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5.2k · Mar 2019
Thorns Mar 2019
Life is an
3.9k · Sep 2018
Thorns Sep 2018
Reputation, Reputation this is how you play
If you mess up your status will change

        ­                   r

Be with me or forget me
It’s your choose
You’ve kept my letters
We’ve taken walks together
You’ve admitted you like me and want to be with me
But apparently your rep means more
So you won’t go around with the girl who’s a beauty behind a pokeball hat
So I’ll sit here like a broken record repeating our good times together
In my head over and over again and again
Even though we part ways in the end
Not that there will ever be anymore good times
Not with us together anyway
Just so you know
I’ll be here for you
What’s strange is you never got with a girl except for me
You act like you’ve moved on
But there’s no other girl
I think it’s pretty clear we both know you haven’t moved on
But you still pretend to and ignore me
While holding on to my words and drawings
Sometimes it just feels like your toying with me
You play the game for the trophy and nothing more
What does that tell you
He doesn't give a crap, I don't either...
3.4k · Jun 2018
Why do I love you
Thorns Jun 2018
Why do I love you
Brown hair, blue eyes too good to be true
That sounds about right, but there's more to you’re kind and nice with a sense of humor that drives me mad
You had a smile that could light up the world
At Least I think you still do but you haven’t shown that smile all year
Your blue eyes are now a steel gray
Your beautiful smile is now still a fade
I’d do anything to see that again
To see you smile bright and look at me with those blue eyes
But only to see that again when you look at me
You did it sometimes last year but now it's mostly a plain face
I guess it's a sign to bug off, but I’m not listening
I was never
My bad
I guess it proves you're too good to be true
I know I wonder why too
To think it’d be you to make me feel…weird in a good way
Why do I like you
But then I’m brought back to reality
You never liked me
If that's not true just tell me
If it is “Called it.”
I bet ya 5 bucks that you’ll have a plain Jane face on when you finish reading
And that you’ll throw the paper aside
And say something like this “ It basically sounds like you liking me and I’m awesome.”
I won’t change for you, never have probably never will
But that’s all I ever wanted
For you to like me at all
I don’t care if its out of pity or just for a milleneothe of a second
But you don’t and probably never will
And I guess that's okay
If you want to know ask me
But just so you know that’s all I ever wanted
For Mr. Awesome to like Miss loser
I think I now know why I love you
I want to follow my heart, but I don't know where the hell its taking me.
3.2k · Sep 2018
Thinking about you
Thorns Sep 2018
Thinking about you  
What you said
You asked me what I see in you
You asked a question and now I’ll answer
I see wild eyes as they stare back at me,
Like burning sapphires, a longing glare
To ask me that question right then and there
Was totally unfair
But now I'll answer a long time after
What do I see in you
I’ve asked myself every day
But oh how stupid I was being when what I see is right there
Now that my answer finally clicked
I see a nice guy kind with blue eyes and brown hair
Now to say that to you I could not
So I wrote it down instead
You got your answer but you didn’t care you even admit that you threw it in a puddle
But a week or 3 later say you kept it
Since you asked me that question and I answered so long after
I asked you that question in which you didn’t take your answer seriously
When I asked for a serious answer you said my response took 2 months
And that yours would take the same but there isn’t 2 months left of school and time for that
I tried you ignore me
I'm in tears
I beg of you
Please don't do this to me
Please Stones
Look at your eyes harder than ever before describe in nature, an element what you see....
2.4k · Nov 2018
Shy Girl
Thorns Nov 2018
Shy Girl hides beneath her hood

Her hair covers her face

Her headphones blare a beautiful sound

Protecting her from this evil place

She is lonely


And loved only one guy

Who killed her inside

Her soul is dark

Crawling with demons and rage

At war with herself

"Which wolf will win? Good or bad? The one you feed."

