the leg up to higher seat
was made by the very helpful few
they did it in supportive feat
so the lady got an alpine view

was made by the very helpful few
they'd elevated her profile
so the lady got an alpine view
of their work came no thankyou mile

they'd elevated her profile
recognition she did attain
of their work came no thankyou mile
there being a most ungrateful gain

recognition she did attain
all the limelight shining her way
there being a most ungrateful gain
not showing an indebted ray

all the limelight shining her way
so the lady got an alpine view
not showing an indebted ray
was made by the very helpful few
1d · 76
elms in the front yard
have started to exhibit
autumn's amber hues
1d · 89
advertising pays
very well
if you've an excellent
product to sell

you won't believe
the turn over you'll obtain
when posting an ad
on your pages plain

advertising is where its at
on letting the public know
about a bowler hat
Marks and Spencer
have the latest range
on their London stores
display mat

were it not for free to air television
and billboards on the street
we'd be unaware of an Aspire brand
of cotton sheet

advertising reaches
potential customers
looking for wares
who'll be wanting
to purchase
a variety of hares
1d · 432
Mark Zuckerberg
the founder of Facebook
is swimming in bucks galore
and given that he's so financial
unto him one does implore

please donate two and a half thou
to Hello Poetry
as the site is seeking some freshly
picked dollar greenery

the money will be spent on
a mobile app
so the members can utilize
its inputting tap

Mr Zuckerberg please contact
the webmaster Eliot York
indicating the funding your
credit card is fit to fork
1d · 155
Rhythm of Life
keep dancing
to the rhythm of life
let your every step
be a beating fife

you'll feel well ensconced
in the groove
on partaking of its
tremendous move

never stop dancing
stay the round the clock tempo
don't break for a pause
cause the dance has a long way to go

tap dancing
is perfectly okay
and you can change it to
a waltzing sway
and you might like
to disco or jitterbug
on another day

the rhythm of life
is so good for the soul
and it's a dance
of peerless extol
3d · 94
The Game
the Manly team racked up a big score by half time
they executed play with the brilliance of prime
Parramatta couldn't register one single point
their brand of league not of the try or goal anoint

when play resumed for the second half's concluding session
it was clear that the Manly Eagles would lead the procession
the Parramatta Eels were lacking game commitment
they needed possession of the ball's vital equipment

penalties and mistakes bought Parramatta dismay
of their play there'd be no hip hip hooray
the final tally showed Manly's field advantage
which was to the loser's woeful disadvantage
5d · 122
Innate Vein
late in the afternoon
a storm hawk
sounded his prophetic tune
within his blood
an inkling of the weather
which would prevail
his clarion call
went o'er the landscape
from a vantage point
high in a gumtree
it reverberated
so liberally
inside the hour
on the hills
and in the steep ravines
gullies rushed
in fast moving streams
he knew the weather drill
he knew it well
when skies would
spill a raining
his predictive powers
sensed moisture
being about
hence his calling
in an innate vein
6d · 121
Gold Mine
organizations or persons
of philanthropic bent
can assist the Hello Poetry site
by donating five thousand dollars
for a mobile app's content

as the members of this literary forum
aren't millionaires
there is a need to fund
the app's affairs

it is hoped that lovers of written art
can give a bountiful hand
their valuable contributions
could easily cover five grand

now that the seeking call
has been placed online
may donors soon flood in
with a veritable gold mine
one hundred percent
is an ideal quota
there's perfection
in the quota


no other quota
will suffice
it's got to be
one hundred percent
that quota
is so nice

why give
forty percent
why give
sixty percent
always make it
one hundred percent

it's a simple maths equation
one and one
equals a well entwined two
and it only happens
when one hundred percent
Mar 12 · 96
he has a penchant
for tinkering with stuff
if given half the chance
he'd tinker with his navel fluff

