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anastasiad Apr 2016
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Zip Code:430050
Phil Bailey Apr 2020
Oh COVID, oh COVID, oh COVID-Nineteen
Last year in Wuhan, you emerged on the scene
Your entrance was brutal, your path so direct
Not caring how many nor whom you infect.

So while we all quarantine, let us discuss
What this terrible crisis tells us about us.

On the one hand, we've all seen, with horror and shame
People pointing their fingers and trying to blame
The media, China, conspiracies, science
Endangering others through reckless defiance.

On the other hand, good people step in harm's way
Giving care and compassion and support every day
By inspiring us all and by doing their part
Using their head and opening their heart

So when it's all over, what will be the effect?
Will kindness take hold or compassion be wrecked?
Will reason prevail or will selfishness matter?
I hold hope of the former, but I fear for the latter.
Francie Lynch Apr 2020
While cruising Corona on the net,
I saw pangolins not eaten yet.
Many, you see, believe its scales,
Are cure-alls to cure whatever ails.
And its meat festoons the rich Asian table.

Who ate the pangolin from head to toe.

China lauds its laws to say they save
The endangered pangolins,
At home, in Asia;
Yet in Wuhan, locked live in cages,
In wet markets like our Dark Ages,
The scaly pangolin is sold.

But Revenge,
We know,
Is a dish best served cold.
Lawrence Hall Feb 12
Lawrence Hall

                 The World Health Organization Concludes
                  That the CV Did not come From Wuhan

                                 As Cole Porter did not say:

I get no WHO from Wuhan
Is it influenza from Fiorenza
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a virus from you
Doggerel is itself.
anastasiad Apr 2016
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Address:No.4, 7th part, private science and technology industrial park,quanli first road,economic and techn
Zip Code:430050
Arkapravo Mar 2020
Bergamo is a ghost town,
Wuhan the reason to frown,
A little virus painted us gray, maybe brown,
And it hits the lungs, and also wears a crown

So much for the markets and the stocks,
Many people go home with the box,
Most of the stores are locked,
Deserted streets, airports and the docks

Never known an enemy as this,
It kills silently, not even a snake's hiss,
A cough, a cold and soon life is amiss,
It will not spare you, even if you are a prince

New York is next in line,
A pandemic, worse than fever of the swine,
Wash your hands, and try not to whine,
Put on a mask, the air is not too fine

Is it the time for twilight?
The end of our might?
The world hangs by a thread too tight,
Save our souls, quite
Written on 25 March 2020
Tryst Mar 2020
Climate change apocalypse,
The views of eco-terrorists:
    No one flying,
    Airlines dying,
    People unemployed;

Gulp clean air in grateful sips,
Locked in your home with trembling lips:
    No one buying,
    Industry dying,
    Boarded shops preside;

Marvel as the sunlight skips
Across the bows of rusting ships:
    No one cruising,
    Nor perusing
    Trips on oceans wide;

Ah! This world does well eclipse
Old oil-obsessed dictatorships:
     No one caring,
     No one sharing,
     Since our whole world died.
Yes there is fear.
Yes there is isolation.
Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness.
Yes there is even death.
They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise
You can hear the birds again.
They say that after just a few weeks of quiet
The sky is no longer thick with fumes
But blue and grey and clear.
They say that in the streets of Assisi
People are singing to each other
across the empty squares,
keeping their windows open
so that those who are alone
may hear the sounds of family around them.
They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland
Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.
Today a young woman I know
is busy spreading fliers with her number
through the neighbourhood
So that the elders may have someone to call on.
Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples
are preparing to welcome
and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary
All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting
All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way
All over the world people are waking up to a new reality
To how big we really are.
To how little control we really have.
To what really matters.
To Love.
So we pray and we remember that
Yes there is fear.
But there does not have to be hate.
Yes there is isolation.
But there does not have to be loneliness.
Yes there is panic buying.
But there does not have to be meanness.
Yes there is sickness.
But there does not have to be disease of the soul
Yes there is even death.
But there can always be a rebirth of love.
Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.
Today, breathe.
Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic
The birds are singing again
The sky is clearing,
Spring is coming,
And we are always encompassed by Love.
Open the windows of your soul
And though you may not be able
to touch across the empty square,
Just received these lines from a friend in the USA ... a calm call for solidarity and love in chaotic times
Jenish May 2020
The dragon dance of death,
Born in silent Wuhan
Round and round far it goes,
Filling ballrooms of Rome
Hip Hop, Tap, Rock and Roll
Taking breaths of poor souls
Healthy youth fit to dance,
Saving our elder lives.
Idiong Divine Mar 2020
The Corona virus
Is nothing but a hybrid
Of history and literature;
ICT and biology
And international politics.

