6 days ago

If it's empty does it grow?
Earthless roots reaching out
Floating idly, belly up
Dreaming in a glass of water
For rich, dark soil
A sky with no roof
Freedom beyond walls
and the sun without a window

Missing the sun so much.
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7 days ago

This long and earthen road
mud and dusty roadside weeds
flanked by crows and slim carrion
my body knows the way and my dog the scents
of mailbox to mailbox and eyes out for rabbits
both in our quiet companionship
winter’s breaking in this town

water kicks into my shoes
but that’s okay
whatever to feel like childhood
and my sad Mary memories

I watch a sepia ghost on my peripheral
she stands by the pond, murky
stops and stares
and I stare back
without manners

and back at home,
the rafters creak
and I’m surrounded by woodburner smell
and stripped down to my underwear
I let my back burn on the crisp heat
and tuck into my books.
the saints and kerouacs speak softly.

#up   #growing   #childhood  

Found your heart in a stone
As I was walking near home
On a beach that was made out of glass
I remember the grief in
You trying to teach me
That moments just couldn’t last
And though we had many
The moments of plenty
They never were going to ring true
Does it matter at all now
I never found out how
There was love in the meaning of you?

‘Cos you lived in a world
That had always been turned
By ambition and ambition’s plans
You had always been deaf to
Those trying to test you
Speaking aloud with their hands
But If there is love in meaning
It is all about leaving
And fire will always burn cold
And the singing of songs
Is where sadness belongs
When Truth is a heart turned to stone

Take the heat from your eyes
Where it never looked nice
And use it to keep yourself warm
I am safe from you stealing
The best of my feelings
My beaches will never be yours
And though there are reasons
To know all of love’s seasons
I like it now winter is done
Along shorelines of glass
I am learning to laugh
By holding you up to the sun

And if life is a maze
I will walk it with grace
And not try to take it with greed
Though I will not forget, love
Those times were the best of
Our bravest attempts to be free
Your heart is a stone then
I’ll take it back home then
To keep as a archive of truth
It can’t hurt me at all now
To at last come to know how
There is love in the meaning of you.

A Song of sorts ... sung to the metre of 'To Ramona' by Bob Dylan (almost) - The first time I learned a chorus wasn't necessary.
#love   #growing   #memory   #healing   #maturing  
Mar 14

I was always fascinated by echoes,
Even long before I understood them.
To call out for help, and finally have someone respond,
Now that was a miracle in my naive eyes.

When I got older I traveled more.
I explored new places with hills and valleys.
The echos stayed constant, they always responded.
The echos brought me false comfort, and I thought they would keep me alive.

Now I have led myself into a cave.
The echoes are louder here, yes,
But they do not bring me comfort as the once did,
The echoes leave me as cavernous as the place I stood.

A droplet of water falls from the ceiling as a tear runs down my face.
Boulders fall as I collapse in on myself.
Because as I stood there listening for echoes,
I realized I would rather hear your voice instead.

#love   #heartbreak   #empty   #hurt   #growing   #cave   #echoes  

As the grass grew
I cut it
I didn't think about it
I just shaved it

Have you ever been outside?
It's slow.
Have you ever seen the grass?
It's slow.
I watched the grass for an hour today.
I didn't see any change.
Yet somehow the grass kept growing
Just to get cut down on saterday
Because when grass stops growing,
It dies.

Every week when i cut the grass
I looked in the mirror
I shaved my beard
I didn't see any change
Weeks whent by
I didn't grow
Am i alive?

Shitly worded feel free to take the idea and make it better. Just link me in the desc. if yours and link me yours in the comments of this
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When do wishes become weeds?
When the roots are rotten.

Mar 7

What makes a person insane?

Is it my  bipolar unmedicated father or my mentally ill manipulative mother?

What makes a person insane?

Is it that time when I was five, and my nephew and i did the things we didn't think were wrong, but learned the truth all too late.

What makes a person insane?

Is it the lack of communication, or my love of isolation?

What makes a person insane?

Is it that i hide who i am, because my mother already manipulates it and my father would disown me.

Is it that i love her? And yet i continuously fuck it up?

Is it that i am trapped in a limbo of lies, deception, and fear?

Tell me, am i insane or am i just a little queer?

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Mar 3

Let's play pretend, and be someone else for a day.
Well run through halls, while our thoughts fly away.

Lets play pretend while we still believe it is true.
While the fake princess's are many, the real ones are few.

Lets play pretend, and at least try to believe.
That our imagination is real, and happiness is something we can achieve.

Pretending is easy because its something inside,
Pretend is easy if only we felt alive.

This is the first time I've play with repetition, and sort of a constant rhyming flow. Any feedback would be awesome!
#up   #dreams   #reality   #escape   #growing   #pretend  
Feb 26

I'm in a beautiful place,
a place where the wind blows and the people smile,
the trees sway and time flies.

I am where I thought I wanted to be,
then what is this crushing feeling that won't let me breathe?

i wanted to leave home, but now i miss it so dearly
#love   #life   #home   #up   #beautiful   #rhyme   #growing   #sick   #umrika  

The worn and plush blanket
The one you recognize from childhood
Back then it was new
Softer than a feather
Wrapped around your tiny body
Enclosing your soul in the warmth of darkness
Protecting you from the thunder above

The worn and plush blanket
Tattered and old
Fond memories of laughter
Ease their way into your mind
You wrap yourself in the pilly fabric
Blanket yourself in the memory of youth
It’s the closest thing to time travel
Recalling memories that plant a new smile
Which will soon become a memory itself

#love   #memories   #old   #growing   #childhood   #laughter  
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