Living from excited inspiration,
Moving with motivation,
Not affected by any frustration.

Clearing a path for hope,
Never falling from that slope,
And finding a way to always cope.

Fighting for that dream,
Having a high self-esteem,
As joy is always the theme.

Keep that upbeat spirit alive,
And you will certainly thrive,
Facing a world that’s hard to survive.

5 days ago

I loved you with a love so powerful it was capable of destroying us.

Te amé con un amor tan poderoso que era capaz de destruirnos.

Maria Russo
Maria Russo
6 days ago

And you
would you jump on a plane
for me
that would be able to steal a star from the sky for you?
I'd steal it
so that you could come after it
to realize
I'm both
destiny and destination

7 days ago

Draping tears
sift through thoughts
with gentle lips.

A weeping waterfall
crouches over a huddled form.
Eyes round with
faerie dust.

Rest deeply in the mossy dais.
Fantasies filter through the feathered sighs.
There--beckons a fawn? A prince?


delight teases delicately
rainbows dwell tangible
child-like joy emboldens dreams.

Outlined by a softened lens
melding forms are seen through knobby knees
adolescence the emerging butterfly--soars.

Dashes the fleet of foot
through crying leaves.
Flying like destiny.

framed by a cerulean sky
Sunsets seep eternal.


are Hope's journey to comprehension
light strident in uncertainty
the yes that laughs without reserve.


to venture above Reality's realm
to traipse the unknowns with unfettered souls
where dreams are pillowed beneath
the dimpled arm of innocence.

#poem   #dreams   #eternal   #souls   #destiny  
Feb 12

why do you need someone to always be there for you when you can be there for yourself?
you are given two feet so you could stand on your own ground
you are given two hands so you could write your own fate and destiny
stop whining that nobody's ever there for you.
stand up.
be strong.

#love   #life   #power   #strong   #fate   #destiny  

Time is a killer worse than death,
that starts corroding from first breath,
cause that is when we  start to age,
and make mistakes that we can't change.

I fear one day I will look back,
before a fatal heart attack,
and long for just one second chance,
to fix the failures in that glance.

I do not want my flesh to rot,
like over ripened apricot
To lose my strength and fade away,
from years of working every day.

I worry I will be alone,
without a family in my home.
We have one life to be happy,
so who would to spend it with me.

Time drags on and kills us all.
One by one we all must fall.
Alone or not it soon will come,
in ninety years or maybe one.

It would be nice, if I was a bit more of an ambitious person, but I suppose then I'd still have fears, they'd just be different from not knowing if I'll make it.
#lonely   #death   #nervous   #waiting   #destiny  

You never have to think less of yourself
'cause of what bad mind does
focus on chasing your dreams someday
you'll touch like Midas

If you don't mind the loss
keep on the course
yet play deaf to words of the rest
and focus on running
focus on flying
focus on winning the race

I see forever in your eyes
I kiss your lips of destiny
I long to live in your eternal arms
Fate-filled fingers wrap mine
And I dream of your infinity
Forever is in your eyes
Do you see it mine?

Not sure if this turned out how I wanted... I've become obsessed with his forever eyes..
#love   #kiss   #eyes   #eternal   #lips   #fingers   #forever   #destiny   #mine   #your  

I wished upon a thousand stars
That they would align
And a world would be ours
But the stars are untamably wild
And I couldn't be farther from you
If I was standing on mars

#life   #moon   #stars   #wishing   #fate   #luck   #destiny  
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