I've seen him tinkering
with working order stuff
that doesn't need any tinkering
put upon its cuff

some while back he
decided to have a tinker
with a room partition at the hall
and as a result of his
non essential tinkering
down came the east facing wall

tinkering is an occupation
of the tampering diddle
unnecessarily touching stuff
with an interfering fiddle
Mar 12 · 118
Optics (Paradelle)
few eyes took a look
few eyes took a look
they weren't inclined to view
they weren't inclined to view
eyes weren't inclined to look
they few took a view

last week many would stare
last week many would stare
at what was there to see
at what was there to see
many would see last week
what was there to stare at

optics will become tense
optics will become tense
focusing on a thing
focusing on a thing
optics focusing on a thing
will become tense

few eyes took a look
at what was there to see
focusing on a thing
last week many would stare
optics will become tense
they weren't inclined to view
Mar 11 · 58
Ben's Yen (Limerick)
there once was a man named Ben
who couldn't fulfil his lifelong yen
to sail into an exotic bay
where lofty palms breezily sway
desire's den was not fated then
Mar 11 · 141
Supernatural Store
powers of the divine
he did verily possess
a heavenly being
among our congress

masses bowing their
heads in deference
to his almighty
exhibit of reverence

behold the god
so excellent of glory
pitching unto us
the perfection story

our praise we
offer forevermore
to he of the
supernatural store
Mar 10 · 204
Rivers of Babylon
of times long
Persian poets did write
along the Euphrates River
where a shimmering sun
put atop its waters
a glimmering

since these ancient
many a poet has scribe verse
beside other river
Shakespeare thinking of an Avon love
who caught his thoughts
in such deeply abiding

Boney M's lyrical
by the Rivers of Babylon
is a modern
of the writers eternal feel
for a river streaming
wordage of
a mystery to fathom in a famous frame
smiling from canvas with story to tell
oh lady of the portrait oh lady of fame
the painter captured your face so well
those who study art ponder and ruminate
on the enigmatic pose that doth beguile
no brush strokes conveying your mind state
angles inspected of daubed profile
yet the secret stays ever concealed
baffling them all with slightly turned lip
nothing of the puzzle being so revealed
closeted away in an artist's dip
Leonardo da Vinci yielded scant insight
on masterfully shading the subject's light
Mar 7 · 190
Working For His Spot
the puppet man
the puppet man

pulls on the prompting
he makes good use of the
them dolls answering to his
how well he handles the

the puppet man
the puppet man

oh yeah he's got a tight
influencing what the dolls do on his
all of them dancing along in
ever he'll call with the strong

the puppet man
the puppet man

manipulating the dolls every which
he has them co-opted by his
coercive the show's tugging
so he'll obtain his own

the puppet man
the puppet man

women the world over have been assigned
a special day by the United Nations
we're all acquainted with these wonderful
individuals in our populations

they come from countries
diverse in culture
and are fecund in their

some being in the fields of

whilst other are in the fields of


now to conclude with some athlete's names
they've participated in the Olympic Games
both of them world track and field competitors
Marjorie Jackson and Kathy Freeman female victors
Mar 6 · 51
said the poultry producer
under his breath
the henhouse must always
be safe
so I'll enlist that friendly
bushy tailed fox
to keep watch over
my chicken's chafe

on returning to the farm
everything was so silent
no clucking could be heard
anywhere in the resident

but red feathers were scattered
around the cedar wood barn
and many drops of blood
had stained the wire's yarn

it was evident that a fight
to the death took place
and his prized hens were
shown not an iota of grace

there's a moral to the story
never leave a fox on guard
for he'll massacre all
the fowls within the farm's yard
the grass reports
back to she of billfold bulging
the grass reports
communiques to her resorts
the artful dobber divulging
details of a cash indulging
the grass reports
Mar 5 · 144
Flow of Tide (Sonnet)
and the long season of pure luck faded
they didn't foresee the jackpots end by date
the fortune was so ominously shaded
bravo's time period did quickly abate
how a quirky wheel of providence can change
rarely does it track in the one pathway
card turns are so bewilderingly strange  
when placing wagers there'll be a loss day
expecting the winning streak to endure
tis of they who know nothing of betting
there's always a chance in being insecure
sure things do morph to an adverse setting
gambling pundits are the odd taker's guide
they've a good ken which assess flow of tide
Mar 2 · 149
Murmuration (Trolaan)
so well choreographed the performance
spectacular shapes they perfectly make
soaring up then dipping down this sky dance
synchronized on a collective feather's take

outstanding describes every single formation
orchestrated with an amazing flight's wing
over the countryside you'll see the murmuration
on staying together it repels a falcon's ping

utilizing the waving motion's code of sway
unbalancing any hungry prey by such skill
utmost this inventive pattern's display
undulations devised in an expert drill

