7 hours ago

"i can't box you" he says to me
narrowing his firewood eyes
the silver air breathing spring
i get closer to the warmth of his body
and smile-

because i can box myself so fucking perfectly
it's the thing i hate the most
i'm your typical straight A
anghsty teenager
who never called herself a poet
but spends her days writing
to boys who never loved her
and a dad who was never there
i had a photography phase-
which girl hasn't?
took pictures of people
when they weren't looking
finding beauty in others
when what i needed most
was to find beauty in myself
went through an anorexic phase
i'm better now-
skinnier than before, but,
i eat a single 1200 calorie meal
but take my coffee without sugar
(saving the dime and spending the dollar)
tried finding myself by hurting myself
and even though the blades disappeared after a while
the pain kinda lasted
but you know, it's not all that bad
i mean, i eat, i sleep, i jog, i read
i sing in the shower
i live in a house with a mom who loves me
a sister who loves me so much that she hates me
i'm your typical kid
stuck between self-worship and self-loathing
loved taylor swift,
loved fallout boy
get the picture now?
thought that rebelling would give me fulfillment
cut my hair and dyed it orange
ran away to my best friend's house
watched her have sex with boys twice her age
sat alone in a corner away from their embraces
because the black eyeliner and leather jacket
still hadn't seeped their way into my heart
(don't touch me i'm afraid)
i had my first kiss at 16
i had sex at 17
i had my first pregnancy scare at 18
(don't worry we used protection)
i promised to marry him
but kept him a secret because my parents wouldn't approve
come on-
does it get more 'boxable' than that?

'you're so different.' he mumbles
between breaths tainted with the taste of my skin
i play with his fingers
(i think i'm in love with the birthmark on his knuckles)
he takes my silence for agreement
and i kiss him goodnight
driving back to my white-picket fence house
taking off my shoes before entering
my mom doesn't like dirty shoes on the carpet.

rock + roll- EDEN
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Terry Collett
Terry Collett
15 hours ago

Over the hill
they saw the horizon
of fields and sky
and trees and birds
in the air swooping
and flying high then low.

Yehudit holding
Benny’s hand said
isn't it beautiful?

Yes it is
he said
sensing her hand
in his
the pulse of her there
he focused
on the feel of her
soft skin on his
her fingers
about his fingers.

Shall we sit here
and watch the scene?
she said.

If you like
he said.

So they lay down
on the grass
on the side
of the hill
the grass dry
and warm.

They lay there
looking out
then he looked at her
taking in her features
her tone of skin
her eyes
the way her hair
had been brushed neatly.

She turned to face him
what are you thinking?
she said.

We never stop thinking
he said
until we are dead
and maybe even after.

But now
what are you thinking
about now?
she said.

About you
he replied.

Me what about me?
She said.

How I would love
to kiss you
he said.

Why now do you
want to kiss me?
she said.

Why not now?
He said.

Because we have
all this beautiful
scenery to view
she said.

The scenery will
always be here
he said
but we won't.

She looked at him
and leaned forward
and kissed him
on his lips.

Is that what
you meant?
she said.

Sort of
he replied.

They lay there
and gazed
at each other.

He leaned
against her
kissed her lips
and they held together
then parted and sighed
as if at that moment
something of the past
had died.

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beth stclair
beth stclair
1 day ago


like the
moon-inks of

dark waves,
torn below
the ephemeral
mists of
the sky,

course grasses
scrape the paths.


in a second
of life,
bulbs with
their pearl-
the earth

whisper they
no longer
hide in
the cold
that they
never feared
the dark.


sky of flooding
blossom rests,
whisper of spring
in shadows of
warming isles,
coast of riotous
song sweeping
its way along those
sandy paths.


boy, we
were here once
so long ago,

i'm dissolving
in love,

memories of
our hearts
their crazy
love, those
emotions like
dance and


the emotional
blues of our hearts,
emotion, i will
never forget,
love like a midnight
sea sweeping out,
how i melted for
you, sea, star, night-
cloud of love,
beautiful boy.

#love   #girl   #boy   #romance   #dizzy   #you   #spring   #loving  
1 day ago

I could chew my way
through all the armless hugs,
through all the silences,
but an infestation of truth
tore away the mask
which allowed me to pursue
such a mindless task,
and now I can no longer
act so automatic,
no longer just a passenger
in my own mind,
I'm either indifferent or dramatic.
And now the entrace is closed
for what I detest,
you're a part of me and
I hope you don't mind,
but darling, your knives
were always the hardest to digest.

