Bethany G Blicq
6 minutes ago

​I want to run;
all I have ever done is walk.

I want to run toward love;
all I have ever done is walk.

I want to run toward my dreams;
all I have ever done is walk.

I want to run to Hawaii, India, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Germany, the Arctic,
and everywhere else;
I have barely begun this walk.

I want to run toward friends,
playful but gentle;
this is all I have ever done,
that really matters.

I want to run to that place
where joy and misery are one;
where truth and illusion are one;
where peace and war are one;
where living and inanimate are one;

where I am the craziest of all and the most sane of all, simulataneously;
where I am love and I am fear, simultaneously;
where I am one and I am all, simultaneously;

where you and I are one.

I want to run to the most beautiful and blissful place in existence;
that which is inside of me and outside of me, simultaneously;
all I have ever done is walk.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for reading!

I shivered when you asked of me, and thats cliche
But I'm not a liar and it didn't happen another way.

See i shivered when i thought of you
and all that you encompass,
I whimper at the thought of you
And all that you possess.

I am shaken by your presence the wind rolls through your hair
and you stand with shoulders tall, casting shadows here and there
Your voice can over come me, seeps into my awareness.
Your voice can become me, thats alone apparent.

I love it when you talk and I will listen full long hours.
every single thing about you makes me question my own powers
Like who is this person and how have they become
What did you do, to create this overcoming one
This Man of radiance, this angel speaking in cadence
This person with such gifted thought
This being with such magnetic presence
No other thoughts alike him.

Admiration of a wonderful soul; husband
Mark Butkus
Mark Butkus
2 days ago

As I walk thru life
I live and learn
Through laughter and tears
I have created this being called me
Action, inaction and reaction
Dictate my course
Blowing with the wind
Lending an ear
Spewing hot air
Seeing what is not there
What is beyond
Feeling a moan from another
Caressing away the pain
Bringing someone to the edge
Taking them over
Leaving them behind
Better than when they were found
Anger and bitterness
To recede with the tides
The passing of time
What is recalled
Names etched in stone
Others in the heart
The chosen few inked in flesh
The forgotten
Scattered with the leaves of autumn
Words without purpose
Of forgotten regard
A full glass
and an empty bottle
Worn out soles
Kindred spirits
But always the promise
That tomorrow
we can start anew

"Take Two" appeared in "Take Two: Another Anthology of English Writing from the Costalegre" published in 2012.

When you feel completely hopeless,
The rain is pouring down heavily,
Even though it’s a beautiful, sunny day.

Misery totally controls your life,
You are unable to see any light,
And finding the right path seems impossible.

If you are capable of sparking an inch of hope,
From an outside source or within yourself,
It’s possible to say that existence can improve.

What you need to do is push yourself,
To ignite that small sense of optimism,
Fighting for a route to finally find pure happiness.

if i could only write one beautiful line.
one simple rhyme filled to the brim with desire
would line which would never tire and
                 stand         ||||||||||||||||||||
the test of time.
what would it be
would it be about unme
or some other entity.
maybe it would scream my isolation from a post-apocalyptic rooftop (where the dust has settled upon the grand epitome of wastelands)
or maybe cause a revolution in a tyrannical dystopia (where suppressed language and rights has become the norm)
would it cause anarchy?
would it cause
                           V E ?
would it prove the man                  ?
or would it moralise the man                ?
or would it describe someone whom reminds me of snow?: "cold but beautiful"
whatever the line is, it will be beautiful.
it will surpass every stage of maslow's hierarchy is one blow
it will overthrow the complexity war and peace in this one line
it will contain sympathy of empathy of the upmost degree
it will sum up the question which goes with 42 and everything you need
it will transcend it's language and unite people universally

"pen is envy", for it can sexualise the most animatronic situations
&                             gonzo has proved it can be used as a weapon, one more powerful than any manhattan project.
this project is a line! (n o t a b o m b)
and whatever happens,
this line will be beautiful. in every sense (and beyond sense) of the word.
and i will not stop searching till i find it:
i will start with some coffee...
i am a daydreamer and nightthinker who wishes to summarise life in one line.
and that line! will be beautiful.

d.d. #33
Hussein Dekmak
Hussein Dekmak
2 days ago

I would like another chance,
A chance to bid a proper goodbye to my loved ones,
So I can bury their sweet memories, the memories that have been weighing on me so heavily, high up between the white clouds
I want a chance to share their stories with the blue birds,
I want to send my longing tears into the clouds, I pray that the midnight rain will wash this aching pain away.

3 days ago

I walk into a room with the terrain of a brain. I find a trapdoor into a neuron sea and I swim through the coral reefs of long term and short term memory. I am time travelling with my neurotic society.

- putting together, visualizing for my upcoming short story (:
Inspired by:
Check out this amazing artist!
5 days ago

Bear with me on this please
I've been craving creativity rather absently
Dismally, there's nothing to guide me
No blissful excitement
No helping hand of inspiration
Not even a half beaten idea
Just a need to reclaim
What I feel like I've lost
(Or what's been stolen from me)
These are just some words within lines
Forming a confession to relieve the aimless craving inside

I'm ify on the title. But I thought I try turning a empty feeling into something humorous.
#poem   #poetry   #words   #lost   #empty   #funny   #inspiration   #no   #humor  
J Aigboje Ohiro
J Aigboje Ohiro
6 days ago

I have lost inspiration
my mind and my hands has lost connection
Because i have been going through Depression
caused by my broke-up, true love confession

Someone Please help me
Because this is not us, not me

Her name is Poetry, she is my love, my hobby
she is the bride and i am the hubby

But like a failed marriage
caused by a miscarriage

she left me
but i cant let it be

I want her back
but all she gives me is her back
she said the gift i once had, i now lack
And so Like a racist she called blank

I know i was once unfaithful
but if i win her back i will be grateful

i need reconciliation!
For my mind is going through expressionless destitution!

i need restitution!
For our conjugal institution!

I Think i have lost touch with poetry
Jan 16

where do probverbs go to die?

do they expire with the ink of thought
penning themselves out of imagination?
simply tire of expectation?

tell me and i would scourge
that ignorant grave site,
guillotine its keeper,
decapitated him,
upon a writer’s block.

show me and i will breach earths bowels
wrenching words from darkness depths
with the light verse of celebration
and a calligrapher’s paragraph of praise.

only then could i rest in peace
from wordy passion and its novel pleasures
when spent, 
upon my epitaph do write;

'He brought words to life'

© Qwey.ku

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