I Like Turtles 2 Oct 2014

They are green. And sometimes mean. They have a shell. If they bite u it hurts like hell.

Sandra Gibbons Jul 2011

I had cried a sea of tears
And began to drown.

Trashing out, Unheard screams
Bubbles filled my lungs.

I long for safety and a home
Not this empty black cavern thats sinking very near.

I look up out of desparation
far above my  pain.

And then black tears turn purple,
I see a Turtle swiming near.

The sea Turtle I've always wanted
I realse all my fear.

I float upward crowned in a bubbling glow
My sea Turtle loves my bubbles.

And away we go.

PoemFalcon69 Feb 2015

A Turtle,
So Green Was He,
But Also Blue,

A Turtle,
So Nice Was He,
But Also Mean,

A Turtle,
So Human Was He,
But Also A Prisoner,

A Turtle,
So Free Was He,
But Also A Shell,


(The Turtle... You Are)

I watched the turtle dwindle day by day,
Get more remote, lie limp upon my hand;
When offered food he turned his head away;
The emerald shell grew soft. Quite near the end
Those withdrawn paws stretched out to grasp
His long head in a poignant dying gesture.
It was so strangely like a human clasp,
My heart cracked for the brother creature.

I buried him, wrapped in a lettuce leaf,
The vivid eye sunk inward, a dull stone.
So this was it, the universal grief:
Each bears his own end knit up in the bone.
Where are the dead? we ask, as we hurtle
Toward the dark, part of this strange creation,
One with each limpet, leaf, and smallest turtle---
Cry out for life, cry out in desperation!

Who will remember you when I have gone,
My darling ones, or who remember me?
Only in our wild hearts the dead live on.
Yet these frail engines bound to mystery
Break the harsh turn of all creation's wheel,
for we remember China, Greece, and Rome,
Our mothers and our fathers, and we steal
From death itself its rich store, and bring it home.

AmberLynne Jul 2014

Spy the turtle-there!
Playing peek-a-boo with me,
loving the whimsy.

Ellenah Garcia Jun 2014

Sitting here,  I wonder
Maybe we aren't so different
Maybe there is good in you
After all.

My faith it grows,
Just a drop,
But enough for me to
Escape my small shell of hatred.

But just like that
My drop evaporates
And I am stuck
Back in my shell again.

Regina Riddle Jul 2014

Speeding along a curved road
Eyes watching the asphalt’s twists and turns
I happen upon a substantial rock
Lying along the road on my course
It takes a few seconds for me to realize
That big brown rock isn’t what it seems
The rock has a yellow neck, legs, a head and tail
That beckon me to stop despite what lies ahead
My reasoning forces me to ponder on it’s future
Will the next car around the curve stop for this comrade
Or will it be struck and left for dead?
I put my car in park and hurry to pick it up
One lonely turtle has found itself being removed
From the path of oncoming vehicles
Taken to the grassy side of the road
Facing the opposite direction
In hopes that it will find it’s way far from
The impending danger of traffic
Now, this one turtle has a better chance
At living out it’s life at it’s own slow pace

©2014 by Regina Riddle

That seashell
you gave me
that looked like a turtle
I threw away
That Marine hoodie
that was "too small for you"
My best friend hid it away.
The entire two letters
you wrote me
live at the bottom of my "junk" drawer.
I deleted you off my facebook
hoping it might help.
I don't bring you up
and walk away from others
if your name is in the conversation.
I fall off the wagon
and look at your photo.
But have improved
I rarely notice if your name
is in any of my novels.
I laugh out loud
that your name is Frank.
If only you could live up to your name.
I cried oceans when you went away.
Appropriate considering you're now an ocean away.
I didn't leave my apartment for days.
I've been sleeping on my couch
my bed is stained.
It was a crush
It never should have been more.
But after four years
I only loved you more.
Once in awhile now
this depression sinks in.
And I can hide your things, throw them away,
I can delete you off my page, I can avoid your name.
But these memories will always stay.

Copyright © 2010 Jacqueline Ivascu

to reach your destination,
you must walk slowly
with passion
and dedication


lesson #2 from turtle

use hardship to fuel determination to be able to reach the dream success

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Marian Dec 2012

I see a sunset in the west,
The fishes and turtles under the ocean take their rest,
Palm trees here and there;
The sun is fading in the air.

Royal-blue waves crashing in motion,
A sea turtle peeps up out of the ocean,
The sunset bears shades of red and gold;
Colours so vivid and bold!

The sunrays slant under the bay,
It's nearly the end of a beautiful day,
The sun slants under the sea;
This place is so dear to me!

Four palm trees on a high cliff,
I breathe in the salty-sea all in a surprised sniff,
I heave a sigh;
While on the beautiful island I lie.

One cliff and another one in the distance I see,
What a beautiful treasure to see is the pretty sea,
So beautiful is the day;
No wonder people call this beautiful place Turtle Bay!


Cat Fiske Jan 2016

I am the Box Turtle,
I shut you out,
and sleep away in my shell,

I am the Box Turtle,
the only turtle who is safe from the world,
the only turtle who can shut away the world,

I am the Box Turtle,
I'll hid for life,
behind the hinges that cover me,

I am the Box Turtle,
Who will slam my door,
on you and the world,

I am the Box Turtle,
I can live my life in my shell,
while you continue creating this hell,

I am the Box Turtle,
I will not fight,
I will live in peace not war,

I am the Box Turtle,
I'll  lock the ones who try and hurt me out,
to try and survive these battles alone,

I am the Box Turtle,
inside my hinge like doors,
I'll be safe from the world,

I am the Box Turtle,
I must be safe from you,
and any other fools.

Box turtles  are cool,
only turtle that can fully close its shell bc it has mini doors,
I love em, they're cute.
Hers Sep 2014

The True Lovers
Of Birds
They Are Faithfully
In Love
Their Entire Lives

Just like

You & Me

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