Always Ally
Always Ally
1 day ago

Everything will be okay;
as long as you stay by me.

When your world is a blur
and you feel unsure;
you can count on me.

I know you just need a friend.
I'll be there til' the end.
You can wait and see.

The world can still be beautiful,
but you've always been beautiful to me.

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I dream of a little home
Where each brick in that home is built with love
Our bedroom would be on the East side
So that the first sunrays of each morning would caress our face and wake us up
Our little home would have a huge backyard
Where I would grow a vegetable garden
The front yard would have a little fountain and a bird house.
I would also plant white rose, yellow marygold and pink lily
Our love would blossom each day like these flowers.
Our living room window would have a
mounted cat bed
Our lazy cat would curl between us when we watch movies sitting on the couch

I dream of a simple life,
Where you and me
Fill ourselves with love and support.
We would hold each other's back, and grow with eachother
Every morning would be a beautiful morning because you would be the first one I would see
And every night would be blissful, because I can sleep on your chest.

This is all I dream,
A dream for you and me.

1 day ago

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world
There's nothing more beautiful than love
Real love, real true love, you know what I mean

When you see two people still holding hands,
like when they're eighty three
This is the most beautiful thing to me

#love   #world   #beautiful   #true  
2 days ago

I will walk with you, to the end of this earth that does not welcome you.
I will shine a light in every dark corner where you see hurt and pain.
I am yours to sit with for as long as you have to.
Until you can feel whole again.

#suicide   #self   #harm   #depression   #beautiful   #self-harm   #soul   #kindness   #autism   #asd  
Daniel Mashburn
Daniel Mashburn
3 days ago

She's a beautiful disaster with scars on her wrists and she said, "I'm glad I'm not dead, cause this'd be a bitch to have to talk about. I couldn't do that to my family and friends

So let's not talk about it. "I'm fine."
So let's not talk about it. "I'm doing fine."

And I know you never listen.
And I know you never care.
And I know you don't believe in love.
And probably never will.

She said, "I've been feeling like I'm losing grip on what I know. Between the distances I've gone and all those places left to go. And I was hoping maybe this time I could head up north, leave that awful past behind me.

And when the sinews break and the heart sinks to the stomach, I feel a retching in the back of my throat.

I told myself it didn't matter.
I wouldn't feel it anymore.
That I wouldn't look back at the bridges that I've torched.
Things always seem to work out for the worse."

Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
3 days ago

Over many centuries of Irish history
seeds were sown laying trouble ahead
indigenous and settlers, politics and religion
cause and effect would leave thousands dead

Praying to one God but divided in belief
bigotry blinding the faithful's sight
all wrongs blamed on the other side
too many believing they can only be right

Famine brought starvation and mass emigration
centuries old disputes festered in bad blood
1916 brought a rising with men imprisoned and shot
Irishmen killed in Dublin and in world war French mud

A European armistice achieved then a Home Rule debate
nationalists and loyalists entrenched like never before
an Ireland then divided leading to a "Free State" civil war
could this ravaged isle take any more ?

An uneasy peace until the late 60s
then civil rights protests and order broke down
bloodshed and violence returned once more
Ulster hearts broken in every city and every town

This beautiful land's history can still stain the present
troubles can still threaten but much work has been done
each new generation must find the common ground
where lies lasting peace without the bomb and the gun

A potted troubled Irish historical piece I wrote some years ago which has been published in many other places
#peace   #beautiful   #ireland   #land  

My heartbeat increases with your gait like swan
My sweetheart I am ready to give my life in pawn
What a beauty of universe she is a perfect paragon
She takes me on from night till pure perfect dawn

What a beauty which has cordoned love all around
When together we are neither on sky nor on ground
The moment I saw you I am in trance and astound
Your charisma carries along your beauty traits abound

My beloved come in this snowfall to play together
Our romance will bloom in a beautiful silly weather
We will whisper for every question and every answer
You carry the beauty of universe and I am the claimer

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

3 days ago

come as you are
out the window
throgh the fence

paint your lips dark brown
like the leaves that have fallen down
long ago

come as you are
beneath the benches
through the wild

a flower crown on the top
as a queen
or a king
with the loveliest flowers above

come as you are
not necessarily tulips
or helianthuses
three little jasmines are enough

crossing the dirt
the forest at midnight
or at 2am
when the street lamps
of the gas station are provoking
shadows and hues of yours
on the grounds

come as you are

so come out, as you are, on your own-
#beautiful   #are   #you   #come  
Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
3 days ago

i see the world in her eyes,
she is mother earth,
her skin the colour of the richest earth bringing forth a plentiful harvest,
her limbs long; beautiful and they flow like the waves calm and graceful but capable,
her hips wide bearing the greatest fruit; you; me and what shall be,
her feet are rooted strong and steady,
from her lips come the gentle winds or the thunderous storms.
mother nature in all her wonders

this poem is inspired by some imagery by Sara Golish.
#beautiful   #nature   #mother   #grace   #earth   #natural  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
3 days ago

Without the warm wind
When will you reach the core?
How will you spread a smile?
I'm here grasping images
Concluding lines to this poem
Adding sensations, it's her
The beauty you won't forget
Get some time, spend them here
While I wondered however
Happiness flows blowing minds
Whenever I see violence
When people act fool with it
This landscape presents peace
Inhale the freedom, fly with her
Racing rivers, waterfalls
The complete silence afterward
From here, I hear roars, tarzans
Howls, entertained by this view

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