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May 7 · 915
Evolving !
Benzene May 7
We all evolve,
even the plants, flowers.
Think about the flower when it blossoms from a bud.
Such a pretty sight,
Ask the flower how much pain it's going through.
It's tearing itself open, getting ripped apart.
It's the same with certain events in life.
It's all right.
I feel like we are a generation of beautiful words, broken hearts and piles of hopes...It's kinda strange. I don't even have anything relatable but still I relate to every single poetry here......
Mar 21 · 254
* * * * * * *
Benzene Mar 21
The moment you left me
my heart was broke into two  ,
my eyes were filled with pain and sorrow .
And Now
I'm an incomplete poetry without you .

You left your footprints on my heart ,
Even the wave of time couldn't washed them away.
I have stored all your memories in a jar
with those I'm passing my days

I often remain awake at night ,
and keep gazing  those stars
and wish that
One day you'll returned to me like a shooting star .

You'll always  remain
alive in my heart .
Until the day we meet again
A child who lost her mother , A lover who miss his love .
Just tried to write something abt their emotions .
After listening a song which was sad and soothing at same time.
Mar 5 · 572
Benzene Mar 5
I saw my friend still look at the picture of a girl, who he used to like in his school days, whenever he gets drunk.

I saw a Grandmother who herself is too old and sick  worries about her grandchild health and appetite more than herself.

I saw my batchmate wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to talk to his girlfriend who lives in London.

I saw people falling in love online and putting enormous efforts even though they hadn't met for a single day.

I saw old couples holding hands in a crowded metro .

I saw a person who loves a girl selflessly without expecting anything in return.

I saw so many stories
And LOVE was in everyone
Hope you all are doing good....
Dec 2021 · 1.3k
Follow your Dreams
Benzene Dec 2021
It's time to change your living,
time to follow your dreams
Doesn't matter even it requires
passing through all streams.
Steps may falter,
Roads may be steep
But your dreams shouldn't alter
even if you gotta jump or leap.
I know it won't be easy
but it's time to decide.
There'll be people to pull you down
and foxes to mislead you
Turn them away with a tint of frown.
To your dreams you must always be true .
Hope you all are doing good .
Just keep following your dreams .
Nov 2021 · 357
Title ?
Benzene Nov 2021
I know
There is time when when you can't keep up with your smile .
People say "stay strong" ,
"stay positive ",
"everything will be alright" ,
Deep inside you know ,
you are tired of being strong
and there is nothing positive for you .
You question yourself "when will everything be alright?".
Only you know your story
only you know what you have been through
only you know how it feels to be you.
.You're not born to please others ,
you are born to be a WARRIOR .
Nov 2021 · 861
Benzene Nov 2021
A very Happy DIWALI
All of you
Your family.
May godess laxmi
Lord ganesha
You with
Good health
Good fortune.
Oct 2021 · 306
Benzene Oct 2021
In between these honks and horns
in between these flowers and thorns
I searched peace
I searched it in the sand
searched in the dirt;
and found nothing
except that empty hand .

Some say  it's good to act ;
some say it's good to ignore.
I say it's good to watch ocean;
but from the shore .

Some live, to try;
Some try ,to live .
Let this life's river flow;
with no regrets to give

Here nobody understand the meaning
All we doing is just trying to hide the truth
living in world which is not real;
still calling it reality .
just few lines about our world .
we aren't living in a real world .
But how amazing it's that we think it's real.
Oct 2021 · 170
Benzene Oct 2021
Life is like a WHEEL
You have to move on a continuous path
miles and miles still no end
We just to need to move forward

The path is not easy
As it's just like mountains
they will stand in your way
climb them fearlessly
We just need to keep on moving forward to pass through it .

Your heart will tired of trusting wrong people.
your legs are tired
of keeping moving on wrong paths .
Your should will ache by the regrets of PAST .
WE just need to keep moving forward .

