5 hours ago

She's fire set to a fracking plant
She's angelic and demonic
The perfect short temper with the perfect sort of patience

She's way too cautious
When times are cautious enough
She could take you down with words
but you're not worth the time or the effort.

She's way too worried about life
Even though no one is ever worried for her
She'll make her parents proud
and make millions before she kicks the bucket

Her love for animals is something never ending
Her heart will grow for nearly anything

There's more I could say but really what's the use.
All the poetry and metaphors could never explain the plain truth.

The best part of me is finding someone like you.
(c) 2017

My best friend Becca is one of the most amazing women I have ever met.  I did a tribute for one of my best friends so why wouldn't I do another.
Sarah Strack
Sarah Strack
8 hours ago

Hey dork with the beautiful eyes,
How long will it take to realize,
You'll be fine, don't be surprised,
Problems disappear like water dries,

No more worries, no more fears,
Boy don't let me see you tears,
Your heart holds the future and steers,
Away from the discord that it hears.

You've got this, yes I'm sure,
Your beautiful soul will be your cure,
I see brilliance in your future,
I believe in you.

For my troubled one
Amalizz Lydia
1 day ago

Thoughts of you.

Thoughts of me.

Thoughts of us clouding my brain,
constantly up and down.

I could not have been
thinking clear in that
moment I decided to join
this love ride.

I'm always asking myself
Is this love and if it
is then why does it
leave me hurt and lost.

Lost and found.

The days filled with your
presence, hugs, and kisses.

Smiles deep in my soul.

Calm, I can't think of
any place in the world
I'd rather be.

No place like you.

Then you're gone.

How did you manage to
find your way to my heart


How could you be so clueless
what you should do upon the
gates of my love.

Dear I need you here.

Holding me tight and
never let me go.

There's something
you should know.

I Love You.

                                                   -Amalizz Lydia

Mornings are glowing red and gold,
Streaks of white paint tossed on a blue canvas,
Yellow Forsythia glowing,

A girl sitting alone on a bench, at the ocean's edge,

Passion in my heart, flourishing,
Her guitar sound, her soothing voice,

My Soul calmed,
Her dress fluttering in the sea breeze.
A sparkle in her eyes,

Seagulls flying above an Angel singing hymns,
Filling my Soul, with hope,
While I whisper,
What is your name,
My pretty daydream?

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

I don't know by SunKyum
Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
2 days ago

The crack in the window brings the light, beautiful to many, vile to to my sight. Can I sleep? don't remind me of what I must do.
Leave me my silence, leave me my grace,leave this dirty grimy disgrace. We all should lie in obscurity.
The cracks in the pavement wont break her back. If you fall , get up, if you don't break your neck.You can make it through.                                      
Leave me in the distance. Recognize the light. Walk paths of fear, and acceptance takes flight. Things cloudy eyes may not see.
Leave me in the distance, I'm not here to race, another dawn the darkness breaks
In my opponents I see teachers, family, monsters, men and preachers.Lie in the shadows, or a darkened room.
Lie in the twilight, to embrace the light. Does anything have one side? how much does it take?
This is just a play, can you make it through.we all hold the pen in our hands, we all sing the tune
many stories will be told, many pouring out their soul, was it love or rock and roll

#poem   #leave   #dark   #beautiful   #window   #grace   #silence   #long   #crack   #vile  
1 day ago

i saw your smile today and it was the most beautiful thing i've seen in a long time
it wasn't the first time i had laid eyes on such a lovely sight
but in that moment, i really needed it
maybe i needed it more than i did before because it felt as though all of my problems went away
at least for a little while
even for a fleeting moment, it meant something to me
imagine if one day, i could have the same effect on someone else
the same effect you continue to have on me
your smile, the most lovely sight in the world

to the boy who brightened my days .
#love   #poem   #poetry   #beautiful   #boy   #crush   #smile   #infatuation   #sight   #lovely  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
2 days ago

I've heard stories of princesses
Tales of village beauties
But, I haven't seen nothing alike
Until I gazed upon you
                      - My Dear

Milie Ackson
4 days ago

You are not pretty

You are beautiful

Your eyes are not shiny

They sparkle with joy and laughter
They give you away when you are lying
They let me see your soul and how you see the world

Your face isn’t carved

It’s molded to form a shape that is unique to you
It holds the years of laughter around your eyes
And the things you’ve conquered in the grooves of your furrow

Your cheeks are too fat

They are every smile you’ve ever had
Ones that you have shown to the world without fear
Some secret for only you to remember

Your hair is messy

Depicting your free spirit and that hunger for adventure
Gliding in the wind
Effortlessly falling into chaotic glee

Your smile is wrong

Because it takes everyone’s breath away
Your genuine smile is more precious
Than every lost dream

Your laugh is weird

Weirdly insane how I can know so much
About your inner most being
When those few notes of bliss escape

Pretty is only a fleeting word of appearance

Is you at your raw state when you are crying in grief
Laughing so much you feel as though you’re about to burst
Watching the sunrise closing your eyes and breathing in the early morning air
Chatting to the old lady down the road and asking her about her day
Saying goodnight and good morning to the people you love
Marveling at the stars that litter the sky above
Letting adoring two year olds follow you around taking their hand in yours

It is everything you are
You have been
And will be

You are not pretty

you are beautiful

4 days ago

Today was a glorious day
even though everything
wasn't going my way

   Still just being alive with You,
You darling You
made me feel so Good


Still writing my poetry in the sky :)
#love   #beautiful   #day   #you  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
4 days ago

Beautiful sunrise beautiful day,
I long to see your eye,
beautiful sunset and beautiful night,
I wish to stop the cry,

Beautiful moment- beautiful memory,
stay within the now,
beautiful sun- beautiful life,
a gift to show us how,

Beautiful birth- beautiful pain,
and all time in between,
beautiful death and beautiful truth,
our spirit new and clean,

Every day a lovely chance,
for beautiful you - beautiful me,
tell in words of a hearts dance,
make for the beautiful we,

Beautiful time- beautiful gift,
days are always numbered,
beautiful rays - beautiful lift,
we live on unencumbered,

A beautiful mind, a beautiful home
make for domestic bliss,
beautiful woman - beautiful man,
locked in eternal kiss -

I'm yours and you are mine,
As our lives,
are always,

Ma Cherie © 2017

Nice thought anyway..
#love   #poetry   #life   #home   #beautiful   #us   #bliss  
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