David John Mowers
David John Mowers
19 hours ago

At Chick-fil-A the other day,
dropped a soda and
saw four flies,

Looks like flies
are attracted to
...but they also eat shit.

Women hate flies...
...think they're unnecessary.
They are unnecessary.
Yes, you are.

Nothing more beautiful
Than a pair of big brown eyes
Our world tells us that for eyes to be beautiful they have to match the skies but that's all lies
There's nothing more beautiful than staring into her eyes and seeing how her soul is connected to the earth
Mother nature's nectar, and me just a hummingbird
Only needing one, I don't need to be a collector cause you see
Her beautiful brown eyes are deeper than blue skies
her beautiful brown eyes are compassionate and wise
I could not vocalize, all her brown eyes symbolize, or how much I love staring them as she wakes me up at sunrise
And when I'm with her it's hard to prioritize, all I want to do is romanticize, hop on our cloud and rise
I'm so happy I met you, my darling, the girl with the brown eyes

#love   #eyes   #of   #black   #romantic   #woman   #color   #brown  

Your mind is a treasure that I'd love to discover
An abyss of thoughts and logarithms only you can translate
Your mind makes love better than the body can
It's a dopamine high I can't resist
So as I sit here, I suck on your words as if they were a pair of lips
I sip on your wisdom for it is the finest wine.

#love   #black   #woman   #writers   #math   #high   #women   #writer   #dopamine   #afro  

When I wake up in the morning,
I have rocks in my eyes that'll put your rings to shame.
I'm not the daintiest of women
I square my shoulders up and try to brace myself for the fall whenever I wear four inch heels or higher
I like t-shirts and sweatshirts with sassy and cool logos
Comic strip socks and cufflinks catch my attention before any dress would
I'm not perfect.
My hair is not always combed and I've never heard of another woman who has intense OCD but is at the same time extremely unorganized.
I'm a walking contradiction, an enigma to say the least.
I can eat brownies but react to cake.
My breath doesn's smell like apple pie in the morning and my pajamas consist of boxers and shirts three times my size.
I have a slight lisp when I speak and a face that refuses to soften even when I'm happy.
No I'm not mad, I'm good..
Thats just how my face is.
I don't believe in promises made by people because i've witnessed more broken ones than those fulfilled.
I'd rather let my yes be my yes and my no, a solid no.
I have a soul so old I could've kept your greatgrandma company and yet a spirit so young you'd think I was five again.
I've yet to find the balance.
I don't catch people's eyes the first or second time but I heard third times the charm.
I'm simply Geraldine.
I snort when I laugh and fart in my sleep
And at times I burp out the alphabet.
I'm just me.
Some days I'm sweet and on other days insane.
I break my own heart at times before anyone else gets to it
But one thing's for sure is that I am fearfully and wonderfully made
And my flaws are a thing of beauty to the heart meant to love me...
for me

#love   #poetry   #man   #flaws   #black   #woman   #kingdom   #women   #dine   #geraldine  
VD Lee
2 days ago

She is brighter than the sun
Hotter 'cause she knows what she wants
Don't need men to get things done
'Cause fiery ladies are savants.

Try to harass her
She'll spit back flame
Call her a slur
She'll leave you with shame

No one can invade her
Without being scorched
She will never deter
'Cause she's a

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the world
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery Lady (Lady)
Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery lady (Lady)

Magazines tryin' to fool girls (fool girls),
Tellin' 'em to change who they are.
Songs tryin' to exploit girls (exploit girls)
Pitying them cause they think scars mar.

But wounds are tales
Of fiery ladies;
Their trials, their trails,
Tests from Hades
But ladies don't care,
They always dare,
And each one's a

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery Lady (Lady)
Fiery Lady (Fiery)
Fiery lady (Lady)


Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do

Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
Queen of the World
Gonna show it a thing or two
Fiery Lady (woo hoo)
With hair straight or curled
She knows there's nothin' she can't do


#lyrics   #woman   #song   #feminism   #lady   #fiery   #lyric   #womanpower   #fierylady  
Katherine Noble
Katherine Noble
2 days ago

She paints her skin to paint out the world.
Daisies for death. Lilies for lost loves. Angels for their human opposites.

