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Marquis Green Jul 2020
Missing the risks of angst in your growing states,
Asking for more events, more moments, more
Defining traits,
An access to adulthood with pure innocence attached,
A lip sealed love note passed around to everyone before your beauty,
They all knew,
7AM would be the warmest, yet calmest part of morning,
Still stuck in mourning,
I wish I spoke more
Before they moved too far to hear me.
The music was never about listening,
It only took responsibility dropping
To escape back into the vibe,
Show and tell,
List the moments of your family,
Tell me about your history before 1930,
And how you managed to come to existence,
And what you miss the most.
Arcades at the back of the grocery store,
Summers I couldn’t wait to never end,
Friendships and evolution of speech,
Touch felt genuine, and not out of courtesy.
We earned the lockers, a pasty white future,
And textbooks so old,
Just to repeat history every lunch period,
“Speak from the heart”
No, speak with your love,
You’ll create waves when you skip rocks.
A timeless moment of happiness,
I have it until I remember why I shouldn’t,
It does declare,
“My everything, if this time feels like it belongs in a capsule,
Bury this melodic lead behind championed trophies and campsites,
Let me know the face of my first crush,
I’ll write mistakes all through my notebook,
The boys won’t let me call it a diary,
The girls say you shouldn’t keep a journal,
Well, we’ll just call it a logbook.
Coffee’s bitter,
Everything looks like the past,
While my presence is just future tense tension,
Who, me?
I’d rather represent silence with error,
I’ll dance to whatever I’d like,
And depression just sounds like a Fray song over muddled rain,
That radio compression makes every cassette sound fragile,
You’ll miss it.
You’ll miss it so bad.”

Boys get louder to express their feelings,
Unmatured matchmakers,
To lunch tables clamoring over last night’s news,
And tomorrow’s homework,
Order and stability,
It’s just one house,
And we’re all chipping at the paint,
Things we let go, caused issues in our fondness,
But we still had festivals, parties, and experiencing our favorite MP3s as a live audience.

I might not ever return,
Let’s take these, our foundational stones,
And not forget why tossing them in the water,
Felt like the time right before the streetlights came on,
And our favorite TV show rewound Season 3, Episode 5.

A closure to answers,
A burden to ask questions,

Not a care in the world but my missing Link Cable,
And a liability to not be late,

My friends will leave if I don’t show up right after school.
We’ve got the newest trading cards,
And one time will be the last time,
But the last time will feel like just another time.
This is a brand new single I'm gonna be releasing soon, and I could really use some feedback on how I can transform this into a contemporary work!
Thank you and I missed you all it's been a long 4 years!
Marquis Green Aug 2016
It is said in time,
That beauty to the beholder is a sensation.
The most powerful statement of forgiveness to a human being is the ability to behold and practice creation.
Ice figurines can’t hold under heat,
Yet their demise creates life sustaining substances,
Like dangerous chemical concoctions,
Company never really felt completely perfect.
We kept masks on when we gathered,
It seemed like my friends could have always made it to Hollywood,
The way our lives were just mere performances.
Highlights of high times,
Quality, picture perfect film reels burned into cyberspace,
But the ladled space between our fingertips became foreign as the next new emotional overhaul was just fingertips away.
Obsessed over why perfection isn’t an issue yet imperfections are celebrated,
Yet not the ones you have.
What is desire if the object sought is someone else?
Elsewhere, the first half of the year is spent trying to remake the second half, pretty in pink,
Only when it didn’t rain.
So soulless, our bond became,
The hollowed Ravens became vultures,
Clearing the pathways to prepare for a feast,
Not caring whether death would actually take us,
But what would be broken would cause the death of our own ways,
Our own souls terrified,
Shocked to the security of a coffin.
Do we merely search for what is rightfully ours?
For we are dream catchers,
Simply grasping for a reality that would be a shame to the creator,
Formed by the realtors,
Sell your self worth for a secular sense of selfishness,
Steal the dream,
And be complacent.
The worst part wasn’t when I lost you,
It was what became of my dreams when I lost myself too.
My first half is done.
I wish no longer to live the second half in misery through.
A new poem before the release of Genesis - A Story!
Marquis Green Jul 2016
I started to feel safe,
When I remember what the world taught me,
Simple lessons to catch meager drifts,
The simplest of emotions to see.
The caverns of poetry locked under my skin,
Spread like dust over a starry night canvas,
What have we made by falling in love,
With desperate breaths to understand the moon.
I pulled your breath under my tongue to taste your need for solitude.
I kept your heartbeat between my eyelids so i wouldn't have to feel what it was like to blink and miss you in an instant.  
Every time I close my eyes,
I remember what silence felt like in your arms and I want the night to hold that darkness so I never have to blink again.
Maybe I won't have to think if all I see is the night,
Maybe I won't have to let this moment end and maybe I'm better off never trying to put our stars together.
The sky stays black as I move our constellations together,
And the world orbits around me and what we used to be.
One of the first poems that I used to define my style of writing and really get in tune with themes and the use of the english language to set up parallel motives within each sentence.

