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Virginia S Mar 2015
If people died from a broken heart
I'd be long gone.

Some say in the end it makes you strong
But I think...

They all are very wrong
Virginia S Mar 2015
You forgot that i exist.
That is what i feel
every single ******* night
before i go to sleep*

Virginia S Feb 2015
I'm tired of dreaming at night.
I want to live the dream.
Virginia S Mar 2015
And I miss you so much that I hate myself
Virginia S Mar 2015
If you love her do something
because she
                                      f                                 ☁
                                 l        ☁
☁                       l
                  ☁                                n              ☁

and no one else
can catch her
Virginia S Apr 2015
Would you hate to hear that i still love you?
Virginia S Mar 2015
you left me             and just like that

*you killed me
Virginia S Apr 2015
'          '           '      '     '
It will forever   '     rain    '
     '         '       '     '       '    '
in my heart    ☂     '       '  ☂     '   '
  '    '    '          '      '      '          '    '
as long as you are gone   ☂
Virginia S Apr 2015
Birthday dream

If i could choose
the perfect gift
for today
If i could ask
for what i want
the most in this word

That would be
to hear your voice say
Dreaming about a perfect birthday gift
Virginia S Apr 2015
There is a kind of love that cannot be described

The love i feel for you is a love of that kind

I could compare it to how the stars shine in
the darkest of skies
or to the brightest sun
to the pouring rain after years of drought

But still no words can be enough

The love i feel for you is one of a kind
It's the kind of love that cannot be described
Virginia S Feb 2015
No matter what happens between us
I will always carry you in my heart
as a treasure that once saved me
from not ever knowing about love.

Because you are all i know about love.
You'll always be all i ever know about love.
for the rest of my life, Mike.
Virginia S Apr 2015
You were conscious when you made
the decision to leave me
And you had fair reasons

But you left all your feelings behind
Because you said you loved me
and I know you don't lie

I wonder what you'll do
when your feelings awake
when you realize you have made a mistake

*Don't you worry baby, ill be waiting
Virginia S Mar 2015
๑۩๑  I can't let go of his pictures on my wall ๑۩๑
Virginia S Mar 2015
All i have
is my black and
white cat, but even she
leaves me, sometimes at night
leaves me sometimes at night
never does my black
and white cat, she
is all i have
^          ^
@  @
Virginia S Feb 2015
Every day is gray.
All I do is crave
the love i know
is somewhere,
far far away*.
Virginia S Feb 2015
Let me cry
I need to let it all out
let my tears put out

The fire

that burns me  inside
because i miss you mike
Virginia S Aug 2015
I wait all day for the sun to go down.
For its light
still breaks my heart
and shows my scars

For its light
reminds me of you, full life
reminds me of  you, leaving me behind

Then, when the night comes
I remember how lonely i am
and i cry and i cry
waiting for the moon to hide
and the sun come up...

...and everthing happens all over again
My life
Virginia S Apr 2015

Don't worry if i'm angry
don't fear if I yell
The real me is dead.

Don't listen to my words.
for i know they are
only meant to hurt.

I think you know
this isn't me
you know i'm out of me

With time ill learn
how to be
the broken me.

I'm sorry if i'm angry
I'm sorry if I yell
the lovely me  is dead.
Virginia S Jun 2015
It's the fear of losing you forever what embraces my soul

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S Sep 2015
Now thanks to him I want to sing happy songs
Virginia S Apr 2015
Have your soup
and go to bed
Let them dry
the tears you've shed

The sun will shine
tomorrow again
Don't worry if it doesn't
my dear friend

It shall all be bright for you one day
A piece of advice I give myself
and if you are sad you should take it as well.
Virginia S Sep 2015
He rescued
me from the bottom of the sea
From the deep blue ocean  
where I couldn't breathe

He took me to the sky
and taught me how to fly
He gave me wings
he got me high
Virginia S Apr 2015
I asked my friend what is wrong with me

She answered wisely

Well you are addicted to him
Which is not a bad thing,
But he's not addicted to you

Oh how bad it hurts to hear the truth
Virginia S May 2015
Sleepless nights
filled with thoughts of you

*how will I survive
another bitter night
alone, without you
Virginia S Jun 2015
I will disappear
soon I'll be gone
You will regret

not holding me strong
But if you ever find me ill still be yours

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S May 2015
There will always be words left
unsaid in this world unless
I repeatedly say
I love you

♡  ♡  ♡
Virginia S May 2015
I'm a broken girl now
Don’t you see?
And don’t expect me to change
Because i already did
Virginia S Jun 2015
I'm drowning in a sky that's meant to be flown
Love hurts

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S Apr 2015
Finally the time has come.
Laying in my bed again
I’m ready to see you
and say goodbye to this pain.

