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Catie Staff Dec 2013
If I tumbled into your arms
Now, after all this time
After all we’ve been through
I know we’d just fold together

Like two puzzle pieces
As naturally as breathing
Your familiar nooks and crannies
Would be all too familiar

Like a fish to water
I could slip right in
We’d fall into step and keep pace
It would be so easy

To pick up where we left off
And go on as if nothing happened
Three years erased like that
We’d just fall right in

I’d recognize every smell
And every corner as familiar as my own
You would feel so natural, so right
You’d be like home

I like to think I still know you
To believe I get it
But it’s harder from a distance
Up close, well, that’s different

We could go back, way back
I’d be so comfortable
No wasting time with “get to know ya’s”
We’re already like blood

You don’t just forget a person
Who knew you inside and out
There will always be a supernatural draw
Leading me back home
Catie Staff Dec 2013
I’d rather be wonderfully wicked
And frightfully fascinating
Than be piously perfect
And dreadfully dull

I could be reliably righteous
And boringly bland
But why? when I’m daringly devious
And curiously captivating

To be goodly godly
Or delightfully devilish
How about moaning monotony
To my sensuous ****?

Never curiously kind
Without poorly plain
Always sweetly sinister
And always attractive

To be good, one must
Want to be good

But why be good
When you can be bad?
Catie Staff Dec 2013
In a purple haze, you smoke a joint,
And death would be an improvement
At this point.

Phone calls laced with ****
With open arms like an old friend
Welcome death.

Grab anything breathing and **** it.
It would be so easy just now to
Kick the bucket.

Make out with a boy, he’s gay
All the while wishing you could
Pass away.

Decide to sleep around with the crazies
And wake up asking why you’re not
Pushing up daisies.

Betray me with more than a kiss
***** around one more time
And you’re swimming with the fish.
Catie Staff Dec 2013
The wind blows across dry ground
The leaves rustle all around
It’s cold and dreary and ever so dead
And lost are the beautiful colors that bled

I am still, I do not feel a thing
It’s so silent, my aching ears ring
One step I take and I feel a little
But it’s only for a moment, then it settles

Gray prevails in this ending world
The leaves are the only things wind unfurled
They sink ever lower to join their clan
Who cannot rise to every again land

The cold air burns my senses
The fight has lost all pretenses
It is going to **** everything I love
All because of dark skies above
Catie Staff Dec 2013
Close your ears and your eyes
Suddenly you know you can fly
I know autumn’s coming
I feel the atmosphere thrumming

It’s just a feeling in the air
Not tangible, but I know it’s there
It echoes in my nostrils
Touches my neck with lost thrills

The grass remains forest green
But at corners sickly brown is seen
My fingertips tingle against the land
The dying earth’s heroic last stand

It’s still warm as midsummer’s eve
But sunflower breezes take their leave
In their wake with all it can muster
Is a chilly rolling northern bluster

I gallop down the twisting street
A delicious scent and my own thumping feet
Invisible fingers caress my hair
It slaps at my face and arms bare.

Trees bend to earth to see what they may find
Dangerously near cracking, or is that my mind?
Leaves rustle, bows creak
Listen close to hear the weather speak

The sky is almost empty, it looks so still
For the moment it’s like a silence you must fill
Then the wind changes direction abruptly
And freezes my bones subtly
Catie Staff Dec 2013
I am a turtle. But not really.
I have a bed on my back. In fact, I have my entire home on my back. It’s heavy and digging into my shoulders, quite painfully.

I am a turtle. But not really.
I am covered in green. My clothes are green. My face is green. Even my hair and hat are green. It’s an ugly shade, but it makes me nearly invisible.

I am a turtle. But not really.
So slow… so incredibly slow. I am crawling along, plodding, fighting my way through the underbrush. Even the bugs are faster than I am. I wade through waist-deep muddy and stagnant waters.

I am a turtle. But not really.
Everything around me is so big. Compared to the forest, the ‘copters, the world, I am invisible. No one can see a turtle down below, so small.

I am a turtle. But not really.
When danger comes, I drop to the ground and fold up, real tight. I pull my arms and legs and head into my plastic shell. To hide from the shells.

I am a turtle. But not really.
This is a poem about the men and women who have served and are serving our country.
Catie Staff Nov 2013
Is it right?
Or is it wrong?
I thought my resolve was strong

Knew what I thought
Thought what I knew
Was exactly what is said to be true

Never imagined
Never considered  .  .  .
That love is love is love unfettered

Now it's different
It's not sinful
Boys and girls - it's not that simple

It's heart
It's head
It's whoever makes your bed

Whatever works
Whatever lasts
Whatever it is that you can grasp

Nothing's worth it
Nothing matters
When everything in your life shatters

Come back
To the one
Who shares that thing that's never done

Hold tight
Don't roam
Because now you know, you've come home
I was inspired to write this after I saw Brokeback Mountain for the first time.
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