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Leo Feb 2017
versailles has been waiting for your return
this time you will be reborn
out of bitter tears and infant screams
you have been baptised
and now the light of apollo will be in your eyes

the squinting girl will return
but now you are a lion-heart boy
and the twelve years that have passed for them
is twelve hundred for you!
versailles has been waiting
and you will go back
Leo Oct 2016
the voice of the dim cathedral
haunts my bones
its slim fingers wrap around my neck
and through my skull
a voice from many
releases dawn on the backs of my eyelids
and sets fire to my ribs
a boy beckons us to hail true body
freeing me from earthly restraints
ave verum corpus : william byrd, ora
Leo Oct 2016
lavender bruises pool beneath his silvery eyes
as reminders of being struck by sleepless nights
he hides beneath hooded view
and speaks unwavering truth
he spares no words for the sake of your tears
before thrusting a rusted foil into your heart
Leo Oct 2016
she's a poet
in a traditional way, eccentric and mad
looking for her own epithet
something longing, something sad
the only love she will ever feel
is her addiction to pain
her final chapter contains ****** and a kissed seal
until her eyes are drenched in dark rain
Leo Oct 2016
we walk with faces to the sky
the goddesses on earth
our words from a breathless heartsigh
we appear with old grecian beauty
and not such modern masks
it comes in hand with our ancient virtues
true to our everlasting tasks

hera; dark curls and flaming passion
striking down all who cross her
thin and wary is she

artemis; earthy flesh and midnight coils
gentle to the wild and bow-weilding
athletic and kind is she

demeter; flaxen tresses and tenderness
protecting her wards
mothering and calm is she

athena; thick legs and honey hair
raising blood-soaked war flags
wise and fearless am i
my small company fits perfectly to four goddesses
Leo Sep 2016
a million sets of eyes passing by
and your's are the only ones i saw
they made a home behind my eyelids
and i, like a bee to honey raw
could only hope to get close enough
to start to know your mind
what wildflowers make you?
they must be sweet, for a face so kind
and soft, for a voice such as that
you are a creature so new
and you created a spark in me
of interest for you
Leo Sep 2016
you're trying to focus on the image
but your eye only catches the dust
floating a foot in front of it
you're either focusing too hard
or not focusing at all
your eyes are broken camera lenses
and your brain is melting plastic
you can't function
and you're pieces are falling out
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