Some will drag you away
some will push you forward with care ,
you'll meet loyal people;
you'll meet competitors .
You'll meet people who just wanna play with your feelings

But it's life my dear ;
you're meant to be who you are
embrace yourself
believe in yourself
you're meant to live every moment till you reach your destination
face everything with courage
Whether they are good or bad enjoy those experiences
you will reach your destination with PRIDE .
keep moving like a wheel on a ***** and never lose your balance ,
take care of yourself and others too .
because after all KARMA will take care of everything .
Sep 2021 · 294
Benzene Sep 2021
She opened her eyes and looked at the sky
The sun was on the high, the heart throbbed to fly.

The society never accepted her
Nor left any chance to slur
But they pulled her back
Making her realize there's something she lacks.
She has a heart of gold
But she was emotionless and cold
All the time lonely and sad
To call someone her own- nobody she had.

Pitying her own situation
Day by day getting into depression
Never did they understand
Nor did they lend a helping hand
She still stood bold
Hiding the pain in multiple fold.

One day She encountered a child
For the first time in a while she smiled
for the child didn't judge her
and it really doesn't matter

It was like she got the Heaven,
her agony has lessen
She was happy
as she put the child to sleep with a lullaby
Sep 2021 · 192
Create a World !!!
Benzene Sep 2021
Create a World
Where you always
Carry the garden of happiness !
Where flowers in your head ,
Grow every time when  you smile .
Pluck one and give every person you see .

A world where
the light that was connecting  us
is still burning deep down in our heart .
Where river get filled with truth
and not with the rain of tears

Create a World
where lights along the paths
give hope .
where people aren't like shadows
who leave at darkness .
Jul 2021 · 1.5k
The War
Benzene Jul 2021
my mind and heart are constantly at
war ;
to prove to each other their
When I let my heart decide
my mind refuse to take my side
but ;
whenever I let my mind to score a win
my heart goes in a terrible spin.

They both make me confuse with their advice  
It make me over think everything twice

You have to learn to let you mind and heart
and this is a wonderful art .
Sometimes They both give you strife ;
but this is all experiencing
Is this happen with everyone or I'm the only one to face the internal war? .haha , but I'm learning to let them be friends .Hope you all doing good , take care of your health and family .
Jul 2021 · 1.1k
Benzene Jul 2021
Creating art
is like letting your soul breathe
that once choked by doubt
that came to life after one verse .
"Art is just the image of your  soul"

Maybe that's why when I looked at you
your eyes looked like meteors showers
and your iris like moon ,
body barely holds
millions of shattered galaxies
beauty is in the shattered soul
which balancing its sanity .

Sometimes you looked  like a saddest yet beautiful piece of art
which lie at the corner of museum
having a thousand  of tales to tell
yet no soul to listen
maybe they know they won't able to bear it
perhaps it's meant to be that
not everyone is an artist
who can feel your soul .
" Not everyone can understand you because not everyone is an Artist "
find a soul and fall in love with it . which is ageless and Shapeless.
Jun 2021 · 3.7k
She is like Water
Benzene Jun 2021
She is like water running through the valley
drifting through the rocks
the rocks make unable to move
unable to grow
unable to flow
Takes away her ability to contribute,
Water is meant to flow to the Ocean,
Not to be contaminated,
By the pollution of your opinion.

She is like water
surrounded by things still finds ways
crashing every barrier comes in her way
She want to rehydrate the minds,
That have been compressed,
That have been dehydrated,
She want to refresh the dry ideology.
She'll nurture the barren land of old thoughts .
An Ocean looks so calm and beautiful but when you dive , you know how much depth it has and how much darkness it stores .
Inspired by someone's pain and experience .
you are peaceful like water
and become strong like its waves .
Jun 2021 · 905
Happy Father's Day (papa)
Benzene Jun 2021
Many poets come and gone
and left golden words about mother
but no stories ,no poetries
and no thank you note to father
even the god have no words that can emote
his hard work  
This is an incomplete reality,
that mother's love is everything
There is some contribution from them too
without which we are nothing .
You will find many who will say that you are their moon
but you will always be the moon
of his sky
he always protect you
with his clouds of different hues
Father is like a coconut , looks so hard and strict from outside but from inside he's very soft and kind hearted .
A very happy father's day to all fathers and grandfathers out there .
Jun 2021 · 269
Few lines for her
Benzene Jun 2021
It's always  pleasure to hear your voice;
beautiful and calm in life's noise .
like a beautiful rainbow after an ultimate rain;
and heals all my pain..