the ballet on high is ever so terrific
trooped starlings cleverly will bluff
they'll outsmart predators prolific
trancing them with adept birdie stuff
Mar 1 · 158
summer's golden orb
stayed for many a long day
its heat so intense
Mar 1 · 94
the snow's cold blanket
wrapped a biting winter  
chill around the land
Mar 1 · 198
she's coming very soon
our girl of spring vividness
she'll dress in bright wear
Mar 1 · 104
on the ide of March
autumn trees will start changing
to rustic colours
Mar 1 · 325
the trollometer
is a reliable
how well it gauges
the trolling

of great accuracy
the needle it
which locates
any untoward

trolls can pop up
wearing a plethora of
theirs is the playing
of copious

the trollometer
never gets its readings
the inventor's guarantee
is of a precise
Feb 28 · 75
Street Cred
blind faith
lead them to believe
in a charlatan
like moles they were
to the false god

they were following
he who had nothing
of the Messiah's
tangible fabric

never did it dawn
on them
that he was selling
a religion based
on disrepute
none of his disciples
being overly astute

and still they're listening
and still they're standing
with his stead
and still they can't eye
the paucity of street cred
Feb 26 · 343
little raindrop tears cling
to the carnation's petals
like spray on pink cheeks
Feb 26 · 98
green carpets of grass
spread their verdant coverage
over the landscape
fellows of the world poet writer's cohort
didst so receive a poseur's chiding note
the tenor of it, of know it all dote
many were not verily happy with his report
figures of speech and tone the main drift
to swallow them down became really hard
insolent he in rubbishing their yard
of one who owns not the poetic word's gift
few saw any credence to his provoking
they took exception and didst do a flip
none of what was opined hit the mark
as if he had felt like some fire stoking
this type of character we'll give a slip
how dare he light such an affronting spark
Feb 25 · 103
A Storm Is Brewing
a storm is brewing
over Baker's creek
and the sound of the
thunder is less than meek

streaks of lightning
have hit the tall gum trees
and scattered all of
the small native bush bees

grim grey tones have
replaced the sunlight
the tempest is ensuing
with all of its might

out of the full clouds
the rain now generously falls
rolling thunder echoes
through the westerly squalls

on the bare hillsides
the dampness soaks in
giving the soil a good
drenching to the skin

the dusty tracks
laden with wetness
which leaves a smell
of sweet earthiness

the storm has passed
and quietness descended
it is making its way
across the Clerkness wends

then it shall journey
along the eastern range pine
until its resounds arrive  
over the acqua blue coastline
Feb 24 · 207
Karma's Chime
karma is a thing of irony
its wheel can
in the other directions
hour of


the run of the mill team
sought a popularity
and on gaining it were
able to cockily

they'd disposed of
the crowd pleasing
Wolf and Rabbi
this did bring them
a greater share
of the pie

karma will
alter its lot
in the due passage of time
tick tock
              tick tock
                            tick tock
a date marked
with its
paradoxical chime
coiled together
a pair of corrupt serpents
to impair virtue

the eye perceives
much of the vile two's badness
hissing around here

they're well entrenched
within our locale's dwelling
doing as they please
Feb 23 · 101
bones of truth
rattle in the cupboard
and they make for
a most disconcerting
like as if the conscience
of past foul deeds
are awakening
to be relived

they who hear the bones
being haunted throughout life
the rattling in the mind
that petrifying fife

no key keeps
them suppressed
ever they'll
wish to be heard
and the possession
of them
so unsettling
the beholders
she wouldst collect
personal details on her slate
she wouldst collect
then transfer them onto his sect
these items of the private plate
used in ruining good folks fate
she wouldst collect
Feb 21 · 121
Who Stood Up?
the ones of courage
stood up to bravely defend
they saw that injustice
was in need of amend

others looked away
not seeing an infraction
yet the valiant warriors
forwarded into action

they dared to do
what was right
and didn't shun
the just fight

showing conviction
was JAX and Kim
who stood up to advocate
for the apt Jim
A poem inspired by the courage of Kim Johanna Baker and JAX SPADES. Their advocacy for others is without peer.
Feb 21 · 263
suddenly the world is beautiful
suddenly the world looks wonderful
suddenly the world sings with delight
suddenly the world has skies so bright

it's all because we've*
found love my dear
and our shared love
shall always endear

in divine devotion
our hearts shall stay
with an accord so
glowing of day

suddenly the world has a closeness
suddenly the world shows such happiness
suddenly the world dances in perfect time
suddenly the world gifts a lasting chime

