1d · 66
Predator Plan

he used other human capital
to achieve his own ends
what kind of person would
be involved with these lends

beneath his exterior
a brain-washer lay
exploiting everyone else
to bring him handsome pay

credit in his dodgy account
came at a considerable fee
abusing and misusing
Bob and Mary's kindly spree

they had no understanding
of his predator plan
working them over so he'd
be the number one man

1d · 106

on the brick plant stand
a frill-necked lizard props
to bask in the sun

M-Marching together they of exclusive club
O-On this matter one has the definitive rub
N-No other individuals permitted in their hub
O-Only they who are mentioned on its stub
P-Plebs of little importance left out of the tub
O-One unto themselves not a welcoming pub
L-Long they've operated under the private nub
Y-Ye controlling all who present at their sub

2d · 407

from birth we're allotted
a given time
wherein our lives tick
to the clock's chime

some shall stop curtly
short of their days
whilst others carry on
till the elderly frays

time is our prevailing
of us it's the foremost

hands of a clock
circling around and by
oh how the hours
do unceasingly fly

waste not a second
of precious existence
ever keep stride with
all of your persistence

at anytime our clocks
can deem an end
and of us they'll so
effectively suspend

Poets will proffer a word creation
Pictures on the page of mankind  
Pouring forth imagination
Past greats all of literary rind

Over centuries till to-day
Our world reading from quills divine
Of the art in a mind's thought clay
Opus after opus gold to mine

Verse of romance lovers embrace
Verily spring's bloom tis beautiful
Victory won on the battle-front's face
Vying for lands e'er plentiful

Every composition a story
Each wordsmith of singular hand
Etching a mark throughout history
Ergo the masterpiece so grand


Trolaan, created by Valerie Peterson Brown, is a poem consisting of 4 quatrains. Each quatrain begins with the same letter. The rhyme scheme is abab.

Starting with the second stanza you use the second letter of the first line of the first stanza to write the second each line beginning with that letter.

On the third stanza you will use the second letter on the first line of the second stanza and write the third each line beginning with that letter.

On the fourth stanza you will use the second letter on the first line of the third stanza and write the fourth each line beginning with that letter.
2d · 67
Conned (Shanzi)

unaware folks
tasted the liar's spiel

on misguided trail
lost in a cheat

the spin doctor
bore no honesty
disciples conned

the self promoting team
assured the servile
that they were the best
ever profile

but on the buyers being
taken in by their promotion
they discovered a falsified

the regulators heard
of the self promoter's ticket
and they weren't happy
about the deceptive wicket

they enacted a bill of law
to even up the score
by sending over zealous
self  promoters well off shore

should a promotion
sound too good to be true
there's every possibility
you've cottoned onto the clue

3d · 136
Grotty Shroud

we cannot condone those
who trash a writing zone
they waltz in and litter the abode
as if it's theirs alone
well excuse us for not liking
the bad state of our cone
before they turned up everything
had a tidiness in tone

the rubbish has no sense
of where it should hang out
it just delights in strewing
its self liberally about
we're all wishing that it'll
be on the way out
cause none of us are
fussed at its piling tout

our environment is under
a waste cloud
may we soon see a lifting
of its grotty shroud

poet Nat
took great exception
to writers
who started poems
with the personal pronoun

I was of the belief
that the word I
where the I person
was coming from

given that I is telling
of I's experiences
it's quite legitimate
to use any I

I think poet Nat
hasn't looked into I enough
as his critique
of I has been rather tough

I happen to like
a poem beginning in I...
and at my earliest opportunity
I'll give I a try

4d · 160
Blushes (Dodoitsu)

vivid blushes of cerise
painted the morn's waking dawn
they served as a portent
to the coming rains

a mixed bag
is the odd weather for to-day
a mixed bag
the fast wind whirling its south swag
in minutes changing to calm sway
quite the spectacle on display  
a mixed bag