Our today small conversation flowed  like wine;
and the shyness  kept decline.
Whenever your eyes meet to mine,
my eyes begin to shine
and make fake scenarios
lining up in my mind .

Those round glasses made me hypnotized;
and my all worries got minimized.
your hairs playing with your cheeks;
making me mad for weeks.

The warmth of your smile;
always make me to call you mine.
but I can't
because you are someone else sunshine.
NOTE: this poetry is power of imagination .
Sometimes being romantic is good .
Hope you like it
Stay healthy and wake up early in morning to get morning sunlight .
Jun 2021 · 1.7k
Benzene Jun 2021
She is like different shades of rainbow
Sometime dark , sometime light
She is half agony , half hope
pushing herself to think positive
constantly remembering her soul to be optimistic.

Spinning the wheels of mind
she want just some sunshine
during her those dark nights
when her demons her holding her tight .

She's Suppressing her negative vibes  
but no matter how hard she tries
Sometimes situation push her back in darkest time


She will not defeat in front of her destiny
she will change the reality
because she herself is the author of her book
the dark curtains will unhook
and she will write a beautiful story
full of her glories .
we all are authors of our beautiful book called life ,
so write it as beautiful as you can .
Jun 2021 · 849
Benzene Jun 2021
sometimes eyes become so heavy that its start rains ,
Sometimes lips become so heavy that we can't smile,
we can wipe someone tears
we can make someone smile.

during hard time  we should cope with it ,
and help others to do the same .
hope you all good.
: )
Jun 2021 · 688
Benzene Jun 2021
I learnt programming , I learnt science , I learnt history
still unable to solve your mystery
The mystery of your fresh air
the wind in my hair
as you (nature ) thrives
it's good to be alive .

You makes the world a beautiful place ;
and your by product(oxygen)  is essential for human race .
Humans evolved because of you;
yet being grateful is rare , times we thanked is few .

The sky clear and blue
the clouds of all different hue
The sun with its rays
makes our day.

Still ,we destroying you with our all strength
we are crossing our length .
In anger you shake, all we built fall apart;
A number of lives may depart .

Oh nature , you are a wonder
with all love we call you mother
we must promise not to hurt you further
for your beauty and strength , words aren't enough to fit  
let's revive you bit by bit !!
Today is world environment day ,
hope we all try to revive our environment in any possible way .

keep washing your hands time to time ,
and don't forget to eat at time as some are only drinking water .
May 2021 · 610
She and Depression
Benzene May 2021
She opened her eyes and looked at the sky;
The sun was on the high, the heart throbbed to fly.
But the society pulled her back;
Making her realize there's something she lacks.

All the time lonely and sad
To call someone her own- nobody she had
you can see pain in her eye;
all her smiles are lie.

She has a heart of gold
But she was emotionless and cold
Pitying her own situation
Day by day getting into depression

Never did they understand;
Nor did they lend a helping hand.
She still stood bold;
Hiding the pain in multiple fold...

For the first time for a while she smile
It was like she got the Heaven,
her agony has lessen.

cause she prefer battle with depression and pain  
instead of suffer with them;
Because, she is  a person with a heart of a gem...
Do not suffer from depression, fight it and overcome it. I think the most beautiful heart goes through depression once in its life. you can conquer depression and motivate others to do the same .
Don't forget to drink enough water .
May 2021 · 309
Benzene May 2021
Now days how impatient we are ?
at the time of problems we just try to flee
problems will never stays forever
but if you lose hope they they will stays like perennial river

Life never meant to be a perfect road ;
but teaches us to smile even at times of load .

In this world no one cares ;
because everybody is busy dealing with theirs
so stop wasting time on somebody
and accept the fact that in their life you are nobody

Therefore start learning tolerance and control your anger ;
fight for your life by putting away danger
just look around everyday
life will make you smile in different ways
don't afraid from problems ,
problems come and go ,
but humanity must be constant
May 2021 · 396
She said "Goodbye"
Benzene May 2021
She was trying to hold herself
and not expressing the feelings .
She was trying forget all those memories
and letting  him go away.

