Spooky Babe
Spooky Babe
59 minutes ago

I wonder if your eyes still know me
I wonder if they'd recognize my face
I wonder if they'd water if they saw me
I wonder if I've even left a trace
I wonder if I'm in your veins
I wonder if you've gone insane
I wonder if you can still feel me
I wonder if you even miss me
I wonder if you wonder about me
I wonder if you wonder how I feel
I wonder if you even give a damn
I wonder if our love is even real

January 18, 2017 4:19pm for my love across the fucking world
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Maria Imran
Maria Imran
1 hour ago

You can't not miss them, it's not written in your fate
Your fate's an unlucky champ, got pain scribbled on its skin
So yearn - yearn for the moment that is never coming again
For a sense of togetherness which is now uncountable fragments
And hurt yourself, feel the flow... from your heart to your scalp, your nails, your intestines
Wait until it disarms you, disembowels you, and finally drinks you whole.

don't forget to write poetry though
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7 hours ago

all this time
i blamed myself
for being
when you thought
i should be
because it went better
with my eyes

now i am
a shade of
blue -

neither my
original self
what you want

and blue is the color
of depression.

Who is this girl chasing after a boy?
Darling, you are worth so much more
He has failed to see that

I know I can’t stop you
as long as the pain in your heart remains
you will follow the one who you think can fix it

But he is not the only source
there is a place of overflowing joy
A place where the truth prevails

In your Father’s arms
there is love everlasting
I hope you find it someday

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10 hours ago

I'm trying to create my own - wonderland,
a place where darkness is not allowed,
and heartbreak dies, as soon as it tries,
to open the door.
a wonderland where demons turn into loving fairy's, and start to take care of all the flowers I'm trying to grow.

I'm trying to create my own wonderland,
a place where I can be my purest self,
In the highest form of happiness.

a place where I just don't want to
escape from.

Brie Pizzi
16 hours ago

You say you make me the happiest but you forget that you also make me the saddest.

You say that if you love someone that much you should keep trying.

You say that you never meant to hurt me.

You say that you won't hurt me again.

You say that the fighting is behind us.

You say that this is the last time.

You say that if you make me that happy, I should just drop everything and be with you.

You say that you've changed.

But you're wrong.

Brie Pizzi
16 hours ago

you may be difficult to love but that doesn't mean you're any less deserving of it

he can break your promises

you can't force change

each time you love, you love harder

each love you have will be different, incomparable (but you may try to)

you create your own limit on forgiveness

he will help you see your beauty, but that doesn't mean when he leaves it leaves with him

love alone isn't enough

distance will affect a relationship

you will be gullible when it comes to love

love should not make you weak, it should empower you

head vs. heart is a real thing

boys will trick you into thinking they are genuine. When you discover they aren't don't blame yourself, leave

you can't force him to be anything more than what he is

people express love in different ways

time will pass, and you will still feel the same

keeping yourself busy will help, but not for long

one day you will wake up and it won't hurt anymore

he can love you, and still hurt you

you can love him, and still hurt him

not all relationships are meant to last

just because you haven't been alone doesn't mean you can't be

love should be selfless

he will make you angry, angrier than you ever thought was possible

sometimes it's easier to just forgive him, even though you know you shouldn't

you can love someone, and still break up with him/her

you can't control how you feel or who you fall for

sometimes staying will hurt you more than leaving

only your true friends will understand

break ups will show you who's really there for you

you will try everything in you to believe his words even though deep down you know they aren't sincere

sometimes we want what we want even if we know it's going to kill us

he will feel hurt, and try to hurt you back

you cannot grow too dependent on him because he can leave

never settle for anything less than what you deserve

Your mind may trick abuse for love

Sometimes old love comes back; that's not always a bad thing

Time alone makes you realize who you need in your life

Some nights will be good, others will be bad

Always go with your gut feeling

You pictured your life once without him, you can do it again

Don't drag someone along when you have no intentions on keeping them

Love doesn't always make sense

16 hours ago

Dont say sorry
as if it's going to make me feel better
dont say sorry
as if it'll make my shattered pieces come back together piece by piece
dont you say sorry
as if it's going to erase everything that we had
as if it's going to erase everything you've ever said to me
as if it'll make me stop crying late at night. sobbing. hurting. it hurts so bad and all you do is stand there and say sorry.
don't you dare say sorry
as if you regret
loving me.

how could you
17 hours ago

How many years had passed
Since my love has faded
Because of the great pain of our past

There are times that I was thinking
Will my heart can be able to go back  in its previous beat?
If the time between us is evading slowly

Is that so treacherous me the chance?
To let the tears, anger, and pain to be burried
But I can't do anything if Destiny is not in favor of me
All I can wish is to give me the person whom I deserve

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17 hours ago

This heartbreak
Unleashes the poet on me


i wrote a poem for you, even though i know that you will never read them
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