3 hours ago

Open the door to your heart
A world without war
A new start
Where love and oneness are accepted more
Turn the page on your rage
Free us from the cage
Of the minds programming
Which is a failed system
Snatch utopia from the ashes
Of heart shaped gashes
Cuts that bleed
Feed love instead
Grow peace in your head
and like a Phoenix fly
From death
Take that one new breath
and think like you've had an epiphany
A realisation reborn into rebirth
Utopia on this earth.

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Stay with me, somehow,
and see the world as I see it,
pretty and dreary,
though more dead than alive,
and squint your eyes into the sizzling desert,
riddled with hollow bones,
and look further to the flowering cacti;
then maybe you would see me reflecting back
in its fruit and know that it is my life;
I tempt death's grip,
but he cannot reach one so destined to survive
regardless of such extremes of hot and cold
or of such arid landscapes,
but I musn't sip at the clouds searching for water,
and maybe I'd admit I've tried,
so stay with me, somehow,
and discover me for yourself.

okay so maybe I am in a bad state but at least I haven't died yet
#self   #desire   #stay   #me   #free   #begging   #reflection   #myself   #with   #plea  

Fly Fly away
Be free
You are broken out of your cage
Be free little butterfly
Fly Fly Away
Quick for I might take you back
Run Run
Fly Away
I will get in trouble
But fly be free and remember me
For I can't escape this cold confined prison
Fly Little

#butterfly   #free   #fly  
Timmy Shanti
Timmy Shanti
3 days ago

I dreamed I was a butterfly.
(Or butterfly was me.)
I fluttered by the golden sky,
The mountaintops, the sea.

I felt the warmth, the sweet caress,
The gentle breeze of love.
I knew there was no hell below,
No heaven up above.

I spread my wings and let it go,
Forgetful of the past.
I dreamed I was a butterfly.
I fluttered – free at last.

I drifted on the salty waves,
Beset by melting ice…
Amid long years and short days
I freely cast my dice.

My dreams came true, and all at once
The evil was no more…
I let it wash all over me,
And then – I crashed ashore.

Anon, reborn, I dreamed again.
(Or butterfly dreamed on.)
My whole existence – pure as Zen,
Unique as a black swan.

The shards, dispersed along the way,
I gathered – one by one.
The kintsugi of life I made
Was brighter than the sun.

The silent flapping of my wings,
Akin to sands of time,
Sustained a galaxy of springs –
Both mortal and divine.

I ambled on, both dry and drowsed…
The point of no return –
I felt at home… When I aroused,
A better world was born.

My dream, however short it was,
Is now a part of me.
Now, conscious of a grander cause,
I flutter by so free.

Idus Martiae MMXVII

Flutter by, beautiful butterflies!
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Ben Jr
Ben Jr
4 days ago

I'm dying,
Let me be,
I've lived long, proud an free,

I'm dying, son
With no scent of regret,
I've seen you achieve goals,
I've seen you become the best,

I'm dying,
Let me be,
I haven't had everything,
But I had all I could ever need,

#love   #life   #death   #son   #father   #free   #gone   #everything   #proud   #achievement  

I need something more than you can give me,
I breathe for something you can't bring me
Something deeper to make me feel like I'm livin'
I long for dancing, long nights of sweet love and champagne
I'm young, wild, but not free
I'm chained of own will and want to break free
I'm scared to face the truth in front of my closed eyes
I need to man up, it's time...
It's time to throw these chains away and finally live.
Be free. Be me.
Be whoever I want to be.

This feeling is cold, like the rock I was sitting on,
I felt numb, like my fingers and toes were when I was outside,
I felt empty, like my stomach was as the days went by,
I felt confused, like the words you left me with,
I felt sick, I was sick,
Of waiting for you

#love   #broken   #heart   #alone   #lost   #free   #but   #cold  
Jonathan Finch
Jonathan Finch
5 days ago

yellow like honey,
become peculiar sweets
towards the sea
-line where I sit
slighting the grey.

Stars, bubble-topped,
in champagne rise
the firelight of this beaded day.

Blow the blue swallows,
loops of the air,
whose south and southern fragrance
sow the summer day down to the –
say of nowhere newly made somewhere.

Lift all the wheat
the harvester the combine
combining to bind
binding the bound the golden.

Slip all the day
down to the throat
the ear stray
for the sea terns’ splash
or the noise of the stoat.

Graft till the grip
is the tight of crowded lines,
and the seaward trip
whitely stars
as phosphorescence drips
pleasure-presents, those
lips on lips.

from"Poems People Liked (2)", an anthology of previously published poems available on Amazon.books
#love   #poem   #free   #verse   #lyric  
Divine Dao
7 days ago

fluent democracy
uniting ? dreams
polyglots of love
constant strife
opposing minerals

                               exploding dialogues
out of the prima
born big banged
serving his lordship                            flame
igniting her passions
                                                        ­ and YOu ?
                                  delve in the enchanted witchcrafted
                                                         ­     &
                                                           ­                                                                 ­                
                                                ­                                                                 ­  realms

just to justify digital revolution, diabolical digital times ticking, nonsensical themes argued, hymns to dismantle flacid deus nominations


like dew
  all in encapsulated
the youngest
green, almost neon green
                                  trembling leaves

The wind has blown away the thoughts of you
and swirled
them along the river. They become the cherry tree blossoms and each blossom now floats toward the vast ocean.
#love   #poetry   #spring   #it   #free   #have   #all   #enchanted   #reminiscent   #associations  

A prisoner on death row, sighing contendedly.
No one was ever sure of his crimes,
but his sentence was clear from the start.
His cell was always absurd,
his life always a mystery.

But now he finds peace.
He has nothing except what he knows;
and what he knows is his end.
It isn't much,
yet it's more than anyone free
has ever had.

#freedom   #death   #end   #thought   #free   #prison   #prisoner   #absurd  
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