Arcassin B
Arcassin B
16 hours ago

By Arcassin Burnham

Cracking necks and sneezing to prevent
Pure evil from letting go your misguided
Soul from this hell and her hell and his
Hell is a lot different than what it might
Seem in his or her eyes,
We prevail,
To be human beings in these dark times,
Pushing and pacing and paving numbers of
The population while playing sick games,
When all we want is sunny days with fresh
Cut grass,
Playing Frisbee in cold winters and make
Beds for summer,
Some are quite good swimmers,
Some are good runners,
in the grass we go.

#words   #life   #summer   #evil   #darkness   #here   #grass   #winters   #hellopoetry107  
2 days ago

she has
the grace of ethers
the eons
in ecru



could be leveraged
to her latitude
no linguistic lay line
could place

~ she ~

dancing flower
so flawless
behind my forehead

roses ravishing

in beauty


out of my

Venus on the

The world is your



I have dreams about
a beautiful dancer. Loved by
everyone and accepted.

I sometimes wish
I could know what she means.

Perhaps she's my muse
set to music.

I think she'll always be a


Arcassin B
Arcassin B
2 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

When It rains and it pours , is it God crying?
Or does he make mistakes too by dropping
Glasses of water on some parts of the planet,
sometimes i cant stand it,
Its too hard to manage
With all the decorative seasons and foreign
Following their footsteps and letting all of their
Friends go,
I wish everything was in slow motion so I could
Move through this crowd of asshole and jerks,
Its more than I deserve,
And when the wind blows I'll be sitting in the
Rose garden full of sin while thick and bold and
Replace the new past with the old,
I think I struck a nerve,
The Power was within is all along,
are you man? or do you claim your strong?
If you pick confrontations left and right then
something will go wrong.

#words   #life   #faith   #wrong   #garden   #power   #planet   #blow   #nerve   #hellopoetry107  
4 days ago

                ||        ship
upon the sea • fractured
light to port and lee • the  
wind it howls and makes    
its pass • thru the rigging    
made of glass • rainbow      
colors splash the waves    
who'd know this boat put
men in graves • though
they were both brave
~~~~~~~~ and bold • they ~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~ disembarked ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~  ~~~~~~~~ on the ~~~~~~~~  ~~~

~~~~~ ISLE of SOULS ~~~~~

(C) 1/18/2016

I know that this isn't the best
concrete I've done. I did it to
take my mind off things. I'm
going to read a little, then go
to sleep. Very tired.


5 days ago


Gregory loved money
Compare him to a toad.
A solid golden palace
Was his high abode.

He had many servants
To wait upon his needs.
He paid them in pennies
Such was his great greed.

He accounted his vast wealth
All throughout the day
When it came time to bill you
You had better pay.

Greg had gold, but he grew old
Arthritic and halt
When he was laid, at last, in state,

They did so in a vault.


Ella was quite beautiful
Compare her to a snake.
She sipped upon the finest wines
But her thirst was never slaked.

There was a little servant girl
Younger and more fair,
Ella hated this young lass
Put her in despair.

She showed a vile temperament
Acted like a cur.
Ella hated everyone
Who had more than her.

Her envy made her very ill,
And she finally passed.
She was buried with her mirror

And rots before her glass.


Arthur was an angry man,
Compare him to a lion.
He roared around his castle
And had a will of iron.

He was always virulent
In both word and pen,
Would beat his wife and servants
Time and time again.

He waged many futile wars
With kingdoms all around.
Many grieved, for he laid siege,
And burned them to the ground.

He captured the women,
And so he had a pride,
But he lived by iron sword,

So by the sword he died.


Lackadaisical Lucy
Compare her to a snail.
She scarce emerged from her soft bed,
Laziness prevailed.

She wouldn't lift a finger
To dust or do a dish,
She lived on an inheritance,
To sleep her only wish.

The housework just did not get done,
She wouldn't even cook.
She'd order out from Domino's
And had an unkempt look.

She finally died in her own bed,
Her sands of time were gone,
She exhaled her last breath

With an enormous yawn.


Gerald was a glutton.
Compare him to a pig.
He'd consume most anything,
And didn't care a fig!