5d · 86

the realization of numbers
hasn't dawned in her  
mind's matter of

if she doesn't wake up
from complacency's
there will be nowt left
on the listing's

it'll be too late when we're
all looking for a
due to us not having
goodly figures in the

surely she can sense  
our positions are at
as the total amount has
become an

under previous heads
we've not felt
but with her holding
the reins we're in

for over seven months
she's buried her
like the ostrich who can't
see impending

it is perfectly plain
to everyone else
that the units have
slipped onto the

she'll open the file
which will say all
the last manager was
a little too

6d · 73
Gossiping Brag

she swishes her gossiping
like the reddest red

our confidences cannot be entrusted
to her
she has a propensity to broadcast
them clarion

she'll cajole you with
her amiable
then by not checking the tongue
all will

impart no details
keep them safe unto
as the idle talker
respects not even

the metal within the rock
attracted great lightning zaps
on the ironstone ridge mound
streaking flashes flew

7d · 260
Tight Swathe

the tight swathe of fog
made a compact canopy
above the river

it lingered there
until first shards of morn's light
cut through the dense roof

Oct 12 · 98
Disagreeable Wedge

the gang worked assiduously
on ridding their so called
of those who'd not tow the line
or be compliant with their

they expended much energy
more especially the two in
the methods they employed
had the characteristics of a

pushing out others so they'd
obtain all the popularity
could be said they were lower
than nine hundred feet

they're now ever so contended
with a job that was well
sitting back feeling so satisfied
smugness in what's been

it is supposed that they'll keep
toiling for supremacy's
whilst at the same time driving
a very disagreeable

inside the world wide poetry house
dwells a fellow of many a name
using trickery that's far from grouse

we're no fools we're onto the game
every piece resembling one type
dwells a fellow of many a name

why seek all the available hype
it's because he's needful of glory
every piece resembling one type

an insignificance lies in his story
hence the pens looking to be seen
it's because he's needful of glory

being noticed on the verse's screen
by posting under counterfeit notes
hence the pens looking to be seen

we're familiar with his manifold votes
by posting under counterfeit notes
inside the world wide poetry house
using trickery that's far from grouse

Oct 12 · 93
Casting Couch

living the ultimate fantasy  
on the casting couch
a reverie of carnal pleasure
there did always slouch

some of the starlets role playing
just for him
his sexual appetite at showtime
was never trim  

he'd manhandle the sweet
titillating dames
who sought parts in the next
blockbuster movie frames

Mr Weinstein's past productions
are presently getting press
not so
seems the gropper extraordinaire
has split from Hollywood's

Oct 11 · 101
Money Speaks

money speaks in an accent
few can quite
there's a certain inflection on
the cash forked out by
a hand

a tongue knowing
how to enunciate
will garner favors
which nicely inflate

the dialect is foreign
and of an unusual
those having an ear for it
receive a likeable

talking quids requires
a most refined voice
where the buyer has an
unfair advantage of choice

Oct 10 · 83

one is so glad
for not being a member
of his harem
exclusion from the inner sanctum
gives one a good perspective
on the everyday doings
between his adoring ladies
one oft sees them bickering
over his attention
the females appear
to be competing
at a super-human rate
hoping he'll send a flashing wink
their way
the sheik
has many choices
his tent

Oct 10 · 193

heavily laden clouds
hang their brows over the town
readying to unload

Oct 9 · 71

the professor of unmasking will be
conducting the lecture to-day
and it's recommended that students
tune into the things he'll say

we'll take a little peek
at the layers he'll reveal
the exercise being similar
to removing an onion's peel

you'll not forget
the knowledge he'll impart
it'll stay in your brain's
recollection cart

so let's commence the lesson
enough with the intro's waffling on

it has an outer skin
there's the inner rows
a center core

as this composite

Oct 9 · 133
Joyous Bliss

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

rings exchanged
as a sign of love
circles symbolizing
everlasting love

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

two souls connecting
to an elated union
by a love so blessed
of communion

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

days of happy promise
they'll behold
on their journey
paved with gold

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

NB: My friends Eva and John will soon be getting married.
Oct 8 · 168
Our Sisters In Poetry

our sisters in poetry
aren't seen on the site's pages
do you recall them

the loveliest gals
ever welcoming of heart
our Nagi and Winn

we miss their presence
they really knew how to write
and were wonderful

breaking blue hue
presides o'er the bush to-day
breaking blue hue
all plots of azure retinue
adorning brightly in array
a perfect color to display
breaking blue hue

