Jul 6 · 97
the cross of the critics
nailed the duo with a despise
they showed no mercy
for the pair's demise

by the venom of a viper's bite
there wasn't any scrap of respite
in a rancorous mean spite

the pack of detractors
wanted the dyad beaten down
so they served up a caustic vitriol
to claim an undeserved crown

savage the meter's punishment
ever vile this scathing torment
none being fair in treatment

the cross of the critics
nailed the duo with a despise
they showed no mercy
for the pair's demise
NB: I've used the poetic device of repetition in the piece.
Jul 6 · 246
unto the earth's crust
soaking rains did pour down
quenching its dryness
Jul 6 · 201
Of Clocks And Of Karma
there's a specific
time frame
in which karma's
will turn
it just awaits
the hour
to exercise
a differing

for karma has a variable
clock round
it never remains
static of ground

movement within its piece
does frequently change
altering the rote's
spinning range

one minute things are
going nicely your way
but an adjusting hand
can transform
the mode of play
old forms will never go out of fashion
if poets keep scribing them onto the page
there's timelessness in their long staying stage
as seen by writers who hold a passion
tonight one reprises the sonnet's stock
bringing past master back for a re-run
so readers twill enjoy couplets of fun
e'en including some lines that shall rock
let not tradition fade on the paper
tis said things of age can be new again
yesteryears vogue showing its surviving
well into a modern era's draper
penning the craft of the lasting refrain
whereby we'll see them always reviving
Jul 4 · 98
trolls have a lot of idle time
on their aggravating hands
and it has been noticed that
they move in trolling bands

were these individuals to
find a more useful pastime
others wouldn't be sensing
their provocative lime

oh yes the trolls are well
and truly on the loose
causing much mayhem like
an uninhibited moose

they patrol both by day
and by night
dispensing their plaguing
sort of blight

if you've ever felt a troll
breathing down your neck
it'll make you cry out get
the abhor off my deck
every day
they'll be looking
looking on the net
to find a much
cherished pet

constantly searching
for that special guy or gal
who'll offer them love's gift

out there in cyber land
someone seeks out another
to adore
a heart to heart exchange
carrying on forevermore

lonely souls wanting
the joy of a relationship
being close and contented
in a loving partnership

every day
they'll be looking
looking on the net
to find a much
cherished pet
we were utterly surprised
on seeing her face
there wasn't a wrinkle present
on its surface space

yet only six months ago
her dial was looking quite the age
it is possible that a plastic surgeon
had refreshed her crumpled page

the cosmetic enhancements
did work a treat
everything about her visage
was pressed exceptionally neat

now she's a woman
of a most desirable profile
that will make men
spiritedly wink and smile
Jul 2 · 99
out on the main street
cars and trucks sluice through puddles
that pothole the road
Jul 1 · 148
Absent Poet Day
the poetry community
hereby declares
this day as the absent
poet day
they who've disappeared
without a trace
and we so miss
their penning grace
listing them all
would take many hours
to do
but we're sure you'll
all know
the ones we're fondly
referring to
they've gone from
the poet fraternity's fold
and haven't returned
in their garments of gold

why did they vanish
why did they fade
our fantastic brothers and sisters
of the poetry parade
replicas oft go on display
reproductions of the real thing
recast in an aping array
ripping off the principle's ring

every now and then they'll be seen
espousing that they're genuine
e'en taking credit for the breen
ergo this be not of true line

verily stealing other's word art
very little conscience do they show
villains are those of thieving cart
vilification we pour on their glow

eyes on the look out always glean
embezzling plagiarist's grotty hands
ever looting original bean
endlessly making phoney grands
Jul 1 · 78
we'll never be privy to what
happens inside the secret bunker
but if we were we'd be well
interested about its hunker

there's a lot of stuff going on
that doesn't get any open air time
those who are involved in it
keep a tight lid on the covert crime

an investigative body needs
to be set up like rather fast
so that we can gain insight into
the workings of it at last

