A Tango
A Tango
6 hours ago

You don’t have to rush
Just stay in bed and hush

Don't let this pass
and enjoy the moment
while it last

I like stroking your hair
while kissing your lips
I want you to feel inspired
while I make you perspire

Touching your bosom
as I go down to the bottom
No need to go fast,
you already missed the bus

My fingers would roam
and it will surely make you moan
My mouth can give you
a great sensation,
as my tongue provides
a good vibration

The clock is ticking
but I'll keep on licking
the gap between thighs

Your nails will sink beneath my skin
as you feel the wetness from within

#lust   #sex   #erotic   #intimacy  
14 hours ago

i must give you a full physical exam
to fully grasp my prognosis and plan
of treatment for you... dont be afraid
i feel confident, no need to debate
i can satisfy
and gratify
your pre-dic-ament
in the richest succulent

as a specialist, to some degree
my healing hands work expertly
but to receive full and complete treatment
you must partake my honey rather frequent
for a better plan of action
i require a full body transfusion
a chemical mixture of center fuses
a delicate blending of our juices
this may require several procedures
over time it provides many features
healing properties of your most vital organ
however worth it, even if, it cost a fortune
to this a can guarantee success
but first you must fully undress

i work with energy transference
your help required for successful convergence
of the best possible results
between two consenting adults

bartering is certainly a viable option
for your long term medical condition
providing equal services for each other
helps maintain balance to one another

Hehehe. For my muse, I bit of fun playing doctor after a rough Monday, possibly a treat Tuesday morning for those halfway around the world.
1 day ago

nude and on my back,
hair sprawled out against the pillow.
you make me float
and you stroke me in the middle.
we drift deeper as you hold me close.
we change positions, a new position,
and you work it for me.
you get me where i'm going and
you take me to a new realm.
lets coast and slow down,
but now put yourself in overdrive.
my hands are between my thighs
and you kiss down and around my navel
and the lights from the outside world
highlight you
and you're beautiful in the dark.
use yourself like you've never used yourself before.
and until we reach shore,
explore my body and i will
explore yours like a sailor
exploring the seven seas.

inspired by rock the boat by aaliyah
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

You make me so giddy inside
nervous like
a warm runny egg.
You are so respectful
of boundaries
which has left me
wanting so much more.
You are a conundrum
always looking, looking, looking
at me causing blood to
flush my round cheeks.
I want to bone your firm ass
and make you cum
till kingdom come.
Cream your pants
and come undone.
You make me so churlish
all writhing inside with
a heavy licentious
attitude equating to
the silent space
between us where
nothing is said
and our eyes meet
but words seem to
stick in my
tarnished throat
choking up
on all those internal
sultry soliloquies
trapped tight
in my esophagus
wanting desperately
to venture forth
through tantalizing
whispers of the heart.
And somehow
I break through
that anxiety
and pour my soul
into your open arms
and you release me
making my fears dribble
out all over my pants and
all over my cheeks
in tears of joy.
You make me anxious
when I'm butt naked
and antsy like string beans
peeling their skins off
to reveal tiny round
little green seeds
not unlike peas.
You make my plant stems
and flowers engorge.
You make the sunlight
within me adored.
You are so kind and careful
by the way you carry
yourself full of warmth
and confidence and balance
and I feel an inability to express these physical desires seeming
endless in their tidings.
I always seem to keep my
sexual secrets to myself
because they are bottomless
and embarrassing beyond belief.
But your words seem to
release me and so finally
I can speak.
You are so open and sensual
by the way you observe me
and I find myself burning
alive inside
my guts all squirming
in loose knots  
trying to unravel
these trivial thoughts.
Still wanting to leap
the distance and smother
you with wet kisses
my body is burdened
by natural urges.
These animal instincts
that venture on purges.
You make me so lascivious
by nothing of your
own accord
by the way you look and gaze
deeply into my eyes
for moments at a time
never ending
this joy is never ending
but secretly
I wish I could open you up
enough to hear your
orgasmic screaming.
I wish I could satisfy
your insatiable need
and be able to pleasure you
instead of you pleasuring me.
This relief is somehow firm
and I've done a lot of freeing.
I ache to see your face
aroused and flushed
by something I'm not seeing.

#love   #heart   #lust   #flower   #soul   #joy   #sex   #nerves   #fears   #release  

I get on my knees,
Aiming to please,
Look in your eye,
And zip down your fly.

I throw you a smile,
Show you my style,
Your cock I take out,
And open my mouth.

I make like a fiend,
get on with my chore,
Look like a queen,
A blowjob machine.

I feel like a glutton,
I over indulge,
Pull back my head,
I wait to get fed.

I close my eyes,
and get a surprise,
My mouth it fills up,
When will it stop!

Time for a treat,
Something to eat,
Your cum I ingest,
Get some on my breast.

Finished my work,
I give you a smirk,
You say Im the best,
Now your obsessed.

Oral fun
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
2 days ago

I'm not going to lie to you -- this time
Your look is the gravity pulling me down
Body by self, smell hair in your armpits
Books on the shelf stare back, bare backs
Maybe stretched out, two queers in a fuck affair
could be lovers over distance, for instance
Rap time's door wanting to find love in there
We're both too busy. Fat by pelvic bones,
Butter on the hips, love means nothing
to the moment's dissent. Get your grip, too
a palm to the face a squeeze on a tit,
how does it feel up and down a woman with a dick?

You're smarter and harder than all of
my experience. Tattoos in ChiTown, pierced
lips -- upstairs -- sucking cancer on the waterfront
Who's carcinogen? Whose carcinogen crush
on a T with a blunt is worse than the other one?
I got plain Jane I got ground game
while you got the stratosphere. I got mono
You got amory. I want bite marks, I want red neck,
I want dinner of insides with a held head
I want four legs opened up
I want bodies shared in trust

I keep trying to shut this fucking voice.
It won't work
#gender   #sex   #town   #tattoo   #queer   #butter   #china   #roar   #emergence   #withheld  
2 days ago

Spread your passage of desire;
              Warm me with you heat,
              melt me with your fire.
              For  I am what you seek,
              you are what I desire.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #poet   #passion   #sex   #bdsm   #horny  
2 days ago

I am the pleasure that hides behind your walls,
seeping deep into your mind
like that of a woven fabric,
I am more comfort than habit,
your instinct is to need me,
like  the bite of something rabid,
you have to have it.
I am the light do your darkest
fantasies run rampant
like pigs in blanket
you want but you
won't have it
I am that desire
pressed firmly against the walls
of your empress of hotter than fire
holding back your wildfire
until your will, is a satire
and you melt into me
like molten matter
that rain drops
we weather
the peaks
of our

#love   #poem   #poetry   #poet   #romance   #sex   #pleasure  
2 days ago

Dip me
in your depths,
let me ravage you,
the way opposites do,
attract the positives out of you
and extract the negative attitude
got your reaching new altitudes
So hard, I stretching your latitude
on the beach, in the nude
the way we relate,
its all relative
no matter how you view.

#poem   #poetry   #poet   #happy   #sex   #beach   #pleasure   #horny  
3 days ago

The warmth
inside your crevice
makes me rock hard
as I unearth your depths
peeling back layers
searching your peaks
in sight of your crests
our chest abreast
so close I can
taste the warmth
on your breathe

#love   #poem   #poetry   #poet   #passion   #romance   #sex   #sexy   #quick  
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