Lunar Love
Lunar Love
1 hour ago

I like to dream of the day
I finally will be able to see you

But I feel like what we have now
is a dream
that I don't want to get out of;
a dream where I can continue
loving you without you knowing
I ever did

And what if we did meet one day in the future?
And what if you never saw me the way I saw you?
That is a reality i don't want to reach
―I'd rather be stuck in this dream alone,
no matter how lonely and one-sided this love is

―wjh, i must grow up and grow to leave you soon, but for now I'll let my heart dream in your hands
#love   #dream   #sad   #hope   #reality   #grow  
joshua ryan camp
joshua ryan camp
6 hours ago

then there was you and i finally knew
i saw with new eyes the waves crash on
and i was sure that i had died
and that death was much
than the life i once lived before we were
and then there was you and i felt the wind
i touched the hot flame and burned without
then tasted of fruit that never stop
then made love to you
my heart's beat bestowing

#love   #poetry   #passion   #pain   #hope  
Michael LoMonaco
Michael LoMonaco
8 hours ago

I was definitely stuck,
With a combination of bad luck,
Having the urge to earn a buck.

This desire is an appetite,
One worth a gigantic fight,
Don’t care if it takes all night.

These dreams are hard to achieve,
But I still believe,
Willing to proceed.

Trying not to explode,
While breaking this difficult code,
Willing to do the workload,
All for this successful road.

Charlie Wonder
Charlie Wonder
14 hours ago

It's spring again
The once forgotten jewels of nature are
spewing their life forces at me
At an harmless attempt to dance with ribbons brighter than a sunset on Venus it's self

No I can't argue the majestic mystery behind this beauty
But I won't forget what was sacrificed

Beauty and pain protect each other
Every rose has a thorn for its victim
Lured by the seduction

Ignorance is bliss
Love is pure
No speculation necessary

When I first saw them I saw my love
Her skin was soft and delicate balanced with the same color
How could God create her in harmony with nature
I thought as
My heart was pounding

I was lead there after following a golden stream
light from the Sun was just kissing the waters
Then I saw them
A blanket of red and pink scattered in the woods
Butterflies greeted me as I entered
It was a golden path of sunflowers
with walls made of honeycombs 

We would dance before I presented her the gift
A noble gesture and finally she asked

Why are you bleeding
The truth escape me at the moment
I didn't know but I leaned for a kiss

Every rose has a tale.
I hope you guys enjoyed.
Oscar Wilde included me on this one
#love   #peace   #life   #pain   #hope   #nature   #joy   #spring   #emotion   #suffering  

You have the momentum on your side
Keep at it and forge ahead
Enhance your mind always
And focus on your studies instead
The journey will challenge you
Let it build your inner strength
Move forward in a positive light
Brighten your spirits and do your best

#life   #hope   #inspiration  
Danielle Suzanne
Danielle Suzanne
16 hours ago

Pave me a path to the moon
I'll walk the whole way
Encouraged by the silver dust craters
and white light.

It looks to be a gentle place
A place to go to close your eyes
and exhale.
A place to go to
have your face touched
and heart filled.

On the moon
I will be peaceful.
I will revel in the
weightlessness of it all
and store that feeling in my heart.
Remembering it in moments
when I am feeling
crushed by the heavy earth.

In the meantime
while my path is being paved
I'll keep my moon dream alive
by late night star gazing
and keeping
silver dust in my pocket.

March 23rd 2017
#love   #moon   #hope   #stars   #escape   #tired   #dreamer  
19 hours ago

Years ago I met a boy.
Who became the man I followed across the globe.
Who became a boy yet again, years later.
Like a child painstakingly building a sandcastle all afternoon,
Investing time, love, affection,
He trampled me before the tide ever could.

I put New York on my keyring.
I carried the loss of that little heart with me everywhere.
I carried it with me into every chance encounter.
Into every lonely late night drive.
I carried that heavy weight with me in my pocket everywhere.

I'd reach my hand into the pocket of my coat.
The familiarity of its worn edges somehow reassured me with its loss.

But then came a glimmer of something new.
And I thought, maybe this little broken heart is only a memento after all--A token.
Maybe it's not completely broken.

Today New York fell off inside my pocket.
As if to say, "It's time."

It is the loss of a loss.
It's a relief--
The chance to gain everything.
And it's terrifying.

Am I safe in your hands?
Please, make sure this castle stands.
Make it a mighty fortress.
One with a moat.
Keep my wounded heart afloat.

19 hours ago

you are a star in a street-lamp sky burning fiercely amidst the dull monotony
in every universe we find each other
in every life i look up & see your light
& i smile
for i have been here before

#love   #sad   #life   #heart   #hope   #happy   #friend   #stars   #thoughts   #you  
1 day ago

Don't be defined
By what you don't want to be
For you were designed
To be more than you see.

Making a potentially adult idea into an almost playful, childish limerick is a way of normalizing an issue. It doesn't change the power of the statement, it changes its audience. There is not one best way to talk about something - there are simply ways we can try.
Esme Clarke
1 day ago

Oh! to let the sun reach through
  those glorious silver branches
As we tread bare through the
   white, cold ground, decorated in
         Silver tinsel.
Those golden fingers brush against
     the robin's bright, crimson chest
         as it hops one way and the other
Backwards; to and fro
     from the crunch the crystals create
    beneath our heavy, slow weight.
But, wait! listen
    to the silence
That winter-spring creates
    in its beautiful, foreboding hope
       for companionship and wonder.
How does it cope?
As others remain cooped in their homely
     little hovels,
And only we are there to keep it cherished,
     Forever and Forever.

#lonely   #hope   #winter   #companion  
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