How content she was ,
She was smiling with a sweet goodbye .

She knows everything fades away with time.
and not everything need to love like butter
that makes your heart flutter .
She just said "goodbye"
sometimes we should say goodbyes , rather than making situation complicated and get in depression.

keep wearing mask....!!!
May 2021 · 691
Mother's day (Maa....)
Benzene May 2021
She 's the  most beautiful woman of  my and your life ,
listen , she's not mine and your wife.
All lover and their stories are nothing
in front of her love which is still expanding .

She always sacrificed her dream for family
still never cried and live happily

She is one who started loving you before your birth,
she is a living angel on earth .

She is the one
who change all your sorrows into fun .
She is always there for you ,
only her love is unconditional and true .

She goes to bed when everyone sleeps
She cares for you when you weep.

You kicked her in her womb
still she taught you how to walk ,
because of her today you are able to bloom.

You made her go through the pain at the time of your birth,
and still she helps you know your worth.

A blessing indeed is being a mother
It is an honor like no other .
Wishing you all a very happy mother's day .
Maa is not a word , It's an emotion , just feel that ...
May 2021 · 625
Benzene May 2021
She is an ocean of all her emotions
so quiet and peaceful from above ;
her feelings so deep
but no one knows when she weeps.

She flood others with love ,
and never let other sink.
Her tears make her salty ;
and still she makes others happy .

She always bounce back like the wave
and wipes out her all problems
just like the waves do .
She is an ocean , no one can make  her finite .
May 2021 · 407
Benzene May 2021
If prevention is better than cure .
Not falling in love is better than heartbreak.
It's just a thought  that hit my mind when I was reading news.
Such kind of thoughts hit my mind daily, may be I'll post such more thoughts.
Apr 2021 · 328
threads of memories
Benzene Apr 2021
those memories are still fresh
those memories are still in me
don't get out of sight , my friend
don't just pass by like a cloud.

our thread of connection should never break
this thread of many memories
this thread should never break
this thread of delicate promises

my world was complete because of you
It felt incomplete without you.
I came to know this very late
this thread of many memories
this thread should never break
just inspired my a song , this is for all friends and their friendship they share with each others
Benzene Apr 2021
Often  in fear we close our eyes and  we say that the darkness has surrounded us. Just open your eyes dear you have closed them , nothing dark is there .
open your eyes and come out of the darkness .
Apr 2021 · 210
What's poetry ?
Benzene Apr 2021
poetry is an ocean
of all emotion
in one motion.

poetry is an art of weaving words
and making a blanket to soul.

Poetry is a journey within us.
Poetry is when emotions found it thoughts
and thoughts found its words.

Poetry is like a painting
painted with words .

Poetry is an art for some,
for some it's sky full of feelings
for some poetry is a medicine .
Apr 2021 · 518
She's Shakti
Benzene Apr 2021
                                      She's                    ­                 the
                            begin         ning                    She's          the
                      ­  end                       too.          She's                  whole

                       ­                                       She's
                    ­                                        comp
                    ­                                        lete.
                   ­                                      She's
                                                        cel­estial ,
                                                      she's cosmos.

                                                       she's divine
                                          She  is  mightie­r  than  Shiva.
                             Let we  all bow our head in respect of her.
                                           She's in every girl and woman    
                                                     Sh­e is shakti.
if you reading this in pc then you can understand it . but if you are using mobile , I suggest you to read this in desktop mode of your chrome browser then you can understand it completely
Apr 2021 · 206
Benzene Apr 2021
I'm that someone who finds it hard to take my eyes off you.
I'm that someone who wants to know your library of thoughts and pages of your vulnerability.
I'm that someone who wants to know every letter in every chapter of your life.

I'm that someone who won't judge you no matter what.
I'm that someone who long for the shortest moments of pleasure.
I'm that someone who might fail to express in words
but my eyes says it all.

