Alex Negri
Alex Negri
6 hours ago

Behind the stories of old bad luck,
lay Lucifer and his surrogate beginning to fuck.
Draining every swamp of muck,
releasing the morbidly hunted buck.
You married the woman who carries the child,
Satans last son you are now in denial.
Swallow your pride this is not done in style,
we the people have brought our own trials.

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18 hours ago

Evil is the new good;
and truth becomes
hate speech.

iamthe_avatar ©2017

A poem for humanity.
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Benji Platski
1 day ago

Smoke hides a ghost in the empty chair
Of what was, what is, and what will be
No man can tell what lies behind
And to my senses I have become blind.

Singe the flesh of my lips with your flame
My troubled minds contain all your pain
Hidden in the tabernacle of the unholy
My everything, my all.
My one and only.

Love, hate, pity and joy
Gods that create and gods that destroy
Insensitive and cold they send their wrath down
"Hurrah! Hurrah!", They say as we drown.
But Dead and broken souls immune to emotions
Only Scoff with apathy at the horrible notions.

All great nations eventually fall
Why not the great nation of your soul?
Crumbling before corruption and greed
Insensitive to all human need.
For the best of mankind have the furthest drop.
And there is nothing you can do for the process to stop.

#anger   #betrayal   #evil   #fallen  
4 days ago

It waits for me atop the stair
An eerie presence from I know not where
I cannot feel it, when the sun shines bright
but I sense it as sunsets, It becomes the night

It shares the same space
the same air that I breathe
It's been here since childhood
It will never leave

I feel it behind me
I am seldom alone
Hot breath on my neck
It chills to the bone

I try to escape it
But It's become part of me
I created this demon
Now I cannot break free

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3 days ago

Tick Tock
You look at the clock.

5, 4…
till your at my door.

3, 2…
you know what to do

When you get to 1…
the damage's been done

#time   #evil   #demons   #insane   #villan  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
3 days ago

What is justified about you sitting there,
the devil's grin on your face,
when she is crumbling to the floor?
You touched her, moved her, forced her.
Now, she's gone.
She spelled it out for you
but your illiterate limbs moved on anyway,
and now her heart is disintegrating
from the horrors you put her through.
How did a boy like you ever
deserve a woman like her?

~~ Don't let them scare you. ~~
#fear   #man   #die   #hurt   #evil   #bad   #sex   #woman   #justice   #assault  
7 days ago

I had never once expected
A snake to be so beautiful.

Magnificent serpent, tempt me,
And I will succumb to you.
Show me the apple,
And I will bite it.
I will consume as much needed to please such a spectacular creature.

As long as you may call me yours,
I will be yours.
As long as you may say that you own me,
I will be owned by you.
As long as you may say that I obey you,
I will obey.

No amount of good nor evil may deter me from following the example you set.
No amount of kindness will assuage me,
Nor will it pleasure every desire, every fantasy.

I yearn for your punishment, your sin.
I desire the pain and disappointment that only you can give me.
And I fear that good will soon plague me.
Writing a letter to you, my dear,
And forever wishing you would receive it.

I cannot keep myself from your evil.
I cannot keep myself from sin.
But I find, lately,
That I do not care.
In fact,
I am chasing you.
You and your sin.

#sin   #evil   #bad   #serpent   #snake   #tempt  
Feb 17

Ashes and dense walls
Curled up spines and locked doors
Morbid carvings and bloody floors
Dark nights and gory flaws

Hidden from reality and tortured to death,
You eat other bodies and drink the blood of their last breath
You have become a monster, Satan’s child.
Insanity takes over, and not so mild.

Kicking and screaming
Punching and hitting
Scratching and cutting
Pain infliction and dreaded decompassion

Given up, trapped in a dungeon of despair.
It is disgusting and foul
Hollow and cold, it’s inside of you…
It’s your empty shallow soul.

#depressed   #evil   #demon   #soul   #angry   #starved  

If we were all such clowns we would actually understand,
that when fear is suppressed and called hate, is when war is disposed of.
Oh how ignorant of you to blame the Coyote,
who gave you life, and brought all opportunities to you.
The hierarchy should be based on trust... this is something that the Coyote knows.
I think you know.
As you scream in the wilderness, all profanities man has known.
Dare I say you care too much.(?)
About not caring?        perhaps?
It is just so strong, how could it possibly be hate alone?
no root of any tree, (evil or good,) can grow so deep alone.
Yet your hate sits there solitary in your mind.
And don't mind
The Coyote takes criticism to heart,
but it means nothing. he simply uses it against you.
Of course he would rather be a wolf, but what good is it to remind him of his big ears and short tail.
Especially when you lack any emotional balance.
He might seem weak,
but we can all ride on the Coyotes back.

Once he said, "I have no King but Caesar!”
And the Roman obeyed his command
Now instead he has become a believer

Once he watched him suffer a whip
And lusted for his blood to flow
Now it fills a grail for him to sip

Once he hid behind the garrison
He saw him fall on a stone road
Now he's become a good Samaritan

Once he had a hammer and a nail
And used them to fulfill a prophecy
Now he hears a mother's painful wail

Once he made a crown of thorns
He pierced his side and found only water
Now he makes halos out of horns

Once he moved a stone to seal a Tomb
He stood guard in front for Rome
Now he's born again from a holy womb

Once he was a doubting Thomas
Then he asked to see his hands
Now he believes the Lord's promise

Once it was he who would not repent
Until ashen palms blessed his skin
Now he fasts forty days for Lent

Once he was flesh upon this earth
And he was a sinner in God's sight
Now he wonders of his own worth

Once he dreamed that it was too late
And as he stood at the edge of his grave
Now he knows for whom he must wait

Just something I was thinking about; the dual nature of man within the Christian narrative.
#good   #evil  
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