3 hours ago

I look in the mirror and see my depressions reflection

I don't know how to live when my minds divided sections

how can I take this sadness and hide it so the world can't see

I've been living in darkness talking to myself in the streets

I ask myself " hi how are you doing?" no one replys so there must be something wrong with me

I'm my only friend and these thoughts of death are always haunting me

how can I be if I cannot see
if I cannot breath

I've abandoned the word believe
I'm forever doomed in routine

destined to be an alcoholic
all from family genes

these jeans of sadness are starting to rip at the seams

and though it seems at times I'm doing better and doing me

I'm really not it's all make believe

I wish I could change the past
I would I could alter my dreams

my life is filled with sadness
this is my reality

I wouldn't mind if my fate pushed me to a fatality

my mind is lost in space
my heart is floating, no gravity

every night I talk to me
I think I'm losing my sanity

I feel so alone
even though I have family

I don't need a friend, when I know what's lyes inside of me

I'm an outcast I don't fit in society

I've given up on being sobar,
I've given up on sobriety

all of my confidence is leaving
my body along with rest of me.

you need a loser in your life?
recook me I am the recipe

I am no good
please dont stand next to me
I thought I at least had a grip on who I wanted to be

there's a difference between want and a need..

this is the truth and honestly I am lost psychologically

there's a price for the time you waste

I'm paying for it with honesty

this world doesn't need another me

almost had a child but she lost the seed

I'm losing my soul,  my body is for the world to keep.

I have lost my spirit, I needed someone to come and rescue me

I'll tell my reflection he can rest in peace.

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To hand is a Miss, who finds solace in me,

Then yet, why can I not stand of condolence to thee;

She whispers in my ears, fragrant airs of symphony,

Drawing nigh, the passion of my soul to the lure of dearest’s epitome.

My heart nurtures the budding warmth of the Miss’s beckoning hymn,

As the sunlit passion of our enkindled love grows dim;

You rouse the sheer nature of my once disguised dismay,

Before sorrow seals my soul and life drifts absent as it lay.

Laced gracefully upon her I see an Angel come utterly unto heaven,

And the beauty of her mind whelms the flames of my desire,

As I dream of her silk skin upon mine, unveiled of attire;

Still my eyes are yet to see the Miss’s truest form given.

I patiently wait in the deep of my blistering parched passions,

The day she will reveal herself to consume me in everlasting compassion.

Dreams of a woman who I await to meet and embrace forever.
#love   #dream   #life   #heart   #passion   #yearning   #mystery   #comfort  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
7 hours ago

You kiss me in the darkness,
an you save me in the light,
I guess I'm gonna need it,
if you take me in the night,

I want to gently caress you,
to caress your beautiful face,
I want to caress your beautiful body,
and then again I can retrace,
and take myself,
back to our most special place,
I am so comfortable,
in our sacred and beautified space,

I love the yummy sounds you make,
as I touch against your softest skin,
we're moving together there as one,
it mustn't be- to love a sin,
let us do this now,
and then, let's do this all again,

You tip me back caress my neck,
an take a
n i c e ...
oh what the heck,
I close my eyes again,
an return me to my bliss,

Where I dream about you again.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Inspired I think...
#poetry   #passion   #dreams   #ink   #lover   #sexy   #whynot  
Alex's Pipe Dreams
Alex's Pipe Dreams
13 hours ago

seeing you there
smooth skin, long neck
reminds me I still care
about all the pretty things
i'd forgotten were there

and so, tiny flower,
with the biggest heart,
if looks could kiss
our lips would never part

#love   #kiss   #life   #passion   #lust   #beauty   #lips   #kissing   #pretty  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
15 hours ago

You are a spectrum of danger,
thrown out on the battle field,
a molecular dark riding ranger,
and it's not like a fire,
or a sword that you weild,

A molecular biology occurring in dark,
I can't think in this way,
a bonding of agents-
to fuse from a spark,
creating raw chemistry,
it's why I want you to stay,

Microelectronicmechanical bits spawn,
under such dangerous conditions,
I eagerly anticipate the coming of dawn,
my knees fall weak again,
as you break down more inhibitions,

Sweetly I just can't resist,
despite all the effort I give,
I tip my neck back - as I enlist,
and relish the moment occurring,
an still I hope that I'll live,

No way to fight in this passion,
no one else to come rescue me,
been too long with a ration,
a twinge of unhinged desire,
I close my eyes,
adjusting to see,

It's a magnetism in chemical vibration,
from lack of sweet frequency to come,
an even from deep satiation,
I inhale a last - b r e a t h,
as all my defenses- undone,

I open my eyes an you're gone again,
along with the shining of sun,

As I lay covered - head to toe
in your weaponized Smartdust.

