Sarah Hutsebaut
8 hours ago

I am a bird
No, a fly
A flying fly
Or am I falling

Flying or falling
You can fly down
But can you fall up

Flying or falling
I could be Peter
But maybe I'm Alice

What if I stop
If I stop flying I'll fall
If I stop falling I'll hit the ground
Or will the ground hit me

#i   #falling   #flying  

The fields roll gold
against the emerald
and violet edges
of dusk creeping in
and I found you
an oak tree and
I took you in
while ravens watched
and there's nothing
like those
magic moments
of in between

I saw the fog
roll in
like a dream,
cold and cozy
against my parents
blue beach house,
a shabby thing
a shabby little sea town
and I watched
tea steam
against the glass
and heard boats calling
and I
know I'm safe
but the dinner dad made

The night owl
comes to take me home
and I'm longing
for some sense of
but she
wraps those broom-bloom
wings around me
and suddenly
am so afraid to fly
because when I open eyes
into bright lights
I know
I'll forget
what it means to die.

A patchwork in every sense of the word

I angle my upper body forward from my reclined seat back,
To gaze through three panes of a frosty porthole,
To view a blanket of lights on darkened earth.
But they're below me, I'm distanced.

I'm thirty thousand feet in the air.

Incandescent highways splinter and mend like aimless root networks,
Funneling wingless fireflies like worker ants. And I, here,
Hoping your luminescence is, too, wandering to your hive or elsewhere,
Hoping against hope that you notice me in transit.

Though I'm thirty thousand feet from anyone else.

At least, but likely closer to the distance between our moon and sun,
Hurdling through galaxies at the speed of super-sound,
Sure that even at the end of space, past comets and nebulase,
That even if I get turned around,

I'm thirty thousand feet from anyone else.

As the lights ebb and dim from outside my window panes,
Gradually giving way to blackened earthly landmass,
I will recline my seat slightly and rest my eyes,
Hoping the steady burn of the plane's fog lights guides you,

Thirty thousand feet closer to where you need to be.

He’d snip his wings & plummet into stone,
if it meant raising her.  But didn’t.

So instead, they beat faster than they ever had, before.
An ambulance in the sky:
he held her in his arms,
crossing the clouds, as
                        ­         bled

dyeing ..the ocean ~~~~~~~ below them.

#love   #angel   #flying   #angels   #wings   #saving   #overanocean  

I'm a bird
flying away
from the flock
of feelings
i need to abandon

#love   #feelings   #sad   #depression   #romance   #me   #flying   #confusion   #by   #bird  
Jan 27

You can be likened to a kite
Bright, vibrant, fun
And you fly higher
The longer the string you are given
And I know
Even though I know nothing
That you would soar
With nothing tied to your ankle.

#fun   #flying   #free   #youth   #loving   #bright   #vibrant   #kites   #soaring  

do not
in love.

in love.

to laugh,

to cry.

Emotional wings
knowing pleasure.

© Pagan Paul (21/01/17)

#love   #happiness   #joy   #flying  

In the midst of conversation A question rose out of the blue,
What would I do if such opportunity were to arise.
In a conversation about long term goals without hesitation or notion
Without any specifics given to her question I asked what opportunity.
She laughed slightly and repeated the question.
This time reaching inside of her chest and pulling her heart into a closer view.
She waited for reply.
I wandered around the look in her eye glancing back down at a now throbbing heart.
She said well, In a topic of long term ambition show me that I am not wrong about you.
I trust you well enough to do exactly what I know your about to do.
She stated nothing further.
With that being said I'd like to think that I made the right decision.
The openness of conversing about any and everything, the hint that actions speak louder than words.
I did what I suppose any sane man would do.
I flung myself into her chest and landed dead in the center of her heart without fear of missing.

These double doors are my eyes that see into peoples' lives
the end of a neon bright hallway, surgically clean
a lone traveller drags her life by the handle
here at an obscure hour while others sleep

I wonder if it's necessary that she leave?
She seems so removed from the furrowed brow
ticking watch business-man beside her
Watch the time. A missed flight. The world unfamiliar.

The agitated jitter of a lady puzzles me,
why does she cry? what is she leaving behind?
where will she go?
the airport departure lounge
for a travelling soul.

A poem written from a prompt from class to write a 'persona poem'.
#love   #sadness   #time   #soul   #flying   #leaving   #travel   #adventures   #airports   #departure  
Dec 23, 2016

One feather is folded back.
Wings flutter black,
not pumping fast,
but floating in a circle
seemingly relaxed
while the wind
blows him up
and around
like a kite.
Being slightly damaged
I wonder how
this bird flies
with a broken wing.

#nature   #flying   #flight   #bird  
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