If you had a heart you'd end her suffering

She hides this all inside

On the outside it's just Shy Girl
I stay hidden beneath the drapes of sight.
2.3k · Nov 2018
Thorns Nov 2018
Laughing at a funeral

Kissing him goodbye

Letting him break both our hearts

All bad things

Seeing your mom's husband kiss a gay dude


Maybe if I pinch myself hard enough

I might wake up from this bad dream

This bad dream

1.8k · Nov 2018
This is Hell
Thorns Nov 2018
This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell This is Hell
This is Hell
1.8k · Oct 2018
Slow Dance
Thorns Oct 2018
The lights dimmed

The music slowed

Everyone but me and him had a partner

he stood feet from me standing, watching me as I looked depressingly on the

dancing lover and their dates
I just sat on the floor my long white dress a mess

My lip stick long gone

My long hair lying frail on my shoulders
Then he looked at me and I looked back

He looked as though he was about to say something

Then he stopped himself

I nearly said something but I stopped myself
So we sat and watched the dance
The slow dance
You don't need to say it out loud when your in love...
1.5k · Nov 2018
Thorns Nov 2018




All over again...
1.4k · Feb 2019
I dont kno any more
Thorns Feb 2019
Hope you feel better than i do
Todays my moms birthday...
i feel so nervous
im tired
my stepdad called me a *** and goth over me being emo
and almost killed me for the 3rd time
i feel like the cover of a fricking Nirvana album
I don't kno any more
1.1k · Nov 2018
Thorns Nov 2018
Ring on your finger

Ring on your lip

A ring in your heart sounding off

Like a bell

Get a grip
Get a grip

I'm the only one for me
I am...
1.0k · Sep 2018
Thorns Sep 2018
Now that I have left my crush on you
I feel so great, like brand new
I am reborn
A blooming flower, growing vine
I’ve realised you're not for me
Neither I for you
To much drama, rude humor, and ignorance
I want those thoughts to leave me
All I want to feel is brand new
And I do
But then I realize how stupid writing that is when I still like you I always have
Writing these last 2 lines weeks later
This is what you think, when you think your finally free. You might be, but I'm still not.
1.0k · Mar 2019
Too Much
Thorns Mar 2019
Sometimes I go too  deep in my writing for others to understand
It's too much for them to take in
I'm not looking for praise
Or for money
But for expression of myself and others
So, they can relate and understand
That some of us go through things that only a dark fantasy can describe
And I'm sorry if its too much
1.0k · Oct 2018
Thorns Oct 2018
Thinking of thoughts inside my head
living good and but sometimes sad
Thinking helps, like running it through your mind that it will be okay
Just think
It can help
Think of the laughter that was once in the air
Or happiness that you shared
Just think
It'll be alright
While living in a depression think positive. Or at least try.

I wrote this long ago. When I was... Okay.
939 · Feb 2019
Don't you know
Thorns Feb 2019
Don't you know how some of us feel sometimes?
Don't you know what some of us do to ourselves sometimes?
No, you don't know, nor would you care
Some of cut, cry, try to **** or all three and more to ourselves
But even if you knew you would just say aloud or flaws,
Criticize our looks,
Or beat us to the ground...
Because that's what the world thinks of people like me
They scoff in disgust of our loves and sexualities
They beat us till we suffer from LIVING
The one thing they WON'T do is,

E N D  O U R  S U F F E R I N G
"Just leave the goth chic in the back alone."
"I'm. Not. Goth."
   "Whatever you re your a FREAK! A ******!"
Then kicks me till I'm on the ground.

All because I just think dying is better, I like black,
and I sing MCR and Panic!

Like ***!
933 · Nov 2018
My Angel
Thorns Nov 2018
I haven't seen her in years
My shining star
My guiding light
My happiness
My remise
My angel
She saved my life
I have nothing more to say...
902 · Sep 2018
Thorns Sep 2018
That's what they call me
It's in my eyes
In my name
In these poems
Beauty is always ruined with war and violence
Look at the rose
It's beautiful
It's petals dripping in divine color
But the thorns make it lethal and dangerous
Sharp and full of  bloodshed
But "Beauty is pain and there's beauty in everything"
Flowers with thorns don't want to be messed with
Plants with spikes don't want to be touched
They both need to be loved
I speak the truth.
896 · Dec 2018
Merry Christmas
Thorns Dec 2018
Merry Christmas depressed ones

The lonely

The suicidal

The unwanted

If no one cares about you then I do

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, God bless us, every one.
873 · May 2019
Birth Day
Thorns May 2019
Another year older
Another year tran
Another year *******...
Another year depressed
846 · Nov 2018
Fly Away
Thorns Nov 2018
You fly away leaving your past behind