In the “Eyes of Darkness”
Decades ago
Was the Wuhan-400 bred
In some biology laboratory in Wuhan.

How it started spreading
Like some malware virus
Through the internet in 2020;
Attacking world powers and economies.

In Africa, the dark continent,
The virus means nothing
As the people there
Have far worse viruses
Living with them.

There are splinters of rumours
Of a few cases
Here and there in Africa.
We will wash our hands
But we know better.

The political class and governments
Of Africa are far worse:
They feed on Corona virus.
Jun Lit Mar 2020
Our story starts as the song began
to play, asking where should one begin,
astonished at how great a love can be.
‘Twas not as infectious as the Time of Cholera
not as romantic as Marquez’s novela clásica,
or perhaps it is, in its own right, our own right.

Those were the days of living dangerously
in these islands fair, an archipelagic country
our chains were shorter and barking was difficult
as it was the first time, postwar, we’ve gone to the dogs
and the fake war hero proclaimed himself emperor
edifices hid the emptying of coffers by the great robbers
in the guise of benevolence, murderers drew terrors.

We survived the winters of Canberra
judged as mild by the lands of auroras
and back in the humid slopes of the tropics
perspiring to survive the inhospitable heat
and when respite’s within reach, suddenly
Yolandas of all sorts would pass by
and humbled, but still composed
we stood our ground. It seems the force
was with us, whatever that means.
Natural selection favored us, or did it?

These days are the times when little things
mean a whole lot more. Perhaps far more
than old friends and friends of Old
recount, Kitty Kallens of night shifts
and days of overtime work down under
in the land of gums and wattles
and jumping moms with their joeys.
Memories of the immense joys
that chancing upon an Aussie two-dollar coin brings
along the road to Civic – enough to buy veggies
to be mixed with instant Chinese noodles or some
fish and chips for a late brekkie. The grasses
on the friendly neighbors’ lawns are frozen
and could not be mowed and manicured
to yield ten dollars an hour. No weekend three hours.
And yet, and still, we lived. Had a life, our lives.

These days, indeed, little things
mean a whole lot more. Social distancing.
That’s the rule. And so we blow a kiss
from across the room. But tell me I’m nice
only after I’ve showered and changed my clothes
to decent office wear. We’re officially on work from home
so please don’t take a video of me sleeping on the couch
or singing a line or two on online videoke channel.
Can’t touch your hair, until I’ve washed my hands
with soap and water while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice
- no more alcohol nor sanitizer in the supermarkets -
nor pass near one’s chair. We’re on self-quarantine,
fearing unwanted previous exposure to the dreaded,
dreadful Wuhan virus, while shopping, and holding hands
while walking. The long-term asthmatic cough a suspect.
And we better be detained as no formal charge is possible
no trial could be done in a fair court, for we are the victims,
actual or potential, imagined or real, pauper or royal.

COVID19 is the villain in this so grandiose reality
of a horror booth show, and its molecules point to an ancestry
related to the bats or the pangolin or the engineering laboratory.
The plot is set with the sweet unraveling of our love – we need
not hoard this feeling, our hearts aren’t rolls of Oz tissue paper.  

