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the supreme leader addressed the nation
on this hundredth year of the party's jubilee  
his words being powerful in their oration

the people listened to the propaganda spree
which spoke of the country's future dominance
on this hundredth year of the party's jubilee

the western world surely listened to the parlance
that spilt forth from his totalitarian lips
which spoke of the country's future dominance

the speech was aspirational in its goals quips  
to not of heard the stated aims would be unwise    
that spilt forth from his totalitarian lips

history's pages will show how communism did rise
on this day we were reminded of what lies ahead
to not of heard the stated aims would be unwise

on this day we were remided of what lies ahead
the world coming under one controlling stead
the supreme leader addressed the nation
his words being powerful in their oration
4d · 463
Writer's Strike
an international writer's strike
was called to-day
for this fraternity are seeking
a little more pay

their working conditions
are truly bad
so they've gone and done
something rad

their placards
you see on avenues
they'll be saying
we're bereft of revenue

a terrible shock
to the world this is
all the writers
taking leave of their biz

journalists wont be reporting
a jolly thing
scholars of articles
shall be with drawing

poets ceasing to scribe
lines of verse
as they've not enough dosh
to fill the humble purse

industrial action
needed to be pursued
writers can't abide
being *******

the federation
of quill employees
only want a small increase
in writing fees

it is hoped that some
resolution can be found
as the public requires
words to be spread around

the disputes negotiations
are at a vital stage
may we soon see
a paragraph on the page
5d · 63
magenta billows
bedecked the morning skies
in a lipstick pink
5d · 32
our planet is gradually
heading into the next
but we of this generation
won't see its freezing

over the millenia changing
conditions have been the
fifty thousand years ago our earth
became more heat

science has proven that these
transitions do take
the study of core samples
showing the past age's
Sep 7 · 142
What Makes A Poet Sing
what makes a poet sing
is an innovative accord
on the words flowing
from a quill's written chord

what makes a poet sing
the imagery of the land
where blue hued mountains
majestically stand

what makes a poet sing
deep emotions in the heart's core 
of love enduring like
the lasting waves upon a shore

what makes a poet sing
sunshine of bright array
kissing with a warmness
so smiles can on a face play

what makes a poet sing
the harmony on the paper
sung through thoughts
in a scripted draper
Sep 5 · 359
from tight bud jackets
camellia blooms bursted out
to show red petals
Sep 5 · 29
X marks the spot where
the treasure can be
but can we rely on the
marker's X being
do any of you remember
that childhood treasure hunt in the
yet finding what you were
seeking was buried elsewhere in the
oft the letter X is deceptive
of placement
which leads to a fortune's

an imprecise marking
on the map
means no gold or silver
landing in the lap
the Coronavirus is here to
and it isn't going to go

on a virus becoming
never does it get completely

we must accept that we have to live with
and know we cannot do much about

viruses have dwelt among us for many a long
and of them we'll not be one hundred percent
Sep 1 · 50
Retirement Page
there's a retirement home
located in the state of Delaware
and it wishes to have
Joe Biden residing there

Joe would really
enjoy a place like that
for he could sleep all day long
as a dozing cat

the strains of office
are beginning to tell on him
and were he ensconced
within the home's rim
those heavy burdens
wouldn't trouble him

given that Joe
is advancing in age
the time has come for him
to turn the retirement page
Aug 30 · 65
Well Tarnished
the shine is already
fast fading on
shortly there will be
no gloss to his

the people have recognized  
that realization
whereby they've quickly learnt
he's not terribly

as time marches on
all his glint will be stripped
leaving but a well
tarnished man's
Aug 29 · 92
The Earth's Body
within the earth's body
lies a treasure trove
and man has thirsted
for its rich grove

over the centuries
he's quested the vein of gold
that which isn't neath
his homeland's fold

to gain the precious
he's taken to all manner
of warring courses

and to-day he seeks
commodities rare
by firing the desirous gun
in want of share
Aug 26 · 255
Endearment Forevermore
the couple pledged
a lifetime of devotion
vowing to be loyal
to one another
as the years rolled on
the bonds of affection
increased in steadfastness
theirs being a true
endearment forevermore
Aug 25 · 43
RIP Charlie Watts
the sad news was conveyed
that the great drummer passed