Soaring through the clouds

Reaching unbelievable heights
Because that's all this is an unbelievable dream

A vision of leaving the past behind

A dream of taking flight and getting away
Free as bird

If only you could fly away
I wish I could fly away...
823 · Mar 2019
Thorns Mar 2019
Your teeth are sharp and poison filled
Your tongue is slit
Your eyes are still
As they stare back gleaming in the darkness
Waiting...for the ****
When you strike the shadows fall
They mourn of their death
Like the bodies they belonged to
Your venom even intoxicates my soul
Enabling my spirit
Killing off what's left of me
Your venom courses through my blood
Floods to my brain
Burning through my mind
Destroying my body
Until I'm yours
Until I crave your presents
Beg for your poison
Plead for your venom
Your filthy poison
Your venom
To be free from the demise
I destroy myself all together
And finally, I fall to a peaceful rest at your feet
Your venom conjured another innocent soul
What is your next disgustful need?
You sick creature
One day your venom will be the death of you
758 · Nov 2018
Thorns Nov 2018
I wish I could live in the fantasy world

   Where the lonely find love

      Where the poor find riches

         Where the evil pay

            And the Lord above can say "This is good." again

         Where war is gone

            Fighting stops

Freedom reins

         Peace is plentiful

    Where you can go to sleep not fearing what's outside
758 · Sep 2018
I’m so done with you
Thorns Sep 2018
I’m so done with you
You made me cry to the point that I couldn't no more
You shook me up, and thrown me down
Called me names
Do I really listen to what you call me
I know you’d want an answer to that one
Just to get a reaction  
And sit there all innocent like and batt those fake eyelashes of yours
I’m so done just walk away
You words course through me
Taunting me, yelling at me pounding through my blood that I don’t belong and I’m a freak
If you listen closely you can hear the demons begging for me to join them
“Just walk away and come to us. Thats it listen to us.”
I’m so done just let me be
I’m done
So done
I've liked one guy these poems are mostly of the way I felt of him. Okay make that 2/3
733 · Jan 2019
To Feel the light
Thorns Jan 2019
When you feel the light
It's like the beautiful sun shining, smiling at you
Even after your sin, it still loves you
Don't deny the truth
Just feel the shine into your dark soul
The warmth, the semi-happiness
(though your depressed and alone)
The clouds roll by...
Making different shapes
As you lay there alone and in this moment you are happy...
Then a cloud blocks the sun as the rain falls
But you still cherish it...
And smile as you get soaked running to your car
You felt the light
Got cleansed of your demons by the pouring rain
May it wash your sin away
For now...
For a moment so rare, can only last a moment...
Though we will cherish them forever...
702 · Jan 2019
DEAD by My Chemical Romance
Thorns Jan 2019
"Did you get what you deserve?
The ending of your life..."
Amazing band, love this song.
697 · Sep 2018
All a Mistake
Thorns Sep 2018
All a mistake that’s all you are
You play hard when it comes to mind games
Oh and now you tell me how you feel
That you like me, then pity me, then hate me, then like me again
You say that I make you feel this way
Well I sure didn’t plan on it, at least not the hate or pity
And you know something that’s how I felt all year
In my mind you either hate me or like me
I always thought you hated me, but you were friendly later on
You used to be nice, a whole lot funnier, and a lot more happy
But now your selective and only hang out with your Poke buddies
I’m so disgusted
You don’t care that you hurt my emotions so bad and so much
That I feel like my hearts in my throat and my stomach is empty and has a pit
And yet who am I to say this
When after every time I try to get you out of my head and think I’m free
I always end up here, 10:30 at night on a sun. day with 4 and a half days till schools out
Just sitting here like a fool writing of the woe that nothing but time and love can cure
A broken heart
You want to make up crud of some fictional beast that protects you from falling for me
Well sir go right ahead, see what I care little boy
See what I care
If you really want to play this game, then your beast is dead permanently and I leave you be
Soon you’ll see that you lost your friend, and the girl who loved you
But you don’t care, and that’s why I see no reason to stay in this ***** little town

What to do, what to do when your in this situation. I can't help but this might....
678 · Dec 2018
Ode to Thee Broken Memories
Thorns Dec 2018
An Ode to Thee Broken Memories
A thought to those wonderful moments
A teardrop for when it ended
But a smile because it happened
With a depression, for it will never happen again
And suicide to make the pain end
Revived by the sound of his voice
Living again to see his face
To see him happy
Though it's not and never will be with you
As long as he's happy
But I will cherish those moments
Those broken memories
An Ode to Thee Broken Memories
An Ode to Thee Broken Memories...
668 · Nov 2018
I'm depressed
Thorns Nov 2018
I'm depressed sometimes suicidal
     It's okay, I'm okay (no I'm not)
No effing pill could fix this
     Pills **** anyway, don't want that ****
I'm sorry this is bad, don't be a hater just let me be depressed
     And maybe if you had a heart you would end my suffering
659 · Apr 2019
Got My Back
Thorns Apr 2019
You got my back
You're there for me
Protect me  
And I, you
You won't let me hurt myself
And I tame your anger
We're there for each other
You'll know if you let your guard down,
And they still fight for you

But would you do the same?
632 · Apr 2019
WEirD Quotes (pay no mind)
Thorns Apr 2019
idk it's wen. day my dudes...




