I want you to know that
no matter how
                           ­      brusque
                   ­               fickle
are your emotions.
To me,
they are valid;
they are whole;
they suffice.
you are only as absurd as you believe you are.

And absurdity's boundaries stretches linearly,
into immemorial time.
2018 June
Avery Glows May 22
Good will tames us
from beasts to sheeps.
A check to balance,
to lull and please.
The mind the instincts
long instilled.
Easily coaxed,
compelled, confused.

Singing folklores,
lovely tunes.
Humming mockery
alluring runes.
Days and years gone
past in fire. Burnt
bodies alive
Killed? No.

Six thousand years we've stood in bliss.
Molded by wisdom,
civilized hypocrites.
Ignorance trance masks
blood-ridden terrors.
What's leftover you see
they say humanity.
To me however,
A hollow excuse.
Avery Glows May 22
I love the taste of fire and ashes,
even the pungent sting of burnt charcoal.
Decaying in gasoline.
Because they were remnants once,
of who I was.
Avery Glows May 22
They shall recall
fragments of you.
Your past.
Your future.
Biding farewell
at the darkest hour.
There you lay
with roses tinged white,
a sight, like art.
And in static handwriting,
your name
be drizzled, in soft italics,
delicately, like craft.
They mumbled
Au revoir.
The voices of the living exhale,
in echo with the relief—

You lived,
have lived,
May, 2017
Avery Glows Apr 2016
We think so highly of them
And put em’ on pedestals.
Carrying them with us
like backpacks.
All our life.
pleading for help,
“How does one get there?”
As if we don’t know,
They’re hanging on our shoulders.
Because we let them.
Avery Glows Apr 2016
Potentials are nothing more
than dormant seeds lying
As good as dead.
Until you plough the soil
and sow the seeds waiting
For years ahead
It’ll thrive and grow
and grow and thrive
flamboyant sashays
Avery Glows Apr 2016
If only there are Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell.
Life and Death; Light and Dark,
Good and Evil ; War and Peace,
Prey and the Predator,
Lion and the Lamb
And Alas!
They exist not
as enemies but
to fall in love
with no one else but
Each Other.
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