bear a sweet lingering scent
e'er to remember
he painted flourishing gardens
and stunning landscapes
using a palette of superb
colour drapes

in his homeland they toast
him with champagne
for his canvases hang
in their art gallery's lane

his works are worth
many millions of dollars
and they've been studied
by generations of scholars

of the impressionist style
was he
he had brush daubing
down to a tee

paint me a picture
if you possibly can
that will tell me
of this creative man
Jul 2019 · 260
Free Speech
and our hallowed free speech
would be unduly harnessed
no more to be heard
was the point of its

regulation and an ever
present stricture's
saw this mouth's opinion
in death's posture of

gone from the world
those voices who expressed their
they'd remain on an extended
period of

the liberty to speak
that we all once
sorely vanished out
of each individual's
Jul 2019 · 204
Haunt Him Yet
the president's past tax returns

might well haunt him yet

they'll be made available for

Democrats to freely vet

on the figures being thoroughly


any anomalies shall be heavily


as we all know the devil is always

in the fine detail

where no executive order will be

seen to prevail

congress won't let up on its

relentless quest

in finding revenue that wasn't

paid unto an IRS request
he'll be seen with
others of his sort  
for they travel in
a drove's escort  

he's not an Angus
nor a Hereford  
yet he's of the
bovine accord

over the centuries
he's roamed inside the Utah state
so he can find food
for his stomach's sate  

the first nation people
will symbolize him on a totem pole
as this represents
his strength of role

if you can guess what
animal he is
you'll be the one
to solve the quiz
it hasn't been sighted
in these rounds of  late
and it's not likely to
turn up at a future date

some folk who belong
to the bird watching league
believe that its species
who'd hold much intrigue

it was known for not
having an air born wing
it is quite possible it wasn't
able to operate the **** thing

a pigeon is its closest
living kin
but a pigeon wouldn't
fit into its skin

when answering the
riddle be succinct
or I'll render your
response extinct
there are seven components
within its composition
and they'll all lie
on a defined position

once it was thought
you'd fall off it
and land in an abyss's
deep pit

many people have moved
around its ball
and they've found that
its vistas would enthrall

some did want to own
big parts of its beat
yet they didn't achieve
the oyster's feat

those guys and gals
who know what it is about
now have the opportunity
to shout it out
numerous books and songs
have been written about it
and when spelling it you'll
require oodles of wit

its location is in
the northern hemisphere
and cotton and corn are grown
within its very sphere

it is seen to branch
into feeder streams
at the end of its long
interstate traveling gleams

slaves were transported on ships
to toil near the river's banks
and their colonial masters gave
them such meager thanks

the I's and the S's
get much mention in its name
so are any of you able
to figure out its game
May 2019 · 302
in eve's fading light
the end of day calls of birds
drifted on a breeze
May 2019 · 414
Orb So Smart (Sonnet)
she closets herself away from our sight
yet her ball has the brightest of glimmer
a shining created for sheer delight
how dare she hide her radiant shimmer
behind the obscure curtain of a shroud
she's disposed to making us cheerless
by not displaying outside the dull cloud
why oh why does she behave so joyless
her rays won't beam in an opulent glow
there she chooses to remain concealed
her petulant manner has gone on show
we await the hour she'll be revealed
look our sun has had a change of heart
she exhibits her brilliant orb so smart
we do it throughout
the night and
if we didn't we wouldn't
see our next

are you conscious of it
at the present
or are your thoughts
trained on another

it inflates both of the chambers
and after it does that it

shallow and deep
are varieties of
so can you put
a finger on
May 2019 · 387
Dollar Verse
as I was turning the plastic
kitchen tap off last night
it snapped into pieces
which wasn't a happy delight

when next I'm at Bunnings
I'll purchase another one
for not having water over the
sink isn't my idea of fun

but a replacement can be
expensive on the purse
so I'll need my wallet filled
with plenty of dollar verse
May 2019 · 235
as a slung hammock
the moon was positioned
in last night's gloaming
it's an *****
that we can do without
but most of us
have it still hanging about

were you to look
a bit left of the liver
you'd see this *****'s
plum red sliver

if it gets torn
much blood will spill
from its sack's  
gushing rill  

by golly Francis
verbalizes a lot
she's always
ranting on the spot

glean and keen
rhyme with it
that is a hint
to its kind of kit
it is small and has
a coat of fur
on this fact we'll
all concur

