I'm not sure what exhaustion plagues me more; fatigue from depression/stress/anxiety/workload/socialization/emotional upheaval or fatigue from explaining why a woman with a liberal arts degree is important in a man's world.

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
1 day ago

Reading the radical news
behind the desk
at the store,

a coupla women
came in,
all sensible shoes
& trousers,
went for the comix
& started to rip up
all the Crumb stuff,

I watched,
if I recall correctly,
didn't want
to interfere
with their thing ...

Later on in life
reading a Crumb comic,
might have been
Young Lust

where 2 Red Guards
want to have
some hanky-panky
but it's not in line
with Mao's thought
& the party
& commie

but they do it
because they're
young and
can't help it.

& then I
wished I'd
at least got
my face in theirs

or at best
kicked them
out of
the store ...
Red Rising sun,
or whatever
it was called

I've forgotten

Save your powder Sisters.
1 day ago

It is empowering to see
other women besides me,
unfolding their wings,
holding the key
to unlocking their dreams,
and fulfilling their destiny.

~ rise ~
3 days ago

You don’t know what it’s like to dig and dig and dig in the dirt with bare hands
digging toward fecundity
I am trying to find the honest words
Buried under our mother’s bones
But all I have now is the dirt under my nails, and
because I am a woman
I set my bucket of soap and water down hard
I scrub the blood out of the wood
My knees tear open from supporting my own weight and soak the floor
Every clean movement forward is erased by the brushstrokes of my own body
Don’t tell me you know something about housekeeping
My body is an apology I can’t scrub clean

Jackilyn Teague
Jackilyn Teague
4 days ago

It started on March 8th.
You asked me why I didn't mention
That I was raised by a strong woman.
And I bit my tongue so hard I worried I might bleed.

I realised for the umpteenth time that my first female role model
Came into my life when I was in high school.
In the form of an all girl punk band.

I'd never seen anything so inspiring.
I picked up a guitar for the first time that year.
I felt like I finally knew who I was.

I'd never had anyone to show me the ropes.
How could I?
With a mother so dependant on a father
who doesn't understand a damn thing.

Strong women hold themselves
And others

You showed me how to tear my sisters down.
You tore me down.

It wasn't until high school that I felt supported.
I made a friend who would become family.
She's one of the strongest women I know.

She lifted me up.
Still does.

I became the woman I always needed.
No thanks to you.

Or maybe thanks to you
Since I didn't get what I needed
And now I'll never let the women in my life suffer the same way.

I stand before you now with a girl gang who never fail to catch me when I fall.
And I do the same for them.

This is my Pack.
We've built this family out of dreamers and doers
And I finally feel like I'm gaining ground.

Working towards the life I won't let get away.
So when I look at you with that mouth full of blood
From years of biting my tongue
it doesn't hurt so bad.

The tang of it tastes like strength.
Like perseverance.
Like dreams coming true.

I am the soiled dove
Often used never loved
beginning from a tender age
I'd nothing else by which to gage
the aim and purpose of all the flatter
Love I thought was the heart of the matter
convinced myself heaven above
forgave this emotional love
let him control my life
thought I would be his wife
At a hundred parties, we'd attend
He loaned me out to all his friends
He told me this was proof that I loved him
Finally, I realized this life so grim
I used my body to gain love
it came like a bolt from above
I was just an object
treated with gross disrespect
fuck'm and the horse he rode in on
I'm taking back my pudendum
self-respect and declaring me myself
putting your love and bull shit on a shelf
I'll kill you if you ever touch me again

6 days ago

No, I'm not queer,
I just sometimes crush on girls.
No, I'm not a Feminist,
I just think that women deserve more rights than they do now.
No, I'm not depressed,
The blues just never seem to end, lately.
No, I'm not suicidal,
I just wish that the passing car had hit me.
No, I'm not in love with him,
I'm tough as nails: a fighter not a lover.
No, I'm not anxious,
Sometimes my nerves feel more jittery than usual.
No, I'm not anorexic,
I'm just on a diet that never seems to end.

Sophie H
5 days ago

Little hands, fingernails, unblinking eyes,
No songs of sleep and peace.
A muffled voice, a deepened frown,
They watched your heartbeat as it drowned.
Two birds one stone
Two lives gone
"A Catholic country," she claimed.
But what's that worth
When thousands flee
And never return the same?
Eight hundred buried without care,
Four thousand more rotting away,
No homes to go to,
Not a Christian prayer,
For the unborn, they are saved.

This poem is for the 12 women who every day make the journey from Ireland to England in an attempt to take control of their own bodies. It is also for the 796 corpses found in the septic tank in a mother and baby home in Tuam, whose ages ranged from days old to 7 years.
amira al madami
amira al madami
7 days ago

I blame men
that tell I'm dirty
that my desires are shameful
and think their touch has the power to defile me
they tell me my wants taint my being
damage my estimated price as a woman
reduce me to a wrongly preconcieved notion of femininity

I was first called a slut by my mother
who was a called a slut by hers in turn
who was called a slut by hers

I still blame men

When Sara wouldn't have sex with Richard any more,
He decided to join the Ku Klux Klan.
He was feeling frustrated,
And wanted to take out his Frustrations
On someone.

#hate   #sex   #feminism  
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