Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
9 hours ago

आं लुबैयो बिरलांनो उदाङै
गां फुवारना दाउसिनबादि उदां गोसोजोँ-
हिमालय हाजोनि थिखिनियाव,
बर'फजोँ बुंफबनाय खोला मेरुआव।
आं लुबैयो बिरलांनो उदाङै
जोबोद गोख्रै मेंनाय गैयैबादि-
सोरांजोँ बुंफबनाय गोजोनफुरियाव,
रिथि-रिथाव ग्रह-नक्षत्रनि रायजोआव।
मुलुगनि गासैखौबो गुमुर संदान्नानै
मुलुगनि गासैनोबो फोरमायना होनो-
आं गोसो जायो लैथोमा सानस्रिनो,
जोबोद रंजासुला ना जानानै।
सिमां बुंफबनाय आंनि गोरबो गंसे
जेसेबां हास्थायो एसेबांनो सिमां-
नाथाय मोकथांआव गां गैया आंहा,
उदां अखोरांआव एसेबां बिरदावनो।
लैथोमाजोँ बुंफबनाय गंसे मुलुग
होँगो-दोँगो रंजानायजोँ बुंफबनाय,
बेवहायनो आं रंजायो लोगोसे।
एखमबा गावदां जायो अखाफोर
एखमबा बियो खोमसियाव थाखोमायो-
दिनै रंजानाय गाबोन गाबनाय,
बेसेबांदि गेलेनाय आंनि जिउआव बिनि!
थेवबो थांनानै थानो लुबैयो बेबादिनो
मिनिनाय आरो गाबनायनि गेजेराव,
बेसेबा मिजिँ आरो सिमांजोँ-
आं लुबैयो बिरलांनो उदाङै

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11 hours ago

The darkness of the void seemed forever
Loneliness was the best friend I did not pursue,
yet he chased me down and enclosed me in his personal prison
I screamed,wept,wailed,and scratched
yet I could not escape and the marks made a show on my body
Loneliness leave me be and let me breathe
Why is this so impossible to find one who is perfect for me
Not perfect in word and deed,but one who understands me
and I them
I am tired and weary,will I find true love
I only want to love and be loved
through my scars to healing
Wait for me my Love and I will wait for you

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Do not throw your life away
You have a lot to live for
Just get off of those streets
That is for sure
Nothing but terrains and trivails
Along with lots of trouble
Get it all together
And move on the double

#life   #hope   #darkness  
Yosef Amaryahu
Yosef Amaryahu
15 hours ago

A lot of  people maintain an image
Just to feel apart of the percentage
Of the elite
Fuck them bitches they can't compete
When the revolution begins
They'll be on they feet
Beggingin pleas
Worried about Donald Trump nigga please? At ease
With the bullshit you stressin
I got a Smith n Wesson
For their nerve testing
Intellects at the strongest
Clique the longest
Muthaphukas waiting in guise
Right before yo eyes
You'll see a surprise
Folks going crazy minds are too lazy
Laughing at these critics
Cuz they words don't phase me
FBI I know you got the PIs
Watching the shit I say
Bitch I'll die for this
And if you gotta problem
You can duck a sick
Get mixed like guns to ammos thAt click
Cuz I'm on a verge to peel
Muthaphukka it's a kill at will

Everybody jumping locin
Up puff clouds
I be smoking no chokin
Only bitches chokin
Is them bitch ass politics
With there brains open hoping
To escape the pain and misery
But bitch I'm revengin for
What ya did to me or he or she
My black indian  ancestry
Gave me the skill to kill
Jumps made on Capitol Hill
Tales from hood ain't never
Been so real
Forget the double negative
Murders an imperative
As dark angels be yo damn narrative
Now jump in yo casket see
And take a picture for the cemetery
I see ya eyes wide open
Windows of soul is the token
Feelin' fear fear of the unknown it's shown
Throughout the way
Ya played in the war zone
Once we bust back imagine that
You had us for five hundred now
We busting back mad cuz I'm black
Got paperstacks
Upping my figures so I can get triggers
We all about the gun play
So fuck what you say
Its day of the mad Hebrew
Circlin' yo communities
Takin yo souls away

Last of dying breed
Indeed evils feeds greeds
But I still planted my seed
We multiplying
While racist prejudice politics dying
And liberals are bitches too
Red white or blue
They all on the same team
Extracting each one of our dreams
Yeah n they say you can have a piece of the pie
But when I look in sky I see lies
Sin burying inside of sin
We so deep within
Can't make amends til the fin
I'll be true til I die
Black n Hebrew so don't ask me why?
I act like this talk like this
You bitches mad me like this
Talking ludricous
Reservin yo number spot
For yo burial plot
Licking my shots smokin pots
Infrared dots
Aimed at the crown of yo dome
Addin' chapters to my tome for real
then it'll b a kill at will

Fuck you prejudice bitches suck my black dick til the pigment come off
Stella Matutina
Stella Matutina
20 hours ago

Dear Dad,
I know you didn’t mean to.
All those times you enabled her,
Stood aside while she verbally abused me.
I know it isn’t what you wanted.

