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Thorns Apr 2019
In depth of sorrow
Drowned in tears
With shaky hands, leaking fear
A million voices in your head
Some are demons, some are friends
They catch you at your weakest
Hit you when your down
In the depths your mind, the back of your head
Within your heart
The flood of letters and strings of words
That of which the meaning escapes you
Just a strange piece
A useless writing
Telling of the odd thoughts in one's mind
When they're in depth
Consumed depression
Sickening sorrow
Ill fated mind
Living in an era
A world of their own
Beneath the drapes of sight
In the depths of their mind lay a world of their devising
Once upon a time
Thorns Apr 2019
I guess we're all different
I don't know if I'll make
Maybe we'll find salvation in the words we write

Or are they a curse
A never ending burst
Of emotion
Of pain
And sorrow

But let's not think of that today :]
"Don't worry because life goes on..."
-Panic! At the Disco 2004
Thorns Apr 2019
Say the words of the world
Feel the hate and the heart
Crying tears of sheer pain
But honey, you'll get through it
One way or another...
"We're just stressed out..."
-Twenty One Pilots
Thorns Apr 2019
You rebel, i like you.
Thorns Apr 2019
We all wish we had something better
Though some of us are spoiled
And take wants "needs"
But the one who are hurt
The ones who are lost
That of a broken heart
Just wish for a cure
Something to take away the pain
To drown the sorrow
To mend a heart
For something better

In a cruel world of thee, scarce dreams are made reality. For this world lacks generosity..."
Thorns Apr 2019
idk it's wen. day my dudes...




"Sometimes you just wanna be an eboy, you feels?"

"Gang, gang uwu."

"Well, stupid as in evil."

"Your. Eyeliner. You look like a raccoon on crack!"
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