A Thomas Hawkins
A Thomas Hawkins
Jul 16, 2010

No arguments were made
or evidence exposed
convincing bad assumptions
turned the open sign to closed

If that is all it takes
baseless suspicion, fear and doubt
perhaps thats the sign you're looking for
the one that lets you out

There's been no misinformation
no vagueness and no lies
but every now and then
I see doubt creep in your eyes

I can't help you solve this issue
only you choose who to trust
but there's no relationship without it
you can't get by on lust.

As for me well I trust everyone
until they show me I should not
better that than throw it all away
over something soon forgot

but comes with mistrust from the start.
Dawn of Lighten
Dawn of Lighten
Aug 22, 2013      Aug 23, 2013

I used to work for senior housing less than a year ago,
and I worked as an over glorified janitor titled Building Service Coordinator.

My job was much closer to a caretaker,
since they "reorganized" the job after they got rid of caretaker position.

The residents loved me,
and in return I loved them.

and most directors respected me for my work,
because I was too naive and easy to work with.

All that changed when I collapsed at work,
and the paramedic called it minor faint.

Administrator told me I had to go to the doctor,
and I refused since I didn't want to pay for the hospital bill.

Administrator convinced me that there would be no worries,
and that worker compensation would cover it all.

I thought nothing of it initially,
since I was naive and too trust worthy.

For six month I would get a bill from the hospital,
and Administrator kept on saying everything will be taken care of.

Then one day after the shift was over,
Administrator asked me to come into his office.

He told me that the insurance company decline to pay,
and that I would need to take care of the bill.

Angry with the lies he told,
I told him I would like to speak with the HR.

When I spoke with HR,
she said that the company would pay half of it.

Then I knew I was being setup,
and told her I would bring it up with Better Business Bureau.

After that verbal defense,
That same day the HR gave me a call that they were able to convince work comp to pay.

I lost complete faith in the company then,
and I knew I had to find a new job.

Since the senior housing was playing shady game,
and I wanted a better relationship was a new job.

Thank god for good co-workers who praised me,
and I was able to get a better job that paid me even better.

One catch to all this however,
and they wanted me go to training to Dallas less than a week.

What was I to do?
Stay in a job that was shady and work for a company that screwed their employees.

I took the only sensible choice I had,
and work for a company that offered so much more.

All was not in good transition,
and the Administrator became more malice after I told him I had less than a week.

I didn't care anymore since he tried to screw me once,
and no future was there for me.

I thought everything ended between me and the senior housing,
Until I get another mail from the hospital.

I was pissed,
and I wanted to get this resolved.

I calmed myself,
and tried to be reasonable with my previous work.

So I went back to the senior housing to meet with the administrator,
but he started to use fighting words.

Told me I was not welcomed because I gave less than a week notice.
and that I needed to call him before I come.

Since I already gave him the bill,
I thought there would be no reason to comeback.

When another month came,
I get a warning letter from the hospital that they will take it to collection agency.

I was dumbstruck and once again I went to the senior housing,
but this time the Administrator yelled at me for coming.

Not able to contain my anger,
I lash out at him and told him this is no longer a joke!

I put that prick in his line and he had no response to the collection agency letter,
and was able to get the phone number for HR once again.

When I spoke with HR,
She told me she got my original letter less then a week ago.

Another words the administrator was screwing with me till the bitter end,
but when I was about to take a legal actions against them, they had to change the tune.

So my trust in any company is no longer naive,
but comes with mistrust from the start.

And I have my guards up ever since that day!

Defend yourself, and document everything that you do, because not all managements are honest

I guess I'm just not the type of girl you'd write pretty love songs about.
It's much easier to write about how I'm a strong wind of fabricated concern in your mind,
rather than your golden girl.
How I enchant everyone but you.
How I must do it on purpose,
Because I love the attention.
I love the applause.
I love the lust and your love lost.
But if you read just one chapter of my own book of songs,
You'd see crayon writing that led to you all along,
outlining your salmon voice,
and your coffee eyes,
the kissing of your peachy skin,
my feelings you compromised.
But you needn't sneak to see,
I wish to be a silver spirit
that lives in your sight alone.
I worship you when I'm not on defense.
When you're not on the fence,
Walking tightrope, with me in your right palm,
while desires, goals and worries, doubts and fears,
and your book of scarlet nightmares are all in your left.
Teeter off and lose your footing.
You know I'll hit the ground first.
Soften the fall for you and your words.
Write on free faller.
Let's call it all off.
You pretend to be grey and modest.
You must do it on purpose,
because you know
I hate losing your attention,
I hate your forgotten applause,
I hate my lust for you
and here, your love is lost.
But even now that my stare is fixed
on you and your book
You still won't turn to look
because you don't believe in me
and you don't believe in ghosts.

The dance of mistrust.
Sep 16, 2013

Treading carefully
Moving with caution and unfamiliarity
Yet moving so in sync
The dance of mistrust.

she  would mistrust she was alone
topaz oreilly
topaz oreilly
Oct 30, 2012

If she had her wish
she  would mistrust she was alone
and not even lavender on her pillow
could ease her excuses.

Jan 26, 2012

Our bodies moved in
the way the leaves converse
when the wind runs past
a little too quickly.

The salt of sweat
and the scent of warm skin.
Breaths heavy with

To strongly hate, or slowly mistrust,
Beverly Shaw
Beverly Shaw
Mar 16, 2011

To each its own I sincerely dwell,
Mischievous wonders, spiteful wishes to hell.
To strongly hate, or slowly mistrust,
The things we had, a history in rust.

full of mistrust
Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
Jun 22, 2013      Jun 22, 2013

What has happened
to me?
I was golden
now I'm rust,
full of mistrust
ice to the touch
my viens are
closing up
clogged with cowardice

© Daniel Magner 2013
For who heaven's angels dare mistrust?
Patti Masterman-Heterodynemind

A dream revealed your eyes to me,
And love once caged is now set free.

I must love you, if love I must;
For who heaven's angels dare mistrust?

A whisper in my ear was all,
My heartbeat slowed down to a crawl.

With love, my soul is now more me,
And love once caged is soon set free.

I must love you, if love I must;
For who heaven's angels dare mistrust?

My eyes uncovered of their caul,
My heartbeat slowed unto a crawl

I prayed together we will be,
And love once caged will be set free.

I must love only you; I must,
For who heaven's angels dare mistrust?

The birds from tree to tree do call:
My heartbeat has grown wide and tall.

in this spinning globe of mistrust.
Sep 27, 2012

The lure in sleep and sex, has me trapped,
in this spinning globe of mistrust.
Living exposed, to hidden
do I ever feel solid ground?
Am I ever free of myself.
You know the things I put myself through.
Grabbing and clawing for shelter and escape
a dishonor sleeping in it's tomb,
although I never rest.

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