I can see you and kiss you.
I am finally by your side.
I don’t want you to leave
I wish you would stay for a while.

The sad thing is
no matter how good it feels
deep down in my soul
I know soon you’ll be gone.

I know you’ll leave me aside
the moment I open my eyes.
For I know, this is just a dream
And in vain “I love you” I scream

And it wouldn’t be clever
but I would however,
If I can’t have you,
dream you forever.

And maybe I will one day
When I say goodbye to this world
When I go.
Maybe ill dream of you still

when I’m dead.
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S Mar 2015
I feel like an ant

so small
so weak

So easy to ****
Virginia S Feb 2015
You left me in the dark
All alone in the dark
In the deep blue ocean
All alone with no spark
with no power to shine
Virginia S Feb 2015
I have a headache
I feel sick, I said

But I was lying
That is not why I cry
that is not why i'm crying.
Virginia S Mar 2015
❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

I want days to be dark
I want to see no sun
I want to see no spark

I want every day the rain
to wash away the pain
for loving you in vain

I want the light to hide
I feel empty inside.
I say with no pride;

at least i tried
..keep trying.
Virginia S May 2015
Let me make you happy when you are sad

Let me make you proud of who you are

Let me be who takes you home
When you are so tired
you can't walk

Let me kiss your kids
cause they'll be mine

You don't know what you cause in me
You make me want to be a shining star

I'm brighter when you love me
I'm darker when you are gone
You're the living love
That keeps me warm

Forget the past and you'll be strong
Forget what hurts and keep me close

Let me make you happy when you are down

Let me love you, let me kiss you
Every single dawn

Let me wake up next to you  
And play this song

Let me kiss your lips
and make you mine

You don't know what you cause in me
You are the brightest star I'll ever see

Please accept my love
Or it will be forever
Just wasted love

Don't you leave me don't you **** me
Just like that

I'm brighter when you love me
I'm darker when you are gone
You're the living love
That keeps me warm

Forget the past and you'll be strong
Forget what hurts and keep me close

You don't know what you cause in me
You are the brightest star I'll ever see

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
For Mike
Virginia S Jun 2015
I still
kiss your picture
every time  
before sleep
I miss you too much

Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S Jul 2015
You are always leaving me behind
and I always stay
Begging, waiting
for the day you take my hand
and ask me to walk with you
this time, by your side
Virginia S Aug 2017
If you loved me more yesterday
Let every day be yesterday
Virginia S Feb 2015
Tell me you love me
And if it’s not true
Keep me alive please
Just by saying you still do
Virginia S Mar 2015
I don't hide my feelings
I just let them be
that is why you see
»--- in my eyes the biggest sea **→
Virginia S Nov 2015
Stay still stay silent
and watch me fall apart
Virginia S Mar 2015
I cant look at our pictures

and be happy for what we had.

I look at our pictures,

and just get desperately sad.

desperately sad
for its all in the past.
desperately sad
for what we'll never
desperately sad isn't enough to describe the feeling.
Virginia S Jun 2015
I need someone to tell me
everything will be alright
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
Virginia S May 2015
When my demons were small
I didn't care
I let them grow

Then they started to spread
and now they are
in every corner of my head

****** your monsters
before they take you away

**** those monsters
before its to late
Virginia S Mar 2015
❅  ❅
Some days I feel like
happiness is only a myth
❅  ❅
Virginia S Mar 2015
There is no light
There will be no light

Unless you come back
Virginia S Jun 2015
There is nothing more beautiful
than sleeping by your side
Virginia S Aug 2015
Im afraid
Will I ever feel anything again?
At all?
Virginia S Sep 2015
I'm letting go, but I've never felt better
Passing by all the monsters in my head
Virginia S Feb 2015
I once heard you say:
It is time to stop
I don't want you any more.

- *Words of death
Virginia S Jun 2015
One day you'll realize

you will never find
such strong love
like mine
Copyright © Virginia Steindl
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