Dear Dad,
I don’t want you to feel guilty.
I hide my pain,
The demons that haunt my sleep.
I’d take on both our struggles,
If it wouldn’t be in vain.

But Dear Dad,
You had troubles too.
Mom was not the only enemy,
There are two villains in this story,
And the second one isn’t me.

Dear Dad,
They say you love me more than life,
That if it came down to me or her,
It would be me every time.

But Dad,
Can’t you see,
That sentiment for me,
Is hard to believe.

You stood by while she tore me alive.
Instead of getting me out,
You passed down your skills of survival,
To appease,
To let her take over me.
Let the sneers and suffering happen,
Survive the incident,
Recover later.

Dear Dad,
You can tell yourself what you want,
But I was shoved to the forefront of our family.
All of our dysfunctions,
Our problems,
They were placed on my shoulders.
Along with hopes,
I was pressured to succeed,
In school,
In sports,
In life.

But Dear Dad,
My role as a daughter was to grow,
Become my own person.
You guys never wanted that,
You still don’t want it.
You need me to distract you both,
From your own shitty marriage.

Dear Dad,
That is not what I’m here for.
You had me convinced,
When I was 12,
That I was not enough.
Would never be enough.
But when the cuts began,
And the depression sank in,
I woke you up.
Sent you to get help.

Dear Dad,
Therapy wasn’t what you anticipated.
You wanted me healed,
But I haven’t healed.
I haven't healed at all.
My physical and mental scars,
They’re still there.
They’re mended,
But I’m far from healed.
I have a chip on my shoulder,
That is growing day by day.
And now you both want me back,
Want me to be the glue,
That holds you both together.

Dear Dad,
I will stay around,
I want to save you,
Help you.

But Dear Dad,
I will never become a prisoner in that home again.
Those walls that were supposed to be comfort,
They disguise a jail cell.
You can’t trap me there again.
You’ll call me unhinged,
But you can’t gaslight me into disguising the truth.
You won’t trap me again.
I won’t allow it.

So Dear Dad,
There was a time I wanted to save you both,
Thought I could make us a family again.
We will never be a family again.

Dear Dad,
I know if it is her or me,
She wins every time.

But Dear Dad,
I’m not giving up hope.
I’ll fight for you,
Like I had to fight for myself.
And maybe,
Since you didn’t fight for me,
You’ll fight for yourself.
Maybe I can teach you,
Not how to placate,
But to survive,
And make your own way.

Because Dad,
If you stay in that house,
Let that abuse continue,
We’re all going down,
And I don’t think I’ll have it in me,
To stay aboard a sinking ship,
Destined to sink below the waves.

Open Letter to an Enabler in a dysfunctional family.
#love   #abuse   #father   #hope   #mom   #dad   #demons   #family   #save   #struggle  

Do you believe in you?
even at times,
when you think,
you don't have you.
Majority of the time,
you don't.

it feels like,
you don't have,
what it takes,
to pull through.
so you discount yourself,
and just lack the faith,
to get through.

Do you believe in you?
especially when you have,
no one around you.
you feel alone,
there is no one there,
to hold you,
to tell you,
that this is just a moment,
where you need to believe,
in you.

All you have is you,
so don't be afraid,
to leap on any stage,
and tell the world,
"i'm not afraid"
because all i have is me,
but thats okay.

So, believe in you,
at times when your doubt,
has you.
its you that will get you through
even if the world can't.
so believe in you.

#love   #life   #hope   #happy   #believe  

the green cloth, held
in a new wind--let the birds
come again

#love   #hope   #solace   #rest  
1 day ago

Where wishes are made
Dreams are remembered
Truths are told
And we believe there is hope

23:11, 02.10.16
#short   #hope   #dreams   #night   #wish  

These lonely, driving nights
A teal blue sky fades to black
A dinner plate moon
Hanging crazed in the sky
I feel strangely full
Like I can go anywhere
On the fuel in my heart

February 17, 2017
#peace   #moon   #hope   #sky   #driving   #infinite   #full  
1 day ago

Over and over
I have felt the love that sets a heart free
Over and over
I have felt the hurt that cripples
Over and over
I have built myself back up again
Over and over
I have tried to be optimistic
Over and over
I have given love one more shot, and then I'm done
For real this time

How many more times will I repeat this cycle?
Over and over until I die?
How many more times can I restore my heart?
Over and over until I run out of glue, cement, and paint?

All I want is to be done.


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