Michael LoMonaco
Michael LoMonaco
8 hours ago

When you feel completely hopeless,
The rain is pouring down heavily,
Even though it’s a beautiful, sunny day.

Misery totally controls your life,
You are unable to see any light,
And finding the right path seems impossible.

If you are capable of sparking an inch of hope,
From an outside source or within yourself,
It’s possible to say that existence can improve.

What you need to do is push yourself,
To ignite that small sense of optimism,
Fighting for a route to finally find pure happiness.

Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
21 hours ago

If I died tomorrow, If I died today

What would you do? What would you say?
You speak of me in whispers while cry with a sigh?
Heart wrenching sobbing and wail over my death while my life leaves away?

What would happen if you didn't see me or heard from me ever again?
What was I to you? A lover, enemy, or friend?

Don't forget about me is all I ask
Don't forget me today
As I pass you by, can you see the story unfolding in my eyes?

Love, learn, laugh, and play, and remember life

A lesson we sometimes forget
Hold on to the good memories, cherish loved ones and keep them close or they might be gone from you from now, tomorrow, or worse yet, even today

So what now?


At last, we'll live in piece forever!
Four Horsemen will not ever walk
On Earth with sulfurous endeavor:
It's one past twelwe on Doomsday Clock.

The more we wished things were different
the more they surely stayed the same

Some know everything and understand nothing about you
while others know nothing but understand everything about you.

Not all poetry is melancholic
But all melancholy is poetry

To the
           Seed to
                 the Crop

One day-the talk of the Sailors, the next a wreck
a beauty of the universe and the next a Shrek
The king of the jungle today, a carcass tomorrow
from pinnacle of joy to an iceberg of sorrow

One moment you're a trodden road, the next forgotten
fresh and busking marine and then a fossil, you're rotten
this minute, a blossom of the garden and then a wilt
a rock of now that will be glaciated to mere silt

Even an Eagle soaring high in the sky gets to the ground
at some point, the found get lost and the lost get found
drums that rumble will someday go the limpid in a pot
you lack today but someday will find all you sought

Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
4 days ago

Why are we all just living to die
when we all should be dying to live?

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