Michael LoMonaco
Michael LoMonaco
16 hours ago

Growing up showing contempt for publications,
Disrespecting words of knowledge with passion.

Reluctant to pick up wisdom,
Unaware that literature can access the world.

Exploring a universe with each interesting page,
Taking you away from deficiencies in life.

Pursuing a tale filled with adventure,
Or learning about passionate facts,
A writing opens up all dimensions.

Let the mind discover galaxies,
Just by opening a book.

The journey is a predestined pattern,
One created for a righteous track.

Even when the road is rocky,
Virtue is still the main intention.

Walking on the test of faith,
As evil encourages corruption in life.

Defeating sin while flaws exists is difficult,
But a passable exam in the eyes of God.

Keep fighting wickedness with full resilience,
Even though a perfect score can’t be achieved,
And God will eventually thank you in his plan.

I was definitely stuck,
With a combination of bad luck,
Having the urge to earn a buck.

This desire is an appetite,
One worth a gigantic fight,
Don’t care if it takes all night.

These dreams are hard to achieve,
But I still believe,
Willing to proceed.

Trying not to explode,
While breaking this difficult code,
Willing to do the workload,
All for this successful road.

6 days ago

I'm paid to paste this smile on my face
Though it's rarely ever there
Because money doesn't motivate the clinically depressed
As much as we all would like it to

No, I won't make it easy on you
It sure is hell isn't easy on me
Driving through town with my music loud
And a pain so heavy I can barely breathe
Trying to drown out the hurt in endless caffeine
That only makes my heart race faster
And my breath more shallow

And most nights it seems I'm fading
Into the hell that is this life
Because I feel almost nothing
Except the shame and guilt that comes with existing

And my counselor says that
dissociation occurs most
with having done something awful
But how can I explain that
Simply living my life
Feels like an awful thing
And my heart tells me that
Death is my destiny

Popularity steers competition into unsafe borders,
As characteristics of adolescence is controversial.

Fighting for the ultimate acceptance,
Consuming drugs by peers sparking pressure.

Willing to sacrifice grades for fame,
Setting a harder path in an untold book.

The expansion of most friendships doesn’t exist,
As college tends to destroy bonds.

Since high school, I had limited friends by my side,
But they bled and expressed glory with me to this day.

Quantity usually leads to a flawed direction,
While quality consists of strength that last.

Choose a track with a future,
Instead of scenarios driven by deviance.

Always coming with a smile,
Substances are distributed by deception,
Manipulating the fragile soul.

Pressure paralyzes youths in the moment,
As awkwardness tries to dispel tension.

Agony is the flame which triggers addiction,
Trying to ease the horrors of mental anguish.

Denying the drug can be a strenuous assignment,
Fighting sinister forces mixed with complexity.

Knowledge will devise a plan for defeating temptation,
Assembling a foundation of awareness through logic.

Questioning values on issues of complication,
With defects sparking the fuse.

Morality is not always viewed in black and white,
As some principles have a grey area.

Not sure which trail is a greater cause,
Trying to discover the best course to virtue.

Frustration can detonate while finding ethics,
A journey which might require a long trip.

Your divided beliefs will have many external opinions,
Follow the avenue that will lead to divineness.

Mar 19

Amidst aimless wander my head is full of nothing
But the birdsong of finches in their morning roosts,
Shrouded by berry-laden bushes; musical bushes,

With tiny red beaded bells ringing, softly shaken by dawn’s breath.
My dog runs on before me; the birds take flight,
Silencing the bells’ shrill.

Entering the field; ghost footsteps have left their mark
In the silver dew, bending the grass wearily.
Far across the field another man walks with his dog.

An echo alerts me; there is a connection.  In that instant
A recognition of a moment yet to pass.
Although separated by some hundreds of metres

It is as if I were stood by his side.
His face is indiscernible and I know nothing of him
But that we’ll meet.

He walks toward the middle of the same field,
Then bears left to where the trees break,
Throwing their arms open in wide embrace

To draw you into the heart of the wood.
Sensing the unavoidable encounter
And not wanting it to occur,

I change my route, drift under the oak,
Through the gap in the undergrowth,
Through to the adjacent field.

We skirt the edge, my dog gamboling freely,
Sniffing out invisible visitors from the past
And anything edible.  Our progress meanders,

Idles and pauses, as must, I suspect, our now unseen companions’.
Seemingly still connected, though, we move on
To the inevitable confluence of our paths,

So bound in time and space as the meeting of two rivers,
The calm of morning solitude disturbed by the white waters
Of the unwanted salutation we exchange:

“Good morning.”

Do you ever get the feeling that somethings are inevitable, no matter how hard you try to avoid them?
#fate   #destiny  

Sweat is produced by reason,
To achieve that point of results.

After strenuous miles on the obstacle course,
Fatigue stabs the nerves without remorse.

The body is bombarded by pain,
As cramps represent a threat to success.

Running with ambition on the track,
Risking safety by pride for the ultimate glory.

Self-discipline and good health will produce goals,
As recuperating on the sidelines can produce better outcomes.

Jim Davis
Jim Davis
Mar 17

Spiral of fate foreseen
A Vegas winning sure thing
A journey to realms beyond
Where those already gone
Traveled before I
With letters sent home
still left unseen
Wait, I'm not ready!
Is there another?
This train came too soon!
Excuse me,
I'll wait for the slow train!
Can I exchange my ticket?
For a later departure?
Perhaps tomorrow?
Of course tomorrow,  
Can never be!  
Round trip ticket please!
I wish to not be gone long!
I must return, otherwise,
who will care for the wee ones!  
Wait, I still must pack!
All my silver and gold
Can I bring?  
Is First Class an option?
A sleeper car?
Bring any friends?
My loved ones
should meet me
after reaching the end!
Must I board,
This train?
An evil angel at the controls
in the locomotive's cab
steam billowing all around
conductor in a ghastly robe
bearing the cutting scythe
leaning out the door
shouting out
to the platform crowd
"All aboard!"
"All aboard!"
this train
always runs on time
and no one ever
gets left behind
except perhaps a few
entering heaven alive
first stop is Sh'eol
all disembarking to wait
then chugging on to the
station with pearly gates  
those remaining aboard
catching a glimpse
then fast downhill all the way
to the end of the line
the last stop of Abaddon

©  2017 Jim Davis

Had fun with this one!

From Wikipedia
"She'ol (/ˈʃiːoʊl/ shee-ohl or /ˈʃiːəl/ shee-əl; Hebrew שְׁאוֹל‎ Šʾôl), in the Hebrew Bible, is a place of darkness to which all the dead go, both the righteous and the unrighteous, regardless of the moral choices made in life, a place of stillness and darkness cut off from life and from the Hebrew God.[1]"

"The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎‎, 'Ǎḇaddōn), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon), appears in the Bible as a place of destruction. "
#hell   #death   #heaven   #fate   #destiny   #train   #abaddon   #sheol  
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