forever our love
shall be so lush
in each and every
season of lovely blush

darling our love
was meant to be
a combination
of such blissful lee

suddenly the world speaks of harmony
suddenly the world is a symphony
suddenly the world feels so ideal
*suddenly the world has a starry appeal
Feb 20 · 789
Perverse Crime
the site is a domain
of inaction
not giving a paedophile
a lifetime ban
instead it's using
the soft option
of account suspension

the law says
that online child
are criminal acts

and to think the poet forum
has allowed
so he can procure
young ones
for his
carnal sin

it could be said
that the site

other sites wouldn't
be a-party
to such
Feb 19 · 131
Happy Chappy
he wasn't a happy chappy
at having to share the one
with two acts which were
more accomplished of

how brilliantly they did
spill the writing
each line of the finest
ever quality

of rage he felt on seeing
their pieces of
a palpable anger built
inside his irritated

the cronies launched
an ousting
at the talentless ones

he won but the victory
was an absolute
nowadays there's only
his dullness filling the
Feb 18 · 108
Moderation (Monorhyme)
we've been shown the most recent
it says we should where possible exercise
anything that isn't of
will be going against the message in the

a citation of moderation
give everyone of us an explanation
it is so informing in its stipulation
and an adherence to its notification
shall save on any complication

who of us needs a complication
that is a thing of much exasperation
a wand of disappearances
operate in our very
who is the conductor
of its vanishing

where once our fellow
poets did pleasantly
now the wicked wand
has eradicated their

numerous blank spaces
symbolize the conductor's
employing a wand which
has emptied the

black the hour
black the day
a black instrument
whisking them all too
suddenly away
a wand so dark
of intent
wanting to wane
our writers tent

the subtracting conductor
will be planning future
so be mindful of its
wand's unsolicited
Up until three days ago, poet Rye Sing was actively contributing and commenting on the Hello Poetry site.  I find it most strange that he/she has just disappeared into thin air.
atop the apex
is a most precarious point
to be stationed

the slightest tremor
can topple down the tip's vantage
engineers know this

yet some will insist
on being seated trickily there
clinging to the edge

like inane humpty dumpty
setting himself well up for
an inglorious fall
Feb 17 · 55
Unnatural Death
the word reciprocation
died of an unnatural death
it so required an in kind
responsive breath*

too few understood
the dire straits it was in
not ever being returned
mutual oxygen's kin

as a consequence of the term
never receiving air
there ended the life
of its courteous fair

the coroner's dictionary
apportioned blame
at the feet of they who
*knew not the name
Feb 15 · 216
a grave disturbance
dwelt within his mind
relentless was the mumble-
jumble of killing kind

peers were targeted
students at a high school
the omnipresence of a
rifle's terrifying sool

alarming mental issues
not being swiftly addressed
the corridors of his thoughts
so psychologically obsessed

young victims slain
a sad and sorry event
to-day Florida was bequeathed
his dysfunctional bent
Feb 15 · 315
Sweetest Seed
love is the sweetest seed
you'll ever plant in a heart
to make it enduringly flourish
tend it well from the start

love's blossom shall grow
into a beautiful array
an exquisite rouge rose
cherished for its display

Valentine the perpetual
gardener of endearedness
cares with a loving touch
profound in true closeness
Feb 15 · 73
the power behind the throne
is a position of vast
wherein is found who has
the ultimate

the liege dictates
the liege states

the king or queen
of the realm
not necessarily
at the helm

the crown wouldn't work
without the liege's hand
a hand which is waved
to signify a majesty so grand

being the royal liege
is an appointment
of great prestige
Feb 14 · 373
a grey dove now coos
on the deep cream painted fence
neath a light cloud sky
Feb 14 · 107
the place could do
with a dose of castor

to purge it of the things
that so

first and foremost
there's the
who are always acting
like sinister

then there's perverts
via unsuspecting

lastly there's the ones
buying good
with a webmaster
allowing the

a bowel needs not
to be in
hence pukka's cleaning
out the irking
Feb 13 · 87
Multiple Heads
they're situated in a heaven
more commonly known
as the trolling estate
at this infamous piece of property
they dream up
an inordinate
amount of quasi accounts
which they use in an
alternate fashion
to harass and outrageously torment
they who hold but one
solo account

these ego driven allotments
aren't worthy of due
we should on them be showering
the language of severest

it is very clear to see
that the trolls have little to do
with their ever vacuous
but sit at a computer screen
and bedevil the poet community
like an unconscionable

they rear their multiple heads
to habitually
in such an unstately
manner of
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