once the findings are out there
in the public sphere
we'll have knowledge of what
has been occurring beneath the weir
Jun 30 · 151
An Ambrosia of Love
an ambrosia of love
permeated the air
lovers captivated by
its beautiful fair

two souls tasting the
oneness of love's romance
a close combination
to the alluring dance

hearts sharing a profound
link of emotion
the fruits of love
conferring deep devotion

ever savouring love's
bouquet so divine
a harmony of such
satiating entwine

an ambrosia of love
permeated the air
lovers captivated by
its beautiful fair
Jun 29 · 54
Others Plate
should they take objection
to the stylish comb others
they'll vacate the others
spot in the

many a time this course
of action has been
where others were so

they weren't happy
no not at
on seeing the others
who'd so

every bit of veneration
had to be kept on
even though the others were
far more exceptional of

they thought that they
ruled at the
so the others were abruptly
given their terse

we are aware of how
which is to promptly
clear the others
Jun 29 · 186
the bull riders came
from near and far
to try and conquer
Chainsaw's elevated bar

he'd buck them off afore
the eight second crack
none would last upon
his awesomely built back

around the rodeo circuit
this bull had a legendary status
for beating they who'd do
battle with his feisty apparatus

the goading spur of rider
not disconcerting him
he'd show them that he
was ever potent in trim

of an immortal bovine
we'll never see again
so celebrate the elan
of Chainsaw's grain
Jun 28 · 162
I just love when the
weekend comes around
one can forget about the
alarm clock's sound

the extra sleeping time on
Saturday and Sunday morn
is something to savour
as those days are born

work commitments can
have a good rest
cause I'm not at the
employer's behest

the hours now count
down till the weekend
where I shall be in
an idling trend
Jun 28 · 127
A Nocturnal Ship (Tanka)
a nocturnal ship
of silver shade sails across
the sky's dark expanse
it journeys farthest distance
on a lunar cruise
Jun 28 · 109
An Important Event
an important event shall
soon take place
where two leaders will
meet face to face

the dialogue being
diplomatic in tone
whereby they'll be defending
a distinct zone

Trump and Putin
showing statesmen like skills
as they navigate the
issues with strong wills

the world anticipates
successful discussions
which won't have any
dire repercussions

their summit must reap
a dividend of accord
for not to deliver would
be serious in record

stability is the key to
good global relations
thereby ensuring cordiality
between nations
Jun 28 · 126
The Children
the children
these mere babes
trust the adults
yet the adults
betray their trust
and do unspeakable things
that repulse decent people
within a society

the children '
aren't safe
the children
aren't secure
in the hands of men and women
who are so

the children
cannot fully blot out
what has been done to them
the sullying of their bodies
and the distressing of their minds
stays over a lifetime

the children
the law's protection
from the
filthy infection

the children
the horrific assaults
which leave
marring results
Jun 27 · 140
the blue of ocean
did meet with the blue of sky
on the horizon

was as if the two
hues of blue were the one shade
in that far off line
slowly the night fog creeps through
our village's quiet sleeping streets
by morn its thick cover shall
be a shrouding mass
Jun 26 · 128
Ventriloquist's Act
his pockets were rather deep
wherein money galore was stored
the large loads of funds
catered to his every whim

one day a bright notion
sparked in the mind
to employ a mouthpiece
who'd spin his very line

of an effective voice was she
using her ventriloquist's act
in spreading his messages
throughout the vast lee

no doubt their arrangement
has a servant and master flair
on the huge fortune
nothing wouldst be spared

to-day they'll co-ordinate
the mission's pitch again
so as it sends his note
in the apropo vein
pretty crystals shone atop the stream
they so transfixed an observing eye
as the sun did reflect down its beam

was like being caught in a dream
beautiful shimmers of light seen to ply
pretty crystals shone atop the stream

jewels of nature above the water's ream
exhibiting such a captivating dye
as the sun did reflect down its beam

