Ria Mo
2 hours ago

I am not your pusher
I am not your whore

I will not stand aside
and hold the door

While you climb
and push me to the margins:
     • skip my footnote
     • ignore my humanity
     • take the credit
and more

I will not sit back
(hide my pain)
While you continue to
Slander my name
(steal my flame)

A desire for:
You fake.

My fire/my heart
Our creations/our art
You take.

Though I was born through
the dust and ashes of fallen stars,
I walk behind my equals
And I am treated like property.

Only I know my true power.
I have the power
To bite my tongue
And play along,
To sit on a shelf
And keep to myself.

I am only wanted for my beauty.
Constantly changing to
Keep up with trends,
Starving myself to fit in the mold,
Denying myself what I want,
Sometimes cutting my wrists with the knife
Because I can’t become the perfect wife.

I can only be so powerful for so long.

I speak up.
I open my mouth,
Cut my hair,
Wear what I want,
Because I don’t care.
It doesn’t matter what they see;
I will be what I want to be.

‘Cause I remember being wanted,
feeling fearless and undaunted
by the task placed before me.
Now all I do is sit under trees,
thinking about how this once perfect world
has become so unfurled;
how this world is so tilted
and kindness has wilted-
so much so that a compliment
has become so complicated.
that everything is a come on,
and we must keep an eye on
the hems of our dresses
and our beautiful tresses
in order to keep the boys happy.

Women deserve more
Than becoming a total bore
To prevent being called a whore.

Women deserve to live
Without having to give
Their life away
To make the men stay.

written for my sophomore english class
#girls   #feminism   #women  
VD Lee
2 days ago

She is brighter than the sun
Hotter 'cause she knows what she wants
Don't need men to get things done
'Cause fiery ladies are savants.

Try to harass her
She'll spit back flame
Call her a slur
She'll leave you with shame

No one can invade her
Without being scorched
She will never deter
'Cause she's a

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the world
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery Lady (Lady)
Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery lady (Lady)

Magazines tryin' to fool girls (fool girls),
Tellin' 'em to change who they are.
Songs tryin' to exploit girls (exploit girls)
Pitying them cause they think scars mar.

But wounds are tales
Of fiery ladies;
Their trials, their trails,
Tests from Hades
But ladies don't care,
They always dare,
And each one's a

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery Lady (Lady)
Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery lady (Lady)


Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do


#lyrics   #woman   #song   #feminism   #lady   #fiery   #lyric   #womanpower   #fierylady  
Ren Crostini
Ren Crostini
3 days ago

i am a girl
and i am afraid...

to walk down a city street.
my friend and I huddled together
not just because of wind
and she whispers to me,
"i forgot the first rule. don't make eye contact."
that's what my mother had taught me too
and we walked a little faster past the stranger
nervous that the split second of acknowledging merely that he exists
in his mind, was permission

i am a girl
and i am afraid...

to go to work.
i'm always there later than everyone else
sitting at the front door,
workers come in and out
i don't know one by name
but i remember when i interviewed
"dress professionally, because you're young and you're pretty
and you'll work with a lot of men"
i know how to redirect unwanted attention
but i didn't realize i'd be here alone...
so i buy myself a taser
and listen to my coworker say "there's cameras"
anytime i voice my concern
and i pray
that i am not the one in five

i am a girl
and i am afraid...

that i’ll never be good enough.
on our way to the airport my mom asked about work
and after a brief explanation of the weight loss competition that had started
and my 20-pound goal
she made a mom face and said
“but honey don’t you think you could aim higher than that?”
“what?’ i ask because i literally have no idea what she’s saying
“well i bet you could shoot to loose 30 to 40-pounds if you want!”
“do you really think i’m that fat…?”
“well honey i’ve just been a little concerned since high school.”
i’ve never felt more crushed
to be a size 6

i am a girl
and i am afraid…

that things wont change
and that my daughters will live on
the same
rape schedule
i have always lived on

those people that refuse to admit there's a problem make me the saddest. this is my life. this is your life. lets change it.

The Oil keeps getting pumped out of the ground and burned
The Hotheads continue to proliferate and start to Take Control.
The Misogynist Mob wants Fascism.
Feminists are perplexed by the Inevitable Result
Of the Fossil Fuel Economy.

The Trumpoet
The Trumpoet
4 days ago

I went to the womens' march here in my town,
full of women and men who won't be trodden down,
in support of my wife and of my daughter too,
I said, "I am proud to be marching with you".

Misogynist insults aren't made by real men,
but you, Donald, keep hurling them time and again.
When you grab them, insult them, rate them with a number,
you wake up a great mass of outrage from slumber.

Since you just think a woman is something to screw,
does it bother you knowing a woman birthed you?

