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Lalima Yadav Aug 2020
I won't stay forever
My ways lead to a place
That lies
Somewhere in the hills
Or may be, in the lonely woods.
Don't wait for me,
Don't fall for me,
Waste no time on me, please.
I may look like a daydream
But within me, I am a complete mess.
Even if you try hard
Or I try my best,
I won't stay forever
Cause I am afraid too much
To love someone
Someone like you!
. .
Waking up one day,
And realising that you are gone
Is my biggest nightmare
I'm not ready to lose anyone more
For I have already lost
Almost everything I had.
. .
Therefore, let me go
Somewhere in the hills
Or may be, in the lonely woods!
Lalima Yadav Oct 2018
Hello! I hope you all are doing well. :)

Sharing a poem with you all Iwrote on this Monday. I guess many would be able to relate to it.


Serene spring time, the breeze doesn't sound sweet anymore,

The same place, so familiar, but I still feel so bored.

Numb completely, realised how badly things have rolled on,

Feeling helpless but I know I have to keep walking alone.

I tried not to invest my time on people but everybody who loved me, forced me so I did,

Wanted to talk nobody but people who cared for me insisted,

Died more than a half by that time but then he entered in my life and made me feel alive,

Spent a lot of happy time with him beauty of which words really can't describe.

I wanted to tell him that I'm a disaster,

Therefore, he should leave even when I didn't want that to happen,

Though I was always sure that he wasn't for a stay.

Unfortunately, that never happened, I, unknowingly didn't choose another way.

Instead I told him something I won't forgive myself for,

I appreciated him for what he was,

And spoke out everything about my feelings all at once,

That's when the things started changing.

He misunderstood my feelings for a forever promise,

And told me that he had some other plans,

I died a little more, that night

Honestly, I felt a heartache for the very first time

Thank you to a dear friend of mine who saved me on time.

I died, not because I wanted him, I swear I never thought of this

I always remember that I am a disaster,

My heart felt the deepest pain

For the words I said, those can't be erased

Tears rolled on after ages, cause I knew things won't be the same as before,


~~ Lalima Yadav~~

(“wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of author's work will be subjected to copyright issues)

Thank you so much for your patience. Kind enough! :)

You won't mind going through this one -
(collection of my poems)

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Radiate happiness ♥️
Honest criticism appreciated. Love.
Message - Sometimes expressing your thoughts, feelings is really not the best decision taken by you specially when you already know the consequences and understand that you won't be able to explain about those feelings to the other person. To love doesn't necessarily mean to be in relationship and to express your feelings doesn't mean you are asking for a relationship. Sometimes, you just have to say it.But, at times, it's one sided and leaving is the only option. To be honest, leaving is not easy, it doesn't end in a good way. You really have to make things bad (if not worse) before you leave, for your own good. Nobody ever with good ending of any relationship is able to forget the person he is away from. Everytime you see that person or even talk on messages, call, good memories will melt your heart and you never know, but you may fall again in the trap created by the heart. Therefore, in my not so humble opinion, it's better to have some bad memories (yes, it's required) before you say a goodbye. I know, it will spoil your image in front of the person whom you have loved so much, he may never want to look at you again, he may hate you but I guess this process is helpful in the process of your liberation. You may differ. But, logically it's applicable in almost every case. Sad but true!

Always use pen and paper to express. Expressing it to the person is most of the times embarrassing and leaves you with a forever guilt. GUILT is heavy!
Lalima Yadav Jun 2018
Each morning,

When I look into the mirror

I see you in my eyes

Yes true! That's another place

Where you reside.

All I wish to see more

Is to look at you

And your sweet smile.

I promise you that,

Through thick and thins of life.

It'll be me always

By your side

Helping you out to overcome

From your worst dilemmas.

Being your strength, your power

In the darkest scary nights.

Trust me on this.

Be it any of the craziest situations

But I'm going to be there with you.

I want to hear you

As long as you want me to listen.

Putting my best efforts

To be the best version

of your reflections

I am sure when I say that

I'll take the best care of you

Because as happy as you are

means that

I'm happy too.

