I was definitely stuck,
With a combination of bad luck,
Having the urge to earn a buck.

This desire is an appetite,
One worth a gigantic fight,
Don’t care if it takes all night.

These dreams are hard to achieve,
But I still believe,
Willing to proceed.

Trying not to explode,
While breaking this difficult code,
Willing to do the workload,
All for this successful road.

[locked in the box, my secrets live a life]
schrödinger's cat, he sings, we shall never know his strife:
the simple insecurity to the infuriating situation
is pandora will release the demonstration.

[locked in the box, my secrets live a life]
following the maps of the mask of my disguise:
the complex representation of the infuriating situation
is that hope will diminish in a chaotic creation.

[locked in the box, my secrets live a life]
the graveyard is silent with the shredding of my lies:
the impending sensation of the infuriating situation
is that Sisyphus will parallel our little recreation.

But before the box is opened and the cardiac is broken,
a crossroad will be a p p r o a c                                  hing.
What hurts more? The thorns in motion/
                                or lack of map tokens.
Till then, the lies are never dead, nor spoken.

d.d. #69
- inspired by Lord Byron and E.E. Cummings.
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Popularity steers competition into unsafe borders,
As characteristics of adolescence is controversial.

Fighting for the ultimate acceptance,
Consuming drugs by peers sparking pressure.

Willing to sacrifice grades for fame,
Setting a harder path in an untold book.

The expansion of most friendships doesn’t exist,
As college tends to destroy bonds.

Since high school, I had limited friends by my side,
But they bled and expressed glory with me to this day.

Quantity usually leads to a flawed direction,
While quality consists of strength that last.

Choose a track with a future,
Instead of scenarios driven by deviance.

Always coming with a smile,
Substances are distributed by deception,
Manipulating the fragile soul.

Pressure paralyzes youths in the moment,
As awkwardness tries to dispel tension.

Agony is the flame which triggers addiction,
Trying to ease the horrors of mental anguish.

Denying the drug can be a strenuous assignment,
Fighting sinister forces mixed with complexity.

Knowledge will devise a plan for defeating temptation,
Assembling a foundation of awareness through logic.

Questioning values on issues of complication,
With defects sparking the fuse.

Morality is not always viewed in black and white,
As some principles have a grey area.

Not sure which trail is a greater cause,
Trying to discover the best course to virtue.

Frustration can detonate while finding ethics,
A journey which might require a long trip.

Your divided beliefs will have many external opinions,
Follow the avenue that will lead to divineness.

Sweat is produced by reason,
To achieve that point of results.

After strenuous miles on the obstacle course,
Fatigue stabs the nerves without remorse.

The body is bombarded by pain,
As cramps represent a threat to success.

Running with ambition on the track,
Risking safety by pride for the ultimate glory.

Self-discipline and good health will produce goals,
As recuperating on the sidelines can produce better outcomes.

I've walked roads you can never imagine
I've fallen lower than you might ever reach
I've fractured smaller more than you think
cried so much tears than you'll ever wipe
Taken more insults than you can bear
but that will never matter because
I am past the insults, that I can say
the tears are dry and am weeping no longer,
the bones healed and even stronger
I have learnt the path out of the pit and its stink
and well, my footprints are already lost in the dusty wind...
These roads taught me that no matter how dusty
your path maybe, the brush of persistence will always
get them shining again and that success rents
just at the end of the dusty road... So keep moving and
keep strong...

One lesson I took from my mother is,
always smile even at your saddest moment...
It may not be the ideal situation, but
being sad about it changes nothing...I will
always smile as I walk my every mile
after all the world will only but watch
while I cry alone, it'd rather watch me smile...
The other lesson is go as low as life demands,
there's so much for you to learn in the valleys
of struggle, most of which will help you
successfully hike the steep mountains of success.

Fighting wars over justification,
But are the fights a cause of reason?

Many conflicts claimed righteousness,
Even though evil intentions clashed swords.

If freedom can’t be won by the pen,
Good souls pick up blades to earn liberty.

Confrontations start by the struggles against imperfection,
Trying to survive everyone’s demands.

Survival is not from blood,
Surviving comes through forming peace.

h rivers
h rivers
4 days ago

A warmth overcame the chill
     in the softly lit room
It was as if, in a subtle and yet
breathless moment's pause ,
thoughts of love triumphed
        over loneliness

The midnight oil flickered ;
shadows dancing teasingly
The playful flame drew life
near the drafty window sill ,
within the invisible current
its awakening ether sphere

The rocking chair breaks the silence
creaking to the unconformity
of the unsteady flash of light
bequeathed by the burning log's cinders

In the silence of the peaceful presence ,
one chunk of green heartwood sizzled
like a beckoning voice from another realm ,
sputtering out into the timbre's pace ;
into a wordless respite of hushed solace

Embers smoldering  …  
as if they were trapped
in an arresting instant
of purposeful awakening ;
  striving to morph into
some unrealized reason for being

Just the serendipity of fate
    in a human sense ...
    In the right place
    at the wrong time
seeking some benevolence of purpose ―

The glow of the fire’s luminosity,
tantalized the back-lit profile ,
painting it’s shadow a simple pendulum's
undulation on the opposite wall

A dark silhouette exhaled a deep sigh
with the throb of the dark night’s nuance
The chair’s bent oak runners groaned
while dove tailed oak joints squeaked
with an impatient restless tempo

An aura emanating a soothing ,
  peaceful depth of reflection ;
expressions seldom understood
by those unwilling to look beyond
the seemingly nebulous colour
            of dark light

Thoughts flash with the pulse a beating heart
Day dreams manifesting like cinema
on the four walls imprisoning loneliness

Life's reveries,  a magnificent puzzle
even well into the long journey's epitaph ,
a reason to believe a moment's relevance
                                                       ­                 is more than randomness
dreaming good things can always happen ―

When you've looked for what seems missing ,
             and never found it ,
              ardently avowing ...
it does not mean it does not or can not exist

      Still striving to foment faith
in the eternal dream of forever beginnings ...

       Instead of finding your bliss
        ... let your bliss find you …

                                                              ­                         Harlon Rivers…

"So you save all your heartaches and your misery
Time ain’t got no worries rolling out to sea
I could have kept my heart on hold forever
until there was nothing left of me"  from: Its only water ― Gary Ogan

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