for over fifty years he kept the band's
and his foot tap on the pedal was so

the lovers of music in heaven
now receive him with
a standing ovation

Charlie Watts the man
whose rhythm's rocked
many a nation
old forms will never go out of fashion
if poets keep scribing them onto the page
there's timelessness in their long staying stage
as seen by writers who hold a passion
tonight one reprises the sonnet's stock
bringing past master back for a re-run
so readers twill enjoy couplets of fun
e'en including some lines that shall rock
let not tradition fade on the paper
tis said things of age can be new again
yesteryears vogue showing its surviving
well into a modern era's draper
penning the craft of the lasting refrain
whereby they'll be constantly reviving
Aug 22 · 125
winter's naked trees
shall soon be clad in leaves
dressing for spring days
Aug 21 · 74
P's and Q's
we must be ever mindful
of our P's and Q's
for if we're not we'll
get really severe reviews

in these modern times P represents
political correctness
and all care should be taken not to
cause any offence
in our manner of linguist address
then there's the letter Q  where we
cannot question those of the cancel
culture crew  
as they've the so called most authoritative
vernacular point of view
should any of us not follow the
new age
our tongues will be
Aug 21 · 22
Coffin Nails
folks are busy preparing
millions of coffin
making them ready to seal
tight the democrat's

as the midterm election arrives
in two thousand and twenty
all the lefty policies shall receive
a finalization

the congressional house and senate
under GOP
this change a most welcomed
kind of
a lame adminstration going
on the folk's pent up discontent
die being
Aug 19 · 175
unlike Biden
an elephant has a good memory
and all the elephants
around the place
won't forget Biden's

the frequent blunders
the omnipresent gaffes
the manifold mistakes
all stored in an elephant's
memory bank  

and the history books will
write this passage with letters large
why did the voters allow an
absent minded donkey to be in charge
Aug 19 · 343
the evening star
flickered like a beacon
on night's ink black sea
Aug 18 · 67
Does A Flip
the axis of power can
at any time tilt either
and in the near distance future
we'll know of its

empires have risen by employing
the sword cannon and
and whomever holds them
will be sitting atop the
several nations are presently vying
to be the preeminent
and we're seeing the geopolitics
in the clearest of

the world's teeter totter
may instantly
as the pivot point's fine balance
does a
Aug 15 · 67
bright yellow flowers
have commenced to display
on the wattle trees
just image what a pickle
our planet would be
were another virus to escape
a labratory's unsecured

the one that is presently
circulating around the
sure has caused much ruin
within our world's

these labratories need
a thorough
so as the diseases they house
don't affect any

in some countries the use of
bioweapons are
and the experimentation  
has been proficiently

it is a frightening prospect
that's playing out in real
what airborne contagions
maybe aimed to
Aug 11 · 90
thunder rolled in from
the south east
it roved as a feral
untamed beast

creatures took to
haven's secure
this tempest was bringing
a wild demure

volley after volley of thunder
over the terrain
within a short while
there'd be a torrent of rain

drops falling from the laden clouds
onto the landscape
covering it in the soaking
endowment's drape  

the countryside infused
with a drenching drink
quelling the thirst
of its dry unfilled sink

soils bereft of dampness
for such a long time
joyous were the sounds
of the wetting's chime

the canon's blast heralded
in the afternoon sky
affording a downpour
as it passed by
Aug 10 · 93
a goddess of love
a symbol of lasting adoration  
a woman throughout the centuries
who has attracted many a man's devotion

she of charm
and enticing allure
she of a superlative

men have fallen to their knees
in exultant praise
worshipping the embodiment
of her feminine maze

and she invokes  
powerful feelings within
a man's core
Venus the allegory
of timeless armour
Aug 10 · 41
upon the roof tops
fell subtle lulling raindrops
inducing slumber
Aug 9 · 55
the sun just peeped
out from behind swathing clouds
to show some bright rays
Aug 8 · 162
In Our Sphere
now that the Covid Nineteen virus
is in our
we'll have to get used to it
circulating around

every year we'll need a vaccination
so our bodies will acquire immunity
from strains which are floating about

the virus can't be totally
nor can it be

virologists world wide want it to be
by slowing the transmission of which
its trained