Love has evolutionary history – the length of time’s an eon of we,
approaching senior years but still together, gracefully, lovingly
growing old in decades-long phylogeny – a novel, a love story
that will go beyond this Covidocene, this epoch, this age that’s crazy
and full of misery - brought to life human’s inhumanity.
But still no choice but to give another chance, patiently,
to the forever young Muse named Hope, shall we, shouldn’t we?
as the WHO preaches that ‘Solidarity is the Key.’
written for World Poetry Day 2020
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020

Be the carrier of love-virus
go around the world
and spread it everywhere!

Sneeze at the airport
sitting amongst people
glorify the disease here and there!

Walk down to gardens
roam in the
shake hands with all!

Neither precautions nor quarantine
everyone accepts the might of "Loveria"
may everyone gets infected with it!

O my friends across the world!
knowing no boundaries
"Loveria" affects for lifetime!

Cultivate such a virus
and have no immunity to humanity
then visit Wuhan!

An imaginary offence pl... prayers for all affected with corona across the world
LIVER Nov 2020
Hello ,   Yes
a number 19 and a 31
with extra wuhan noodles
Delivery please
I'm isolating
Clocks ticking
foods not here
" Don't panic dear"

Wheres my oxygen
Struggling to breathe
struggling to breathe
struggling to breathe

Car arrives
Hatchback's open
The Chinese
......The Chinese
james nordlund Jun 2020
The caucigger that could, they call me with contempt,
as their president that 'can't' calls our country's
covid-19 testing a "badge of honor", when the usa has
4 % of the world's populace, yet 30 % of the world's
deaths from pandemic.  While States like AZ and OH
are "stopping testing" to stop the 'bad news' of
extreme outbreaks of corona in meat packing plants,
nursing homes and prisons, which have been forced to
be defacto concentration camps, because workers aren't
allowed ppe's, social distancing, proper testing and
are threatened with arrest if they don't go to work.

I've never suffered, nor suffered from, normal, the
northern malaise, euro-centrism, nor academia, a blood
disease, yet, the united **** of assassin's populace is
by going along to get along, hoping to not be coronaed.
This while their grandparents are being exterminated
at a higher rate than the lower-middle-class to poor,
40 % of covid deaths, and that could easily be stopped.
The Gov't won't stop it because that's one of the main
reasons that they organically introduced the virus to
wildlife markets in Wuhan.  You see the repubs haven't
been able to "privatize" S.S. for 15 years, so they've
'legal-like' pandemiced them to steal their life, S.S..

As well, the global axi of supposed power, East, West,
headed up by Putin, his puppets, and **** of Utin, are
totally back in charge, dictating that "the world must
return to normalcy, open up too soon", to cement the
permanence of corona as a tool of extermination.  The
global oligarchy will be able to use to modulate their
'final solution', the extermination of all life for $,
ending their humane problems, freedom, voting, rights.
So the replacing of orga, workers with mecha, robots,
automation will be forced to proceed regardless, the
terrorism of tens of millions extra murdered ending
resistance to the climate crisis.  Prosecute, execute
the pigs, frontliners in their swine's flu war on you.
Death be proud, if we're going to be exterminated to extinction by pandemic over-time, why not prosecute and execute the not-see criminals before we're murdered; we've nothing to lose?   :)   reality
wordvango May 2020
Unmissable speck
Foreign body, so small,
Invisible to all
Just a couple of molecules
Barely a cell
With a name
Now labeled Chinese,
Emerged from a bat
Or perhaps a
Lab in Wuhan,
Has taken over
Life and limb.
It has split,
Ever seen a cell divide?
And we politicize.  
Long as you white
You can carry ak47s into the
Governor's mansion
Dressed in white or
Like the toughest
Guerillas or warriors.
When a man
Traveled 1800 miles
To volunteer
Gets taken home in a casket,
It's time to get real.
And the checks from the corporation
Sponsored protests get cashed
With old people dying
In homes alone.
It's about the machine, don't
You know.
The gears keep on grinding the
The bottom teeth we are.  
Our weakest are the pawns
On this table made for sacrifice.
I want to call checkmate,you win.
Little speck.
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2020
C  Corona is my pretty name
O  Over the hills and into the
     valleys and cities
V   Verily , verily
I    I the monster
D   Deadly and contagious strike
       all those who come in my
19   in 2019 born in Wuhan,China
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2020
When corona virus struck Wuhan,
Were other countries under the impression they were above it,
That the virus  would follow portocol and wait for an invitation?
Leo Prosty Apr 2020
In a place called Wuhan, a virus was born;
This great Chinese city, now ever forlorned.
'Corona', we called it and later renamed
As 'Covid-19' of unwanted fame.