Thank you for the friendship you have offered,
I'll treasure it in my heart
and will always remember in my life I've known someone like you.
Friendship is much better than relationship.
Apr 2021 · 1.6k
Benzene Apr 2021
love is the thing she need
but the world  has it's own greed

her eyes say it all
every time a drop of tear falls
every pain she recalls

everyone say she writes poetries  very deep
but no one know  her tear is the ink ,
her pain is her inspiration to write
that's why she cry to make herself sleep

one day she'll bounce back
and give the answer of your all attack
till then wait for her comeback.
may be I used this title many times .
Hope you all doing well
stay safe
because corona  in your  area
Mar 2021 · 235
Just Smile
Benzene Mar 2021
Tears are in her eyes
fire in her heart
but neither the tear extinguish that fire
nor the fire dried the tears.

But she doesn't know that
the light of the fire and
those crystal like tears will make
a rainbow in her dark room.
Those tears  which are rolling down from her cheeks ,
passing through her body
will heal all her  inner wounds .
Have you ever woken up between 3 and 4 o'clock, at which time the sky is much darker than night, because it is the last stage of darkness followed by sunrise. Do you understand anything
Mar 2021 · 203
Light house
Benzene Mar 2021
will you be a beacon ,
a lamp of true love .
On the shore of sensual sea
Just like the light of light house
which sits high above
just because others might see
and not lost in the darkness.
Jan 2021 · 337
Benzene Jan 2021
I have galaxies inside me
that form constellations of love
when you hold me ;
Your eyes look like Venus and Mars
And your tears feel like
Meteor showers.

I  always carry star  ,
and whenever darkness will surround  you
I'll lit them up and make a small universe
that will make you  feel the beauty of night.
Jan 2021 · 3.9k
You can
Benzene Jan 2021
They will laugh
But that won't stop you
They'll point out
Don't let that block you
Know your thing
And just keep going
Through the hard times
Slowly growing .

And restless be
See what others cannot see
Know what you want
Keep researching
No one knows for what you're searching
You define your own life-story
By your actions reach the glory
They will laugh But don't gain fear They'll point out Just fight, my dear
Jan 2021 · 223
She is pheonix
Benzene Jan 2021
She hides  her wounds in shadow;
Bandages wrap up the thick cuts
Of a love gone very wrong.
She submits to a blood transfusion;
As if she's the one with the confusion.
But to begin anew
She must clorox Her heart;
scrub away the tears, The fears
and the lost years...
And finally today the scars have healed;
She emerges as a Phoenix. Visiting the grave of those memories
Buried is the past.
She says a proper prayer for what was lost. And smile.
Then, Walks on.
Dec 2020 · 714
Hard time
Benzene Dec 2020
I know you'll we back soon from that far  away world
Where you no longer remember yourself
I'm here to hold your hand
And tell  that it's going to be okay.
And I know
This hard time changed you
But don't allow your pain to define you.
Dec 2020 · 200
Life in scientific way.
Benzene Dec 2020
It is amazing, how we are in every way but a microcosm of the universe. Just stop and observe how we travel through the world;
like leptons racing through the stars.

And like a molecule;
we spend most of our hurried lives looking to form atomic bonds;
Hoping to collect along the way enough to fill our orbital shelves. Some might shed electron shells to become stable and their better self;
By sharing pieces of themselves with other people.

There are many catalyst  
that making our life fast and quick.
We are living in unprecedented times.

We are riders of the solar winds;
and we each must play our part;
But will we leave behind a legacy brighter than great Sirius A?
Or will we be lost by our own dark energy and accelerate towards the end?
I know it's about science and chemistry.
Is it seeming  boring?
Hope you all enjoy it.
Dec 2020 · 386
Benzene Dec 2020
I admire you for all the grief and pain you have been through yet you still give love, kindness and generosity. There needs to be more people like you in this world.
You all are precious.
Dec 2020 · 152
It's too late
Benzene Dec 2020
After losing touch with you;
I awakened  from a dream.
The tears lingering at the corner
of my eyes are traces of your absence.

That was also a time;
When I had Galaxy inside me ;
Which used to form constellations whenever you hold me.

I realised that love already expired.
I was too slow and now it's too late.
Why are you hesitate if you already made up the mind to leave.

