1 day ago

Where are you going
my little one...
my precious son?
Why are you taking
my baby from me?

Close my eyes
and you're two...
Close my eyes
and you're four...
Close my eyes
and you're walking
right out of the door.

Where are you going
my little one...
my precious son?
You just keep growing
too quickly for me.

Close my eyes
and you're eight...
Close my eyes
and you're ten...
Close my eyes
and I just want
to hold you again.

Where are you going
my little one...
my precious son?
You've no way of knowing
how proud you make me.

Close my eyes
you're in school...
Close my eyes
and you're grown...
Close my eyes
and you're a father
precious son of your own.

This is more of a lullaby then poem. I used to sing it to my son when he was a lil guy. He'll be 21 next month!!! Where does the time go?!
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2 days ago

The water fairies and me
(inspired by a child and her imagination)

Little water fairies dancing all around
Little bad ass fairy moves, they really get down
Walking on the water, zipping here and there
Throwing lots of fairy dust up in the air
A little fairy band plays a song
All the little fairies sing along

I made a noise, they stopped to look and see
Then they began to fly around me
They said hello and invited me to stay
To eat some fairy food then sing, dance and play
Thier overwhelming happiness spreads like fire
Before I knew it, I was singing with the choir

Flying here and there zipping all about
Picking wild flowers and passing them around
I looked in the water, my reflection looked at me
They covered me in glitter and gave me fairy wings.

This poem is for the little one and all those that believe in magic
#imagination   #fun   #child   #fairies   #nagic  
2 days ago

Ode to a Duck
(inspired by a story of a kid and his duck)

I like ducks they go quack
I like them all as a matter of fact
Daffy and Donald are my favorite two
I like ducks, do you?

They keep the garden free from bugs
The gross thing is, they eat slugs
A little baby duck waddled my way
Snuggled up close and there he stayed

I named him crackers because he ate all mine
He’d swim in the dogs dish all the time
He jumps on the chair sits next to me
Eats my popcorn and watches tv

The dog doesn’t like him, neither does the cat
He chases them both going quack, quack, quack
Now he grown and must behave
Because he’s a daddy with three little eggs

#love   #fun   #friend   #child   #duck   #pet  

born pre sold soul
with a behind the eye
cast iron cold
she told them don't touch
with two fist clutch
said i was convalescing
and she didn't want a baby too much

blurry father's face
maybe made it fifty months
old english fifty after whiskey
heard her middle name maybe once

paid carnal capitulation
felt fatherhood, still damnable
co-created, my gestated, sad situation
co-created, incarnated, a cannibal

the first in a concept series about a young sociopath coming to grips with the person they're going to become.
#life   #father   #mother   #horror   #child  

When I was a child
I thought that stealing was okay
Because you stole my heart,
Took it away,
And never got punished.

How'd you do it?

Mother I miss you.
Where have you gone?

Your hair was golden and long.

Mother, I miss...

your hair

how it would flirt and entangle with wind.
Your arms
reached across indigo flowering fields,
steaming sunlight,
to cradle and warm my skin.
And oh!
The vast Texas sky that projected from your eye.

Will we ever share that time again?

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The beautiful baby girl here,
Whom I hold without any fear,
Is named Anushka Sharma.
Don't get too much puzzled,
Only that the names are same,
Nothing to do with the actor.
And you know what,
She doesn't have a weird duck face,
Her heart is plain without makeup.

The baby girl I have held in my arms is also named Anushka Sharma. A beautiful Indian actress with the same name also exists.
The 5 am poem. Saturday, 18th of March.
My HP Poem #1464
©Atul Kaushal
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Whatever I'd say
you won't listen, you nut.
You do the opposite
of what you are asked.

Like with child discourse with you:
tell a boy not to touch
chocolate, he will eat all.
Allow it - won't be fussed.

If I urge you to not to
press the button, you will.
So I'm urging to do it!
(to stop you from doing it).

#power   #red   #politics   #child   #north   #nuclear   #korea   #button   #kim   #jong-un  

you were that one blinking star in the sky i had pondered on for hours when i was a child just to discover that all stars twinkle and you were no different from the rest


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My body is pale and chilled to the bone,
Everything I once was is long gone,
The light in my eyes have dulled slowly.

I no longer feel like the lively boy I once was,
Expressions of emotions seem so foreign.

Everything feels so hopeless,
I am unable to feel anything,
I am to far gone, to hollow inside to care.

I am a scum living inside the little boy they all once knew,
A criminal taking away all the things that allowed me to feel,
Now only the feeling of numb runs through my veins.

This is the outcome; all I have done to get better has just left me numb.

I can hear the drums still,
Understanding when to react and play the 'act',
Another day starting but I don't even notice.

I wonder sometimes if I'll every get better,
Maybe then everyone will return back to me?
But I silence those thoughts, and just through my sweater back on,
Its knitted with all the emotions I once was able to freely feel.

All there is left is this numb little boy,
In replace of the once brightest little star that was filled with such innocents.

#broken   #boy   #numb   #innocent   #child   #unfixable   #emotionless   #unable  
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