"Sometimes you just wanna be an eboy, you feels?"

"Gang, gang uwu."

"Well, stupid as in evil."

"Your. Eyeliner. You look like a raccoon on crack!"
623 · Jan 2019
There are Voices
Thorns Jan 2019
There are voices inside my head
They are not imaginary
They are not fake, they simply live within me

One is heaven, one is hell
One weird, one is pretty
One is emo, one is goth
One is gay, one is okay

There are voices, there are people
Listen to the ones you trust
The ones you think you think you trust...
591 · Sep 2018
I don't know what to say
Thorns Sep 2018
I don’t know what to say
If I pour out my heart you’ll push me away
If stand up to you when you put me down
You’ll throw me down
I can’t think of how big an idiot I am
I don’t know what to say
You won’t tell what you want to hear
You don’t talk to me anymore
You won’t talk me anymore at all
All I ask of you is your help
I need a friend
Not an enemy
You were the best friend I could ask for
But when you don’t want to remember something it’s gone
Forever and ever
Not for me
When a good thing becomes a bad thing it becomes lifelong scar I have to wear for the rest of my life
That happened so many times “over and over again and again even though we” grow apart in the end
575 · Oct 2018
To the Believers
Thorns Oct 2018
To all those who feel forgotten
Left behind without a care
To the nobodies, the blurry faces, the forgotten
To the Believers standing strong
I’m so proud you made it through
Life is tough, but so are you
To those who believed they couldn’t but made it any way
To those who could and did
To the Believers, proud and strong
To the Believers
We gotta stick together, or we'll all fall down.    
Not that me and some others aren't already dead inside.
Thorns Jan 2019
If all our life was but a dream
Fantastic posing greed
Then we should feed our jewelry to the sea
For diamonds do appear to be
Just like broken glass to me

And she said she can't believe
How genius only comes along
In storms of fabled foreign tongues
Tripping eyes, and flooded lungs
Northern downpour sends its love

Hey moon, please forget to fall down
Hey moon don't you go down
Sugarcane in the easy mornin'
Weather-vanes my one and lonely...
I love this song...
571 · Jan 2019
ThE OthEr WaY
Thorns Jan 2019
I WaZ KinDa gAY
sO, I WeNt ThE OtHeR WaY
"HoW aBouT ThE SeXUalItY Of I DoN'T CaRe."
-BrEnDoN UrIe
Thorns Apr 2019
I guess we're all different
I don't know if I'll make
Maybe we'll find salvation in the words we write

Or are they a curse
A never ending burst
Of emotion
Of pain
And sorrow

But let's not think of that today :]
"Don't worry because life goes on..."
-Panic! At the Disco 2004
515 · Nov 2018
My Friends Boyfriend
Thorns Nov 2018
I told her I liked
But inside I loved him
Then she got him first, so I let her be happy
And stayed in the shadows
He left our town after they broke
They both were fine with it
And I was to busy hiding...
To see him go
He was my one way to heal
He saw me and he like I saw him
But that girl had to ruin it
You're still like a sister to me and I, you
You don' ****** up
I'd rather walk alone in the light if that means no more dark eras.
- Thorns
496 · Apr 2019
Wonder Filled
Thorns Apr 2019
Have you ever seen something that you've seen a million times?
And still feel amazed, nearly enchanted by it
The sounds, the color, the life, and people
Every time, you're filled with wonder
You can't take your eyes off of it
It's wonderful
Wonder filled
480 · Oct 2018
The Huntsman
Thorns Oct 2018
You held the knife
I held my breathe
And you couldn't do it
For your heart was pure

You my brave huntsman shall be slaughtered for your nobility by the ruler of the dark land in which you live
I dearly regret it
I dearly do

If only there was a way I could save you
But a secret to this story is that I love you
Your hate is your love, your passion is your repent, and your life is your death.
480 · Mar 2019
Thorns Mar 2019
Some days it's just like AAAAAHHH!!!

