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Mitch Prax Jun 2019
"Where have you been?"
She asked.
"A little bit here,
a little bit there,
a little bit everywhere."
I said.
poppy Sep 2018
I’m getting my wisdom teeth out
at the end of October
and they want to put me on ******
for the pain?
and that scares me more than the actual removal
because I read the side effects
and suicidal ideation and paranoia
is not something I need more of
just like teeth.
I’m so anxious about how I might react to it it terrifies me
robert May 2018
White sneakers and t-shirts
With the dumbest prints
An Hawaii shirt on occasion
Joyful tales; a fool I make
So broken it looks like art
This high life is my lie life
Pink skin (but veins so black)
Like sugar so sweet
This ****** blues.
Short poem about the outside and the surface
Martin Mikelberg Dec 2017
Never engaged with this med, always tried to meditate my trying moments away
Locum doc
won’t prescribe me what I want.
Euthanasia and/or a personality transplant.
A stiff drink and a fat joint.
My baby back from the dead
in our favourite restaurant.
Locum doc, gimme what you got,
whatever the latest cutting-edge medical science
can do for a self-absorbed ****.
Because I’m stumped, I must admit:
I recently quit my millionth spliff,
yet upon a paranoid moon, still I live
with inner monologue so bitter,
my brain’s been hacked by a tweeting ******.
And when the liquor turns Twitler off,
next door’s parrot is a prophet of God.
Apparrotly, Jesus thinks I’m a ****.
So, locum doc, it’s a bit ad hoc,
but will you be my focal point?
Don’t be a total ****, locum doc;
gimme me some vallies and I’ll be off.
Locum doc, let’s be friends
- what do ya mean you won't gimme the tens?
Leo Oct 2016
she's a poet
in a traditional way, eccentric and mad
looking for her own epithet
something longing, something sad
the only love she will ever feel
is her addiction to pain
her final chapter contains ****** and a kissed seal
until her eyes are drenched in dark rain
B Young May 2016
Pocket full of clacking around benzodiazepines
Xanax, Klonopin, and ******.
Am I late for class? Am I late for work?
Am I late for my own life? (truth)  
Is this really any normal kind of respite or relaxation?
Chemistry really has come a long way to introduce
us to induced relaxation(?) pills.
My Mr. Dr. says it should help with my anxiety,
but it only seems to cloud me in my depravity:
I steal, I lie, and I wake up naked in unknown
bedrooms in unknown cities with unknown
women. Who…did they steal my wallet?
And where the **** are my car keys?
Better yet, where in Allah’s name is my car?
OH! Lord Jesus Christ OH! God of the Jews I cry out,
Forgive me (lie) for I hath sinned.

I suddenly want to do every drug (truth)
ever made, you name it, I’ll try it,
just this once, of course. I don’t have an
addictive personality (lie)
The Dr. says it is OK if I take 4mg of Xanax a day (truth),
hence it must be safe (lie), right?  A Dr. can’t lie, can he?
Wait! Where am I again? And, what are we doing here?

Oh…that’s right, we are kids going nowhere (truth), how
silly of me to forget. If this is Prozac Nation,
then I am the ****** State. My governor is the late
William Burroughs (lie) and my deputy is the late Kurt Cobain (lie).
We are not in this for the fame (lie), a state run by the deceased.
So, how dare you point a finger at me in blame.
This is Drug Nation, America-home of the sedated and land of the overdose.
Julie Grenness Mar 2016
Is loving better than ******?
Yes, so good for the endorphins,
As into golden years we're a'morphing,
So, better than ****** is our loving,
My hair and skin are a'glowing,
Through the window you are going,
Any loving is good loving,
As my olden age is greying,
To my lover I'm imagining,
You are in my brain's imagination,
For guaranteed satisfaction,
So, is this good for the endorphins?
Yes, loving is better than ******!
Feedback welcome .
Duke Thompson Dec 2015
The adderall admiral
The ****** stallion
You down by a fifth
I'm up on a gallon
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