Buddy T
Buddy T
1 day ago

I trust her
I trusted her
I'm trying to

but I still wonder
from time to time
did she ever tell you?

Trust is when your
Trust is leaning back and letting
Trust is
Trust is Pixie
Trust is earned

Trust is me falling and you catching me

Trust is marriage

Trust is

Trust is love
Just like trustfully you trust that someone (hopefully) catches you!
Trust Is pixie Dust!
C Taylor Riley
Rights Reserved
Danielle L Cook
Danielle L Cook
3 days ago

I'm not an idiot
I know what this is
I know how it looks
Don't give me that shit
I know what I'm doing
I'm not like the rest
I've had my fill of
Heartbreak and regret
Just give me some time
Let me say my two cents
Get his shit in order and
Leave it at friends

not like that
#love   #friends   #trust   #poetry  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
4 days ago

Torrid texts
Tempting to fell for
Didn't see the strings
Pulling down to deceit

This heart could break
But wouldn't slip
Ridiculing rupture though
Trembling fingers
Firm texts
Decisions at stake

Should've never trusted

Redemption - III
Another frauds
#trust   #life   #people   #violence   #crime   #insecurity   #internet   #trap   #frauds  
Tyler standish
Tyler standish
4 days ago

I stay humble, I work hard, I don't complain.
I do my absolute best. I take the worse and give people the best. Even when I haven't slept I'm happy to do anything for anyone. Then it happens. I'm forgotten, alone to be used by any and all. I want to be a common thought, something that happens right away, at what cost do I have to give to receive it? I've followed my own path but have picked up so many strays that do not replenish what they use. I am forgotten forever to be abused.

#love   #trust   #hate   #abuse   #forgotten   #pride   #save   #used   #betrayed  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
5 days ago

Crosses arose with no reasons
Alone or miserable
Always fall from stairs

but still,

Happy to share something
Crying released pain
Can't touch no liquor
For no trouble is allowed

To feel the stress,
the pure way
To light up the worse
Excuses flow,
it's mere flesh
but my heart do exist

Poem collection
One by one..
Thanks for reading
#trust   #peace   #life   #pain   #world   #people   #survive   #redemption   #agony   #traps  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
6 days ago

I promise
I won't ever break your heart again
Take advantage of your devotion
Razors up through my throat
the verses I sweetly lie through
secret smiles, my seething teeth vibrate
The weight of words in pixel and ink
May keep the cold truth freezing
The virulence hiding behind
what once were naive eyes
fed and sleeping in chains

One sweet word,
Is all I have left
If it's even that
#trust   #word   #lies   #broken   #faith   #always   #cheating   #lover   #sweet   #one  

When I feel scared, when I think that the next challenge could be tougher than I can manage,
when the bridge seems too shaky for me to cross... When the days are stormy and the roads thorny
and it feels like my bare feet won't get me a far... Wen the Ocean of life's too wavy for me to sail
and yet the voyage of time will not wait for the waves to pass, when the clouds are too thick
and the promise of the rain of despair is almost confirmed, when the stabbing drizzle has already started,
family's always my rainbow for no challenge will ever be greater than that which with my family I've overcome...
and no nights will ever be darker than those their light's seen me through... No matter how long,
no journey will ever beat the distance it's taken us to reach here... That's why no matter how hot the crucible may get,
I will always get through cooked for a better menu rather than burnt...Family's my last refuge,
family's my inspiration and most of all, family's my boat...
No Ocean will ever be rougher than my family can sail me through,
no love will ever be Family's true...
That's why no matter how far I go, how deep I think, how high I fly, how much I write
no matter how many battles I fight, the greatest weapon and armour God always blesses me with is family...

Dead Lock
Dead Lock
Mar 21

I haven't been sleeping a lot lately

The world's been awfully rough lately

My decisions are a little


Old friendships have long since rusted

I'm not liked and I'm never trusted

Yet I'm okay with being hated

Then at least I know where I stand

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