It spread like wildfire from beast unto man
And further by air, sea, and on land.
"PANDEMIC!", a cry from the W-H-O,
The virus will travel wherever we go!

You must heed this alarm, just look all around
In sickness and sorrow, despair can be found.
No country is safe from this global threat
We give you a warning, tough times will be met!

Armour is on to fight the disease;
A hockey stick's length will prevent paying fees,
Embrace social distance to help stop the spread,
To keep us from sickness, or possible death.

Use N95 masks, gloves, smocks and I reckon
With washing of hands for a good 20 seconds
And no hugging, kissing, or shaking of hands
Social proximity has all but been banned.

Most stores are closed, our kids aren't in school
To beat this Mad Beast we must follow the rules.
We can't see our foe, but what we do see
Is something that hungers for you and for me.

It started with one but doubled each day
The war is upon us and thousands will pay.
Ventilators, doctors, and nurses we lack
To defend ourselves, and mount an attack.

If you have the training, come be our might:
A call to all able to march in this fight.
Retired health workers, many came 'round
All hands on deck to bring this Beast down.

The world has changed, yet must remain strong
So help one another, alone would be wrong.
We're all in this together, hold fast your faith,
And never forget the December '19 date.

I struggle to draw stick people, so poetry is my canvas and a way to
cope with the pandemic.
the essentials,
compelled by oath and compassion,
run into raging fires
every day, every hour
every time duty calls,
they run.
when towers fall,
they run.
when lightning strikes and thunder rolls
and tall trees crash through walls
of our homes,
they run.
when riptides rise and tornadoes roar
and earthquakes shake the earth to its core,
they run.
when hearts fail and lungs need air,
they run.
when bones break and blood clots,
they run.
when cars crash and trucks roll,
they run.
when panic attacks,
they run.
when maniacs relapse,
they run.

and when a pandemic
rips cities to shreds
from wuhan and cremona
to elmhurst and madrid,
filling hospital beds
with desperate, breathless strangers
chests heaving,
eyes pleading,
“save me please!”



~ P
ode to first responders and medical professionals worldwide.
Dr Peter Lim Feb 2020
When travel
will go nowhere
where people walk apart
for the virulent virus scare-

millions rush for masks
to survive such they must wear
factories run through night and day
no one appears at the Sunday Fair.

'  Is that person affected?'
   the furtive and insidious stare
   ' The restaurant is far from safe
     We wouldn't dine there!'.

'   Don't touch any door-****
    even your newspaper you shouldn't share
    don't press the escalator number-signs
    unless you have a glove--beware, oh, beware!'.

   ' From Wuhan our boss has just returned
     after a business tour---his name is Sir Ross Sinclair
     he has been put under quarantine--from him
     a message we now receive:  Business closure I declare!'

    Business is on a trickle,  soon to collapse any day
    world USD 1000 trillion loss--news in the air!
    the Federal Reserve and IMF are panic-stricken
    ' This is worse than the Great Depression---we swear!'.    