Oct 7 · 262
Ancient Wrinkles


malice so gelidly plated
on the day of the parting
an old fading rose not receiving love
her bitter heart icy in grief


the fresher bloom captivated
his soul with an exceeding depth
a budding beauty so glorious
of splendour he'd prefer to hold


words exchanged between
which made for a catty scene
out came the elder woman's claws
wanting to scratch the dahlia's eyes


and the allure of newer flower
he'd ever keep
as the ancient wrinkles
in time did finally creep

Oct 7 · 315
Without Concession

hands dark of grip
wrap tight
permitting no visible

trapped by terror
of the mind
falling into
malady's rind

deep depression
without concession

Oct 7 · 76
Wayward Tab

young lassies near and far
were subjected to looking
at his personal bar

he'd stage the exhibits
on mobile phone devices
all those groinal tid-bits

exposing his wares
in a devil may care way
of indecency to the eyes
he'd frequently flay

on a particular poetry forum
the fellow can be found
advertizing his kit bag
so unedifyingly around

a sixty year old man
would in time be
getting a nab
for putting out there
his wayward

somewhere inside
the Ohio state
law authorities
will pinpoint
the repugnant gate

Oct 5 · 223

an incident took place
just yesterday
one met a troll
at the site's hostile bay
its verbalization was not
of pleasant greeting
some rather pointed
things said at the meeting

firstly it conveyed
the B---- term
on hearing that term
one did squirm
thence it proceeded
to tell one
in no uncertain terms
one should be turned
out to pasture
midst all the slugs
and worms

well its form of address
did of one not overly impress
and may one place on the record
one felt that one's
hot button got a press

trolling maybe amusing
for a troll
yet one didn't delight in its
unnecessary patrol

the trenchant troll
needs a fulltime occupation
which is more useful
to the writing population

tall afternoon shadows were cast
all giants of mast
across the block
height's soaring stock

stretching from fence-post to fence-post
many feet in host
the tip flies big
a great lofty sprig

trees towering like skyscrapers
high of tapers
late eve's lanky stalks
lie on ground walks

Minute Poetry

The Minute Poem is rhyming verse form consisting of 12 lines of 60 syllables written in strict iambic meter. The poem is formatted into 3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables. The rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb, ccdd, eeff
Oct 4 · 197
Has Been

what is a (has been) doing here
writing outmoded poems
which never of others
will entirely endear

heck there's but one thing to do
get off the poetry site
and let talented penners
entertain you

since it's a dud at the art
of poetry creation
it'll be taking a no hoper's
extended vacation

the fossilized matter must
bore no more in ho-hum fashion
tis time to exhibit departing

Oct 1 · 126
Identifying Plan

to-day the ones
I selected
rated well
the scale
which gave
a positive indication
my options
were hitting
the nail

upward of sixty five percent
and it continued to
without any worries
I would soon be
at the very top of
the stack

no one else can pick them
quite like
I can
I'm an ace
in the identifying

Some time ago one went on a little trip
To check out the internet poetry landscape
What one saw remained in the mind's tape
A movie reel which had a compelling grip
Poet's comments were of such cliquish old rock
Like being an exclusive remarking club
Outsider verses left out of their hub
The scenery verily stunned one with much shock
One so wishes one had not gone away
A dream of venturing did disenchant
The roads lead to (an in house favouring)
After sighting the terrain's mode of sway
Taking a journey one may well recant
These vistas weren't enjoyable savouring

Sep 29 · 113

the letter R is a letter
which commands recognition
all focus on the R letter's
elevated position

who would dare avert
eyes away from R's shine
every facet of R borders
on the divine

A, B, C, etc aren't of
R's lofty standing
they're all prone to
silly grandstanding

the letter R is in a league
ever so brill
nothing can equal
R's overkill

Sep 29 · 167
Sitting Crusade

a few joined the campaign  
and as a body of one
they relentlessly harassed
a specific two  

mob mentality
won the prize of control
the methods they used
so rancid in toll

victory is theirs
yet only for a while

others are marching
with a new drummer's parade
ready willing and able
to oust the sitting crusade

