Alan S Bailey
Alan S Bailey
1 day ago

What is a poet without an audience?
When I write, I write from my heart.
What does it matter if it's torn apart?
I have to live with these regrets,
I never tried hard enough, make every
Last mess. I will be gone soon, you will see,
And no one in their perfect little world will ever
Miss me. But that's why there's the internet,
Fake modern life, to let you feel as if
You are free.

A short poem about my life
#short   #life   #heart   #sadness   #world   #mess   #free   #write   #modern   #baggage  
emme m
emme m
2 days ago

up high our bodies breathe
when we’ve found what we seek
at night our minds will speak
what to lose and what to keep

some say we’re dumb and weak
but we know we should sleep
we feel young and free
it don’t matter when they preach

stay youth stay
please don’t let go
we'll try to behave
but there’s so much we don’t know

go go away
we need to be alone
no, we can’t be saved
someday we’ll grow old

#stay   #young   #old   #free   #youth   #behave  

You may think

I’m free as a bird.

Perfect all the way

you see no scars.

They don’t show

on my outside,

but my heart

has been torn

more than it can heal.

#heart   #perfect   #free   #outside   #scars   #torn   #bird   #heal  
3 days ago


beautiful dreamer
tremble not as you walk
you are not meant for worry lines yet


beautiful dreamer
that's a bad crowd
you are not meant for greatness yet


beautiful dreamer
lying alone
haven't you got a boyfriend yet?


disgusting pig
hope that hurt, whore
haven't you given up yet?


dearly beloved
she was a victim of opportunity
haven't you stopped mourning her yet?

Hum to the tune.
#free   #verse  

When people say capitalism is bad...

Well, no, capitalism is not bad. People are bad.
At least, they can be.
Capitalism is just one way of experiencing who we are as humans.

We have molded our system according to how we work together
as a species. This is who we are as a collective whole.
We could express it a different way,
but we would still get the same results:

Some people are good and some people are evil.
There will always be the lucky,
and there will always be those who run into misfortune.
But it still isn't so black & white, even then.

We cannot blame a system, or even an individual for actions.
We cannot blame a thing.
We cannot blame anything.

What happens, happens because of how
everything is webbed together as one -
both colliding and agreeing.

We will never all be the same,
until maybe we are robots, which makes us no longer human.

So, no, I refuse to agree that capitalism is bad.
It is a tool which can be misused,
like anything else in this world.

Just remember that we are all one whole collective consciousness,
so when you blame one person, you are blaming part of who you are,
though you may not see it that way.

All we can do is love and try to be pure,
in hopes that others will follow,
but mathematically speaking,
all will never follow one whole-heartedly.

Sophia Lynne
Sophia Lynne
3 days ago

I used to call you my sunshine.. but the sun always comes back. I always knew when it was coming back and I always knew when it was going to leave again. And now that i think about it, you were more like a shooting star. You'd show up out of no where.. so mesmerizing and unreal.. Then you'd be gone in a split second. and i never knew when i'd see you again.

I don't watch for shooting stars anymore.

#love   #freedom   #sun   #stars   #thoughts   #you   #knowledge   #free   #gone   #false  

she asked me how to create
when she was low on energy
I said remember the day you left him
and just let yourself bleed

#love   #sad   #girl   #happy   #art   #free   #freeverse   #jmk   #ckeleos  
4 days ago

O God why have I forsaken you cries my soul while it yearns for you.
My breathing becomes heavy while my thoughts become heavier- how much longer can I deny you?

With each passing day my destiny dwindles as it rekindles with oblivion- what will give me the will to live on?

I've asked this before and I'll ask it again as my head spins with recurring sins. I've had stints of holiness but I whole heartedly banish any traces as faces vanquish faith in favour of vanity.

I say to myself I will stand apart from this mess but somehow I get entangled on the sly hoping to die- but my wish is thwarted as I'm being courted by God in my conscience so I ponder the abyss hiding in my drinks- but it drags me closer to my reality that I am insane with horrible intervals of sanity.

A fragile potency that prevents me from sleep and keeps me alert with the allure of salvation dear to my faith in stagnation. Wondering when will I ever break free from the shackles of frustration that give me the illusion of comfort leaving me stranded as an elusive convert......

Free me from bondage and take off the bandage
#sin   #free   #hangover   #bondage   #convert   #stranded  
5 days ago

A mind kept in a dark room
Locked inside a mind
Cluttered minds they become
Forming as one
Confusion awakens

Lost in each others minds
Battling for answers
To ease there troubled minds
Deeper in mind they go

Falling in dark
As if in a void
Endless it seems
Reaching ends meet
They sink into forgetfulness
Easing confusion

#poem   #sad   #lost   #dark   #mind   #free   #confusion   #deep   #trouble  

The first time I fell in love
was not with a
nor a girl

it was with the world

I remember that tight, unsettling churning in my gut
the same kind I got the first time a boy planted one right on my mouth

But it was before,
when my feet graced shorelines
and waves invited me inside for tea
I remember hugging a tree ironically
but in that gesture, breathing for the first time
It was unplanned,
holding hands with mother earth
her bounty filling me up when I
did not know I was empty
flowers adding blush to my face
where the snow had flushed it
and the sun had left speckles,
I was drawn to her curves
climbing her moutains and
feeling her breath in sync with mine
in real world time
I fell in love with the sky
she cried into the sea
and I swam in them
strokes to carry myself to her beaches
her arms wrapped around me
and filling me with her bounty

#love   #peace   #happy   #nature   #summer   #free   #personal   #beach   #jmk   #ckeleos  
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