Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
6 hours ago

My father taught me
For better or worse
In the company of women
Don't break wind or curse

Lessons learned to this day
I leave that behaviour to louts
However, there is one exception
When I've eaten fucking sprouts

#father   #dad   #curse   #sprouts   #swear  
Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
3 days ago

Matthew about
oh ... 2 or so,
side by side
banging away
with our hammers,
mine standard,
his a small
plastic thing,
from a
Bob The Builder kit.

I miss the head,
cuss a little,
a minute later,
I hear him
as he works
& I stop
to listen,

"Fuck, fuck, fuck .."
is the whispered
oh he's learning
what workmen

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
3 days ago

No singing on the way
absolutely no singing,
not even real low,
& if I do sing
even real low
& a car passes
I owe him
a dollar,

No picking up stuff
to play with,
oh no!

No grabbing large blades
of sweet green grass
to place between your
hands and blow real
hard so's there's a
whistling sound,

If I sing even very low
a mere whisper
& there's any
kids there
I owe him
a dollar
for each kid.

No talking
& if it has to be
its real, real low.

I wave as the bus leaves,
sometimes he gives a
slight wave back,
other times he just
looks at me.

Oh the joy.

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
3 days ago

Waiting for the school bus
my son
always stands a little distant.

Walking to the school bus
we sometimes chat
sometimes don't.

As he leaves for the school bus
he always turns around
and waves.

Getting ready for the school bus
is easy
as he's already dressed.

Now and again
he's late
as he tidies his hair.

It's actually real good
for the school bus.

5 days ago

'...It’s a spectrum of all feeling,' I said.

        'I don’t understand.'

        ''s sorrow when she leaves.
It's anger when you fight.
It's deep hate, but knowing
You cannot be apart.
It's happiness unparalleled.
It's the comfort of nothing,
And the confusion of everything.
It's the fear you love too much,
And the shame of when you fuck it up.
It's the pain when you know it's gone,
And a yearn to try again.'

        'That doesn't sound so good at all.'

        'It's the greatest thing there is.'

#love   #father   #dad   #question   #children  
Madison Greene
Madison Greene
6 days ago

you probably think you drained me that afternoon
stole the last bit of hope I had that love is more than bare bodies pressed against each other in the dark
but I still have the same fire in me I’ve had since I was six years old
hearing my father slur his words at 2 am while I pretended to sleep, trembling hands and sweaty palms until we make it home
and I swore I’d never choose a bottle and a hollow heart over someone I was meant to love
but if I didn’t need a man then to show me I was worth more than empty promises and inconsistent affection
what makes you think I’d need one now?

#love   #ashes   #heartbreak   #father   #beauty   #young   #learning  
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
6 days ago

After a hard day at work
You come home to love
That God has given to you
For it came from above

Your family hugging
Your wife kissing, too
You see that your children
Really care about you

Through all of your troubles
Just to get to the airport
You come home to the unexpected...
Love, care, and support!

When my dad comes home, I like to show him that he's loved.
#love   #god   #father   #work   #husband   #support  
Steve Page
Steve Page
6 days ago

Father is a verb
It's not a noun to be worn like some crown
It's not an honorific
It's a doing word beyond what you do with your dick
It's not some name that you automatically deserve
Believe me, fathering is a lifetime of a verb

Fathering is important. And it's a lifelong job.
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
6 days ago

I'm dying,
Let me be,
I've lived long, proud an free,

I'm dying, son
With no scent of regret,
I've seen you achieve goals,
I've seen you become the best,

I'm dying,
Let me be,
I haven't had everything,
But I had all I could ever need,

#love   #life   #death   #son   #father   #free   #gone   #everything   #proud   #achievement  
Olga Valerevna
Olga Valerevna
7 days ago

he lives for every future he could ever hope to have
except the one that matters, one to never hold him back
a path discretely paved for his own searching soul to find
unraveled in the questions buried somewhere in his mind
his tired feet have found another stone along the way
"tomorrow needs to come, there's nothing left of me today"
too in a rush to notice he had just to turn around
embrace the life behind him yielding patiently to sound

"I had to have a goal to live for."
#father   #today   #futures  
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