how lovely this bedazzling team
glistening with a bewitching spry
pretty crystals shone atop the stream

the play across the surface of a leam
which drew a mirroring focal spy
as the sun did reflect down its beam

to partake of an engaging gleam
bought wonder unto a viewer's nye  
pretty crystals shone atop the stream
as the sun reflected down its beam
Jun 26 · 226
He Dreams
he dreams
of having complete
he dreams
of the mightiest
he dreams
of being the influential
he dreams
of a domineering

he dreams
and he dreams
in wild
he dreams
and he dreams
with such a lasting

what he dreams
will never
as his dreaming
isn't of a humble
Jun 26 · 64
Pricing Matters
world trade
is in a parlous state
as the dragons and eagles of trade
cannot settle
their tariff debate

both of them
are upping the anti
which is a tit for tat
way of obtaining
supremacy's shanti

world markets look on
with great concern
as China and America's volumes
slowly smoulder
and burn

some compromise
by their respective governments
could allay a crash of doom
yet these powers just don't
seem to be making
any accommodating room

pundits who forecast
global economic trends
say that it is time
for the conciliatory blends

Jun 20 · 156
remuneration is the key
in attracting more students
toward a teaching degree

over the past few decades
there's been a drop off
in people wanting to undertake
these university courses

schools are feeling
the shortage pinch
where primary and secondary
teacher positions
cannot be filled

teaching is a noble profession
which should receive better pay
so as the drift from its lesson's
won't keep walking away

if the matter of wages
isn't urgently addressed
our education departments
will become more depressed

teachers are a society's most
valuable human resource
and not having enough of them
is so adverse in recourse
Jun 13 · 151
Bad Eggs (Pantoum)
a pair of bad eggs they do make
by always playing an ill game
we've grown accustom to their shake
over at the forum's house frame

by always playing an ill game
they've caused such great naughtiness
over at the forum's house frame
we've seen all their gross haughtiness

they've caused such great naughtiness
which can't be gladly excused
we've seen all their gross haughtiness
this behaviour they've well used

which can't be gladly excused
a twosome showing disregard
this behaviour they've well used
in the nice recreation yard

a twosome showing disregard
we've grown accustom to their shake
in the nice recreation yard
a pair of bad eggs they do make
Jun 13 · 182
the title of king
was hotly contested
by a trio of men who
wanted to be invested

in pursuing the ultimate goal
of regent
only one employed a vying

wicked tactics were ever
his underhanded style of play
which saw the other two
bulldozed well out of the way

they'd not gain the
throne's highest apex
that position reserved
for his sole Rex

he now wears the crown
of questionable ascent
a king who obtained it
through an unsporting bent
Jun 12 · 83
Confidential Rind
among our vast number
there is a grass
who transmits newsy tidbits
along the vine's brass

he or she does
a very effective job
by relaying our messages
from his or hers
informative gob

shortly we'll have to use
a cypher that is a scramble
so he or she won't be
privy to what we'll preamble

you just never know
who is dobbing you in
and the sort of tack
they're apt to spin

caution and care
must be the priority of mind
as somebody is leaking
our confidential rind
on seeing what got posted on paper
Joe saw that it was not of the true form
in the piece lay an inept uniform
this being so noted by the pro-draper
of such structure he knew a great amount
his years of experience were so well known
as exhibited in what he'd long shown
everything had to have the exact count
they who didn't present it in correct light
could expect a failure mark from his pen
nothing imprecise was given a pass
that would be his low score displaying might
they'd need the thoroughness of apt ken
when submitting for a crediting mass
Jun 12 · 72
Menacing Veil
America and North Korea
can be proud of their respective leaders
for they've impressively steered
a course toward a more stable Korean region
the naysayers who thought they'd
not succeed shall be clearing their throats to-day
as a new dawn in relations has
had a symbolic lifting of the menacing veil
Jun 10 · 223
Don't Stop Believing
don't stop believing
in what you can do
don't stop believing
cause belief is in you