    I'm locked up in my study room
    I don't want to be caught in the middle of nowhere
    I have to write poetry to save me from gloom
    what are you poets doing out there?
Dada Olowo Eyo Mar 2020
It's all comers thriving port,
Where receives all questionable sort,
The white Jesus, blond, blue eyed,
And the point where freedom died;

First came an American man with suspicious payload,
But caught by the eagle eye of an Amazon bold,
Whereas Adadevoh gave her life, to save hundreds of millions,
Ebola disease had no qualms

Just as we thought this too shall pass,
An Italian man skips our terrible defenses,
Who knows how far he had transmitted,
The deadly Wuhan China Corona Virus;

Codenamed COVID19,
The potential annihilator has arrived,
Coconut heads responsible for early detection,
Obviously busy enjoying some unwarranted vacation;

And as the many have taken to prayers,
To ward off evil from their areas,
The charge is to ruling class,
To not confirm theirs is the true natured ***.

How did the Italian man gain entry since the 25th of February only to be found on the 27th of February?

Questions are being asked, but are they the right ones?
It is rightly clear that a bio warfare payload can be delivered into the heart of the most populous black country on earth. Zero defenses.

While the one percent political elite continue to enjoy splurges of affluence at the detriment of the ninety nine percent impoverished ones, it is the prayer of ordinary Nigerians that such tragedies occasionally, if not regularly, visit the architects of their miseries and misfortunes.
Corona virus! Corona virus!!
While we wonder of your sudden outbreak
And about the decision to take and hard times we now face

We now have heartbreak
As daily we have a new case
You are busy sweeping rapidly across the globe
Each person wears mask and glove

Out of Wuhan you appeared
Bedeviling the entire human race
On one hand we cry and groan for the disaster so far
We wail and mourn for the death within and afar

Daily death toll rises like smoke licking through the sky
This causes tears to drop from our eyes
Affected Families now stand apart
No more time to sit and chortle with friends
Market places are empty as churches and mosques hold no worshiper
Starvation is taking its toll as channels to make money are tied
While you laugh at us boasting with your nickname Covid-19

On the other hand, we ain't totally sad but rejoice
For families now have time to spend together like it's forever
And husbands and wives bond like never
Workaholics now have time to rest with great leisure
Leaders now concentrate on the welfare of the people
And hospitals are equipped with scientific touch
All these we enjoy with all pleasure

Young dudes now sit to plan their lives
As bars and clubs are shut with no wines
Our ladies are now creative rather than sit to **** dudes dry
Prayers are no more left to the clergies
As every **** and Harry now seem to play the pope or great imam
Hearts indeed are drawn to God
As each step we take we are careful not to fall

O covid-19 what a blow you gave Us
For we won't forget the vacuum you've created
We know that some day your reign will end
For we trust in divine power to hold you down like Ebola
Have hope my friends, for this too shall pass

Commuter Poet May 2020
Social Distancing
Face masks
Check your temperature
Persistent Cough
Stay at home
Keep your distance
Two metres apart
Stay Alert

Defeat the Virus
Protect the NHS
Save Lives
Wash your hands
Sing the National Anthem
Covid Secure workplace

Work from Home
Daily Death Rate
Keep the r
Below one
Exercise once a day
Jo Wicks
Zoom meetings

Stay safe
Care Homes
Furlough Scheme
Global Pandemic

Viral Pneumonia
Care workers
Delivery Drivers
Emergency Budget
Thursday Clap

Flatten the peak
Second Wave
Clean Air
Bird song
Binge Watch
Daily Briefing
Never Ending
13th May 2020
Jasmine Apr 2020
The streets stood empty, row upon row
The peak of the virus still grows, when it will end we don't know.

It started in Wuhan and went on an international spread
It has no mercy, and will kiss people dead.

It is like a war, but not one with guns
It's a silent killer and threatens all our loved ones.

There have been many misconseptions, "it's mild like the flu"
But it can infect anybody, perhaps even you.

It all happened so quick and took everyone by surprise
It came to the UK and our way of life was compromised.

