David P Carroll
David P Carroll
4 hours ago

Together Forever And Ever.
Grown old
With you is
A perfect dream
Holding you
Close is my
Passion loving
You for forever
Is all I can do
Forever with you
Is magical
Every day spent
With you is a
Perfect dream
Come true
I'm truly in love
With you
Forever and ever
I shall always
Love you.

Together Forever And Ever.
Always Love
#and   #together   #forever   #ever  
Crystal June
Crystal June
8 hours ago

Can't you taste my fear, my darling dear?
Isn't that the reason you're even here?
In your eyes, I disappear.
I'm sorry, who am I again?

#love   #fear   #eyes   #alone   #scared   #together   #gone   #identity   #identify  
13 hours ago

Every day
When we're together
I hug you
I hold you
I kiss you
I hold your hand
I cuddle you

But every night
When we're apart
I think of you
I dream of you
I draw you
I wish you we're here

And it all repeats itself
Every day
Every night
But it's okay
Because I love you

#love   #kiss   #life   #alone   #hug   #together   #apart  
1 day ago

sing me a song,
and i will sing with you.
i could sing my own...
but what would it be,
without you?

#love   #alone   #not   #you   #together   #song   #sing   #without   #with  
Ravanna Dee
Ravanna Dee
2 days ago

I've fallen apart so many times,
of course some of my edges are rough.

#hurt   #together   #heal   #cracks   #edges   #fallen-apart  
3 days ago

McKayla Rose, Tribute to her Love

(I helped)

"When I first looked into your eyes,
Each breath became a thousand sighs,
The air was filled with love bird cries,
That was the day I realized,

How much you truly mean to me,
Chemistry, our synergy
I want the world to finally see...
...How we love, in unity

Since I met you,
I have learned to love the light
You were my lamp in stormy darkness
The day that breaks the night

You showed me a mirror
And inside I saw glimmer
A small shard of hope
That with love began to grow...

...Now I want the world to know,
How I feel and and see where we go, Love swirling around like the blowing snow
Don't say a word just hold me close

And as the day turns into night,
Being in your arms just feels so right, The world is dark but our future is bright
But that's only for us to decide

A collaboration with former poet McKayla Rose. Without her this would not have been written
Anna Skinner
4 days ago

you taste saccharine
like an edge of sin
fermenting honey wine
on heady summer nights

you tend to linger
forbidden fog and shadow mirrors
midnight smoke trailing in your wake
London thunder and hurricane waves

a pair of clubs
the taste of sorrow in my blood
you're magnetic
soul tendrils entangle with mine
beyond crystal eyes

i crave someone with your unconditional flavor
something i can savor
in the high tide of your

5 days ago

I shadow touched the little being of light patterns..
Then something held my hand..
Then something spoke to me..
I felt the need to shadow touch them all..
Was I right to bring darkness to a world of nothing but light?
Was I turning into something wicked?
Nevertheless, I held both my hands out and shadow touched them all.
I heard all their voices, I felt all their touch.  

So many voices filled the room. All of which were thanking me for bringing them back.  I then wondered, "bringing them back from what?" I noticed that I could not see any of them.  However I could hear and feel them.  One of them told me, ' Will you walk in the light storm with us?"   Together we walked outside into the light rain.  Like me, darkness spread with every step they took.  Light rain fell upon us all turning into liquid shadow.  It looked as if the ground was bleeding darkness. The same voice spoke to me again. " Will you help us spread the beautiful darkness and find her? "  I felt this was right. I felt this was the true way.  I said yes.  Both my hands were being held.  Together our darkness spread.  Like a night sky filling in a day sky.  It was happening so fast.  It was beautiful..

No matter how fast light travels, it is greeted by darkness that has gotten there first.
6 days ago

I'll helm
Twisting my midnight switchblade
To somehow bruise the living space
To find it, will take less than a survey

I'll helm
With lips red and badly broken
Enveloped in doubt and omens
So we can be vastly interwoven

#space   #bad   #together   #distance   #awake   #entwine   #switchblade   #omens  
Julia Mae
Julia Mae
Feb 11

so here's to our new hearts
here's to our new start
here's to saying goodbye
to our ugly past which caused our wreck
here's to our new and purer love
here's to us -
because it always
must be

#love   #hurt   #goodbye   #new   #you   #me   #together   #us   #start   #forgive  
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