When he ate a stack of pancakes,
Now, I tell no lie,
It was so tall, to see them all,
You'd have to view the sky!

Gerry was enormous,
As big as a barn.
He had so many folds & rolls
He was the Michelin man!

He just couldn't get enough!
The pancakes just a teaser!
And when they finally buried him

They did so in a freezer!


Louis was so lustful
We'll compare him to a goat.
A female weasel is a slut,
The male is a stoat.

He was a musician,
And, man, that boy would rock!
He had an erection
Almost 'round the clock!

No problems getting women
They never gave him grief!
He had so many groupies
He was known as the Kalif!

But one of his liasons
Didn't go as planned
He lost his life due to the wife

Of a jealous man!


Percy was quite prideful,
Like a peacock rare.
He had the finest clothing,
Bright beyond compare!

He was given everything,
He had things in hand.
His tailors were acknowledged
As the finest in the land!

His enemies planed out a coup
When a good time arose.
They had Percy fitted
For the Emperor's new clothes.

The townspeople were furious!
Gave Percy the boot!
So he was buried in a ditch

In his birthday suit!

(C) 1/17/2017

Thanks for reading this long poem!
The early church compared people
guilty of one of these sins to animals.
These are included in the poems.

So far 41 people read this... not ONE like!
C'mon! Talk to me! What's wrong with
this? Should I take it down?
6 days ago


if I don't really live
there can be no death

(C) 1/16/2017

I'm going off-site now
6 days ago

I have wings, I'm everywhere
I'll vanquish all who stand
Nobody can conquer me
I am a firebrand
Twin tornadoes lift me up
Spit nails in their hands
You'll find that I am common
I am in all lands
But I'm very subtle
Not many understand

I'll share a little secret
Just for you and me
It's just a peccadillo
A sin of small degree
Let's share something to titillate
Just for us to see
It may become a scandal!
But, hey, this country's free...

You know that movie star you hate?
Let's just play a game
We can see it as her fate
So no one is to blame
We'll destroy her career
Hey, they're all the same
They all drink and have affairs
She's so very lame
You're behind the smokescreen
There really is no shame
And where there's smoke there's fire...


(C) 1/16/2017

The tongue (or pen) can be for  
prayers & praise
Or ignite a MIGHTY blaze
So check yourself. Check your mouth...
Or you may just be headed SOUTH.

My soul is a song that sings a raspy tune,
About love, life and the heartache I've been through.
My heart is a book with pages and chapters written out of order about me and you.
I can't seem to remember the beginning of either and the end seems like a distant future.
But I want you to take your time listening, reading and trying to understand,
Because my life is in these words
And even if we're from different worlds
Love, pain, joy and heartache are things we've all come to know.
And by simply listening and reading each other, we can begin to grow.

#love   #life   #pain   #joy   #song   #know   #heartache   #grow   #hellopoetry107  
6 days ago

A protest song inspired by sjr1000

Frig & Frack dance a dance
To see who is astute
They run an oil rag up a pole
To see who will salute

Nobody seems to see it
They just watch TV
Corporate's just overjoyed!
They can dance for FREE!

They just quash the media
Build gas-guzzling trucks
People purchase in their millions
So Frig & Frack make BUCKS!

Nobody seems to wonder
Why water tastes so funny
Why their kids have cancer
Why... Big Oil's makin' MONEY!

Yeah... nobody seems to care a fig
Most people aren't that hyper
Now Corporate can laugh and jig...

...and we all Pay the Piper!

(C) 1/16/2017

Please read sjr1000's poem
"Friggin' Fracking"
It's just scathing.
We need more protest & awareness of this!
The media ain't gonna tell folks...
That's what poets & songwriters are FOR!
Just Melz
Just Melz
7 days ago

I can see that light,
      burning in your eyes.
        It burns brighter when I'm around
          and I know you're there
   by your hearts beating sound.
          Like luminescent drums,
     your light beats for me
   and your soul can be heard and seen.
         And I can finally see everything.

#love   #heart   #dreams   #soul   #you   #light   #live   #dash   #hellopoetry107  
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