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Nebuleiii Feb 2016
my eyes search
the crowd for you
my ears long
to hear your voice
my mouth aches
for your lips
for your tongue
for your kiss

my arms reach out
to hold you
(and be held)
and never
let you go

my body craves for you

i am insatiable
02/06/16 5:52PM
Nebuleiii Jan 2016
and in the
cracks and crevice
and crannies
of my broken heart

light entered

brightness filled me

and illuminated
the darkness within
Nebuleiii Jan 2016
your voice sings to me
your eyes wave over
your mouth beckons me
your arms surrender

your heart calls to me


i'm starting to answer
  Jun 2015 Nebuleiii
Jeffrey Pua
This wayward wolf
Will take your rose
With his mouth.*

© 2015 J.S.P.
Nebuleiii May 2015
Wishing, aching, dying
For your touch,
Hungry, Starving, ravenous
For your love.

My figure, forlorn
My cheeks, hollow
My eyes, lifeless

My breathing, labored
My stomach, rumbled
My heart, empty.

Touch me,
Let your fingers linger, delving further,
Feed me,
I am all skin and bones.

Fill me up,
Cup by cup.
Until I'm full
To the brim.

Be my panacea,
Be my manna,

*Be mine.
Jickob Eddan Lim, please be mine.
Nebuleiii Mar 2015
Why does it hurt?

Because you assumed
Because you expected

Because for you it was
Because for you it was

But for him
It wasn't

Because you fell
Down a flight of stairs
No one there to catch you

Because your bones
Are now broken

Because your heart
Is now *
For "Diego"
  Mar 2015 Nebuleiii
Lillian Harris
I gave you
My heart
So quickly
And without
That I never
Bothered to ask
If you wanted it
To begin with.

And now
As I stare at
All the messages
I sent to you,
Each one left
I wonder if
I should have.
"If you love me, let me know"
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