31 minutes ago

is exactly the moment the collision occurred
this is the distortion of reality
the glance at your hands gripping the wheel
this is the stoppage of time
the numbing silence

you looked so beautiful knowing it would hurt
i always figured it would
i always asked you to wear a seatbelt
you always asked me to leave in peace
this is it then

is the tranquility of non-existence
this is the blood in my mouth that i can't identify as mine or yours and
this is the steel frame of the car and heart distorted

this is where fate meets human fragility
where the light makes sounds
where i can't remember the last words i said to you but
i hope they were clever

i hope something becomes of me
i hope you here my voice in car horns
and see me in ambulance lights

you were always so vibrant and i wonder where all your light went
back to the crash then
i felt us collide with the guardrail
and my soul wrap arounds yours

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I always wondered how I could get so broken
You never listened to the words that were spoken
Telling me I'm the one but why was I chosen?
You admired me but not my devotion

I don't understand how I got so open
For you to act right, that's what I was hoping
But every time you fucked up and I exploded
I got so angry and started spillin' my raw emotion

Played and used like a token
All the love I gave you, I'm revoking
This poem I'm loathing
Damn.. I need to get back focused

#love   #self   #anger   #hope   #resentment   #free   #focus   #commitment  
Julia Traina
Julia Traina
10 hours ago

Well, its not going very far,
trying to escape,
it thinks         if it could just
                                                       ­  bounce,
                                                               ­           bounce
across the smooth ceiling
one        centimeter      at      a     time,
that somehow the tiles will just
open up into
                                                         open sky
                                                             ­                                       But what then?
Is floating into nothing,
really better than constant incarceration?
At least,
here it has a place
At least,
it has people watching.

do we just follow the rules, or it it better to break free?
#freedom   #society   #free   #normal   #breaking   #balloon   #rules   #watching  
1 day ago

the first boy i ever loved had a freckle under his eye
and i swore
i'd never forget how that looked
and now, i have forgotten which eye it was under
and what color they were

but this, this is not a sad realization
this is not justification
this is an explanation of a simple thing:
i was not in love
but for the life of me, i could've been

and for reasons that i can't quite explain
we drifted apart
and truthfully, this may have been because he called me names i cannot repeat
and he broke me in ways that i'll never be able to fix
as fucked as it is, i stayed for a while longer
even though i knew i shouldn't
god, i thought i was in love
i swore i'd never forget that

but i did and i have
and sometimes these "goods" and "bads" come to pass
and all that's left is a fading memory
a fleeting feeling
not of love, but of longing
to be in love again

and this freckle under his eye, well i haven't seen it in seven months
and i don't really care to
because i've seen other beautiful things
things that would make that freckle seem
things that would make that freckle seem
things that i swear
i will never forget

and this, i know
is not forever
i am not in love with the world yet
but for the life of me,
i could be

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Run away, my love. Just run away
with me. We are animals, lost
in bite marks and desperate visions
of bleak futures where you are no
longer here to light up my skies
with your starlight. My limbs are lost
to your touch, my mouth empty
as you breathe me in. I am
human only when you observe me.
There are no skull shaped prisons
or cries of terror, only
the sound of laughter ringing
like the songs of lost
birds in the night,
longing and true.

~~ I can sing with the birds if it will make you smile. ~~
#love   #passion   #pain   #happiness   #smile   #animal   #free   #song   #laugh   #bird  
Alece Woosley
2 days ago

Long last a final run,
to the great unknown.
Fond the light at the end of the tunnel,
Dancing in the middle of the streets.
Cool breeze flowing, warm evening,
how exciting it is to be.
Long last we are free.

#unknown   #free   #blissful  

the transcendence of life
has a sweet taste of ultra light beams
and the happiness that comes after strife.

to know that life and flesh
does not bring pain or tears
is the feeling of life after death.

the effects of karma
are no longer a factor on the soul
this is what it feels like to lay in nirvana.


Alan S Bailey
2 days ago

Like the ring of a bell in the distance
some trance which in an instance
can seem like it lasts an eternity,
I embrace the natural wild just as much as I can,
I know it's not a normal thing
but life is short and I am happiest free.
Lost in the moonlight halo or entrenched
in active chaotic madness, it's all the
same to me. A vagabond, a fool,
I earned this by word of mouth alone,
never again truly kissed, scarred and yet my poor
living is sacred, there is no place I can call my own,
this all I am thinking as I drift off to sleep
for the very last time, as you hold my shaky hand,

there is little I'd have left for my journey while
they take all they can that is left
of my world all for the sake of greed,
of nothing but selfish sentimentality,
I am already guilty, instantly proven guilty,
so for once let me be.

#truth   #sad   #time   #lost   #dreams   #free   #guilty   #hand   #greed   #kissed  

A boy of such wonder,
you've ripped me from my dreams
my chest, it feels of thunder
with a hint of lightning beams.
Your image appears so strong,
Though I wish there was more to see
your are the tune to my favourite song
you leave me wild, young and free.

#love   #life   #fun   #crush   #young   #hug   #free   #sight   #wild   #cray  

Nature in its own right is wild and free
Religion and morality put certain bars
Man has a stance to agree or disagree
Imbalance created is a reason for wars

Injustice is there to mar the equilibrium
Balance of power is needed to celebrate
Prudence differentiate between dictum
Conscience is there just fully deliberate

To uncover all hidden follies and faults
This is how we can counter all assaults
Cleanliness of heart brings and so exalts
My friend it is set of strange somersaults

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

#and   #free   #wild  
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