Hayley Siebert
Hayley Siebert
7 days ago

I do not write to be cruel
I write to survive

I've seen what work mental illness makes out of people.
Self harm, drugs, drink, sectioning, suicide

Write to make sane the insane world
To ponder out the life I have lived
Tis better on paper, than on skin.

Tis better to be writing than hanging.

I want to leave my mark on this earth
With words.

Words enlighten, words frighten
Words teach, Words fight

You taught me my words
Now let me use them.

And lets hope I will reach 30
For if I don't, least you may have my words
When all else is gone.

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In a city of gold
Lies a forest
Though quite old
It is my nest

Upon the wind
My name is sung
A hand they lend
When life stung

The sun shines
Through the leaves
Erased are lines
Allowing growth of seeds

Down the road
You'll find the lake
Beauty, the sky showed
A new day to awake

This is where passion burns
This is where birds sing
This is where a student learns
This is what Lake Forest is

Lake Forest College

A lifelong student and campus man,
   The entire world my college,
I wander through the halls of Life
   High on the fruits of knowledge.

2016 taught me nothing feels as cold as the people you love leaving you. No winter, ice pack, or shower can startle and overwhelm you like the absence of a person who brings you warmth, energy, and purpose.

2016 also taught me how fragile the people we consider our rocks can be. People crumble. I wish I could see it happening and do more. This speaks for my individual connections here, and the world around me. I’ll work on it.

2016 showed me the world is unkind and broken, but there are enough people who counter that everyday, and I want to work alongside and among all of them.

There once was a student at college
Who fancied the boys more than knowledge
She could have been best
But she lagged all the rest
Her interest in learning was smalledge

found this on a scrap of paper buried on my desk.  don't remember writing it.  hope I did.
Adelaide London
Adelaide London
Dec 30, 2016

My back is straight
when the marked test lands in front of me;
I got an A.

Addy always gets an A
She’s so perfect.
How does she do it?

I’ll answer that question.
She eats the words
‘you’re so shit’
every morning, just before running to school.

Then, at dinner
She is rewarded
with a bruise.
One for every day of the week.

My face is perfectly straight
When the marked test lands in front of me.
One mark off.
-I got a Well done-

She basically does everything right.
I bet her family is real proud.
She must get some real respect.

Yeah, real proud.
Which was why,
Her parents had an argument.
Her mum had chosen the tuition.
So her dad screamed did his voice was bare.
That it was mum’s and Addy’s fault she ‘failed’ that test.
It was their fault that they didn’t care

So if I was to teach a lesson
I beg for you to not compare
The perfectionism of a girl so bright
You don’t know what happens to her; you don’t know what happens out there

The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.

At time, this poem his close to home. Don't judge people who are smart. They don't always get everything easy.
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David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Dec 30, 2016

The crime of a nation is the ignorance of it's people.

If education was so lacking from Plato's day to the birth of America that both felt they needed to fund it but private education was and still is, so valuable, in addition, then does it not make sense to have both? To have free college for everyone when practically every competing nation is doing the same? Americans must want to fail. They must want their jobs to go overseas. They must want all new enterprise to be born in foreign nations to those country's benefit. That must be what Conservatives want; a nation of paupers.
Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
Dec 20, 2016

A packed house as she commence a teacher
in marking hearsay with her titillation of 1000 young minds
while little criminals that burden this structure with tax
and find her discriminating as a lawyer with vibes that well
as her gyroscope always suit with measure of twittering yet pair
of aces does her most thrifty a year again.  Alas!

Tamal Kundu
Tamal Kundu
Dec 19, 2016

The last time I had seen this particular cousin of mine, I was still in college and he had a head full of hair. In between, there had been three funerals, two weddings and four births in our Trojan royalty of a family. I had been a university graduate for a year, and the prospect for a job, a decent one at that, had started to grow dimmer by the day. He asked, “Will you tutor my daughter?” “Yes!” I said. And we set out immediately. He, on his bike and I, on my motorcycle following him. We took a right turn at the famous landmark of the statue of demoness Putana, sitting on the grass with her bosom out and legs spread forward. He introduced me to his wife and daughter. Telling them to stand side by side, he told me, “She's only eleven, but look at her! Already equal in length and width to her mother, who is no delicate petal herself. Do you think you can teach her GK?”

The universe wasn't made with dissent. Plus, the chicken samosas were really delicious. I tried on a grin while the overachieving pre-teen bustled around the room showing me her accolades for painting, singing, studying. As I left he pointed at a tree, “Do you know what tree is that?”

“Bael?” I answered thoughtfully.

“Apple. That's an apple tree.”

“Oh! Does it bear fruits?”

“Not in this climate!” He laughed out loud.

Form: Prose Poetry
Sameer Denzi
Sameer Denzi
Dec 14, 2016

A man once came to a teacher of great renown
And asked…
“What is the greatest function of a teacher?”
To which the teacher replied…
“To Motivate”
“But surely” the man replied...
“The greatest function of a teacher must be to teach!”
To which the teacher replied…
“If I only teach them all that I know,
Then they will only learn all that I know,
And think they have learnt all there is to know.
But if I motivate them to seek knowledge,
Then they will learn all that I know,
And still thirst for more; much more than all I know.”

An old fable I read in a book
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