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3.7k · Feb 2015
Lie to me
Virginia S Feb 2015
Tell me you love me
And if it’s not true
Keep me alive please
Just by saying you still do
2.5k · Jul 2015
☁️ Rain ☁️
Virginia S Jul 2015
I was really missing you
I'm glad you are here now
1.4k · Jun 2015
Virginia S Jun 2015
Do you remember when we run for our life's together?

It wasn't so scary with you by my side

Let's do it again
(One year ago in Costa Rica)
1.4k · Feb 2015
You stayed
Virginia S Feb 2015
You know
that I could be better.
Oh if only
you sent me a letter.
Its been so long
since you've been gone,
since you left me alone.
And i still remember
when we met in December.
How we fell in love
In only one week
oh i never knew
i could be so weak.
I fell for you,
in a second or two
and gave you my heart
now i cant be apart
apart from you.

You are
who i treasure the most.
i'm missing you while you stay
in your Hawaiian coast.
1.4k · Feb 2015
Virginia S Feb 2015
Let me cry
I need to let it all out
let my tears put out

The fire

that burns me  inside
because i miss you mike
1.3k · Feb 2015
Virginia S Feb 2015
The world is the reason you live.
You can be the reason the world lives.
All the animals, the water, the sky, the sun, the stars and the moon,  humans, the trees, the big mountains, lakes and rivers and valleys. The air . Its all in our hands.
1.2k · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
All i have
is my black and
white cat, but even she
leaves me, sometimes at night
leaves me sometimes at night
never does my black
and white cat, she
is all i have
^          ^
@  @
1.1k · Jun 2015
Virginia S Jun 2015
One day you'll realize

you will never find
such strong love
like mine
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
1.1k · Jun 2015
Moment of sadness
Virginia S Jun 2015
I need someone to tell me
everything will be alright
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
944 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
Time is passing by and I don't mind
waiting even if it's not just a while
if only i could find the
meaning of a life
without you
i wouldnt
have to

you would
make me fear and
make me shiver would
be so bitter that i would wait
id say more, than a thausand years
923 · Jun 2015
Virginia S Jun 2015
There is nothing more beautiful
than sleeping by your side
835 · Jul 2015
Without you
Virginia S Jul 2015
You taught me so many things,
Yet you forgot to teach me
how to live without you
I'd never learn anyway
795 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
If you love her do something
because she
                                      f                                 ☁
                                 l        ☁
☁                       l
                  ☁                                n              ☁

and no one else
can catch her
785 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
Still your pictures on my wall
Still heart beating for you
Still trying to find your hand
        in the darkness of my room

Still dying to have you close
Still shaking when i'm alone
Still loving you with my whole soul
        You've been gone for a quite a while

Still praying for you to come back
Still thinking you're my only one
Still hoping to find a night
                       a night that isnt black
744 · Mar 2015
verte partir
Virginia S Mar 2015
Ni en mis mas lejanos pensamientos
existió alguna vez
la idea de verte partir

Como si algo así, no formara parte
de este mundo, en el que ahora
sola debo vivir

Pero se que estas en algún lado
y espero no hayas encontrado
otro amor que te haga reír

Porque yo existo para hacerte feliz
y no poder hacerlo me duele.
Tanto que no quiero seguir

Como hacer para que este dolor
se aleje, me deje... si solo pudiera
por siempre dormir,

me dejaría llevar por las noches
y el sueño. Y encontrarte allí
sin dejar nuestro amor morir.
715 · Jun 2015
I can't beg anymore
Virginia S Jun 2015
I will disappear
soon I'll be gone
You will regret

not holding me strong
But if you ever find me ill still be yours

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S Feb 2015

you have climbed.
They are lucky. The mountains
you have climbed. They have felt
you. They have had your  
thoughts many times. They had your feet on  
  them once. Some had your feet on them twice. They have
had your mind on them a thousand times. You left a breath
on every step. You took breaths that then became air. Cold pure air.
That froze your throat but you did not care. Cold pure air that touched
your skin and touched your hair. Oh the mountains you have climbed. you
love them and you love the sky. The clouds, the wind, the stars. The storms, the nights. The snow, the sun. The silence and  the fear sometimes. They fill
   your void. You love them, and the mountains mother, they all love you back
For my mother I admire.
610 · May 2015
I wrote you a song
Virginia S May 2015
Let me make you happy when you are sad

Let me make you proud of who you are

Let me be who takes you home
When you are so tired
you can't walk

Let me kiss your kids
cause they'll be mine

You don't know what you cause in me
You make me want to be a shining star

I'm brighter when you love me
I'm darker when you are gone
You're the living love
That keeps me warm

Forget the past and you'll be strong
Forget what hurts and keep me close

Let me make you happy when you are down

Let me love you, let me kiss you
Every single dawn

Let me wake up next to you  
And play this song

Let me kiss your lips
and make you mine

You don't know what you cause in me
You are the brightest star I'll ever see

Please accept my love
Or it will be forever
Just wasted love

Don't you leave me don't you **** me
Just like that

I'm brighter when you love me
I'm darker when you are gone
You're the living love
That keeps me warm

Forget the past and you'll be strong
Forget what hurts and keep me close

You don't know what you cause in me
You are the brightest star I'll ever see

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
For Mike
569 · Jun 2015
Virginia S Jun 2015
It's the fear of losing you forever what embraces my soul

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
563 · May 2015
Yes I'm selfish
Virginia S May 2015
I don't want you to be happy
with someone else
But if you are with me
you'll be as happy
as a man can be
551 · Aug 2015
Virginia S Aug 2015
The pieces of my broken heart
are cutting me inside
Slowly killing me
He left
543 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
Hoy es el pasado, hoy es el futuro.
Hoy es el presente.
El presente que no es, porque no vivo
El presente que no vivo, porque no estás conmigo

