Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
7 hours ago

do not
in love.

in love.

to laugh,

to cry.

Emotional wings
knowing pleasure.

© Pagan Paul (21/01/17)

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Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
3 days ago

In the midst of conversation A question rose out of the blue,
What would I do if such opportunity were to arise.
In a conversation about long term goals without hesitation or notion
Without any specifics given to her question I asked what opportunity.
She laughed slightly and repeated the question.
This time reaching inside of her chest and pulling her heart into a closer view.
She waited for reply.
I wandered around the look in her eye glancing back down at a now throbbing heart.
She said well, In a topic of long term ambition show me that I am not wrong about you.
I trust you well enough to do exactly what I know your about to do.
She stated nothing further.
With that being said I'd like to think that I made the right decision.
The openness of conversing about any and everything, the hint that actions speak louder than words.
I did what I suppose any sane man would do.
I flung myself into her chest and landed dead in the center of her heart without fear of missing.

These double doors are my eyes that see into peoples' lives
the end of a neon bright hallway, surgically clean
a lone traveller drags her life by the handle
here at an obscure hour while others sleep

I wonder if it's necessary that she leave?
She seems so removed from the furrowed brow
ticking watch business-man beside her
Watch the time. A missed flight. The world unfamiliar.

The agitated jitter of a lady puzzles me,
why does she cry? what is she leaving behind?
where will she go?
the airport departure lounge
for a travelling soul.

A poem written from a prompt from class to write a 'persona poem'.
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Dec 23, 2016

One feather is folded back.
Wings flutter black,
not pumping fast,
but floating in a circle
seemingly relaxed
while the wind
blows him up
and around
like a kite.
Being slightly damaged
I wonder how
this bird flies
with a broken wing.

#nature   #flying   #flight   #bird  
Elin Mellbergstedt
Elin Mellbergstedt
Dec 15, 2016

My eyes are burning
And my ass needs some space
This kid is staring at me
He has a big grin on his face
For 6 hours he's been awake
Bouncing around on three seats
It almost seems like someone
Has given him meth to eat
I stuff myself with pills
To try to get some sleep
But the kid is keeping me up
So soon I'll make him weep
I will whisper in his ear
That santa isn't real
And I'll describe to him
How chicken-pox will make him feel
I'll tell him about the dentist
How bad it hurts to drill
And how much he'll have to work
To be able to pay his bills
How hard it is to get a girl
How expensive a driving lesson is
The statistics of failing marriages
And how you can get herpes from a kiss
I'll tell him all of this and more
If he doesn't sit down and shut up
And if he still won't calm down
I'll show him 2 girls 1 cup

#anger   #hate   #flying   #kids   #fly   #children   #travel   #travelling   #airplane  
Dec 14, 2016

feeling the heat, i'm hiding from desire
i've spent many nights by that fire
i feel alive by the light of my pathfinder
all of the other fights are minor

i set the sights on a climb ever higher
it becomes my mind's flight decider
widening my heights by trying to be wiser
hoping for my eyes to open wider

#god   #soul   #universe   #flying  
Angie S
Angie S
Dec 6, 2016

she reaches out before her,
gazing longingly into the sky,
and draws her arms back to her side.
her chest rises and falls.
her feet begin to push against
the ice and she glides like
a dove riding atop a gentle breeze.
she crosses her steps with elegance and
swiftly flies to the end of her terrain.
as she turns to return,
her knees dip and spring,
propelling her into the air.
her legs cross at her ankles
and she becomes a twisting airplane.
her feet find a landing on her thin blade.
she leans into the center of the rink,
clutching her leg,
and spins with a slow, melodic grace.
as she lowers into a crouch, her tempo rises,
and she becomes a brilliant storm on ice.
again she rises and she strikes a stellar pose, head high--
she tells her audience
the queen has arrived,
and she wears ice skates.

originally written 11/12/16. i emphasized description of the skater in this poem and tried to use metaphors relating to things in the sky. no real deep meaning to this other than just to imagine... speaking of skating, who's watching yuri on ice??
Bethany G Blicq
Dec 3, 2016

This was originally a blog post. The poem portion is below, but the poem is part of a story. Read on dear friends... URL to the original blog post and story is BELOW the poem.


Icarus had wings
Made of wax.

He flew towards the sun.
The basic premise.

He got too close.
He stayed too long.

His beautiful wings melted
And he fell down.

