1 hour ago

Let my hands do all the talking.

My long nails dig into the skin on your back,
Creating red lines of passion.
You let out a soft moan and begin to say something.

My hands move to your neck, my fingers wrap around and squeeze tightly;
My mouth presses against your ear,
"I said let my hands do the talking".

As I am there, my teeth gently caress the edges of your ear, sending goosebumps all over your body.

I make my way slowly down your neck to your collarbones, kissing every inch. You go to let out another whimper, my hand covers your mouth.

I continue traveling down your chest, my tongue leads me closer and closer to your hardened cock.

My hand grips the base of you. I glide my fingertips up and down the shaft, teasing you... is what I do best.

Pre-cum drips down. I lick it off slowly, never forgetting to look straight into your dark brown eyes.

Your head falls back. Your hand moves from the bed sheets to the top of my head, tangled in my mess of hair.

You push down on my head and your cock is sliding down my throat. I choke and gag, "Now that your mouth is full... it's my turn to talk."


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4 hours ago

Oh just spare me your glances!

Though I dont count the chances,

While I'm hand-in-hand with a girl.

Yet when canoodling with man

People tell me, good plan

Causing anger within to unfurl

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6 hours ago

Eyes that outshine any jewel,
when she laughs at silly things and dances as bad as a drunken fool.

Hair that's tousled in every way
She calls it a crazy bird nest but I think it resembles a Kitty mane

Smile that's crooked on the left
it brightens my day with a single glance...Oh crap, I need to report a theft!

crushes, it's been awhile since I've had one so when I saw her today, my heart kind of froze. Weird how quickly you can get to know a person in 15 minutes. I already have her nickname picked out, Kitty. Her real name is Kathy but I have horrible hearing so I thought she said Kitty and when she corrected me my stupid mouth blurted out, "Kitty. It's my new name for you, since you look like a kitten". No clue where the hell that came from, but she blushed and so for once I thanked my mind (and mouth) for blurting stuff.
It's almost uncomfortable how giddy I am right now, my cheeks hurt from smiling, my arms and hands are shaking as I keep picturing her over and over butchering the Silento dance moves! (long story, might make a poem about it later).
...and now my chest is about to have a heart attack of thoughts, farewell my humans!
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I just want to sleep ...
fuck your roses .
fuck your apologies .
fuck your fake care .
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
you continuously lie to me .
you make me so Fucking upset ..
I swear sometimes I Fucking regret ..
ever coming across you !
because you let me down
just like everybody else ....
this is the price I pay , for putting my trust inside of your trembling hands .
For me having faith that you were strong enough to stitch me together again ......
you aren't shit .
and you will never be .
should've listened when they told me ..
you only wanted to destroy me .
and congratulations, you just pulled apart a fucking grenade ...
Now you have to wait for the boom

#love   #heartbreak   #lies   #broken   #betrayal   #lust   #hurt   #cold  
Zainab Bhure
Zainab Bhure
Nov 24, 2016

Don't know what to think
When he looks at me
The way he does;
It could be love
It could be lust.

His eyes shine bright
And I like to think
That that's because of me
Or for me and only me,
It could be anything
It could be dust.

I take him with my eyes
And drink him with my soul
His flavour sweetens with every sip,
I keep craving him more and more.

He could be in love
Or he could be wrong
He could be singing
Some other song.

Don't know what makes his
Lips rhyme,
Too afraid to learn
That it could be different from mine
He can sing anything he likes
As long as he vows to stay mine.

The way he holds me
Makes me wonder
What if he could be mine
To hold forever?

I could devote stanzas
On his every quirk and feature if I could
From the gap in his teeth
To the crinkle of his nose
To the flip of his hair
To his perfectly arched brows.
Or even his flirtatious smile
Or the light in his eyes
Or his hearty laughter
Or his innocent white lies.

Not a single word
Not a poetic line
Not a verse
Can do justice to his kind.

I think it's to do
With the way he looks at me
Like he does.
It could be love,
It could be lust
It could be anything
It could be dust.

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1 day ago

As I reminisce over you
I lick my dry and cracked lips
Your poison, so sweet
Sharp and pointed fingertips

Mixed and lonely
I'm caged by my own thoughts
Your scars, so perfect
Struggling I've fought

Love is just a masquerade for pain
My beauty hides a beast that has yet to be tamed
But I want you, need you, I'm so lonely
And my desires remain unnamed

My scars are raised in purple
Because I loved the pain
Ever since I met you
It hasn't been the same

Kiss the desolation,
Remove the isolation
Cleanse me of my sins
To yours, let me in

From prison to prison
Though yours seems like heaven
Take me, all of me
Better trapped then dead
Better trapped then dead
Better trapped then dead

"You can't destroy what you did not create"- inspired by Slipknot
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Jonny blaze
Jonny blaze
1 day ago

My life consist of complex inginueity striving to be original but molding to the harshness of what the world is doing to me. Am i wrong for contemplating my lifes decisions. Because this isnt the way things where suppost to come out in my own depiction on the out come of my life. Maybe its my thoughts that are making me insane since i constanly think all i am is trash but theres a saying one persons trash is another treasure not sure if weather to believe it or not because woman come and go i just dont measure up to the dream guy. Maybe its my icebox heart that lets them see the coldness in my eyes gazing into theres filling false hopes of prosper and love each seem to be lies. Just to watch them break down in tears with no remorse when i see them cry since id rather not catch feelings being to scared to see where true love coulf take me honestly i dont know why. Im screaming in rage from the inside like im traped in a four corner room staring at walls hyperventilating unable to get out im balled upĀ  feeling trapped im at a loss. Maybe you the reader cant understand what i mean maybe you can i feel like my life has been a bunch of ups and downs more downs then ups i was just a accidental nut that swam into the womb since my fathers pull out game wasnt fast enough now im stuck with the harsh reality of a cold world that beats me down after i get back up when will enough be enough maybe i need to find love and stop trying to hide the void wheres my diamond in the rough maybe I'm thinking again to much enough is enough

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Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

Skin on skin
Sweet caresses and whispers of love
A blissful sensation; an alien feeling unknown

The strange energy coursing through the veins
The mind begins to enter euphoria while the body vibrates anticipating what it awaits

It all feels just right

Can we pretend we're lovers if only for just one night
Pretend that we were distant but just reunited
Let's pretend and play along with this lie

Can I say you loved me too?
Please say that you loved me as I loved you!
If only for a moment, can we pretend we never parted?

I've grown fond of you
I think I love you

One night stand
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

Take a dip in my waters, feel the soothing coolness seep your skin
Immerse and emerge breathless and renewed
While floating in caressing waves, you'll feel transformed and sated
Embraced by the warm heat in a cocoon of amor we have created

#lust   #sex   #erotic   #temptation  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

I want to feel wanted; the need to be free

I want to feel loved; I want to feel alive

Give me the pleasure that I've never known before

Make me crave only you and never another!

One only found in sweet dreams and while I lust trying to get some satisfaction

#lust   #erotic   #hunger   #cravings  
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