54 minutes ago

i don't know who you are,
or where you came from,
or how
this odd series of
came together so that we met
just then.

but you scared me.

you glared into my soul,
reading everything like a book,
and you cried.

i'm so alone

you looked at my best friend
and saw her past reaching from her eyes
and you cried.

we're so alone

you told us we were torn apart
and the moment you said those words,
my heart was ripped
from my chest.

we've always been so alone

i was afraid
of you.

but then i wasn't.

you told us we were
old souls
that knew things
that other people could only dream
of knowing.

what do i know?

everyone always told me
that i have a gift,
but i don't know
what it is.

every single glance
in my direction
squeezes my heart
a little tighter.

it hurts.

i don't like it.

you know too much.

the stone you handed me
burns in my palms,
but it is cold.

you took our hands
and told us to trust you.

do i trust you?

how do i trust you?

how do i trust anybody
in this hell-hole of a country
when everything is falling down

and i know i shouldn't be here?

why won't the sky
or the planets
take me home?

where is home?

i want to go home.

will you help me find home?

if you go home,
will you take me with you?

help me

i'm so alone.

~i'm so alone
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Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
1 day ago

Let's not be the grieved faces
Who didn't get the most of happiness
Throwing ourselves on broken walls
When we don't have strength to defend

Let's bring the joyous children
Wandering at the beautiful parks
Even the bees sting, but honey's sweet
Wait for days to pass melted hearts

Let's not worry what we lost
Reunite the joints shattered far away
Widen hearts to show bright tooth
We breath the same air, my dear

#love   #trust   #peace   #happy   #lost   #happiness   #forget   #joy   #ignore   #share  

Covering up,
Those woes and fears,
A painted smile,
Now masquerades those tears,
Daily trials and tribulations,
Their way of handling,
Difficult situations,
Carefully in the mirror,
They will construct this face,
All of their troubles,
Firmly put in a safe place,
Now oblivious not for sharing,
Lack of trust,
Lack of caring,
Paint on that smile,
Which conceals those cracks?
Carefully smothering,
All traces and tracks,
Slowly resurrecting this,
Protective fence,
Keeping the door closed,
Disguises this pretence.
Silently you suffer,
The onset of depression,
Shame and fear,
Will prevent their confession!

People often suffer in silence, others put a hugely brave face on it, the only way to deal with the problem is by talking, which always sounds easy, yet there also lies the problem.... Suicide today in young people is on the rise, it never gets highlighted  hopefully this poem just raises awareness... JB
1 day ago

And when the sun was yanked out of my sky, I let the darkness consume me. For months i let it swallow me whole until all I felt was the emptiness and the loneliness of the abyss. And after all that time, I'm starting to see the light again. Piece by piece I have been rebuilding my sun and now that it is whole again, forgive me if I'm more careful with who I give my light to.

-I refuse to be left in the dark again

The hourglass is turned over,
Time is ticking,
Heart is beating.
What will be our fate
When we finally glide past the moon, up to the stars
We don't even care about time,
Let it fly by.
Because the sensation of 1 beat
Can last minutes,
There will be no finish cause time froze at the highest peak of the second.
This one of a kind feel,
This girl,
Has sealed,
This once broken heart.
With every moment
I spend
My heart beats for seconds, hours, minutes.
Time is ticking,
1 sand drop,
2 sand drops,
3 gun shots to my heart
Which I would never thought be affected by, time.
My mind was combattled with a great feeling that lasted a millimeter of a second.
She played around, confused.
But somehow, I thought patience
Would lead on to eternal life with you.
Behind every truth &' lie
I realized, that you wasted my time..

#love   #trust   #passion   #lust   #time   #loyalty  

Have you ever just blinded your self , I was blinded once in love ,blinded into lies not knowing what to trust !

#trust   #fear   #not   #knowing   #blinded  
Bikey the kid
Bikey the kid
3 days ago

The silence is deep and it creeps on my lips
The crisp cold of your breath rips me to shreds
I dance with your pain and play with your ideas
We imagine a future, one thats hard to see in a mirror
As we close our eyes and pray for the torture to subside
I cant help but to remember why this all worth while

You leave me breathless

My love, this torture is killing me. I want to give up, but when you look at me in that way you do, you leave me breathless.
#love   #trust   #broken   #sad   #anger   #happy   #hurt   #loyalty  
T      A
3 days ago

you already have the key to my phone, yet you'd deny me the pattern to your own.

#trust   #hiding   #locks  
Benji Platski
3 days ago

Raise your glass as high as you can
Knowing you are in company of the best of man
Smile with those who to you are so dear
For in this place there is nothing to fear.
Not even death can part us, for when we say goodbye
The bond we have will never die.

Even when lightening marks the sky
Hurricanes of emotion pass us by
In the end it is clear to see
That in fact this was meant to be.

Hope and trust, love and joy
Together we create, together we destroy
Our fires burn with discussion and laughter
But even arsonists have to avert the disaster
Which leaves two souls alone and broken
Wrong thoughts are thought and words wrongly spoken
Even as longing hearts turn away
That invincible bond is here to stay.

Only with times our minds have erased
All that was bitter, all our mistakes
Will become only the butt of our jokes
Only tears of joy we have to choke
When we live to a ripe old age
Reminiscing back to the days
Anything we would do for each other
We all loved like sisters and brothers
It was us against the world, to the very end
I love you to death and wish you the best, my friend.

Jowelle Mizero
Jowelle Mizero
6 days ago

I fell hard
and my bones shattered like glass.

As I watched my pieces scatter,
I realized that my mistake was
trusting you.

I didn't fall.
You dropped me.

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