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Haunted by thoughts, ghosts won't stop racing
Another night lingers, full of mistakes I'd chosen
Secure but miserable seemed the best way to be
Ignored all my wants, safety in misery

Lie down, breathe, put pen to paper
Thoughts can escape now that it's safer
One by one they come to life
Letter by letter, I string my strife

Free my mind from shackled regret
Forgive myself, I'm the only one left
Craving connection to one pure soul
Feel the feels, no longer alone

Begin my search for a love that's real
A kindred spirit who refused to kneel
Face unknown but eyes tell a story
Beautiful pain can lead to glory

If I sleep tonight & float away
I'll dream of words that I could say
Smiling eyes that light your face
Graceful thoughts that leave a trace

AcK 2020 ~ **** of a year
Thorns May 2019
Another year older
Another year tran
Another year *******...
Another year depressed
Secret May 2019
I saw that look on your face
I know you're worried
I know you feel bad for me
I don't want that
I don't want you to worry
I didn't want you to know
I never wanted you to know
I don't even do it anymore
You believed my excuse
You worry about what you say to me
I can hear it in your voice
I can see the nervous look in your eyes
I'm glad you pay attention to me
But you're doing it for the wrong reason
I want you to care
But not like this
I want you to be there
But not like this
I want you to love me
But you can't.
Thorns Apr 2019
You rebel, i like you.
Thorns Apr 2019
idk it's wen. day my dudes...




"Sometimes you just wanna be an eboy, you feels?"

"Gang, gang uwu."

"Well, stupid as in evil."

"Your. Eyeliner. You look like a raccoon on crack!"

— The End —