believe with all of your heart
that's the kind of affirmation
so good of start

believe in your capabilities
for they are a valuable
set of utilities

let belief be
your guiding star
as this road
of travel
will take
you far

life without believing
isn't a life
believe in a strength
of fife

don't stop believing
in what you can do
don't stop believing
cause belief is in you
Jun 10 · 113
Concordance of Corona
if Trump and Kim can reach an amicable agreement
it will go down in history as quite an achievement
may they temper the past language of dispute
to accomplish a calming that's so resolute

the Korean Peninsula needs men of level head
who'll bring to the region not a threatening dread
these talks they'll be taking part in
are the path toward a positive win

Singapore shall host this most sensitive event
which will determine the issues of crucial extent  
with both men being unpredictable in persona
the world anticipates a concordance of corona
Jun 8 · 118
the large exodus
from the communal place
sure left a lot
of vacant space

who was responsible
for chasing them away
they appeared to be
enjoying their stay

we can but guess about
those participating in the hound's hunt
they've remained to further
their thrusting brunt

we've witnessed an agenda
of huge dispossession
casting the good ones out so the
aces shall have full accession

tomorrow we'll hear of someone else
getting moved on
and their journal pages will be
emptied of all don
Jun 8 · 91
due to speaking out of
it was decided that he'd be
debarred from a periodic

were he to have
stressed his off key views
he'd of filled the regular

a non adherence of policy
always meet with dire consequences
like being placed in an exclusion

on reflection he
what statements are preferred
by the system's said
Jun 6 · 166
Financial Advisor
a good financial advisor
will tell you to ditch the credit card
for this little piece of plastic
can gobble you down hard

when you use the thing
monthly interest accumulates
so be very wary of the
bank's excessive rates

but some people keep
over drawing on the account
then they will have a
sizeable bill to surmount

luckily for me I got out of
my credit card mess
yet there are those who'll
ever be under much duress
Jun 5 · 204
The Passion
the passion for creating
poetry and prose
began in his formative
as he progressed
into adulthood
the fervency did increase
every time
he sat at his desk
the greatness of language
poured forth
on the vellum
his ink wouldst
come to life
verse and paragraph
illustrating the painted scene
so too
the inner most thoughts
which dwelt inside
his innovative dreams
he imagines
being among the stars
writing of a wondrous place
and his desire for this
shall always be
utmost of embrace
The poem was inspired by a good friend of mine.
Jun 5 · 107
Right Out of Context
another multiple account holder
has made Cello Poetry his
where he's posting under many
a different authoring

he was initially known as
then he added a few more
to his prospering

the syndication now hosts
Slick Shaz, Fruity Rot and
which is quite an extensive

what title will he choose
his whole charade has got
right out of
Jun 4 · 919
Swollen Ego (Pantoum)
self importance he did relish
therein lay a swollen ego
was inflated of embellish
all this being held as a cargo

therein lay a swollen ego
so monumental the extent
all this being held as a cargo
of the largest conceited tent

so monumental the extent
it could not be denied at all
of the largest conceited tent
he finding joy in his own thrall

it could not be denied at all
ever putting one's self up first
he finding joy in his own thrall
was no shown quelling of the thirst

ever putting one's self up first
all this being held as a cargo
was no shown quelling of the thirst
therein lay a swollen ego
Jun 4 · 215
Hope (Minute Poem)
let not your hope ever fall down
nor wear a frown
keep it growing
strong in showing

uplifting the spirits very well
with a cheery bell
it is sanguine
saying all's fine

so employ my upbeat message
for your usage
stay bright of tone
a buoyant zone
Jun 4 · 111
some had liberal voices
speedily stowed away
so they'd observe silence
at the locale's cay

speaking freely was
deemed over the top
it wasn't viewed to be
a permissible cop

never utter loose dialogue
inside it walls
or you'll feel the marshal's
quietening squalls

