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Apr 2020
Oh COVID, oh COVID, oh COVID-Nineteen
Last year in Wuhan, you emerged on the scene
Your entrance was brutal, your path so direct
Not caring how many nor whom you infect.

So while we all quarantine, let us discuss
What this terrible crisis tells us about us.

On the one hand, we've all seen, with horror and shame
People pointing their fingers and trying to blame
The media, China, conspiracies, science
Endangering others through reckless defiance.

On the other hand, good people step in harm's way
Giving care and compassion and support every day
By inspiring us all and by doing their part
Using their head and opening their heart

So when it's all over, what will be the effect?
Will kindness take hold or compassion be wrecked?
Will reason prevail or will selfishness matter?
I hold hope of the former, but I fear for the latter.
Phil Bailey
Written by
Phil Bailey  M/Victoria, BC Canada
(M/Victoria, BC Canada)   
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