Ma Cherie © 2017

I guess about weapons of mass destruction lol no really about passion...
Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane
1 day ago

As I gaze into the world
I see more than eyes can see
There’s a beauty flowing surely
Through hidden veins within each soul
My own beating heart cannot escape
That special blood that burns for transparency
All it takes is the clarity of a simple step
To break out the confined colors of my spirit
Looking in the mirror, I see a fleeting image
It holds little weight as I grasp it for a moment
I only tune it for the grander picture
My physicality renders itself to my heart’s will
The warmth in a precious moment
Revives my inspiration for today
But my artistic passion has a hunger
That I feel so strong but can't be quenched
So, for this love I continue seeking
To even further depths of who I am
I always find a different place to unlock
And set myself free to sing the imprisoned song
Dance is the hidden language of my soul
That I must express with every measure of me
It’s who I was, who I am, who I’ll always be
If I should stifle the flame and fall silent
It’s like the sweetest dream that was never dreamed
Like a dire prayer without the faith to be prayed
Like a true love that wouldn’t be sacrificed for
Like an anguished tear that wasn’t allowed to fall
Though I must nurture and understand this voice
Before I let it go and the first chord is rung
Courage and vulnerability need melding together
As a tool forged in brokenness not perfection
Pain is just an old friend that holds my hand
Strengthening while reminding me of my humanity
When frustration winds itself around me
I won’t be hindered in pursuing higher goals
I know that no symphony can carry on forever
I only hope that what I create and leave behind
Is a clear, beautiful melody amidst the world’s complexity
That shows how meaningful and worthwhile is the journey
To be a dancer

#love   #passion   #art   #ballet   #dancer   #create   #artist   #whoiam   #ballerina   #tobe  
Jyoti Yadav
1 day ago

You say Black is Dark, I say black is Bright.

You say Black is scaring, I say black is daring.

You say black is bad, I say black is good.

You say black is evil, I say black is civil.

Black is dark, that’s why it makes us bright,

Black is dark that’s why we know the light.

Black is bad because we are sad,

Just be happy and see black is glad.

Black is scaring, because we are fearing,

Just be strong and see black is daring.

Black is evil, because inside us is devil,

Adapt the goodness and see black is civil.

Life is a slope, and then black is the hope

Fight hard and then come to the top.

Black is learning, black is a LESSON,

Absorb the struggle and come with PASSION,

Be black because black is a FASHION.

~Jyoti Yadav

Please read and review my poem.
#love   #fear   #life   #passion   #fight   #strength   #inspiration   #color   #motivation   #bright  

The hourglass is turned over,
Time is ticking,
Heart is beating.
What will be our fate
When we finally glide past the moon, up to the stars
We don't even care about time,
Let it fly by.
Because the sensation of 1 simple smooth heartbeat
Can last minutes,
There will be no finish cause time froze at the highest peak of the second.
This one of a kind feel,
This girl
Has sealed
This once broken heart.
With every moment
I spend
My heart starts to beat for unlimited feelings.
Time is ticking,
1 sand drop,
2 sand drops,
3 gun shots to my heart
Which I would never thought be affected by, time.
My mind was combattled with a great feeling that lasted a millimeter of a second.
She played around, confused.
But somehow, I thought patience
Would lead on to eternal life with you.
Behind every truth &' lie
I realized, that you wasted my time..

#love   #passion   #time  

do not resent me
you were the one
who did not want me
in the first place
I feel no need to censor myself
at the convenience of your comfort zone
throw me no more bones
this is not a race
time for me to save face
you simply get
what you give
I only ever wanted you
now here we are
moving on, forgetting you

Elissa Deauvall
Elissa Deauvall
2 days ago

She walked the trails
with a grace
only she could master

The sun shined
a little harder
every time she smiled

The birds sang
a little louder
every time she laughed

Her words
had enough power
to move mountains

She got lost in her thoughts,
I could tell because
her eyes lit up a bit more

She saw beauty
in everything
even in me

Adventure called her
and her heart gladly answered

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