Nobody got a chance to ask him
If he regretted the fall.

He lost the chance to spend
The rest of time

Loving the sun. Loving the sky.
Loving his flight.


My wings were made of love.
The basic premise of my story.

My wings took me too high,
Too close to my own heart,

Too far to go back,
And I was too convinced I could keep going.

No distance was too far.
No fear too daunting.

The sun was hotter than I ever imagined.
More beautiful, inside and out, than I thought possible.

The sun burned me and tried to take my wings
Along with my soul.

Maybe it was not the sun's fault,
But the earth pulled me back and away

And my wings were lost
For a long time.

I might have been burned and scarred and broken,
But I survived my fall.

If anyone ever asks me if I regret it,
I would say no. Not one bit.

There may be nothing in my life
That I am further from regretting...

Though I try to push those thoughts away
And be grateful

For what the roller coaster
Of my life has blessed me with, during all of the highs,

And the lessons it has taught me
In all of the lows.

It is just like Frank Solanki said
In one of our conversations;

"Love brings with it
All sorts of joy and pain.

But it is an inseparable part of it.

The joy is a mountain.
Pain is just a molehill.

We focus too much on the hill
And forget all about the mountain.

That is not how it should be."


The only thing that ever did more damage to me than loving my ex,
Was loving the world.

The only thing more disappointing
Than realizing that my ex was a liar and never cared about me,

Was realizing that the world is full of liars
And hatred and violence and pile upon pile of shit.

It still surprises me that any one person
Could have such an effect on me.

Not so much surprising that waking up to many harsh and cruel realities
Could have such an effect on me.

My lesson is that it was all worth it.
It is all worth it.

Every day, knowing I will never be more happy or more sad
Than I am and have been.

Every day, missing someone and wishing for closure.
Begging for answers.

Every day, praying
That the person you love is happy.

Every day, digging deeper and deeper
For a truth that gets uglier with each passing second.

Every day, more horrified
By humanity.

I guess it was all a bit too much too handle, all at once,
And I was close to giving up.

I was close to slamming into the ground,
At full speed.

My heart was so heavy.
The pieces jagged and bloody.

At the last moment, when there was no hope left,
Was when I finally felt free.

Free from every desire, and every worry,
And every bit of pain and suffering.

I had nothing to lose.
Nothing to gain.

In that moment, my wings came back,
More magnificent than ever.

My heart
Became lighter than a feather.

I look back on that moment as the exact time
I decided to chase all of my dreams.

To stick around and use up every last remaining minute of this life
On something worthwhile.

To love life no matter what,
Because the good parts would not exist without the bad parts.

That is especially true in this case,
Although I meant in general.

Maybe I would never have fallen in love  with that man
If we both had not seen so many of the bad parts.

It was the moment that I took back my will to live,
And my will to be courageous and loving  and ambitious.

It was the moment I decided that no matter how hard my life or anyone in it
Pushes me down, I will just get back up again.

Maybe that decision was bold;
It seems it has been tested over and over ever since then.

"The meaning of life is to fall down seven times,
And stand up eight times."

Written in 2016
Bethany G. Blicq
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eleanor prince
eleanor prince
Dec 2, 2016

as one stage empties
slow shuffle exit
another curtain will

waiting for that spark
an instant in time
silent explosion

stylus on rock face
outline of past forms
a mountain's sudden

as eagle marks
still moments
above a darkened

brooding dawn
fights clouds'

and man's spirit
lifts high and
at last


- - - - - -

Sometimes poems don't easily flow for a time.  Perhaps we are trying to have each one just perfect.  This off the cuff poem arose spontaneously and is dedicated to Kamala  from (ending 31/12/16) who has wonderful talent.  This is my welcome poem to him if he finds his way here:
Take care - you are a brilliant poet - it sits there waiting for that spark - a turn of the head, a cloud formation, a child's sudden laugh on distant wind, the roar of a river...
an eagle soaring steady, ominous, yet beautiful - as a sullen dawn over a brooding sea - ah! I feel it stir in you - it is there...
for you are a true poet, my friend, so let it fly free...!
I found this pic on Flickr to accompany this post - it's worth viewing:
#time   #clouds   #flying   #waiting   #explosion   #gorge   #eagle   #urgent   #brooding   #darkened  
Nov 25, 2016


              n                                                ­            y
                              ­                     l              
                           but atleast you got to  f               for a little.

#falling   #flying   #free  
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