a dozen or more
were kept at the lab facility
where a researcher  was
testing their reasoning capability  

these animals are prolific
they're extra-ordinary
off spring seeders

they can be problematic
to growers of grain
many years ago there was
an infestation on the western plain

if you see them running
around your house
you'll say unto yourself
them critters ain't grouse
Apr 2019 · 346
Unconventional Places
more and more couples are opting
to wed in unconventional places
they're not into those old fashioned
churches or registry office spaces

just to-day an American pair
did exchange their nuptial vows
inside an airport terminal
near the baggage area's trows

these types of wedding ceremonies
are gaining a greater supporter root
for they've added a new dimension
to the whole matrimonial hoot

we can expect to see weddings being
performed in a different location
so don't surprised if one happens
outside the international space station
Apr 2019 · 453
once Horace reached
the mountain's
he could go no further
on the lofty ascending

now he's perched
high and all
wondering why he wanted
to be in such a rarefied
Apr 2019 · 339
spring's seasonal hue
didst come in a primrose bloom
of vibrant pink blush
he aspires to have
the top job in the land
and he's of a donkey's
kind of brand

this man is well known
for being big on touch
though those he has
touched don't like it much

in past days he played
the role of sidekick
and his boss at that time
was pretty slick

he's of an advanced
some will say it hasn't
made him sage

by late next year  he may
acquire the position
but he'll need to be in
peak running condition
Apr 2019 · 198
Useless Moss
there's three and bit weeks
left till election
whereupon we'll hold a
decision of much

us displeased electors will
not be playing
when it comes to who we'll choose
for a throwing

none of the candidates are totally
safe in their
as our ballot papers shall
mark them with

we're itching to cleanse parliament
house of the
who've been doing little
but gathering useless
Apr 2019 · 162
Time Bands
if you have twenty four hours
on your hands
you can explore the world's many
time bands  

this might take you
a bit of time to do
but just think of the
ken you'll accrue
something shall touch us
and it shall touch deep
in the sensation of touch
emotions shall freely seep

being touched by love
a never forgotten tingle
wherein our hearts
feel a poignant jingle

Plato's quote still
bears relevance to-day
on the way love's receipt
does in us play

oh poets shall touch
the inner core with
a repository of the
wordsmith's lore
Apr 2019 · 609
Barking Dogs
barking dogs did so
disturb our neighborhood
they just kept on barking
which wasn't very good

because they could bark
they barked as much as they could
they cared not that they were
disturbing our quiet neighborhood
Aug 2018 · 353
Tolerating Trolls
tolerating trolls is
a very difficult thing to do
as their behaviour has
a wickedness of cue

they establish their awful
dispositions upon us
and they don't much like it
when we kick up a fuss

but why should our community
accept the unacceptable
from they who are truly of a
class so despicable

free-wheeling around
doing as they wish
we must reject them
like a pariah fish
Aug 2018 · 244
Expectations (Haiku)
wanting a huge stage
to display her excellence
for all the world's eyes

alas she cried
on getting a tiny platform
not too grand of size
strong blusters of thronging wind
blew through the town's streets last night
whirling with a forceful might
as heard in their skirl
Aug 2018 · 249
Our Blouse's Silk
she'd oft stab her
so called friends in the back
they knew not of such a
malevolent form of attack

face to face she'd
be so pleasantly affable
yet when they'd present a
spine she'd turn unamiable

pity they who entrusted
their inner secrets to her ear
around social circles she'd
spill all that she did hear

her knife was ever
primed for blade action
and she never thought of its
ill considered impaction

we've all known
a lady of this ilk
one who'd skewer
our blouse's silk
Aug 2018 · 1.2k
who was responsible
for the queen's ultimate disappearance
who took it upon themselves
to seek her clearance

over quite a length of time
those of a regal pedigree
have been unexpectedly vanished
from the monarchical tree

these culprits cannot be
traced anywhere on the ground
its as thought they are secreted
beneath a shadowy mound

and we aren't able to stem
their anti regal sentiment
which is ever hardening
like a ten ton cube of cement

exhibiting the crown's
bloodline doth bring vaporization
where there will be nowt more
espying of a visitation

danger is omnipresent
and its peril aimed on any empress
an unknown body of disfavour
not requiring her impress
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