Sep 29 · 82
Traveling Public

none hopped
aboard Jerry's train
but Jerry's train
was boarded
any other day

how fickle
the traveling public
can be

Sep 28 · 223
Keeping Tin

daily one looks and looks
to find the daily poem
so judiciously chosen
for the daily poem's nook

one's search has been
it's as though
the daily poem
has just sauntered off
the computer's screen

one's radar finder
cannot seem to reel
the daily poem in
nor catch a trace
of its keeping tin

The daily poem link is posted directly below.

Sep 27 · 100
Beneath The Wood

how could we ever forget
the pouty boy
his idolization of himself
an irksome ploy

sulking as the giving boys
got a better reception
they were placed in the
more deserving section

the envious streak
within his being's core
so craved for their
extraordinary score

his face was screwed
by a jealous cringe
real evidence of a
pouty boy's hinge

he carried the scowling
cross into adulthood
where it festered
beneath the wood

Sep 27 · 241

promising cloud bands
filled with a moisture salve
veer away from here

Sep 27 · 111

o'er a length of days
fierce winds have scolded the land
they show no let up

Sep 26 · 166
Distinct Pitch (Tanka)

faint sounding bird calls
drifted on the eve's lazy breeze
of a tone low set
listening harder one heard
a leather-head's distinct pitch

Sep 26 · 133
Lifting Of The Lid

there lay on the hindsight shelf
a most revealing book
the persons who were lied to
all took a detailed look

citations of dishonesty
stood out midst the tiny print
back then they'd not been
informed by a solid hint

every misleading exploit
sighted on the paper's sheet
such disregard for colleagues
who'd walked the duper's street

they saw a contrary
on this particular


as time slipped away
the deceptions lay hid
yet in future days there'd
be a lifting of the lid

Sep 25 · 508

the sky this very day
did don a cape of dull grey
so drab the display

by morrow's morning
there'll be a brighter dawning
with sunlight spawning

Sep 24 · 232
Love's Jewel

love's jewel glimmers
within the
a gem so beautiful
of romantic

emotions deeply tying
peerless the feel shared  
by its tether

and sheer joy
love's sparkle
shall always

two souls merging
for a life-time
ever to hear
affection's chime

love's jewel glimmers
within the
a gem so beautiful
of romantic

strong north westerly currents so hot
keep persisting in our country lot
throughout the day they've not stood still
gusting along with whisking shrill
the weather of September's plot

field grasses bearing the blow's knot
trees accepting its whirling mot
the searing of a thermal gill
strong north westerly ...

dust swirling in its rapid trot
on the air a dryness of blot
all ensnared by the wind's till
endless of a procession's drill
grilling squalls in our landscape's spot
strong north westerly ...

Sep 23 · 127
Vanity Is Smashed

the reflective glass
shattered as arrogance
looked on its self

of perception good
in seeing what presents there
vanity is smashed

On posting a most unflattering note
Was decided to scotch the pompous tote
He felt like tearing a she writer down
By plating some of his unneeded shite
Which had been greeted as nothing to skite
Were a constructive message put on page
She wouldn't of seen the flaming bonfire's rage
Why bring his conceited vantage to town
There then was a ceasing of his preaching
Riling her in an extent far reaching
Without thinking such stinging words he chose
On her indigestion they didn't sit well
All managed to be an affront's hell
Lodging deep within her insulted nose

Sep 21 · 126
Into Retreat

if the Broncos are to win this Friday
the intensity of their play must be
they'll need full commitment in the
half measures won't cut a victory's

the Storm never give an inch on the
that why they've held football's top
they keep the pressure on and don't
each member of the team up to the job's

possession of the ball determining the
any player slackening off will bear
the premiership's battle is there to
so we'll see a dour contest that's not

less than forty hours to go before the rivals
where footy fans shall experience quite a
the ref's whistle calling upon the vying
there'll be fireworks and no team going into

Unfortunately the Broncos weren't successful in winning the preliminary final. The Storm defeated them,  30 points to nil.
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