Why did we holds hand;
if we don't aim towards forever.
In end you are Only passing by me.  
I mistook you as a heaven sent rainbow;
Which would filled my life with its color.
Once you borrowed my heart from me but you forgot to give it back.
Now it's too late.
Dec 2020 · 123
Never give up
Benzene Dec 2020
Those who are tired of their life
And going to end that.
Can you please
Just think about your parents.
Remember when they teach us dramatic rules of life.
When they used to hold our hands
To cross those pathetic paths.
Parents who stress themselves and taught us how to live the life.
Please live life for those stress takers
Who always want to see you
S m i l i n g.
Don't release those hands from theirs
To just show that you have given
Just think about your parents before taking some worst decision of your life. May be it release you from all pain but what about them.

I don't want to write that negative word.
I'm **** sure you know about what I'm taking.
Nov 2020 · 500
Man can cry!!
Benzene Nov 2020
Learning from childhood
What I see
That men have emotions
But they are not set to free

From father to elder brother
Why do we expect maturity
Don't it see like gender inequality
We always talk about women prosperity
But why can't men show their inner reality

It's just a matter of soul
wrapped within a body casserole
Emotions are not under our control
Show what you feel
So that you can heal

Boy's can't cry is a common fallacy
That we learn in every chronology
Man can cry is not a joke
We just have to see it an Inevitable block

Yes, boy you can cry
Give it a try
Don't be shy
And Please show what's inside an intellectual guy
It's make you strong when you cry not weak. So cry to heal yourself my friend
Nov 2020 · 197
Broken heart
Benzene Nov 2020
For some
It look like an ancient castle
With rumours of ghost
Of those dead traitors.

For some it look like an
Empty playground
Where once were cherished  memories
Now turned to a barren land

For some it look like the carnival
With no functioning and broken
Rollar coster is frozen with cold snow.

For some it look like a old school
With broken rooms
That were once filled with children
Selfless smile.
Recently I Met a person with a broken heart. Who doesn't believe in humanity
And I want to help him.
But don't know how...?
Nov 2020 · 154
Benzene Nov 2020
Let your heartbeat be the music
And dance between the void of your thoughts.
Nov 2020 · 176
What is beauty?
Benzene Nov 2020
The beauty is not how you look but
How you treat yourself
how you carry yourself
how your personality is
how your vibe is
the energy you give off

Beauty is who you are as a person
Beauty is what you make it
Beauty is how you treat others.

Beauty is what’s in your soul
Beauty is in your heart
Beauty isn’t what meets the eye
Beauty has layers
You are beautiful no matter how you look

you are beautiful because you are completely and utterly your self
Because you are confident in who you are
Because when people bring you down
you get back up

You are strong and that is beautiful
You are different
You are unique
You are kind
You are like no other
You are you
And that is beauty
That is beautiful
Oct 2020 · 729
Don't worry
Benzene Oct 2020
It's okay to cry
There is too much in your heart
this is law of nature
The clouds rain too
They get heavy.
I promise to you
The tears you've cried.
Not go in vain
There is someone
Would swim as many oceans
To get to you.
Don't worry
Oct 2020 · 552
Hey Smile!
Benzene Oct 2020
Hey smile!
Where are you?
I'm searching you everywhere
But you are not there.

Is this our friendship
Which we have shared
I don't need you to be fake
Please give me a real smile
And awake

As it is the only one
Which can hide my pain
Comeback my dear
And stay on my face
Let's shake the hands
And disappear all the aches
Oct 2020 · 328
My dark night
Benzene Oct 2020
Dim lights
Listening soft songs
Darkness everywhere
And thinking about today
Did I do something wrong
Or hurt someone
But later I realized that
I am still alone

Hugged the pillow tightly
With whipped tears in my eyes .
Reduce the volume slightly
And mumble
In the darkness that  
I'm fine

All I know is that love me
Or hate me
I'm still gonna shine :-)
Oct 2020 · 243
Road to love
Benzene Oct 2020
There is not just one road to love
Every road has its own curve
You won't be able to cross too easily
But only if you dare
As it would be as long as Rupunzel's hair
For some the road is aesthetic
For some it's a pet peeve
Someday you too would leave
Find a hundred reasons to leave
Just one is enough to stay

— The End —