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Virginia S Aug 2017
If you loved me more yesterday
Let every day be yesterday
  Nov 2015 Virginia S
Swords and Roses
I am your quiet everyday while you are my everything.
Virginia S Nov 2015
Stay still stay silent
and watch me fall apart
  Nov 2015 Virginia S
i tried to write a poem
i've been trying for a while
to write the ways in which you always
seem to make me smile

i've tried to tell our stories
through the medium of rhyme
but every time i start to type
the words fall out of time

it's always been so simple
i can write when i feel wrong
but it all seems so unnatural
now i feel like i belong

i don't think i can do it
'cause i don't know where to start
so if i see you in my poems
it will mean you broke my heart.
i genuinely can't write when i'm feeling so **** happy all the time
Virginia S Oct 2015
How could so much love do us so wrong?
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