Covid Nineteen is here to
and it's not ever going
Aug 7 · 36
out toward the east
undulating sapphire hills
mirror fine blue skies
Aug 5 · 75
Sad Sad Showers
the sun don't shine
there's only tears
by the score

every day
ever to

his leaving shattered
her heart
on the day he did

a love
over and done
a love at end
where is the sun

no solace could
she find
the aching void
so unkind

her life became
gloomy of shade
grey clouds marring
love's parade

every day
ever to
A poem prompted by the word "sad" .
Aug 3 · 146
choruses of birds
sang joyfully in the tree tops
as a bright sun rose
Aug 2 · 43
mere seconds after
the lightning flashed last night
thunder resounded
Aug 1 · 48
Cicadas (Tanka)
on a summer's day
cicadas sing in the bush
their thrumming song's sound
akin to a monotone
inspired by the beating sun
Aug 1 · 181
the rooster's sharp eye
was trained on Jim's person
making ready to chase

the power of health bureaucrats  
has never been more
greatly exercised
since the advent of the
pandemic in our
daily lives


governments have taken
full control
by which they can stop
us from freely partaking
in an outside stroll


big phrama being granted
exclusive rights
to sell millions of jabs
world wide  
thereby excluding other
forms of treatment

oh yes power control and greed
in these recent times have become
the cardinal creed
Jul 30 · 369
Jack paid a visit
to our township overnight
leaving his white frost
a heavy mist cover
hung over the river's flow
earlier this morning
as the sun rose the vapor
lifted and disappeared
this boat has transported
lovers around
so they can take in the sights
that are on dry ground

he who steers the boat
employs a long pole
so the boat doesn't get
out of control  

the shape of the boat
is similar to a crescent moon
which might be found
gliding over a dark lagoon

the boat was in a James Bond
movie scene
as it passed under the stone
archways lean

if you know what boat
this is
you'll be the winner
of the quiz
Effulgent hues of spring shall be on view
They'll make for a smashing garden review
A most splendid floral display to see
Trees and vines prettily attired
Truly a glory that can be admired
The pink sweet peas o'er trellis adorning
Looking so divine at break of morning
Yellow daffodils blooming near the path's lee
Every shade of the rainbow parading
Adding lovely tones to the glading
A bursting forth of many bright flowers
Unto one's heart they'll bring such delights
In yards a vast bouquet of fair highlights
Stunning shall be these grouse floret showers
Jul 25 · 624
soon we'll say goodbye
to winter's boreal order
of freezing disdain
Jul 25 · 168
Love Came Knocking
love came knocking
on her
like it had done so
many times

yet she wasn't open
to love's
for she'd built around
herself an impervious

those she'd loved
from the
none had hearts that
would ever
inside her core
dwelt deep
though she needed
a true love's

love came knocking
on her
like it had done so
many times
The above  poem was prompted by the word "knocking".
Jul 24 · 90
the luminous moon
journeys on a night passage
over star lit skies
on the ground where late eve shadows lay
they bore an akin resemblance
to the end of the present day

on them showing their constant shay
eyes could see well in advance
on the ground where late eve shadows lay
across a landscape's patch of clay
these figures shall stage a performance  
to the end of the present day

as one day drifts into the next one's lambent ray
our memories will glimpse a glance  
on the ground where late eve shadows lay

a tall tree and a bird's wing doth array
forever etching these shapes of remembrance
to the end of the present day

we'll ne'er forget what the narrator didst say
whilst roaming in a silhouette's perchance  
on the ground where late eve shadows lay
to the end of the present day
from beneath the red wall canyon
spilt forth a river's mighty flow
along the steep valley's runyon
a surging cascade being on show

spilt forth a river's mighty flow
tumbling over many rock boulders
a surging cascade being on show
rushing through the narrow shoulders  

tumbling over many rock boulders
the water's spray splashing around
rushing through the narrow shoulders
on an excursion south bound
the water's spray splashing around
along the steep valley's runyon
on an excursion south bound
from benath the red wall canyon
Jul 18 · 49
coercive the tune she sang
to his ear it had a tempting twang
she the siren wind
enticed him into her snare
she'd coveted
of him
with strength
she sang her strains
to the appeal of his ear  
the hallways
of his mind
endlessly reverberated
with her chords
in the back of his mind
a virginal breeze
her delicate tune  
her pitch floated
as a feather
to his ear
her zephyr
twas dainty
and had not
a coarseness of tone
his dilemma  
which of the possibilities to chose
a covetous siren
so enticing
a ****** of daintiness
pretty of tone
who would sway him
by way of correspondence
Jul 17 · 162
as twilight drew nigh
the last frail bird calls of day
floated on eve's breeze
the westerly winds
skirled wretched wailings
on this doleful day
like a bagpiper playing
the strains of a sad lament
Jul 14 · 235
Ballerinas (Dodoitsu)
around the flower gardens
butterflies piroquetted
like graceful ballerinas
dancing on a stage
Jul 13 · 70
the narow river
slowly snaked a passage
through the wooded glen
Jul 12 · 195
carpets of green grass
lay across the countryside
lush in coverage
Jul 11 · 114
spring's vibrant colours
emerge from winter's cocoon  
to show festive blooms
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