5 hours ago

I want to lay beside you
and hold you when you're uneasy.
I want to be there when you're cold
and hug you until you go crazy.

And when you're sad
I want to make you feel better.
And when you're mad
I want to tickle you into laughter.

I want to comfort you.

it's 6:30am but I'm going to sleep.
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Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
1 day ago

impending moments
which will define our future--
we have to hope all goes well--
trying our best to believe
that our lives won't delve into hell
with all that awaits--
yes, fear of the unknown
even though we are determined
to stand and fight
we know we're not alone
in this
that which we find to be your plight--

again it's back
with a vengeance this time--
and though we have a good team
it just seems a crime--
how many times, my love,
must we endure this fight?
I suppose the answer is clear to that question--
we'll do it over and over again
with all of our might
and we'll WIN and come out of this intact
We both know our love is the
bonding fact
that holds us together
through the worst (and best) of it all--
©Pamela Rae 03.29.2017

My true love faces major surgery to remove a mass on his lung next week. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as we fight our way back from yet another round with cancer. I know we will win--
our love is too strong to let the so called big C take him away from me!
Wishing you all blessings and good health always! ♥
#love   #battle   #fight   #cancer   #best   #together   #worst   #bond   #call   #win  
2 days ago

Fate stitched us together
Love sewed us a pattern
Every bit of me is
Threaded through you
Darling we are patch work
Cross stitched across boarders
Time has hemmed us to perfection
And we are
A master piece

I'm watching you sleep right now, you look so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you to tell you I love you. So I'm telling you here, I love you.
2 days ago

-you rip up your coffee cups after you're done with the drink just as an excuse to stay and talk longer yet the thought of spending time unchaining your fears fir the red in you to conquer them in groups of 2
-did you forget that you were once an artist who could move mountains into valleys just to brush the snow off them?
-whoever set fire to the blooming flowers you holistically grew in your heart was only doing you a careful favour because you never liked orange roses and now you're watering glowing daises that suit your vibe anyway
-brick walls aren't as blocked off as they seem but the cement keeps them together like the sky is willing to do for you
-stop picking apart the petals on peonies and maybe the stars will stop picking pieces of peace off of you

#peace   #peonies   #sky   #snow   #together   #pieces   #mountains   #petals   #valleys   #cement  

How's the bed you side of the pond?
Do you see figments of me when i'm gone?

Does it stay cold my side of the sheets?
Hate to think another's imprint comes in between.

Do you want more than to share the moon?
We were in orbit in your room.

Do restless nights make you think of us?
Our pillow talk and a little fuss.

I close my eyes; in another world,
our summer nights with the covers hurled.

You ask 'How's the bed your end of the sea?'
Its only warm when you lay with me.

Dark Jewel
Dark Jewel
6 days ago

Time goes by,
Fluttering in the breeze.
On the wings of a butterfly.

Gently caressing,
Smooth hair.
Red like fire.

She stares,
At her timeline.

Much to do,
More time to spare.
Less stress to be there.

Her hand in her mates hand,
They stare at the setting sun.
Looking into each others eyes,
They are home.

I see you in the mystic mist
Like a beautiful ghost in the field
Virgin white and a face made of bliss
Complete content with your sacrifice

I read about you in another writing
Although this time you live
This time you come out the other side
With a heart full of laughter and a joy full of tears

I dreamed I laid with you on a field
With a little dog and a basket full of food
We were laughing and happy and drinking something dark
And you were telling me I'm all you imagined

And I end with they lived happily ever after
Often as fairy tales and surreal stories do
Although I do believe one day we will be together
I make no promises, as promises often never come true

#love   #happy   #lover   #together   #blissful  
Adelaide London
Adelaide London
7 days ago

He holds her with his hands.
Kisses her on the cheek.
Loves her like no man ever before.

He said he wants to marry her,
take their kids to school.
He said he wants be next to her,
he’ll never lift his hand against her and will
never ever be cruel.

A blind man could see his love,
how much he loves
his woman
and how much her loves her heart.

So when they whisper their I loves you’s
and well-wishes
They do not see me watching
They do not not hear the thought,
for they are together in bed sleeping…

I wish I could be loved like that.

I wish I was loved like that :(
#love   #her   #him   #wish   #together   #outside   #loved   #couple  

I don't believe in love at first sight,
Because when I first saw you,
I never thought you'd be mine .
I just fell into your grasp,
Into your lips .
I always knew something this good wouldn't last .
If there's one thing i'm certain,
It's that my writing changed the day I met you .
And if I could go back,
I'd make sure my heart was out of tune .
I don't believe in 11:11 wishes,
But I know that since the day we met,
I've used every one on you .
I don't live by the rules,
I'm so used to being used,
But if there's one thing I know,
It's that I'm madly, unconditionally, dangerously,
In love with you .

#love   #lies   #her   #him   #you   #me   #together   #believe   #us   #forever  

You'll always be my entire world,
Even if you'll never be my girl.
You'll always make my heart whole,
Even if you never know.
You'll never be all I need,
Because you and I just cannot be.
You'll never make me cry at night,
Because I realized you're not worth the fight.
You'll always be the one for me,
Even if you're deadly.
You'll always make the end known,
Even if the beginning is shown.

#always   #her   #him   #you   #together   #never   #us   #forever   #deadly   #mine  
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