Corine Rose
Corine Rose
18 hours ago

My mama told me to be thankful,
For I will be given blessings.
My mama told me to be nice,
For I will be given more blessings.
My mama told me to speak kind,
For I will be given all the blessings.

I hope you listen to my mama,
Then she will bless you with endless blessings.

Michael LoMonaco
Michael LoMonaco
21 hours ago

Popularity steers competition into unsafe borders,
As characteristics of adolescence is controversial.

Fighting for the ultimate acceptance,
Consuming drugs by peers sparking pressure.

Willing to sacrifice grades for fame,
Setting a harder path in an untold book.

The expansion of most friendships doesn’t exist,
As college tends to destroy bonds.

Since high school, I had limited friends by my side,
But they bled and expressed glory with me to this day.

Quantity usually leads to a flawed direction,
While quality consists of strength that last.

Choose a track with a future,
Instead of scenarios driven by deviance.

Always coming with a smile,
Substances are distributed by deception,
Manipulating the fragile soul.

Pressure paralyzes youths in the moment,
As awkwardness tries to dispel tension.

Agony is the flame which triggers addiction,
Trying to ease the horrors of mental anguish.

Denying the drug can be a strenuous assignment,
Fighting sinister forces mixed with complexity.

Knowledge will devise a plan for defeating temptation,
Assembling a foundation of awareness through logic.

Tyler Castro
Tyler Castro
3 days ago

Turn the lights off so that I may know you
In this safe space, I invite you to indulge in our mutual vulnerability
Feel protection in my arms as I guard your heart
As I keep it warm between our chests
Set your gaze to mine while you share with me your aspirations
I yearn to experience them through the windows to your soul
Share with me your fears so that I may put them to rest
May this bed be a holy and sacred place for us
May this bed be our confession booth free from ridicule
May this bed be a tithing basket for you to receive love with no boundaries
In this bed, allow divine pleasure to overwhelm you
Let your orgasm match the depth of your trust
Let your tears turn to sweat that trickles down the valley of your spine
Let your bodily fluids baptize you; cleanse you of any guilt
Share with me your spiritual awakening
As I receive communion with your raw, unfiltered, liquified emotion running down your body
Toss out your bible, for the only religious text I need is your diary
Allow me to tie every inch of your glorious body to a memory
I wish not to fuck, but to love
I wish to fulfill all your fetishistic urges
For I know they are tied they are tied to a psychological yearning
By the end of the night I wish to know every inch of your flesh
I want the knowledge to be accompanied by the memories that make you, you
And if I fail, there's always round two after we cuddle

Tyler Castro

#love   #desire   #indulge   #sex   #spiritual   #erotic   #pleasure   #scorpio   #scorpion  
Alyce Black
Alyce Black
3 days ago

This is how I like
my bruised skin
And how I like my sin

Pretty lights
across heavy flesh
ripe and warm
and wet
with the waters of

Sometimes I wonder if hell
is just a
fever dreamt
from the disorderly mind
of someone with issues
like mine

#love   #hell   #drugs   #balance   #water   #heaven   #sex   #universe   #spiritual   #damnation  

This sacrifice for a dream
Screams thoughts of what I must cast
                    into the sea

       My heart is lost of love
But vengeance
      And anger
        I see the moon
                                      Not the sun
           walk a dark path
   With an admiration for my shadow

        The only family I know
    With the night inside my heart
         The friends in my head

     When darkness is all I have
             My Nightmares to cherish
           If God went North
                              And left my soul,
                                       On a boulevard,
         Under these sinking skies

#sad   #life   #pain   #religion   #dark   #spiritual   #religious  

Questioning values on issues of complication,
With defects sparking the fuse.

Morality is not always viewed in black and white,
As some principles have a grey area.

Not sure which trail is a greater cause,
Trying to discover the best course to virtue.

Frustration can detonate while finding ethics,
A journey which might require a long trip.

Your divided beliefs will have many external opinions,
Follow the avenue that will lead to divineness.

4 days ago

Melting all around you,
Blissfully sinking in.
Past and future forgotten,
And a change occurs within.

The peace of simply being
Existing here and now,
The troubles melt away,
If only you'll allow.

Sweat is produced by reason,
To achieve that point of results.

After strenuous miles on the obstacle course,
Fatigue stabs the nerves without remorse.

The body is bombarded by pain,
As cramps represent a threat to success.

Running with ambition on the track,
Risking safety by pride for the ultimate glory.

Self-discipline and good health will produce goals,
As recuperating on the sidelines can produce better outcomes.

Divine timing
Unraveling self-fulfilling prophecies of satisfaction
Indecision, action-packed
Clarity, spinning out and hiding in eternity
Destroying me, creating my stability
I am not and will never again or anymore be sorry that I’m free
Running directly into me
I exist in and of all time-spaces simultaneously

Stream of consciousness, inspired by journeys with LSD, meditation and spirituality
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