2 days ago

I'm in a beautiful place,
a place where the wind blows and the people smile,
the trees sway and time flies.

I am where I thought I wanted to be,
then what is this crushing feeling that won't let me breathe?

i wanted to leave home, but now i miss it so dearly
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Gretchen Lynch
Gretchen Lynch
3 days ago

The worn and plush blanket
The one you recognize from childhood
Back then it was new
Softer than a feather
Wrapped around your tiny body
Enclosing your soul in the warmth of darkness
Protecting you from the thunder above

The worn and plush blanket
Tattered and old
Fond memories of laughter
Ease their way into your mind
You wrap yourself in the pilly fabric
Blanket yourself in the memory of youth
It’s the closest thing to time travel
Recalling memories that plant a new smile
Which will soon become a memory itself

#love   #memories   #old   #growing   #childhood   #laughter  

a letter in messy script
a script with too few hits
a hit with too much smoke
a smoke with too few drags
a drag with too much hope
a hope with too few moves
a move with too much step
a step with too few directions
a direction with too much detail
a detail with too few truths
a truth with too much love
a love with too few touches
a touch with too much hand
a hand with too few shakes
a shake with too much promise
a promise with too few pinkies
a pinkie with too much trust
a trust with too few people
a person with too much love
a love with too few words
a word that never made it past a letter
a letter that told it all
everything, that never got sent

#love   #trust   #writing   #growing   #idk   #prose   #build   #random   #freeverse   #jmk  

slowly going crazy
twisted and burnt
two different faces
one charcoal soul

sizzling and blazing
crackling in the mud
I've been tainting lately
all I touch and learn

falling out of grace
beyond forgiveness
I return
into the ashes of my days
my heart is now the urn

my deepest smiles are cuts
into the flesh of joy
I need to learn the art of healing
before it's all destroyed

(Tr)aveling w(i)th the younger I
With her on your back
She gazed at intricate diamonds of the dark.
Never facing an ounce of (um)brage.

With age, her knowledge flourished
Growing from the water of your trunk
Her brain was nourished with ex(p)erience
Following in your trail

Strengthening over time
She (ha)d no i(nt)erest on your back
Nor the night sky
Rather clouds and the outside
Away sh(E) wa(l)ked from your shadow
With your trunk raised high

Lions and crocodiles swarmed her on s(e)a and land
With no trunk or tusk
Adrenaline rushed
She shook in nerves til dusk

Continuing days with no shade
Skin cells accepting harsh sun rays
With the storm of your stom(p)s
She awaited your presence
(h)yen(a)s laughed as you came
Splattering blood on your name

You laid with your wheel
As she wailed with no trunk
She wept
For you sculpted her i(nt)o who (s)he was

Long, Long down the road.
Buying from an old bookstore
Finding a binder filled with the Royal Animals

Turning the first sheet
She noticed a stamp
Reminding her of her stuffed friends
Triumphant  Elephants

A "hardcore" poem of a stuffed elephant who goes through life with this once little girl

We only cried once a year

I saw the flower we cried on grow a little more
But you just looked at the rest of the flowers
And thought about the drought

Ava Bean
Ava Bean
Jan 30

If I was a garden
You would've been my compost
Because you were shitty
And you stunk
But you still made me grow so strong and tall and beautiful.
I have blossomed into a new woman.

I have learned from this, no matter how much it stinks

Growth is necessary
#flower   #change   #garden   #growing   #growth  
Jan 28

It's a funny thing;
The essence of survival,
Breathe a last breath
Others gave you and feel,
Try to feel
Stretch your arms out
And feel the open air.

I met a man,
And grew with him
He went were I went
And looked like me, like lines of me
His silhouette was my shadow
And I grew to fit him, like worn shoes

Somebody asked me, that day
What I'm passionate about
Survival, I suppose
But I lied, like always,
Truth found me long ago,
But when I find a little more
Like gold buried in montains of green
Of bedrock and mystery, thick-headed and sorry
My hands get weaker
My fingers slip,

Say goodbye to me, every day
It's appropriate
I'm learning something new each time I see you
And I'm becoming nebulous, cloudish
As if whispers don't fit me anymore
Nothing much does,
I'm something dark now
To a younger me.

He said I love you my skin
As his nails caved in to my back
I tasted the lies upon his lips
But felt every word honestly

He said I hate you on my chest
When he pulled the dagger out
It was the truth I didn’t want to hear
But my ears got closure from the sound

The flower I thought I was in his garden
Didn’t match his universe
I was wilted and he grew out of this world

As he plummeted his verbal weapon through me
My rotting self began to feel true growth
Your universe does not involve me because I refuse consumption
Because I have my own universe
And without you I am able to explore space
Because you gave me so much of it
I am venturing out

#love   #self   #poetry   #space   #him   #universe   #growing   #growth   #grow   #thankyou  

A tire swing
with broken rope
Blackberries left on vine
A walking path dense with grass
forgotten bright sunshine

A rusted bike
empty street nearby
A park with no one there
Endless hours of breezes blow
without someone to care

Trees unclimbed -- rain puddles still
No splashing to be heard
For long ago the children grew
and other than my aching heart
Now nothing is disturbed.

#memories   #growing   #youth   #child  
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