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Today Nigeria Celebrates here Independence day/freedom from Colonialism.

As we celebrate I ask:
Are we truly FREE?

We have freedom from Colonialism,

Yet we suffer from tribalism and nepotism.

The crown and Britain are no more our masters yet political thieves are now our master.

Diseases and pestilences plague our land, as health infrastructures are in ruins or neglected

Judgments of the crown no longer bind us, yet our judicial system seem no more the last hope of common man.

Our Political leaders appear worse than colonial masters, who treat their subjects as slaves rather than fellow citizens

Patriotic Nigerians appear to be pathetic Nigerians

The economy dwindling and the giant of Africa is loosing her value.

Hope the  pride of Africa will not turn a shame to Africa?

Which way Nigeria? Are we still standing or we are standing still?

To turn the Nation around can begin with you

You in your little corner and I in my little corner, let's seek to do that which is right

Corona virus! Corona virus!!
While we wonder of your sudden outbreak
And about the decision to take and hard times we now face

We now have heartbreak
As daily we have a new case
You are busy sweeping rapidly across the globe
Each person wears mask and glove

Out of Wuhan you appeared
Bedeviling the entire human race
On one hand we cry and groan for the disaster so far
We wail and mourn for the death within and afar

Daily death toll rises like smoke licking through the sky
This causes tears to drop from our eyes
Affected Families now stand apart
No more time to sit and chortle with friends
Market places are empty as churches and mosques hold no worshiper
Starvation is taking its toll as channels to make money are tied
While you laugh at us boasting with your nickname Covid-19

On the other hand, we ain't totally sad but rejoice
For families now have time to spend together like it's forever
And husbands and wives bond like never
Workaholics now have time to rest with great leisure
Leaders now concentrate on the welfare of the people
And hospitals are equipped with scientific touch
All these we enjoy with all pleasure

Young dudes now sit to plan their lives
As bars and clubs are shut with no wines
Our ladies are now creative rather than sit to **** dudes dry
Prayers are no more left to the clergies
As every **** and Harry now seem to play the pope or great imam
Hearts indeed are drawn to God
As each step we take we are careful not to fall

O covid-19 what a blow you gave Us
For we won't forget the vacuum you've created
We know that some day your reign will end
For we trust in divine power to hold you down like Ebola
Have hope my friends, for this too shall pass

Some sleep and never wake up
Some rob others of their lives
Yet some choose to take their own lives.


Most times we awake at dawn and take it for granted
Not knowing that our lives the enemy all night hunted

But on a glance
We sure live by Chance
Not on our own freewill
But by God's grace and goodwill

You take everyone for a ride
Swimming in your pomposity and pride

Yet u fall like a fly
Leaving your family to cry

O man! Behold and know that you are nothing
But dust and breath else you'll rotten

So quit your silly attitude
And give God the gratitude

For there is no life in the grave
Except the one you have now which Christ gave

When you fall you will die
And as log of wood you shall lie

Such indeed is life
So let's live at peace rather than strife

At death all men are equal
Rich or Poor, tall or short, brainy or dummy and what have you down below we may go.
So why the squabble?
When it can knock you down anytime.

Live simple, live goodly and most importantly live well in the sight of God and Man.

Give me back my Community where I had no refrigerator/freezer yet drink cold water from clay pots.

Give me back my community where I wake early to sit by fire place in cold seasons

Give me back my community where I play till midnight and still have my bath outside without been afraid.

Give me back my community where I can visit any of my relatives/kinsman without fear of being poisoned.

Give me back my community where I had no TV yet never lacked stories via tales from grandpa and grandma

Give me back my community where I can travel home any time without fear of being kidnapped/killed.

Give me back my community where a brother after peeling his own cassava helps his neighbor out.

Give me back my community where I had no light at night but the moon Neva failed to show me the way

Give me back my community where I had no car yet never got envious of my neighbor's and he never failed to give me a lift

Give me back my community where there was no park, spar or tourist center to visit on Easter/Christmas yet I move from house to house eating, drinking and still get much money

Give me back my community where I saw no daily police patrol yet my community was extremely peaceful

Give me back my community where I had no phone yet never failed to communicate my friends

Give me back my community where there were few pastors  yet members received prayers without paying for them.

My Community my community!!   O My Community!!!

I miss my Community

Give me back my Community

- Emperor Daniel C. Asomeji.
May 2019
Milady is great not cos she possess any Might
But cos she soothes my soul.
She's My sunshine
You are so fine
And sweet as pure as wine
With you I will dine
Am glad you are mine
And sure am thine
Once again I hail Milady Princeeroma
The one in whom is filled much Effizy
Yet shez not lazy
Among all women shez the best lady
At her beauty i will ever go crazy
For her love am ever ready.
With her am willing to write my story
As God takes me from glory to glory
Milady, your smile sets my soul ablaze, and your voice carries like song
You lift me up from feeling down when every thing goes wrong
You complete my puzzle and were the piece I could not find
But now together with you in life I can not get you off my mind

Dedicated to Oroma Princess Albert
Not too long ago
When I was broken and forlorn of love
My heart yearned for no lady but one
A lady with whom I have seen no equal
One with whom my heart is at peace I stretched out hands of love to her
To my surprise and Joy
She reached out to take my hands
O what a joy inexplicable that I felt
With Milady Oroma Princess Albert I am content
For as a lilly is amongst thorns
So is Milady amongst Ladies
I love u Milady my Pride.
Together Forever, Nothing between

Happy Love Anniversary to us
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