Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
9 hours ago

My heart is about
to leave, ready to ascend
then hover away

on the dusked wings of
her before my woe-hardened
rib cage could shatter

her. An exodus
of the chosen damned is her
new purpose to find

peace in the embrace,
the horizon's snowy clouds.
I would go after

her, but I'm rooted
here; this mandrake soil does not
let me depart, so

I let her set sail
and ask to be the very
sight of me; just to

watch over you while
you're about to blaze the new
path... From here, her bird's-eye view.

#love   #heart   #you   #path   #wings   #choka   #bird   #soil   #blaze  
16 hours ago

i. there is a soreness in my bones. a soreness not of bruises, but a soreness of existence. a soreness of all that i do not know, all that i do not have–and worst of all, a soreness of all that i am.
ii. wings are pushing themselves out of my shoulder blades tonight. they are ready to stir the stale air–past the lonely moon, past saturn’s rings, past the icy surface of pluto. they flutter, and i reach for the window.
iii. sometimes, i know myself so much that it hurts. other times, i am entirely empty.
iv. i wonder if it is possible, perhaps, to disappear. i am convinced that one day i truly will dissolve into stardust as i sleep. and i dream each night until then of the disenthrallment of finally escaping my skin.
v. i have planned my own death many times. each one is a narrative scrawled in desperation, a tale in loopy cursive–sick, sick wonderment.
vi. veni, vidi, dormivi.

(g.c.) 1/14/16
#death   #space   #night   #wings  

two things
we can give our children:
roots and wings

#children   #wings   #roots  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
6 days ago

While drifting along in a sea of doubt--
I happen to open my eyes
and look about
and realize
(to my surprise!)
I am merely
adrift on a sea of butterfly wings
so I sigh with delight
allow them to carry me
to far better things.
©Pamela Rae 01.14.2017

just a lovely thought to carry me to another
place and time...
Jan 13

I have finally brought back the blue skies and old sun to this Planet covered in a veil of sad eternal gray.  I have defeated an unknown enemy not of this world.  I have gained its power and soul.   As I transform into my dragon form I notice that my scales are made of sapphire blue light.   I take flight into the blue skies and farther beyond that.  I keep going higher and higher until there is no sound, until there is no blue, until I see the stars all around me!  
     I then see the old sun.  I am with the stars!  I begin to go faster and faster until the planet behind becomes a pale blue dot.  I am in the beyond.. My wings are made of golden light mixed in with dancing blue lightning.  I am a Star Dragon!  I can fly the light waves..  I can feel the suns feeding me power beyond.   It is endless!  It is eternal! It is so beautiful!

On first flight through the stars, Secalos finds a beyond that will never end!
#stars   #soul   #light   #wings   #dragon   #secalos  

Looking at the birds
Little girl thinks,

"How sweet it would have been
If I had wings."

Looking at the girl
Caged birds sing,

"No birds would be flying in the sky
If humans got wings."

#human   #birds   #wings   #cruelty  
aarvie angelica
aarvie angelica
Dec 24, 2016

She longs to spread
Her wings afar
And fly till its midnight
She longs to feel
Breeze of the winds
Caress her wings
And smother her soul
Dance among the clouds
Sneak around in sky
She longs to reclaim
Her birthright of freedom
And get food for herself
Find shelter in rain
She longs to live
A life without chains
Even if it means
She may lose
Her very life
But all she can do is long
For she is just
A bird in a cage

The birds don't belong in a cage, they belong to the sky.
Let them free, for they have right of freedom too.
#freedom   #sky   #fly   #wings   #cage   #bird   #winds   #chain   #birthright   #longs  
Johnny Scarlotti
Johnny Scarlotti
Dec 20, 2016

break the plums over face
i just don’t care anymore
what a gay day
snakes everywhere
stupid snakes
they donno anything

the sky is a
i donno
something i’ll come back to later

my wings are too much like arms
it’s not fair

i go down the waterslide
headfirst, on my back

the lifeguard yells at me

she dives headfirst after me
she grabs me
i flip her off

i am kicked out
and told never to come back

i walk up a hill
there is a couple drinking
in a blanket

they both say hello

i hiss at them

now it’s just me on this hill
looking down on this city

i run and jump off the steep side

try to fly again

wut up this is a poem from my new book  the bleach boys 2 available on amazon
aarvie angelica
aarvie angelica
Dec 16, 2016

Born on earth
Wings they grow
Once were humans
Angels didn't know

#heaven   #earth   #born   #angels   #know   #wings   #humans  
Dec 10, 2016

A fold here,
another there.
I straighten it's wings
to make sure they fly as far as they can.

I swing my arm back,
and let go.

I watch as the wind carries my feelings away.

I hope that the wind carries my heart to you.

i hope you catch my heart, jww.
#love   #poem   #feelings   #poetry   #heart   #paper   #fly   #wings   #planes   #airplanes  
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