Renée Brookes
Renée Brookes
23 minutes ago

You can see it all from my window;
open wide, no blinds,
all at my window.

The show has begun.
Every night I headline,
dress then rewind; so fine.

Moonlight on skin;
sin invites our minds.
You strive to remain in hide,
outside my window.

Lust drives me and you.
Slow, ribbons flow down to my shoes;
heels, a seductive red.

On my bed, I relax.
Be my witness to climax,
from outside my window.

#love   #hide   #lust   #windows   #sex   #longing   #room   #sexual   #show   #intimate  

she's got that ambigious look
and i see that she contemplates life
she's absent minded in a good way
& i see that loves to drive (sometimes)

for its not about the boredom
it's just social implication on that girl
whom is so lost without me
& needs interpretation from the world...

d.d. #60
#love   #girl   #lust   #lyrical   #sex   #teenage  
Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
8 hours ago

The room goes dark
Its time to play
Bewildered look on
Her face
Glowing by the sheen
From candles lit
Let the games begin
A dark voice says

Sweat builds on her brow
Like a tear drop
No sadness here
She awaits in anticipation

Her body is tense
Ropes, whips and chains
Hanging on the walls
Will we be used today
Takes hold of the ropes
Ties her to four posts
Attached to a bed
Dressed in silk clothes
So soft where she lies

He covers her eyes
Field of view obstructed
Heightened senses
Like a cave underwater
No life expected

Her ears come to life
Tingling from slow breathes
Blowing from his
cold mouth
Frozen lips
Icy tongue
She gasps for air
Her body bare

Mouth to Mouth
She licks her lips
In slow motions
Like a fan
He tastes so good
So much emotion
The smell of leather
In the air

Takes a deep breathe as
He rubs the ice
Down the Hills
Is it too hot?
Is it too cold?
Her brain can't function
What is this?
is it Pleasure?
Is it pain?

She wants to learn
His tender touch
Is it love?
Is it hate?
Is it passion?
Confused reaction

Please stop!
No, keep going
What to do?
What to say?
She says nothing
She has escaped
Into the confines of
Her mind distressed
She is fully obliged
To Him

First time playing
He isn't easy
On her
A big smile forms
No serenity
Pleasure is torture

She wants more
Craves deep within
No whips
No chains
Nothing more than
Hot and Cold hands
His Toy

Moving across her body
Up and Down
Exploring her map
Over the hills
Through the valleys
From chest to navel

Mouth to lips
Passion fruit
Cant move
She comes undone
Her body contorts
Hair stands
Like trees in the forest

What has happened?
She'll never tell
Forever changed
Her body fell
Into his arms
Her Dark Tormentor

JM 10/4/16

#love   #tears   #lust   #dark   #sex   #torment   #rough   #pleasure   #sub   #dom  
Alex Negri
Alex Negri
16 hours ago

Behind the stories of old bad luck,
lay Lucifer and his surrogate beginning to fuck.
Draining every swamp of muck,
releasing the morbidly hunted buck.
You married the woman who carries the child,
Satans last son you are now in denial.
Swallow your pride this is not done in style,
we the people have brought our own trials.

Sorry for the swearing...
#sin   #lust   #fun   #people   #evil   #us   #satan  
kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
17 hours ago

I write this poem just for you
With all these feelings what could I do
A tomb of words that stack like that
Surrounding things seep though the cracks
Words hard as brick to build my tower
Piece by piece hour by hour.

Basicly I'm saying I'm making my grave
If I stick around you, there's no way I'll behave.
My words are all I have left to display my affection
Once you listen you come quick with correction

I lay here dying in my tomb
Your lurking silhouette still lingers in my room
Casting your shadow for me to see
Your presence haunts me in my dreams

#love   #lust   #lost   #curious   #wonder  
18 hours ago

I found a new shade of lipstick
that looked perfect for my pout.
So I bought it and took it home.
I was dying to try it out.
As I put it on, it brought out
the glow in my complexion,
because the thought of something
devious put a smile on my reflection.
I would love to see this color
leave a stain across your lips,
but I'd really rather see it
smeared below your hips.

#love   #kiss   #lust   #lips   #him   #sex   #sexy   #touch   #perv  

The hourglass is turned over,
Time is ticking,
Heart is beating.
What will be our fate
When we finally glide past the moon, up to the stars
We don't even care about time,
Let it fly by.
Because the sensation of 1 beat
Can last minutes,
There will be no finish cause time froze at the highest peak of the second.
This one of a kind feel,
This girl,
Has sealed,
This once broken heart.
With every moment
I spend
My heart beats for seconds, hours, minutes.
Time is ticking,
1 sand drop,
2 sand drops,
3 gun shots to my heart
Which I would never thought be affected by, time.
My mind was combattled with a great feeling that lasted a millimeter of a second.
She played around, confused.
But somehow, I thought patience
Would lead on to eternal life with you.
Behind every truth &' lie
I realized, that you wasted my time..

#love   #trust   #passion   #lust   #time   #loyalty  

In your Sillouette,
Painted Gold, against Magic Curtain.
This Oz Stage, Hiding our bodies.
I am lingering.

You are gilded beautiful
Bare breasts pointed at Chandeliers
nipple Capstones sealing perfect Arches
I am a foot protruding from your sculpture
In mustard.
I am that blot behind your Hip Bone

Cold Draft from the window
Opened Opposite the Magic curtain
A breath of ocean waves
Our bodies casting illusions
In ripples of Moonlit fabric
Dancing around our sillouette.

Black Moss collects in the shape of your tattoos
Silk screen thighs,
Underbust Corset

where the breeze whispered

where my fingertips wrapped your hipbones.
growing where we Calloused
In our Roughs
In our trenches
Rubbing Leather against Silk

You invested in our common interest.
A mirror, Fastened to the Ceiling.
Reflecting Our Two Loudest Vices.
And your body.

I love the Chips in your paint.
I hate the man who painted you.

infected by Tunnel vision Voyeurism
Sick with a Spiderweb brain
Spinning from your imperfections.
You are so, perfect.

Artists come from all over
To watch the magic curtain.

Your Golden arching Back.
My Mustard Toes.

we all look at you,
even you look at you.
we do not Blink.
Just stare, position ourselves.
behind this curtain.

Our callouses grow like the black moss
bodies marble under ocean pressure
erode from the chill winds
Your archaic exhibitionism
Carved From Counting Gazes
Mustard eternally pondering
why our sillouettes, different colors
Drawn by the same moon,
Casted on the same cloth.

#love   #girl   #lust   #boy   #sex   #body   #stone   #medusa   #tricks   #statue  

seeing you there
smooth skin, long neck
reminds me I still care
about all the pretty things
i'd forgotten were there

and so, tiny flower,
with the biggest heart,
if looks could kiss
our lips would never part

#love   #kiss   #life   #passion   #lust   #beauty   #lips   #kissing   #pretty  
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