Schools were closed and fear seeped into our heads
It all became real, and the country was filled with dread.

Then everywhere started closing, everything all together
And the only thing that seemed to improve was the spring weather.

All the pubs too are closed, much to the publics despise
We all have to follow the protocol and stay safe inside.

One walk a day, that's all that is allowed
Mass gatherings are banned, don't mingle in the crowd.

Everyone's summer plans have been cancelled, weighing us all down
The towns and cities are left empty, looking like a ghost town.

Teachers, workers, nurses and services are put on the front line
All at risk, holding the UK together like a body's spine.

Scientists working day and night to find the cure
Meanwhile everyone on the front line still has to endure.


It is easy to dwell on the negatives, that is true
But there are more positives than you think, more than you knew.

We have all learnt a lesson, show compassion and pride
Help our communities, especially the vunerable self isolating inside.

Staying away from everyone, even family and friends
But still showing love where we can, as we move towards the end.

Not only this, the country's skies have finally cleared
The pollution has decreased allowing London's true colours to appear.

So listen well, heed the governments words and stay inside
Keep your distance and we can save lives worldwide.

- Jasmine (15)
Stay safe everyone :)
About the coronavirus and how it has hit the uk
Feel free to share ,but don't copy
These cold thoughts,
While thinking of you.
Even if we meet again,
In my Wuhan garden,
My reality a faded one.
Looking out my little window,
Awaiting your return.
My heart fondering away
I grief of your absence,
A grieving so worse,
Still awaiting your return.
My heart,
Alone it southward goes.
Dinning alone,
Yet crying over,
A future loss.
I await your return no more
Your demise I await

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This is a poem showing a lover writing to her Chinese lover who went to war and might not come back.
JaxSpade Mar 2020
Am I supposed to write about the virus
Staying home Quarantine
Washing my hands

When I
Took a walk in the park
I was keeping my distance
And this girl appeared
Right in my front

She said "are you worried about
The Wuhan
I told her if I was the virus
she'd just been infected with a new one

She said she loved injections

I told her I was a doctor
And i could give her one
If she'd just be patient

My patient

Some girl in the park
Short skirt mini top
And a great conversationalist

~Then I coughed....

I realized the democrats
Must have sent this beeyootch

She probably drinks andrenochrome
For all I know
She was sent to infect
Me with some COVID *** foam
At my mouth
How many weeks does it take
To get it out

Am I supposed to write about the virus
When I should have stayed home
Washing my hands

I went to the park
And Now I'm dead
Started from wuhan..
Took thousands of life.
We stared the news,
People were dying...
Bodies were lying.
Shortage of spaces ...
with huge boulder of cases
Hotels,stadium many big malls
turn to massive wards.
Then it crashed down worldwide....
With millions of cases.
Fatality was getting high,
Reducing supplies...
Doctors were on duty
whether it's USA, spain or Italy.
Then it started getting extreme...
Trying to put India in its claw.
Lockdown & social distancing were
Only two options....
Other than solution;
which was vaccinne to all.
Police Department without even thinking,
entered the situation in order to reduce the panic.
They danced, they sang,even distributed the food packets,
They even punished the people who tried to break this hope.
Religious places & trusts ensured our trust in humanity.
Not only adults or elders but children taught us...
Fund is fund whether its pennies or millions.
We can lose the LOSE but not the hope.
Sanitize your hands, sanitize your thoughts...
It's not good time to get into a religious war.
Don't be afraid of being tested....
Because it only needed some smear of your blood or dna...
From your hand or  from your nose using a wooden stick with snab like a ear bud which actually tickles & make you laugh....
Like a blood test or you can also called it in a fancy way i.e "ELISA".
Secure yourself like your credentials information...
Some IMPORTANT things which we should do to help these doctors, officers, garbage cleaners & most importantly us: -

Sneeze in TISSUES OR  ELBOW to protect your hands.

Wash your hands until the genome is miscarried. i.e about 20 sec.