Each picture tells a story.
And, if she really likes it, or she really hurts, she gets it inked.
Sneaks away to some hole-in-a-wall joint with grimy windows and Pink Floyd playing.
Lets a gauged and gaunt 30-something shove needles into her soft flesh as she stiffens at the pain.

And then she relaxes as the story comes together.
The red of the petals- his lips, full of honey and lies.
The curve of the stem- her back, shapely and sinful.
The hidden thorns- what she didn't see until too late.

Let the wannabe rockstar scoff at her simplicity.
She knew where she'd been.
And she knew she'd never go back.

#love   #girl   #lost   #story   #flower   #tale   #woman   #journey   #rose   #tattoo  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
3 days ago

What is justified about you sitting there,
the devil's grin on your face,
when she is crumbling to the floor?
You touched her, moved her, forced her.
Now, she's gone.
She spelled it out for you
but your illiterate limbs moved on anyway,
and now her heart is disintegrating
from the horrors you put her through.
How did a boy like you ever
deserve a woman like her?

~~ Don't let them scare you. ~~
#fear   #man   #die   #hurt   #evil   #bad   #sex   #woman   #justice   #assault  
The Trumpoet
The Trumpoet
4 days ago

I went to the womens' march here in my town,
full of women and men who won't be trodden down,
in support of my wife and of my daughter too,
I said, "I am proud to be marching with you".

Misogynist insults aren't made by real men,
but you, Donald, keep hurling them time and again.
When you grab them, insult them, rate them with a number,
you wake up a great mass of outrage from slumber.

Since you just think a woman is something to screw,
does it bother you knowing a woman birthed you?

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at: www.trumpoet.com
Link to video of this poem: https://youtu.be/UDPmmjUV8Ac
Written January 22, 2017
#woman   #march   #feminism   #female   #women   #protest   #donald   #misogynist   #trump  
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
4 days ago

As smooth as the pebble
that skips across the water
As hard as the stone that
forms a mighty mountain
So too is her spirit

As deep as the volcano that
has formed continents
As vast as the oceans that span
the face of the earth
So too does her soul reach

Through the force of hurricanes
she remains standing
With the rage of an uncontrolled
fire she protects her own
Thus is the perfection of the woman
who has suffered and grown.
~FJ Thomas

...to every woman who has suffered but still stands!
Iris Woodruff
6 days ago

Having observed others and containing the self consciousness of a noticer (do other people look at me the way I look at them?) she would dress in old borrowed clothing that smelled like other peoples’ laundry and leather because secretly she wanted to wear the other people try them on and she had this wrinkle between each brow that made her look just sort of worried no matter how she tried to press and smooth that wrinkle down with her thumb and in very private moments she’d stare at her features in the mirror with a sort of curiosity because she’d been told by leering men that she was beautiful but sometimes she saw only features: Nose eyes mouth all in pretty good proportion sure but she supposed the thing that held her curiosity was not her face itself but rather the disconnect between the face and the universe of thought behind it and all this she’d marveled at a very young age as ma would see her staring at herself in front of the bathroom mirror or in store windows and tell her not to be so vain kid to hurry along
And so she feared writing about her own vulnerable beauty for fear that she might be both of those things—vulnerable and beautiful. Instead she would take an hour long train ride, fake-dozing so as not to be ticketed, walk anonymous between busy persons until she reached a place that satisfied her Washington Square park, perhaps, or some small playground on the lower east side, or down by water or the hip corner shops in Brooklyn. And there, in strangers, she would find her vulnerable beauty, and there with the aid of a pen they became her and she became them.

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