Vivo en el recuerdo
Congelando los momentos.
Cierro mis ojos y vuelvo
Pero hoy es hoy. Hoy el tiempo pasa lento.
478 · Apr 2015
Virginia S Apr 2015
Would you hate to hear that i still love you?
474 · Feb 2015
Virginia S Feb 2015
Every day is gray.
All I do is crave
the love i know
is somewhere,
far far away*.
469 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
I feel like an ant

so small
so weak

So easy to ****
468 · Apr 2015
A kind of love
Virginia S Apr 2015
There is a kind of love that cannot be described

The love i feel for you is a love of that kind

I could compare it to how the stars shine in
the darkest of skies
or to the brightest sun
to the pouring rain after years of drought

But still no words can be enough

The love i feel for you is one of a kind
It's the kind of love that cannot be described
460 · Apr 2015
Because I love you
Virginia S Apr 2015
You were conscious when you made
the decision to leave me
And you had fair reasons

But you left all your feelings behind
Because you said you loved me
and I know you don't lie

I wonder what you'll do
when your feelings awake
when you realize you have made a mistake

*Don't you worry baby, ill be waiting
455 · Aug 2015
Virginia S Aug 2015
Im afraid
Will I ever feel anything again?
At all?
439 · Feb 2015
Virginia S Feb 2015
I read
To live stories of others.
Stories of love.
Stories of war.

I read
To be someone I’m not.
Just for a while.
To forget my own heart.

*The truth is that I read
to forget that you are gone.
and to forget that I bleed.
... But I don't ever forget.
430 · Apr 2015
Virginia S Apr 2015
Birthday dream

If i could choose
the perfect gift
for today
If i could ask
for what i want
the most in this word

That would be
to hear your voice say
Dreaming about a perfect birthday gift
423 · Nov 2015
Virginia S Nov 2015
Stay still stay silent
and watch me fall apart
421 · Jun 2015
In a sky
Virginia S Jun 2015
I'm drowning in a sky that's meant to be flown
Love hurts

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
406 · Sep 2015
Of monsters and men
Virginia S Sep 2015
I'm letting go, but I've never felt better
Passing by all the monsters in my head
395 · Sep 2015
Virginia S Sep 2015
Now thanks to him I want to sing happy songs
393 · Aug 2015
Day, night
Virginia S Aug 2015
I wait all day for the sun to go down.
For its light
still breaks my heart
and shows my scars

For its light
reminds me of you, full life
reminds me of  you, leaving me behind

Then, when the night comes
I remember how lonely i am
and i cry and i cry
waiting for the moon to hide
and the sun come up...

...and everthing happens all over again
My life
391 · Jun 2015
Virginia S Jun 2015
I still
kiss your picture
every time  
before sleep
I miss you too much

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
390 · Sep 2015
Virginia S Sep 2015
He rescued
me from the bottom of the sea
From the deep blue ocean  
where I couldn't breathe

He took me to the sky
and taught me how to fly
He gave me wings
he got me high
387 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
I don't hide my feelings
I just let them be
that is why you see
»--- in my eyes the biggest sea **→
387 · Apr 2015
Virginia S Apr 2015

Don't worry if i'm angry
don't fear if I yell
The real me is dead.

Don't listen to my words.
for i know they are
only meant to hurt.

I think you know
this isn't me
you know i'm out of me

With time ill learn
how to be
the broken me.

I'm sorry if i'm angry
I'm sorry if I yell
the lovely me  is dead.
384 · Jul 2015
Leaving me
Virginia S Jul 2015
You are always leaving me behind
and I always stay
Begging, waiting
for the day you take my hand
and ask me to walk with you
this time, by your side
381 · Oct 2015
So much love
Virginia S Oct 2015
How could so much love do us so wrong?
376 · Apr 2015
In my dreams
Virginia S Apr 2015
Finally the time has come.
Laying in my bed again
I’m ready to see you
and say goodbye to this pain.

I can see you and kiss you.
I am finally by your side.
I don’t want you to leave
I wish you would stay for a while.

The sad thing is
no matter how good it feels
deep down in my soul
I know soon you’ll be gone.

I know you’ll leave me aside
the moment I open my eyes.
For I know, this is just a dream
And in vain “I love you” I scream

And it wouldn’t be clever
but I would however,
If I can’t have you,
dream you forever.

And maybe I will one day
When I say goodbye to this world
When I go.
Maybe ill dream of you still

when I’m dead.
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
369 · May 2015
Virginia S May 2015
When my demons were small
I didn't care
I let them grow

Then they started to spread
and now they are
in every corner of my head

****** your monsters
before they take you away

**** those monsters
before its to late
361 · Mar 2015
※ never ※
Virginia S Mar 2015
There is no light
There will be no light

Unless you come back
352 · Apr 2015
Virginia S Apr 2015
Were are the dreams
we used to have?

I still hold them
in my hand.

Oh honey please tell me
you didn't let them fly
330 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
You forgot that i exist.
That is what i feel
every single ******* night
before i go to sleep*

320 · May 2015
I'm a
Virginia S May 2015
I'm a broken girl now
Don’t you see?
And don’t expect me to change
Because i already did
319 · Mar 2015
Virginia S Mar 2015
❅  ❅
Some days I feel like
happiness is only a myth
❅  ❅
311 · Apr 2015
Have faith
Virginia S Apr 2015
Have your soup
and go to bed
Let them dry
the tears you've shed

The sun will shine
tomorrow again
Don't worry if it doesn't
my dear friend

It shall all be bright for you one day
A piece of advice I give myself
and if you are sad you should take it as well.
310 · Mar 2015
☁ ☁
Virginia S Mar 2015
you left me             and just like that

*you killed me
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