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3 days ago

Knotted fingers,
Lacing through my hair.

Rough hands,
Touching me gently.

Broad shoulders,
With arms that hold me.

Strong back,
That lifts me up.

Scarred body,
That has many stories to tell,

And a mean face,
From years of torment,

The body I love,
The body I know,
The body of the person who has my heart.

The boy who owned it still owns me.
The man who carries it is still the boy I'm in love with.

His body, along with his scars, are all that make him perfect.

#love   #man   #boy   #body   #scars   #inlove  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
3 days ago

Lydia tried to spin
Benny's six shooter
around her finger
as he had done
but it slipped off
her thin finger
and fell on the grass.

How do you do it
and I can't?
she said.

Practice and practice
he said
picking up the gun
and showed her how
it was done.

Can I try again?
she said.

He handed her the gun
she put on her finger
and tried again
but it fell off onto
the grass once more.

He picked up the gun
and said
here let me put it
on your finger
and so he did
and held it there
now turn your finger
slightly upward
and spin it.

He released her finger
and she raised her finger
spun it around
and it stayed on.

She said
done it done it
and looped the gun
into her hand
now I'm a proper cowgirl.

Sure are
Benny said
do it again.

She spun the gun
on her finger again
and it spun around.

Good see you
can do it
he said.

He took the gun
from her finger
and spun it around
his finger quick
and slipped it
into his holster
at his side.

She was pleased
she'd done it.

They walked off
the grass and back up
the slope into the Square
as it was lunchtime
and her mother said
not to be late.

So he left her
at her door
and went up
to his flat to see
if his mother
had his lunch also.

He liked that he'd
showed her how
to spin the gun
and it had been good
and fun.

#gun   #girl   #boy   #1958  
Piper W
Piper W
4 days ago

I'm drowning in my own thoughts.
Every time I lay in bed
My thoughts are only of you
I want to be of something else
But, once I start to think of you, I can't stop
I think of how many times you've made me laugh
How many times you've made me cry
And I think of many times you're going to make me want to scream.
But the words I scream are "I hate you!"
When all I want to scream is "I love you."

sometimes we want things we can't have
#love   #poem   #hate   #boy   #thoughts  

Can hold his wife's hand
And not think such an act
Is a show of weakness
Will dance with his daughter
And not think such an act
Is flat-out ridiculous.
Is not afraid to say 'I love you'
And won't think such an act
Is boyish- immature.
Thats what I achieve to be
And to accomplish such an act
Is definitely worth fighting for.

About a year ago I took my girlfriend (who is now a good friend) out to eat and when she left to use the bathroom the waiter (who was also my newest co-worker) came over and we had a conversation like this.
W: Sunny! Didn't expect to see you here... What's up?
Me: Not much, just taking (gf) out for dinner.
W: Dude, that sucks. I pity where she's got you man...
Me: How so?
W: (gf) got you whipped! I saw her grab your hands, making you look like a baby and to top it off she choose the seats for you guys! That's harsh, real harsh.
Me: I pity you, and no longer wonder why you're single.
W: What the hell dude...?
Me: You're immature, boyish ways are understandably what prevent women from wanting to stay with you. Please get us a different waiter.
#love   #man   #fight   #boy   #friendship   #girlfriend   #daughter   #women   #wife   #immature  
Piper W
Piper W
5 days ago

I hate not being able to call you mine.
You always say "Don't Be Sad"
When you're the reason I'm crying.
You love her.
And not me.
I wish I was the one you were holding in your arms.
But then I see how perfectly she fits in your arms.
All I can do is cry and never tell you you're the reason why.
All I can do is sit here watch you love her
And watch you slowly break my heart in two.

Sorry I had to repost it got deleted and i needed to fix it anyways.
#heartbreak   #poem   #sad   #boy  

he wanted to have sex with me in my car,
and we might've if i hadn't stopped him.
because he would kiss me
and i would wish i was kissing you.
and he would touch me
the way you touched me.
and he wanted to have sex in the passenger seat of my car,
but all i could picture was you on top
of me.
the way the world was ours in the sense,
we didn't care how long it took or the fact that it was freezing out.
we just kept doing it.
and i can't stop thinking about it,
even every time i sit in my car.

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