9 hours ago

Standing in front of one
Trying to knock it down
You can touch it
You can see them


All around my town
I didn't build them
Many were already there
I just climbed over one
Then another, and another

Long before you came

It's harder to get in between now

#love   #trust   #boundaries  
Alissa Rogers
Alissa Rogers
1 day ago

I was once a young girl,
cast aside by my father.
No gift was I to him
instead, merely a bother.

The man who should have been
the first love of my life,
he took half my heart in hand
and cut it with a knife.

For years I denied the theft,
content in my mistrust.
Yet the rest of me died by my hand,
in leaving my heart to rust.

Ages I spent mourning this death,
never having been more wrong.
Now I see my heart remains,
my true love was me all along.

#love   #trust   #life   #pain   #father   #abandonment   #dad   #family   #daughter   #parent  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

Let's start with trust, respect, love, and loyalty

I can give you all that and more
I'm giving you my heart, body, and soul

All sincere, no lies

I can see the unshed tears in your eyes
So, come along and take my hand
Let's explore this paradise one step at a time

Starting a new relationship

You did all your other promises,
But this one you broke.
It hit me hard
Out of nowhere.

I have trouble
Trusting people now.
It's all your fault.
I hope your happy.
Mom, are you?

forgot what this one was about.
#trust   #mom   #me   #backagain  
Lady RF
Lady RF
3 days ago

Losing what you thought you once had
is the most difficult pain to endure,

Realising you never had it to begin with
does not ease the pain - recovery
it does not assure.

By Lady R.F ©2017

#love   #trust   #broken   #life   #pain   #loss  
Lia Frenae
Lia Frenae
4 days ago

I wonder what emotions do I not hold the key
Emotions that does not have a home
Emotions that I can't keep track of
Emotions that do not exist within
Emotions that do not end in "ad"
or end in tears

How can I... ignore being ignored
or I forget being forgotten

Remembering loyalty, but loosing trust
while the grip our pinkies loosened

While the jokes got shorter

When time started being tracked

And the love began to leave

Oh how can I ever so forget the betrayal...

Can't  believe  you
Went  behind  my back .
Your true colours are  showing now

Donavon Trexler
6 days ago

Trust oh Trust
It's such a bust
It's usually broken
It doesn't even give a token.

#trust #freedom
#trust   #freedom  
Kelly Weaver
Kelly Weaver
7 days ago

As your salt stings my chapped lips and my open wounds I come less and less to you

You grit your teeth into dust that carries through your heinous breath that makes my eyes water and my heart ache

And I cannot believe not too long ago I turned to you for care and comfort and compassion but instead I was caught in a tight spot lacking wiggle room

And I can feel the tides turning and churning inside me and I vomit words and phrases that don't make sense when put together

"I love when you make me cry"

#love   #heartbreak   #trust   #hate   #idk   #sick   #disgusted  
Marina Wallace
7 days ago

you've got a hold on me.
so tight that it almost seems that I cannot breathe,
but at that last second you let me up,
to get the sustenance I require to be, just be.
and you pull me right back down to your own personal hell.
but I love it, I live for it.
I live for the beauteous torture that you are because
you, my dear,
you've got a hold on me.

#love   #trust   #hurt   #drug   #attached  
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