Put on your mask & sanitize it regularly like you wash your clothes regularly.

Now mask is the newest member of our clothing styles.

We all know this won't work to stop it....
All we need is a vaccine.

But as  human & most importantly as a stubborn LIFE, we wont let ourselves down..

This fight we will took it last until the HUMANITY rise.

                                      ~Rajput Adarsh
Marlon Mar 2020
Who’d have ever thought...
About the world becoming so motionless
Feeble and partly cold
As it gasp through the **** of Covid-19

was the great soothsayer asleep
cruising deep in the comfort of his dream
When the pandemic ushered despairs
Were the prophetesses on honeymoon
When this ungodly invention
hit the shores of Wuhan
Impending strongly and unfurling like a wild fire across the globe?

Ever seen before
shaped like a crown with postrusions look
Zoonotic as it is
Crossing all species to dine face to face with **** sapiens in antagonistic rattle
Halting life in a very spine chilling tick
Whiles graves pulverize
Rapidly at every inattentive motions

Tick tick tick
Lock downs everywhere
Shutdowns everywhere,
Border gates and posts locked
Instantly human movements confiscated
Speedily numbers of valetudinarians revolt up and up and up against medical scientists
Who are trying painfully but in vain for vaccines
It’s a revolt against time,
trepadiation, fear and ocean of waving grieves
The world is at cessation
Feeble and partly cold
And gasping through the gashes
As it swam between the hard hitting waves of inhibitory and safeguarding life over Covid-19
Zev Sharma Dec 2020
You’re feeling down and lonely
Pandemic on the loose
COVID-19, they call it
It’s all over the world and every breaking news

Showed up in Wuhan, China
Like a shroud, a locust swarm
Its a dragon breathing fire
With a breath like an oncoming raging storm

The virus has just gone vvviral
Can this ever be undone
We are on a downward spiral
Has the doomsday we’ve heard of really finally come

We’re scared and we’re petrified
Crisis and we’re trapped inside
Medicines can’t put up a fight
But, grit goes a long way in learning how to survive

Now don't feel trapped
Don't you fear what's next
We're going to be strong
From here and now on
The world is not ending

We're quarantined
But we know that's best
Morale’s low and down, I guess
And despite all the stress
This is the message we're sending

Stay home, stay real strong
Don't let the virus cause you harm
No more corona blues
Don't let the virus get the better of you

Revere this time, put it to good use
Don't you panic or be confused
We're all somehow paying our dues
Don't let the virus get the better of you
Don't let corona get the better of you

The world that we live in
Has a new reality
Can’t believe a small cough
Could lead to such fatality
One shudders at the thought of gasping for breath
Could meeting with people mean flirting with death

We are learning from mistakes
And we know now what’s best
We will rise above the stakes
So don’t be depressed
We’re gonna get rid of this nasty unwelcome guest
While corona still hangs in the air
Here’s my request

Don't feel trapped
Don't fear what's next
We're going to be strong
From here now on
The world is not ending

We're quarantined
But we know that's best
Morale is low and down
The test is still on
There is no room for pretending
Stay home, stay real strong
Don't let the virus cause you harm
No more corona blues
Don't let the virus get the better of you

Use this time, put it to good use
Don't you panic or be confused
We're all somehow paying our dues
Don't let the virus get the better of you
Don't let corona get the better of you

We must learn from our mistakes
Nature’s put man in his place
Almost a slap in the face
The bubble’s burst and we’re wide awake

Loosing thousands of lives
Makes my heart just ache
Forget truth or conspiracy
We’re just going to win this war

Don't let the virus get the better of you
Don't let corona get the better of you
Qualyxian Quest Jun 2020
Sacha Baron Cohen
Washington you
     Wuhan flu
Qualyxian Quest Jun 2020
chop 'em up like the Saudis do
inject him with the Wuhan flu
nuke 'em up like we used to do

 Sacha Baron Cohen
 singin' playin' knowin'!

— The End —