No....never! I won't stop you

From exploring your heart

How could I?

I'm just the person

who would see you

Getting better as the day passes by.

Those days, when you'll be

Crying, silent or totally *******

Trust me, and then too

You'll find me nearest to you

Wiping out all your worries

And trying to make you smile.

I swear, at your most vulnerable state

I'll make you feel the most loved.

Those moments you'll take

The most important decisions of your life

I'll help you to stay up until the mid-night.

Even…if you ever fail

I'll remind you that

Darling! You are my HERO forever.

Maybe! Someday it happens

when you might forget that

How much you really mean to me

Believe me! Even that day too

I'll tell you and remind you

That I'm in love with you.

Nothing could set me apart

From you,

But the death, as it's powerful

And until I exist

I’ll care for you always

Remember that

You're my dearest friend.

Maybe! In this whole journey

I could not come across you

But then nothing in this world

Could stop me

Flying in love

truly, deeply, madly

With YOU; my hero!!!

©️ Lalima Yadav

Thank you very much for stopping by. Radiate happiness. :)
I request you all to please let me know what impression does this poem will left on a guy to whom such a piece of poetry will be dedicated. Highly obliged to you all.
Lalima Yadav Jun 2018
The terms (bridge, shoring, wall, critical flow, centrifugal pump, lintels and neutral axis ) used in this poem are some basic terms that every civil engineering student should know. Be creative while you study!
Inspired from a civil engineering book.

“Here I write
From the core of my heart
For no other than but you my love.

Like a bridge,
You're carrying my paths over every obstacle,
You're the one you've made my life stable.

Like a shoring,
You've strengthened me when I was shattered
You've done so well to me and that mattered.

Like a wall,
You've been so defensive.
You've offered me the best of the best relationships.

Like a critical flow,
My love for you is deepened,
You've left an impression which is permanent.

Like a centrifugal pump,
You've allowed my feelings to gel up perfectly in me,
You've made me feel beautiful and free.

Like lintels,
You've provided me with the required way
You've shown me the places where I can grow and play.

Over and above,
You've become the critical neutral axis of my life,
Let's stay together and celebrate life."
What say-- Yay or nah?
Lalima Yadav Jun 2018
I’m sharing another short poem written by me in 2016. :)

Hope you enjoy reading it.

In the land of my dreams
You were my hero.

My beloved, source of my joy
Someone with whom
Life seemed to be complete.

Nothing was easy
Yet everything looked so wonderful
You, me and idea of being "we"
Prettiest feelings and you.

Never realised how far I'd come
It was just a heavy flow of love
That carried me away
Dipped into your thoughts
Silly me! kept moving happily.

Until, you wake me up
and...asked, “Hey!! Are we friends?”

Criticism appreciated :)
Much love.
Lalima Yadav Jun 2018
Of all the places
I have never been before
I carried myself
With weight
Of a million wreath
To reach
Along the endless shore
Under the blue sky
Away from the citylights
That's where
My tears silently
Rolled down
That's when
I looked up back the sky
To start
Healing and blooming
Once again......

Don't forget to tell me how's the poem!!!
Lalima Yadav Jun 2018
Read it and let me know if you find this #romantic :D Written by me in 2016. Winter season. It was raining that day.


It's the morning time yet the sun is not bright
Even the blurry moon and stars are not in the sight.

A serene silence has covered the entire city
This morning is calm and seems to be pretty.

Shall I call it, the wildness of the winters
Or clouds are romancing?

It's raining, it's raining, raining in winter
Oh! Inside me, I, feel running thunders.

Somewhere, this moment is incomplete today
Definitely, without you my love, yes you, my dear soulmate.

I hear my arms shouting out your name
Your love is something that I long to taste.

No discussions, no sounds, no whisperings
Only this winter rain, you and me.

Silence, silence let it be there only
Between our entwined bodies.

May this rain stay for so long
May we stay longer together to see more winter rains.

Lalima Yadav ©️®️
Don't forget to give me valuable feedback. Criticism appreciated.

— The End —