A child's mind is an artist's easel,
catchy scenes and characters
make art gallery exhibits,
connoisseurs and critics wonder.

In time, colors fade.
forms of drawing remain,
child crosses the road with easel on breast,
real and surreal co-exist.

Parent, adult and child play in our psyche,
when child loses heart in enjoyment
parent frowns
and the adult acts as conscience..

9th March 2017

#three   #egos  

a three headed gentleman
walked into a hat shop
and asked the store attendant
can you make a hat for each of my heads

to whit the attendant said
sir we've got an extensive range
of fashionable head-wear

what would you like
to put atop head number one
how about a top-hat
that will be very distinguished

now for head number two
a straw-boater with a pheasant feather
on the side will fit the bill
when strolling in country surrounds

that third head's crown
is going to look smashing
covered in a plaid beret
trimmed with red velvet

as the three headed gentleman
departed the shop
he was heard to say
I've got a hat in r's vogue
and one in Woody's style
and a casual lid for Wordvango

#three   #satire   #heads   #beret   #top-hat  

I'm sitting in your tiny dark kitchen
You say "Now I'm here and all is well
No need to cry, no reason to dwell."
I say "Stop kidding, sweetie, just look out the door
there's nothing there but your balcony
You may get me out of depression
But you'll never get depression out of me."

Nicole Bataclan
Nicole Bataclan
Dec 28, 2016

What is the sound of love
But sweet nothings
I whisper to myself

The sound of heartbreak
But your silence
When I say them.

When is the time right
To float on cloud nine

When it is time
To fall flat-faced on the ground.

It stings
To have a wrong fixed

To be set free
A pillow wet with tears.

What is heartbreak
But sweet everythings
I whisper in your ear

The sound of love
But my words pounding
Through your heart.

Julie Grenness
Dec 22, 2016

We three Kings of Orient aren't,
Three queens, we travel from afar,
We arrived on time,
fed sheep and swine,
Delivered the afterbirth,
Cooked food, and then made Peace on Earth, Oh....
(Sing chorus),
Star of wonder, star of light,
Star of royal beauty bright,

We didn't get lost going home,
We didn't leave Mary all alone,
We swept the stable,
Gave her soup in a ladle,
After the afterbirth,
We then made Peace on Earth, Oh....
We three Kings of Orient aren't,
Really three Queens, we came from afar,
We arrived on time,
Fed sheep and swine,
Delivered the baby at the birth,
Then we made Peace on Earth...Oh...
(Sing chorus).....

Feedback welcome, bit of a giggle.
#the   #three   #at   #queens   #nativity  
Megan Kay
Megan Kay
Dec 8, 2016

You are of the spring
Only light rains
To flourish greater life
Neutral with pastel hues
Sweet smell of honey suckle
A comfortable dusk falls upon you
Almost such a rebirth, anew

I am of the winter
An extreme bite upon the lips
A cool breeze which sends shivers
White blanket covers bright greens
A brisk wind, abrasive by nature

But oh, what a sight to see
Although only tolerable for a day,
Maybe three.

You are of the spring
And I am of the winter
You force me to melt
And I,
Have you shiver.

#love   #winter   #spring   #maybe   #three   #force   #make   #melt   #shiver   #stability  
Olga Valerevna
Olga Valerevna
Nov 28, 2016

the days have gotten shorter now and he can barely see
and when the sun has disappeared he'll let it buried be
he never fights the moon at all and feels its push and pull
and when he falls asleep tonight he'll ask to be its fool  
in slumber do the shadows often rearrange again
but when he has his eyes awake he'll walk away from them
his feet will not be rooted in the elements exposed
for he has found a hiding place for memories to go  
his thoughts will be the sermon he may never cease to tell
"I'm not afraid to die," he said, "I bid you all farewell"

and the moon was full when it divided into three parts. and one part of the three was raised up.
#moon   #three   #part  
Nov 27, 2016

it was there, always there
big white and looming
watching over me as i sin

i cannot touch it, therefore it
angers me-
it is denying me of a right

i see it everywhere it drives me
mad, absolutely mad
i want it to look away

stop looking at my ears,
big moon, look
at my eyes instead

soon i'll believe that
if i beg hard enough
i won't see the moon

some days it disappears
and on those days i feast
under the rays of nothingness

#love   #wine   #girl   #moon   #red   #three   #big   #ironic  

A soldier, a poet, and a genius. These three carved the paths that their children's ideas must be shaped by. A soldier, through war and horror, through pain a suffering through struggle and murder his path was one of humor, and this path showed that no matter what ailment it was laughter could heal it. A poet, running miles and miles more than the great messenger who ran the original marathon could ever run so much distance that he is able to see life through a different perspective, his path is one of love and adventure,  always surprising. A genius, the last of the three greats now lies broken, a mind so brilliant it knows how to accept his inevitable demise, his path is one of honesty, chasing the wind, and acceptance, he leaves behind all of his great life's work for his child. And his child's ideas. For he knows, though it is the end of his genius, it's only the spark of his child's.

This is in memory of my two deceased grandfathers and my grandfather who is currently dying of advanced pancreatic cancer. I loved them all. And they were all great men.
#love   #memories   #remember   #last   #three   #gone   #imissyou  
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