Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

There is a forest near to me
Be it a wooded way within my heart
Which I often wish that you could see
And stand beside me here beneath
These ancient trees
That way no photo I would need
To share its likeness in such a way
As to create certain a memory
And even then if you’re not within
Such a settling scene
I would make it still
Because you simply have to see
The way these ancient roots run deep
And dig into the empty earth
The way that there is a sea of green
Perched just above the best of me
Like a consortium of ill doomed leaves
Which will fall without fail after every summer
And perhaps this year
They will land upon us both for once
As we stand beside here amongst the leaves
Just you and me
Beneath the trees

Why? Just because it is.

Thankfully.  (:

That and also because, most selfishly... I much prefer this version of me.
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Alana Ray
Alana Ray
7 days ago

Left and right they fallin'
waiting to see how it hits next,
thought it was Spring but
it feels like Autumn.

#life   #death   #fall   #spring   #seasons   #leaves  

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you,
My soul turning bright, beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun shining through,
Beautiful like a diamond dove’s coo,
Beautiful like you.

The winter brings it’s own gifts,
These miracles, all in the form
Of a tiny snow crystal.
I gather these with love,
Holding your cold hand
In mine.
We through it, pass it,
Like we passed our love.
Our love full of memories.
The memories.

The spring rains,
Kissing you in the rain.
Dancing with you in the rain.
It waters, the flowers bloom,
Like our blossoms of love.
The flowers in your hair,
The sight of that
I would give my own happiness
For that
For this indescribable feeling,
For your inspirational love.

The sun shines down,
Warming our hands,
Our hearts.
The cool water splashing us,
Pulling us together.
Sweetness of growing fruits,
We ate together,
Matches the sweetness of our love,
The sweetness of you.

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you.
And as I hold your delicate hand,
We mark another full round,
In our cycle,
Another year,
With you.

#love   #fall   #romance   #summer   #winter   #sweet   #spring   #autumn   #leaves   #year  

When we went to university,
There still was a you and me.

Then autumn came.
The leaves,
They changed
Nothing ever stays the same.

All I can think about is how
I never deserved you at all.
The care for you should not have followed
The surplus of pills I swallowed.

It’s my fault…
My heart tends to sink,
When those autumn leaves fall.

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Mar 20

looking at him knowing i'll have to let go soon,
sickens my stomach
and pains my heart.
but it needs to happen.
and when it does,
ill love him

#sad   #be   #me   #when   #he   #ill   #leaves  

leaves of many hues
were strewn on the park-land's ground
as fall confetti

#fall   #leaves   #ground   #confetti  

neath the maple's boughs
copper leaves were tumbling
in a mounded pile

#leaves   #tumbling   #pile   #maple  

the leaves never get angry to the wind even making them fall
the ground always humble even the rain pouring the water on it


#rain   #water   #leaves   #wind   #ground   #humble  

My words are leaves
of my soul,
to earthy elements,
at the mercy of her wind,
ever seeking shelter
in a friend.
So lend me your ears,
and I'll write
my fears
in leaves
covered in
dewy tears.
Please do more
than just hear.
to my song
in the sway of trees,
to the beat of my heart
in the buzzing of bees.
Listen, please
to my love rustling,
word leaves flowing
in a universal breeze.
Listen please...
Whether I'm far
or near, to my words,
the ones now
whispering in your ear.
Transcribe them in
your heart,
as my lips do
each word part

3-4-17 (C)

*A reference to Shakespeare.
Thanks for listening to my words! K:)
#words   #listen   #trees   #whispers   #leaves  

The leaves first healthy and green
Reaching up to eternity
Then turning red, then gold and rust
And falling, translucent in their glory
Only their veins showing, organic lace;
The tree's honest history.
Only their slightly different shape
Remains a mystery,
Remembered by those who might've seen
As if in a fog, mistily
With just the few days of it's life
Lived blissfully.

These are the children, the ephemera
Of our trees
Giving, sharing, growing, expanding
Repeating generously
To populate our world with breath
Suffering death constantly
Being reborn silently to us;
Sentinels of majesty.

These are benefactors of life
For all of you and me
Casting themselves up from dirt
To our reality
Whether we believe it or know it.
They give voicelessly,
And that is what it means to be a tree
If you are leaves set free.

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