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at: www.trumpoet.com
Link to video of this poem: https://youtu.be/UDPmmjUV8Ac
Written January 22, 2017
#woman   #march   #feminism   #female   #women   #protest   #donald   #misogynist   #trump  

This country was founded on the idea of being who you are in liberty, yet there are people trapped in closets because the monsters are on the other side and the darkness has become too comforting at this point; the face of death has become too beautiful to want to turn away. We are hidden, dancing around the idea of being hung as perfectly as that shirt that was “too gay”; planning our proposal to the Grim Reaper because, at this point, he is the only man who can “turn us straight”. We’re rolling out our blueprints and studying the structure of surviving instead of accepting that we’re different and actually living. The pride that used to live in us died a long time ago, maybe around the same time we were in the closet writing our suicide notes; for others, it was the day they were calling their loved ones for final words before their pulse was devoured by the hurricane.

This country was founded on the idea of being who you are in liberty, yet it was built off blacks and Native Americans forced into captivity; sold and sent off into slavery. The basis of this country is “freedom”, but… I’m still trying to find the point in time when we practiced what we preached, um - have you heard the joke about the Annoying Orange? He was elected president. No, wait, I think it was actually part of a horror movie. I’m sorry, was that racist? Because there are people on twitter who rant about how “REVERSE RACISM DOES EXIST” and “WHITE OPPRESSION”, now please don’t get offended, but it’s 2017 and the true founders of these divided, yet technically united, states are being held at gunpoint simply for being born that way. Just when we thought the crackling of our spines was enough to run the white boys away, they had to send their dads in to drop charges labeled “thief”, “thug”, and “felon” on our shoulders until they crushed our will to live. Now don’t have hope on justice for that is nothing but a fairy tale. If you haven’t already realized, the dragon of their arrogance grows the more they see us fail.

This country was founded on the idea of being who you are in liberty, ...but we forgot to include women in the subtext. Did I say “we”? I’m sorry. I meant HE, and not HE as in God who created you and me, but HE as in the Annoying Orange and every Arrogant Coconut elected to run this country. Apparently, we must conform to their manly mentality, their barbaric way of living because

“Women are too emotional”

“She’s probably PMSing”

But tell a guy he throws like a girl and watch his estrogen crawl from the deepest corners of his eye sockets as he runs away; their faces flushed with shame… because being feminine is something to be ashamed about. Throwing like a girl is offensive. Losing to your girlfriend in 2k is not Ok.
“You must obey me” they say.

“You belong in the kitchen”

And all we knew to say was “ok”.

You see, I’m tired of being tamed by men and am regurgitating all these false allegations.

I will not stop eating chocolate cake to please you. I love chocolate cake. It pleases me.

I will not watch my weight to protect your pride. Loving my weight is my pride.

I will not do squats because you want to post a picture of me on Instagram under hashtag thicc. I hate exercising. It’s exhausting.

I will only stop eating chocolate cake when I start to break out in places I shouldn’t.

I will only watch my weight when my doctor tells me I will die otherwise.

I will only do squats when I want to check myself out in my new bikini in the summertime.

This country was founded on the idea of being who you are in liberty, but it’s difficult to get the message across without learning the word “respect”.

You. Heterosexual judging me. Respect our various identities.
You. Caucasian individual. Acknowledge and respect our black history.
You. Cisgender male oppressing my womanhood. Respect your own mother.
You. Liberal teen defending your right to believe. Respect the worn out Cheeto puff.

And you will see…

Maybe one day we will know a free America.

I convinced a man he could prune his own cock.

That if he spliced it just so,
two little pink shafts would sprout in it's place.
Wriggle themselves growing into two separate fully functional phallus.
And I watched him.
As he reluctantly reached for the shears.
And went through the five stages of grieving.

"There's no way this will work.

Fuck you for telling me this secret!

can't I just take a pill to grow a second cock without having to cut this one off?

I don't think I can live without it..."

but just think, I reminded him.
after you do this.
You're gonna have TWO DICKS.



And with almost no other thought, reasoning or belief.

He closed the shears

He opened his eyes.

His flaccid privilege laying there.

"When does the growing start?"
He asked me, pained.
His big brown eyes swelling.

"It doesn't."


"I lied to you, it doesn't grow back."

"It doesn't grow back? Not even one?

"Not one, not two,
no dick for you. I lied."



it was easy,
to convince him.
Just had to promise he'd have two times the power in the long run.
If he risked it all right now.

#funny   #humor   #feminism   #value   #shock   #comedy   #penis   #dick   #cock   #privilege  

Mind your manners
Mind how you speak
Mind the hemline of your dress,
         and the curves of your breasts
Mind your business
Mind your make-up
Mind your desires
Mind your men,
                 because don’t you know that
                 ‘behind every great man lies a woman’?
Mind your mind,
          for your thoughts even,
                  are too risky for our youth
Mind your Truth
Mind your Self
Mind your entire beautiful Being,
           but please
                   for the love of God,
don’t mind this when we’re in bed


First I found Marxism
then, Feminism
and after 10,000 days,
gum disease set in
I loved it then

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