be mindful of any
unrestricted tongue action
as it will provoke
an instantaneous reaction

would seem that all blurb
must be checked
if not it'll promptly get
well and truly decked

the judging panel like those
who stay within the limit
and to stray outside of it
will incur a demerit
Jun 3 · 73
Millie Moo (Limerick)
There was an actress named Millie Moo
Who wished she could nicely coo
On trying to parody a dove
The director gave her the shove
Copying a bird is hard hence a red card
two tribes of footballers
on Wednesday night shall meet
to play for the State of Origin's
championship greet

the three games in the series
always being hard to win
as the sides stage a battle
on the field of league's min

they who follow this most
compelling test of sport
will see tackling and ball carries
so formidable in sort

Maroon and Blue jerseys
striving to conquer each other
by matching motors with
the goal of a triumphant smother
team Candy and Randy
bought the shop owner
their volumes of cash
sure had a massive

they've a money supply
which will not peter
it just keeps giving like
an endless water

this has allowed them
purchase in stock so
as their banknotes won't
ever completely run

how we'd so like having
wads of their stack's
to buy the seller's assets
that are on shelves of
Jun 2 · 123
Seasons (Haiku)

night's icy gelidness
foretells of a blanket frost
covering morn's ground


she'll be dressed in
a lively floral garment
effulgent of hues


the sun's intense touch
has a hard baking effect
upon the landscape


golden leaf tresses
festooned down the aspen's
majestic grey trunk
love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you

there will be joy
in every part of your heart
as Cupid fires
his loving dart
you'll be awash
with a gleeful delight
all the affection having
a feeling so right

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you

so walk about
the neighbourhood block
you'll see a partner
ambling toward your dock
those long held dreams
of love becoming real
all this and more
will so appeal

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you  

don't hesitate
nor procrastinate
finding love's many
surprises will satiate
twill be the makings
of a splendid ambience
as love kindles
its sparkling magnificence

love is around the corner
it's waiting for you
when it takes hold
it'll amaze you
Jun 1 · 99
Exceptional Ratings
Dimity's exceptional ratings
have sustained for a long while
they've been enduring over
an extensive mile

how she manages to
stay in such a high station
is the query which occupies
many a conversation

it's something about her
blending of descriptive bits
that make all her passages
number one hits

we're in awe of she
who holds the lofty star
we mere mortals will never
acquire her legendary par

but we shouldn't despair
of our miniscule lot
at some juncture down the road
she'll lose the top spot
May 30 · 110
Regulation Tights
now that the duchess of Sussex
has been incorporated into the
she must wear regulation tights
which will make her legs

before she wed Harry she'd show
an excessive bit of shin
this is no longer possible at garden
parties inside the palace's

a strict dress code was imposed
on every component of
for queen Betty wants Meghan
properly decked out to

we can expect more formal kit
being part of her
when she travels around the world
representing England's finest
of recent days I've found a Texan chum
she so concurs with my stance
we're of the one thinking plum

there's that familiar concordance
in regards to a particular matter
she so concurs with my stance

our minds are definite of akin patter
on expressing the very same thing
in regards to a particular matter

we've voiced it as the ditto type ring
one is sure of her alike opinion
on expressing the very same thing

unanimity is our common dominion
seldom will one see such assent
one is sure of her alike opinion

both of us being in principle consent
seldom will one see such assent
of recent days I've found a Texan chum
we're of the one thinking plum
May 29 · 98
Damning Load
it keeps him awake
night after night
few hours of sleep
does he quietly receive
it interjects into his
mind most unexpected
rousing him from
the land of slumber

he bears the weight
the tonnage remains
unsettling his thoughts

there's no escaping the past
it's a persistent thing
he wrestles with guilt
and the grip cannot be unshackled
nor be readily unlaced

it rises during the night
in provocative prod
this be his damning load
across river flat paddocks
bounded a kangaroo mob
they moved as though in fright
on hearing a shot
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