13 hours ago

Hands in my pea coat pockets I shuffle down 8th avenue looking down. Whenever a pair of shoes that have seem to be worn in adventure passes I lift my head to stop them.
Excuse me, Excuse me.  I ask the intriguing shoes.
I’m either met with a puzzled look, an impatience look , or a sympathetic look. Sometimes there is a look of all three
Looking at the owner of said shoes I boldly ask,Do you have a story?
Here, I can usually guess their response based on one of the three looks they gave me.
A look of puzzled usually leads to more confusion on their face expressed in lines created in their face by a furrowed brow and scrunched nose.
A look of impatience usually leads to a middle finger, and a cold shoulder met with an even faster pace, or a phrase along the lines of Weirdo, Freak and more vulgar phrases that I’m sure you can guess. (My favorite so far has been Asshat, now that’s a story)
With a look of sympathy I’m sometimes given a quick sorry followed by a cold shoulder (see example 2), sometimes a Sorry, what? Due to their actual interest in what I have to say. These looks lead to the best stories.

One rainy day I was met with lady bug rain boots scuffed around the bottom, yet still shining a bright red that I guess wasn’t even that beautiful on the store shelf, and my guess a size 2. Looking up I find wide green eyes staring right back.
Now this was no look of the three I’ve experienced, it was a whole new look.
A look of curiosity, but not puzzled.
A look of eagerness, not impatient.
A look of care, not sympathy.
And so many more looks hidden in those big green eyes that seem to hold the world.

Though I was aware of the tiny feet, I was mildly surprise when I was met with those green eyes at an almost 2 foot level.

Excuse me, excuse me, Do you have a story?
The ladybug boots with green eyes smiled at me.
Everyone has a story, but I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

Asking questions, telling stories
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20 hours ago

"Learn from your actions boy"
The man said sternly more  times than I can count.
"Learn from them well, as most actions,
can never be taken back,
Words can be worse son,
They burn like fire
and leave no damage behind
None that could be seen,
Hidden Suffering,
Is the worst breed of broken,
My dearest son."

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Lady Bird
Lady Bird
1 day ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  
1 day ago


It is the poetry of little things that causes the earth to shred and shudder
The poetry of little things that ignites the greatest moments of bliss.
A smile from a little child,
A chuckle from a stranger.
The warmth of a knitted family
The entwining of old friends
And the sweetness that nature brings.
Those little things, garnered with the greatest love
It is the poetry,
The poetry of little things that elicit the greatest happiness

Ovi Odiete© All right reserved

The poetry of little things..
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Dan Jamison
Dan Jamison
3 days ago

You are
a small body
taking its time to die
growing into something large I
will miss

first cinquain
#child   #baby   #cinquain  
Rachna Beegun
Rachna Beegun
5 days ago

To my DAD,
I’m sorry for being born
I’m sorry for being a girl but you know all my life I’ve tried to be a boy to you, as you always wanted but God didn’t gave you one
I’m sorry for being such a failure in life
I’m sorry for being a burden to you and mom, especially to you when mom passed away 3 years back
I’m sorry for being angry whenever I see you drinking alcohol and in the end you’re unable to stand straight. You see I’m more concerned about your health because I know the disastrous effect alcohol have on you and also it is the reason that my concept of a perfect family is ebbing slowly.
I’m sorry for telling you NOT TO DRINK ALCOHOL TOO MUCH
I’m sorry for yelling at you when you start to drink as I know you’ll crave for more after one bottle
I’m sorry for being angry when you invite your friends and your family over to drink a lot of alcohol because I know they are just momentary friendship and familial bonds, when you’ll fall ill nobody of the group will come to your help
I’m sorry for being so brutally honest when I tell you what effect of this new behavior of yours is affecting our relationship and also those of my sisters
Moreover I’m sorry for all that happen yesterday night : for telling you to go to bed and scold you like a child because you can’t wake up enough to walk to the bedroom
I’m sorry for helping you to stand and take you to your bed
I’m sorry for removing the glass from your hands and suggesting to carry it for him to his bedroom because of his inebriated state
I’m sorry because of me you’ve gotten angry and broke the glass into millions of tiny crystals on the floor
I’m sorry for caring too much
I’m sorry for thinking life is like a bed of roses and as long as I have my parents love I can overcome anything
I’m sorry for hoping you loved me and still do despite all this
I’m sorry for being a hurdle in your path to live your life fully. Though I would never understand how a child can be a hurdle as I was lead to think that a child is the greatest gift that GOD can give
I’m sorry for being unwanted
I’m sorry for not having the courage to end my pathetic life and remove myself from your path
I’m sorry for constantly trying to gain your attention, you see I yearn normalcy in my life where everything is fine, I have a loving father, perfect life and all


It's just a short letter not a poem .... just wondering what i did wrong... where was my fault that it leads to this stage that i am now
#sad   #alcohol   #dad   #born   #angry   #child   #inebriated   #scold  
Amy H A
Amy H A
5 days ago

my self most intimate,
keeping every scar alive,
albeit cloaked in metaphors
like bandages of silk
that hide the oozing;
my self most raw and
revealed in phrases
composed to ponder
with your time;
is here in lines of poems
playing like a child in the trees,
like a game of hide and seek
a breeze may help you win.
but to find me
you must read between my lines.

This one just appeared after writing a first poem for my new love.
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
6 days ago

Sergeant Weeble, stepped up
to the firing line
insuring every soldier
aimed, and took his time

The evil dinosaur rebellion
it just had to be put down
saving every good toy motionless
on the battleground

The Sergeant loudly exclaimed
all is not, as it is claimed
Destroyer released, within the foyer

The fell Destroyer now freed
to deliver killing blows
the rank and file reminder
a laying low, of friend, and foe

It doesn't matter, if you take
all the toy guns away
a tennis ball destroyer
will always, win the day

I remember hours spent lining up my toys, and knocking em down time and time again. Who needs toy guns, when an imaginative weapon, requires only two fingers on my hand, with a hammer thumb? :D
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
7 days ago

blissful, wonderful
charming, dreaming, growing
husband, wife, child, home
fighting, crying, emotional
misery, awful

#love   #home   #dreaming   #growing   #child   #husband   #wonderful   #wife   #charming   #blissful  

Forests were torn down and
cities built because of surety.

How can your child's face
assure me of my future?

#future   #die   #live   #child   #forests   #torn   #fortune   #cities   #assure   #surety  
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