"But don't worry because life goes on..."
Panic! At the Disco 2005
Thorns Apr 2019
You rebel, i like you.
465 · Apr 2019
A Day Dreamer
463 · Feb 2019
Thorns Feb 2019
T O  C L O S E  Y O U R  E Y E S
A N D  R E S T  Y O U R  H E A D
F E E L  R E L I E V E D
T O  B E  I N  B E D
E V E N  I F  Y O U  L A Y  A L O N E
Y O U  W A T C H  H E L P L E S S L Y
A S  Y O U  S
A  D A R K  D E M I S E
O F  T H O U G H T L E S S  R E S T
I  G O T  N O  S L E E P
452 · Oct 2018
Thorns Oct 2018
It was him
It was him all along
He loved so he let me go
He didn't want to rub it in that I couldn't have him
I love him so I let him go
But now I realize it was him all along
I'll love him like always
Why do I love him
It's like that all over again with me and him
I was the mistake
We loved each other so we let one and other go
I can't believe how big of an idiot I was (and still am). I hate myself.
447 · May 2019
She was Secret
Thorns May 2019
She climbed the ladder of the apartment buildings
Went through the ***** window she left open of the small, empty, dark room
Yes, she’s been here before
Atleast 8 hours ago actually
She sunk to the floor and passed out because of her hunger

She awoke the next morning where she collapsed
Her once beautiful, long, brown hair was a matted mess
She picked herself off the floor (if only she could do the same with her life at 17)
Brushed off her sweatshirt, adjusted her worn out jeans, and went out down the ladder and was off to work again
She dug wells, and cut trees like a pro for the only reward people would give her
Their scraps
And maybe a penny

No, she was no drug addict, psychopath, or creep
She was simply an orphaned child at age 7
Who started working for food, and found an abandoned room to live in
She’s done the same thing for years
Work, starve, eat scraps, and maybe sleep
On, and on

To collapse and freeze in an alley on her way home in the middle of a blizzard
Her last thought was her mother's warm hugs
Her last words:
“I’m coming mama.”

This poor girls life is tragic
For depression was her muse

I love you so much Sammy…It’s not your fault
I wish I could’ve saved you...
When I was young my sister visited. She never said from where... Then one night it was the death of her... Our parents never gave a ****, but I do. And she's my guiding light like my Taran.
442 · Dec 2018
Thorns Dec 2018





Because in the end, it might just...
Writing the truth ever once in a while feels good and at the same time bad...
Thorns Mar 2019
Everything feels like its moving
It's coming closer...
I can't breathe...
Closing, tighter, hurting
Everything hurts
My breath is slowing
My bones are BREAKING
My blood is RUSHING

400 · Sep 2018
So over you
Thorns Sep 2018
I used to like you, maybe more
But that started from 1 year back its almost been 2
Have I really wasted all of that on you
Apparently I have
It’s my life's regret
But now I have my thunder back
I’m just so over you
Now that I’m done
I wish I never met you
It’s probably the same for you only you never liked me
It was only last year that you gave me a sweet smile or funny joke that made me feel so much better
But now it’s as if you turned stone cold
You probably don’t remember those days, to you they might no longer exist
But that's ok because I found someone better, a sweet smile that never fades a funny joke that never bays
And his blue eyes never fade
But my best and only friend stole him from me, and here I am teary eyed writing this 2 months later
Nobody's happy to hear this
"Watch your back" your only friend for 6 years may be your worst enemy overnight.
357 · Dec 2018
Thorns Dec 2018
SPEAK and be heard, or cower and be silent.-Thorns
348 · Mar 2019
Thorns Mar 2019
Ones who were friends torn away
Off against you
No longer caring or accepting you
You're on your own
Everyone for themselves
On the battlefield, you've fought your hardest
To be beaten and rendered hopeless  
Right when you break down
When you're on the ground, just not caring anymore
You pray to be shot
You pray to be killed
For you don't even have the strength to end yourself
The worst has already happened
What worse could happen
Please, tell me
Then suddenly, finally, you're hit
Sliced through with a bullet
As you slowly go, flashbacks of the happy faces come to mind
And go as quickly as your life
As you're left there
At War
You lost the battle
But not you're self
My thoughts when there are people around and i just feel ****** and alone, but i don't cry. Not not now, not here. I just write for now...
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