Every word and syllable is crafted to deliver this poem.
Marquis Green Jul 2016
Things move without question,
Our minds,
Left in suspension of a disbelief,
That one night could possibly save us,
When we never stop to look at the one night that made us.
A dream turned reality,
We bought our souls back,
Brought back a well timed wish,
Told that in the sea there are plenty of fish,
Yet, I caught you.
In an effort to remember,
We turned each minute into a spectacle,
And slowly, the spectacular became the mundane?
Will we last through the winter?
I can't remember the fall.
I feel like the summer yielded to the touch of our bodies,
A soft dew like layer stopped us from intertwining.
You never felt me,
You only felt my insecurity.
Its too late.
Follow in my lead and we'll watch the rain fall and cover our tracks.
We'll bury this love under 6 feet and 6 years.
This night won't change anything.
This night changes everything.
Part of my new book coming out in August.
Marquis Green Jul 2016
When writing out who you're thankful for,
So many names come to mind.
It's so ironic that it starts to hurt to realize,
Who stays in your reality,
And what a dream world this would be,
If in the same moment,
You also come to know the pain of those who promised yet never fulfilled those sacred words.
"I'll never leave you if you never leave me."
No wonder I felt like life never made progress forward.
It's been a few winters,
But I've see the holy ministry gather with my eyes in their gaze and silent whispers,
It's all about regret and wishes,
With a soulless daughter being passed around without permission,
And a son who can't see the sunrise for his future is as barren as his once bountiful mission.
I have seen the world inside of a man lost in depression,
This obstruction of feelings,
Choking seconds before air rushes in,
Like an ache for the next season before the snow crashes in my home,
And yet the phone continues to ring,
With the sound of heaven alone,
Like I've always been asking for my baby to sing,
35 floors and you could only jump from the second.
What your eyes used to see the world for became the poison you doused me with and I still blame myself for the death of not only my mother, but the funeral dragged down by eulogies from those who never saw her face when she knew her child must live without her.
For what prayers did you hold my name in while holding another?
For what prayers did that man give to see his reflection to know he existed as more than a passer by.
John Wayne novels always had November as the casting call,
I'm still wide awake writing my dedication,
And yet I'd rather have the silence of myself than the willingness of those who will walk out onto the plank and drown themselves in themselves.
They never turn back until they need you to save them.
This future between the sailor and his father,
That bait,
Raising a man into a child,
Each word we wrote to the sky.
I wonder if anyone else connected eyes the way we did.
And by we I mean me and my reflection.
It's the only thing left that stays with me when I'm ready.
Anyone who tells you to buy beauty forgot what you looked like.
It's always 1984,
Burning our house away before I even had the love to long for everything that was missing.
We miss one,
We miss everyone.
We miss the sunset.
We lose one.
We lose all.
I lose myself in the idea of losing everything,
And I lose everything when I lose you.
This poem is the poem I'm planning to use to try and get my name known. If you could just leave a comment or a like for it, just so I know people are at least noticing, that'd be awesome.
Marquis Green Jun 2016
Draw into the hope of a missing river,
Forever forgetting forever isn't for everyone.
I wish I had another choice in the city full of choices,
I wish I had another city in the world full of cities.
I see these cities as see through seas untamed by those who see me as an uncalmable tide.
At the midnight calling, I become uncontrollable.
Like the statue, I collect and decay through natural forces,
Like the status,
I force nature to collect and decay.
Poetic justice,
No this just is poetic.
Moments put into words that give rise to the false trigger of five senses that the consensus claims can't be sensed through anything but reality.
The dream through words escapes the world in which limits are locked to five senses.
Nonsense to university,
No sense to individuality.
This creates the individual.
And their spirit lives in the flow of the Phoenix song,
Lamented in the night air.
Marquis Green Jun 2016
Asleep in a train car,
Picturing a mansion and enough space to scream your thoughts till they're all around you,
It was that expansion that at once,
Excited, then frightened me.
They all want things to be different.
When you were younger,
Challenges appeared limitless,
And as you grew,
The challenges became impossible because it would have meant defeating yourself.
And I believed those who gave me a borderline dead silent goodbye as they shipped me off to get lost at sea,
What seasons changed when we played the same games as new people,
Revolutionaries, enlighteners,
Life tells the ground to crack at what points growth can occur,
And the earth responds in kind.
Infinity matters not when your heart stops beating.
Set your mind free and make the world understand that you protected all you had because the worth of what pain you kept inside was enough to bear a burden,
You wore it well as it tore down your walls.
A casual suit at a water park.
Bathed in insecurity,
Insecurity and promise.
Promises are preludes to tragedy.
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